As they say, to little to know the person, I must eat with it a peck of salt. The car – perhaps, too, some creature animate: no wonder, if to believe again popular rumor at avid technology gasoline in the blood. But, of course, in the nature of works of technical art manages to go much faster, “eating” with him at least a tank of fuel. So we decided better to find out how is life with award-winning Peugeot 308, – and the bride turned out to be more and longer, I had noticed a diesel version of the “fawn”: a tank of diesel he taste longer!

One word of diesel and didn’t need special explanations on the dynamics of the machine. Peugeot 308, ahead of its competitors in the European “Car of the year”, and then tends to be the first and in the Kiev thread: I can’t with this insufferable craving swashbuckling diesel jaws back! Moreover, the acceleration goes assertive, even if you just slightly push on the accelerator and keep the engine on the innocent half to two-thousand – and when I give the commercials a half of pedal travel, impatient “young reindeer” quickly becomes the leader of the peloton. Stock now, great motor huge, and the elasticity is impressive: on a steep climb the car without effort takes off at 1500 rpm, and can overtake outside the city sometimes fails, without switching from the fifth transfer.

Peugeot 308: Пуд дружбыThe style of the body rather quiet. The most expressive details in it – rear lights with led strips in the spirit the marks of the claws of a lion

Box, by the way, this diesel we put only automatic, five speed. On the one hand, it fully allows the driver to receive the flow of emotions from the temperament of the engine, on the other – for life in the metropolis much more convenient machine. Petrol 308, as we have already mentioned, five-speed box tough enough, and that diesel car is quite satisfied with it. Transmission is very long, drawed out, but they did not restrict the dynamics in the city (imagine what would happen if there “sethistory” with sport short next!) and perfectly matched for long-distance “races”. Speed 100 km/h the car produces at the fifth stage at 1750 rpm!

“In a diesel Peugeot 308 efficiency is no less impressive temperament: 800 km managed to exhaust a full tank, only two thirds! Fly in the ointment is that the machine for the engine which we don’t have”

However, “tenutosi” transmission claim was: unevenly mated between the second and third stages. When it comes time to switch from the second, it turns out that the third of these turns unexpectedly small and a couple of seconds diesel vibrates with displeasure, raskruchivanie to an acceptable pace. In the end, contrary to established driving instincts, teach yourself to constantly iterate need more rpm in second gear.

Peugeot 308: Пуд дружбыFront panel: low excess, high elegance

One good economy in the city and if this suffers, in very small quantities: he and diesel! Traveling on weekdays, the streets of the capital between an air-conditioned Peugeot 308 consumes no more than 4.5 liters per “hundred”. And 350 km country trip with a very brisk tempo of movement and maneuvers for photo shoots brought down the average consumption to 4.1.

The front-panel layout is very good, but not perfect. Very handy little wheel that you literally do not want to let go, but located above it on the dashboard with a very wide span of the speedometer and tachometer more beautiful than the obvious. At the same time fails to keep in sight both of the dial, speedometer duplicated the numbers on displaceme between devices. Badsome sleek console with a minimum of buttons – however, the “hazard” is too low and inconspicuous: it would highlight the bright red color! Power key provided with the recirculation led indicator tiny, literally a speck, and in addition deployed to the passenger: in a bright day you have to cover it with his palm to see, is the indicator.

Peugeot 308: Пуд дружбыIn the Access and Active trim levels, the OBC display between the dials is a monochrome. It is good that it is possible to duplicate the speedometer main unit is read no matterPeugeot 308: Пуд дружбыthe Consumption of 4.1 liters per “hundred” leads in the rapture: power reserve diesel 308 – more than a thousand kilometers on one tank! Monitoring system of tire pressure is even in the basic packagePeugeot 308: Пуд дружбыSpectacular decoration concise console – large washer volume control quality audioPeugeot 308: Пуд дружбыSalon mirror with autosoterism, rain and light sensor – option for 2610 UAH. The scoreboard announcing the seat passengers, is associated with the airlinerPeugeot 308: Пуд дружбыthe French do not skimp on avtorezhime Windows all. But mirrors can be folded manually, and applying a force not weakPeugeot 308: Пуд дружбыTrunk is very practical: convenient doorway, almost not protruding wheel arches, and 420 litres of volume – is not enoughPeugeot 308: Пуд дружбы

The interior is spacious and comfortable. Especially happy front passenger with an unprecedented space in the legs – though vytyagivaya to his full height. But if passenger is a cute, happy will and the driver. However, not everyone is going to cater to the backs of the front seats: at first seems comfortable, good side support, but after a couple of hours loin begs for a “smoke break”. Back stay well: though without an excessive stock of liberty, but the ceiling is high, and the cushions of the front seats are raised wisely, leaving space for the feet. So for distant travel great company Peugeot 308 has quite.

Peugeot 308: Пуд дружбыThe suspension settings is noticeable that the designers focused on the icon – class Golf. “The fawn” don’t spoil the gallant, good smoothness, characteristic of the “French”: it is in the German spirit tightly and shot down the road responds to adversity a little more harsh than initially expected. He, of course, far from zubodrobilnye “vagina”, but the smooth character of the previous generations of this car left. But to controllability and severity of steering feel not reproach.

Peugeot 308 fully revealed to me his friendly nature, practical attitude and high-spirited, but not abrupt temperament. Although a week and almost 800 miles, spent together, we were never able to empty the tank: more than a third! However, in the equivalent mass for each of us fell the same sacramental PUD. No salt, of course, and diesel fuel – but thought no coincidence!

Peugeot 308: Пуд дружбы

The car to the test courtesy of “Peugeot Ukraine”

Driving a No. 6 June 2015

Who are all these people, buyers Ewok? Until the presentation of the updated model was known about them only that their name is Legion: every third car company Land Rover sold in the world, it is the Evoque. The list of changes that got the car for the 2016 model year, allows you to precisely draw a portrait. It’s clear that not just changed as the needs of the audience.

An extremely fine sense of beauty from the owners of the Evoque – a thing taken for granted. Therefore, the chief stylist Land Rover Gerry McGovern associates updated the Evoque looks so delicate, the PR service of the company even ordered the official photographers pictures, which new is depicted near the predecessor for clarity. Optics Nova? Certainly, however fashionable led filling placed into the old forms, so the difference is obvious only when the headlamps and lanterns. And yet designers found a way to emphasize the differences. Look at the plane – a favorite “canvas” McGovern. In the front bumper have increased the intakes in the hood of the five-door version appeared vents. Protective pads on the doors now painted in body color, which visually increases the area of the sidewalls, and the exhaust pipes integrated into the bumper.

Range Rover Evoque: Гламур и сапогиIn the updated Evoque bumper (left) noticeably expanded air intakes and fog lights moved to the upper area. Lights are glowing strips of led running lights and illuminate LED lamps. In the hood the five-door version there are ventilation holesRange Rover Evoque: Гламур и сапогиIn the lights now reigns straight led line, the most part of the bumper painted in body color, and the spoiler came the same antenna, the size which the manufacturer includes in the overall height of the car. The exhaust pipes go in the bumper


It turns out that the buyers of the smallest Range Rover is not stupid to save money. And if you purchase this model not particularly neconomics – “average check” for the updated Evoque taking into account fresh options will certainly grow, it is possible to minimize the taxes owed by the owner, the model 2016 is quite capable. But in Europe, where a new two-liter diesel engine family Ingenium protects the owner’s wallet thanks to its low CO2 emissions. With the promulgation of the tax winnings and began Ewok presentation to the press. In France, the updated crossover saves 2050 Euro, in Norway 2761 Euros and in the Netherlands – all of 4950 Euro. For us it is irrelevant, because the domestic legislature in attempting to impose a motorist tied a tribute to the engine capacity (above three liters – pay), to the cost: there are plans to consider a luxury car for one million hryvnias.

Range Rover Evoque: Гламур и сапогиSuch a mud bath is a matter of course for Ewok who crossed the barrier without a hitch. The main thing that depth of water does not exceed 50 cm


However, the ecological purity of the engine associated with its economy, and that the dividend will receive and domestic users Ewok. Two-liter Ingenium diesel, we are already well familiar from the Jaguar XE and XF, even in a duet with automatic transmission barely intrudes passport numbers flow abroad in 5 l/100 km on the combined cycle. That is savings compared with the retired motor developed by Ford and PSA, reaches one and a half liters.

This initial version of Ingenium is equal to the base 2.2-liter predecessor power is the same 150 HP, but more modest on the part of the torque – 380 Nm vs. 400 Nm. With 180-horsepower version of Ingenium, the situation is different: power is 10 less horsepower (top-end 2.2-litre diesel developing 190 HP), but torque above 10 Nm.

Range Rover Evoque: Гламур и сапогиThe smallest Range Rover can easily travel where a reasonable man would have long since walked: the descent of such stones was very easy, and in “semi-automatic” mode – I was drivingRange Rover Evoque: Гламур и сапогиRange Rover Evoque: Гламур и сапогиRange Rover Evoque: Гламур и сапогиRange Rover Evoque: Гламур и сапогиDespite a small suspension moves, the Evoque is not afraid of suspension. Off-road smart software fully compensate for the lack of specialized hardware – dual here

Evoque starts with a 180-horsepower diesel engine is very strong, and for city driving it is a sin to wish for more. But after 80 km/h temperament slightly fading; shelf maximum torque is ending sooner than have time to enjoy the acceleration. This is confirmed by the passport data acceleration to hundreds of the updated Evoque than its predecessor with a 2.2-liter diesel engine half a second. But the work culture at Ingenium motor higher on the head; it is noticeably quieter and no annoying vibrations. Besides the new engine lives in perfect harmony with a machine that always offers the right gear out of a possible 9, not getting tangled in them.

“Glamorous Evoque, itself riding on the road is, you know, fresh. Now you can not be afraid to push on the pedal. They are, in fact, you can never push”

Another constructive change is the updated model – lighter front sub-frame. Although reducing the mass of the car the British say. Not otherwise saved all the subframe and engine in the kilograms (petrol Ingenium is 24 kg lighter than the 2.2-liter predecessor) “ate” brake discs of larger diameter on the rear axle and optional massage for the front seats.


Evoque buyers follow fashion, and now the latest it trends right in front of their eyes. The car offers a new instrument panel, between the speedometer and tachometer which are inscribed color 5-inch screen on-Board computer. Also very reminiscent of yaguarovsky, like 7-inch touch-screen on the centre console. The latter even the name did not change – InControl Touch, as in the Jaguar XE and XF. The functionality however, your landroverusa. For example, you can see the distribution of torque along the axes or to measure the depth forsiruemogo Ford (as before, up to 50 cm).

Range Rover Evoque: Гламур и сапогиUpdated interior was decorated with a new instrument panel with 5 inch screen, 7-inch touch-screen display console and background led illumination

The display resolution is not so great, 800×480, but on the previous screen – the sky and the earth. It is already possible to enjoy all-round vision when Parking, the image from each external camera can still be enlarged and displayed in a separate window.


To offer all-wheel drive transmission no changes happened. As before, the all wheel drive of Evoque is available in two variations: with Haldex clutch (Standard Driveline) and with three electronically controlled clutches (Active Driveline). One of them connects the rear axle with cardan shaft, other regulate the torque at each of the rear wheels. Off-road vehicle, which is equipped with the latest transmission, was impressive before.

Range Rover Evoque: Гламур и сапогиRange Rover Evoque: Гламур и сапоги

Why are the owners of the Range Rover Evoque almost forced upon him Brody and not attacked rocky slopes? “Afraid!” – decided the engineers and proposed a new software called All-Terrain Progress Control. It relieves the driver or (most importantly!) the driver from the worst – clicking on the pedal. Everyone knows that the overdose of efforts on them can result in a failure, sometimes on the bottom. Now I can focus on the action wheel, accelerator and braking controls of the vehicle at speeds from 1.8 to 30 km/h. On the roads of that range with a margin, the most difficult parts still to overcome on all fours, but you can adjust the speed control buttons cruise control. And car do not care what under the wheels – boulders, logs, sand, mud bottom of the pond… Evidence in the photo: Range Rover Evoque tank rushing in any designated direction, which is enough for the 212 mm of ground clearance and 25-degree approach angle.

Range Rover Evoque: Гламур и сапогиWe thank the company “winner imports Ukraine” for assistance in organizing the test.

Behind the wheel of the No. 11 November 2015


Now mini Clubman – a Car. Already large enough so as not to cause desire to put it on a shelf in the cupboard, but still the Mini that makes you smile. Funny round headlights, toy mini doors in the back… Oh, what a cutie! Although he managed to grow considerably in the length of the second generation Clubman was extended by 27 cm, width – 9 cm, base increased by 10 cm.


First Clubman of the XXI century was known as a great original, but he was four and a half door: two rear, one on the port side and half on the right. Moreover, the tiddly, which is 0.5, is opened against the move.

Originality above all appreciated colleagues, the Koreans from Hyundai: after reviewing the ideas Clubman they seem, and came across the idea of asymmetric Veloster. However, many customers Polidori in the second row seemed like a half measure. Despite a couple of awards for the design and circulation of two hundred thousand copies, the release of the previous generation was discontinued long before putting on the conveyor of the heir – apparently, BMW hoped for more.

Mini Cooper S Clubman: Mini-максиDriving is not boring: there is an electronic simulation of differential lock, and the Mini Cooper S Clubman and system Performance Control, struggling with a lack of understeer.

I remember the first presentation video of Clubmen, where he was attracted to the night club, and 20-year-old girls with model looks smiles seeping from the rear poludecu. But let us seriously: to the price of this model is in good configuration Europeans can reach the commercials for forty years. And here is not so many clubs, how many children, is able to declare each other war for the right to the first jerk in the back seat through the only Polidori. And because not everyone is saved to forty adults model 60-inch waist. Particularly hard mini-door in the previous Clubman upset loving good food America: sales in the New World was expressionless.

From now on the door – six, all fully open in the usual direction, and Clubman was… “Much more practical! Not only a couple of my kids, three and six years, but the wife is very happy with it.” – finishes my thought for Peter Herold, co-author of the new Mini Clubman. Correct this, give the employees as the official car product of their own work. Good job – I ride for fun, bad – pain himself, but still get an earful from the wife.

Mini Cooper S Clubman: Mini-максиThe torches now stretched out horizontally, visually widening the car. How else to stress was increased to 9 cm wide?Mini Cooper S Clubman: Mini-максиThe Mini Clubman is able to project your favorite logo onto the road near the driver’s door.Mini Cooper S Clubman: Mini-максиIn “shark fin” on the roof is a fixture large led alarm system. Even moving away from the car for a few meters, it is easy to verify that yet shut her.Mini Cooper S Clubman: Mini-макси

Now the rear half of the new Clubman will fully satisfy intelligent and practical woman. Doors open wide, the seat cushion is long enough, the backrest is very comfortable, and tops between the passengers and the ceiling formed an imposing reserve space. There are a couple of ducts that carry cool in heat and warm in the winter. And the trunk of 360 liters (+100 l of volume of precursor) very much even anything, but if you fold the rear seat, you get 1250 L. And optional backrest can be decomposed in the ratio 40:20:40, which allows the skis to sink, and passengers not to kick.


Peter Herold created Clubman on the rights of the engineer Driving Dynamics. “That’s all between the wheel and the wheels!” he explains the inscription on his badge. To teach Clubman enjoy the ride wasn’t easy. “He has grown in all directions, even the wheelbase has increased. But my colleagues still had to breathe in this universal spirit Mini!”. After the mention of the almost Holy Ghost to speak the language which centers on a comparison with the BMW 2-series Active Tourer seemed a sacrilege, but I decided. Shared UKL platform, the same wheelbase, the intersection of the motors and transmissions…

Eyebrows of Peter Herold went up: “Yes, but behind the wheel of these cars experience a completely different experience! The gear ratio in the steering mechanism of Clubman, adjust the responsiveness of the steering wheel and accelerator in each of the three driving modes is also original, the center of gravity is lower…”.

“Failing to reflect on the historical heritage, BMW has built an excellent twenty-first century Mini is a beautiful, comfortable, practical. Even Issigonis would have raised up the thumb”

To make rather big already Clubman more exciting to dive into a turn, the Cooper S version (us and given to acquaintances) taught very fashionable now to receive: internal rotation of the wheel selectively podnimayutsya. “The car tightened up as if around a vertical axis, provoking the driver to the antics of the”, – Peter Herold doesn’t want me to think that all the advantages of the new Clubman limited to the normal rear doors and ample Luggage space, and the target audience – respectable Housewives. Of course not, because the new Clubman will please and driver. The car instantly responds to the call of the steering wheel and the accelerator requirement, stands confidently on a high-speed arc and not leaning in slow turns.

Disco and the Mini spirit is still here – in the cabin shines with rainbow colors background light, the projector in the side rear-view mirror paints a logo on the pavement near the driver’s door, and the led ring around the Central display changes its colors like a cartoon Indicator.

Mini Cooper S Clubman: Mini-максиThe cockpit of Clubman attracts not only the level of finish that has risen to a new level, but also a number of funny parts.

But now this spirit is offered in high-quality German packaging, with typical BMW quality interior materials and fit interior parts. In it, by the way, you can find a lot of funny stuff. This glowing number of embrasures to the right of the speedometer is the fuel gauge. Not very accurate, but fun and original, and the details let the baked on-Board computer, calculate the distance to an empty tank with an accuracy of a hundred meters.

And here is the ring around the control knob gearbox rotates left and right: the Mini Clubman, as it debuted just before the three-door Mini Cooper, allows you to choose one of three characters: economical, normal and sport. Wanted sport? Slide the ring to the left, and on the perimeter habitually round Central display sweep red led light and the display will show the image of cars, flying in a cloud of smoke, and a proud inscription: “Handling as a map!”. Smile immediately touch your eyes, hands will feel nice potjazhelevshie the wheel, foot – heightened loyalty accelerator, and the back is slightly “sarashina” system shock absorbers Dynamic Damper Control.

Mini Cooper S Clubman: Mini-максиTo the left of the speedometer rose “eye” of the tachometer and to the right appeared the original fuel gauge.Mini Cooper S Clubman: Mini-максиAround the perimeter of the Central display is now not running the tachometer needle is now the LED lights flashing different colors, depending on the circumstances.Mini Cooper S Clubman: Mini-максиInstead of a banal button engine start – such a bright switch. The hand itself stretches to it!Mini Cooper S Clubman: Mini-максиIn Clubman came with optional driving modes from the original designation is cost-effective, for example, is called “green”. The control – ring around the gear lever.Mini Cooper S Clubman: Mini-максиLarge pockets and small door – now there fit and umbrella, and a bottle of water. And at night the doors are ready to Shine with colorful led backlight.Mini Cooper S Clubman: Mini-максиMini Cooper S Clubman: Mini-максиOn the second row became more spacious and the rear seats are very good: they are long pillows provide comfort even long-legged passengers. The Mini has not forgotten about the 20-year-old girls of model appearance?

However, a lot of cards is not quite accurate: excellent handling of Clubman in any mode, not only in sports. Just in economical accelerator and the steering wheel relax, around the Central display flashes green lights, and the dashboard lights up the meter “saved” kilometers. Plus 0,1 km without refueling, plus 0.2 km on… the Usual BMW stuff. But if you need to quickly and precisely through the turn, Clubman’ll do it in a “green” mood – except that tilted barely stronger than in Sport mode, but will require a little more effort from your right leg.


Under that foot can be anything a supply of power and torque, because the choice of engines (TwinPower Turbo) is very wide. Diesel range starts with a three-cylinder engine capacity of 1.5 liters and output of 116 HP (Mini One D Clubman), followed by a two-liter with 150 and 190 HP – Mini Clubman Cooper D and Cooper SD Clubman. The last and chosen as a company car Peter Herold.

Mini Cooper S Clubman: Mini-максиOffer gasoline opens polutoralitrovye trehserijnogo capacity of 102 HP (Mini One Clubman), continues 136-strong version of this same engine (Mini Cooper Clubman), and crowned by a two-liter engine at 192 horses (Mini Cooper S Clubman). The “Eski” journalists and went during the presentation. Consumption I personally do not rise above 8.5 liters per hundred, as much merit 8-band machine, which first appeared in the Mini.

The transmission is not confused, immediately jumps down, offers sport and manual mode – by and large, I have no reason to blame the transmission. Except that marketers are painfully contrived: in itself, the automatic option but it does not involve paddles by default, they must be ordered separately. Option to option? However, there are easier options for: base 6-speed manual and automatic at the same ranges. Although you may not want to be easier with the Mini Clubman – it was always a whale to tempt, and now mastered the art of seduction.

Mini Cooper S Clubman: Mini-максиWe thank the company “AWT Bavaria” for assistance in organizing the test.

Behind the wheel of the No. 11 November 2015

The car received a completely new exterior design and a fully updated modern interior.

Land Cruiser 200 differs from its predecessor the updated design of the hood, front and rear bumpers, grille, front fenders, new led headlight clusters and new 18 – or 20-inch alloy wheels*. Colors to existing paint finishes have been added to the scheme, namely: Navy blue and red-brown.

The interior has a new instrument panel, leather Central console, wireless charger for smartphones and new large 9″touch screen multimedia system, Toyota Touch Pro navigation system with GPS. On the client’s choice also available in new variations of leather color interior: black, dark brown and beige.

Toyota Land Cruiser 200 is equipped with petrol 4.6-liter engine or turbo upgraded 4.5-liter engine with a 6-speed automatic transmission. Both engines meet the requirements of ecological standard Euro 5.

In addition to proven assistance systems on the roads, as Crawl Control, the help system when you turn on the roads (Off-road Turn Assist), etc., appeared innovative system sweep panorama function with the “Transparent hood” that processes images from 4 cameras through the internal graphics processor and display them on a 9″touchscreen display, allowing you to look under the front bumper of the car when overcoming obstacles on the roads.

The car implemented the advanced safety system Toyota Safety Sense, which works using a mono camera and millimeter wave radar and is a pack of 5 active safety systems:

  • The system of warning of frontal collision with full auto brake
  • Recognition system and informing the driver about road signs
  • Cruise control with the function of maintaining a safe distance to moving ahead of the car
  • System automatic high beam
  • Control system and driver information about fatigue

New Land Cruiser 200 is available on the Ukrainian market in three trim levels to choose from: Elegance, Prestige and Premium. For more information on the new Toyota Land Cruiser 200, including pictures, customers can contact official dealers of Toyota in Ukraine.

* Depending on the configuration.

Новый Toyota Land Cruiser 200 уже в Украине

The benefit from the purchase is 4 USD for every dollar compared to commercial rate. However, low price is not the only argument.

Renewed and vigorous hatchback Peugeot 208 will be a great companion both in the city and on rural highways. And efficient engines will allow many to save on fuel. The urban fuel consumption of Peugeot 208 in the combined cycle is just 4.5 litres/100 km And the price is calculated for the course starts from the mark of 318 100 UAH.

Бестселлеры Peugeot с выгодой 4 грн на каждом доллареThanks to its compact size, the crossover Peugeot 2008, and its characteristics, such as increased ground clearance and Grip Control system, enable to feel confident on any surface. While fuel consumption in combined cycle is just 4.9 l/100 km. the price of Peugeot 2008 on the new special rate start from 404 700 UAH.

Бестселлеры Peugeot с выгодой 4 грн на каждом доллареThe new wagon Peugeot 308 SW is designed for long-distance travel: the spacious interior will comfortably accommodate the driver and passengers, a roomy trunk with a volume of 563 litres when the transformation can reach L. 1613 And efficient engines will allow to feel confident on the road and don’t overpay for fuel. For example, fuel consumption in the combined cycle for the diesel version is only 3.9 l/100 km Until the end of December, the price of this roomy wagon start from 445 600 UAH.

Бестселлеры Peugeot с выгодой 4 грн на каждом долларе

The Chinese company Zotye (pronounced like “Sati”) by the standards of his homeland – not the big car-she produces about half a million cars a year. But always takes part in international auto shows in Shanghai and Beijing, where the correspondents of al time products company. In Ukraine, this brand decided to take the company “Bogdan autotrade”, which supplies our country, and also produces in Cherkasy another Chinese brand, JAC. Interestingly, one of the main reasons to become an importer of Zotye for Director of the company has become a cute appearance of the car.

Zotye – новые «китайцы» в УкраинеWe will debut Zotye so far with three models. In the class of the invincible and ageless Daewoo Matiz here comes the compact model Z100 liter 68-horsepower engine: microauto asking from 150 thousand hryvnias. In C-class with “Lanos” and Geely Emgrand 7 is going to compete Z300 sedan with 1.5-liter 113-horsepower engine cost of 279 thousand hryvnias. And of course, in the fashion of the time in the range there is a crossover – KZT600 with front-wheel drive and a 1.5-liter 162-horsepower supercharged engine. The price from 379 thousand.

All engines Zotye produces under license from Mitsubishi. Transmissions on cars – only mechanical, but, on assurances of the importer, it is possible that next year may even be machines that would be particularly relevant for stressed ladies Z100.

Zotye – новые «китайцы» в УкраинеVehicles are suitable for undemanding consumers, for whom the main thing-catchy appearance (KZT600, for example, forbidding copies polnoprivodnyj VW) and a relatively low price, at least in comparison with the cars of global brands. Something special products Zotye boast hard: the interiors of the Z100 and Z300 “fragrant” phenolic aromas (crossover with this a little better), and among ride quality is remarkable is that a decent smoothness. If the sales of the Zotye will go successfully, the three current models that have already arrived in dealerships, and will add a couple more – a larger sedan and a compact crossover.

Zotye – новые «китайцы» в УкраинеZotye – новые «китайцы» в УкраинеZotye – новые «китайцы» в Украине


Buyers who plan to meet winter behind the wheel of a new car, have a great opportunity to buy Rio and Soul 2014 release and save up to 79 800 UAH.* For owners of cars KIA can get maximum pleasure from driving-even in the bitter cold, Rio and Soul are offered with the package “warm options”** ensuring comfort and safety.

Специальные цены на KIA Rio и Soul с пакетом «теплых опций»Heated steering wheel, front and rear seats (depending on model) allow you to feel at home from the first minute of the match, while heated mirrors and windshield at the wiper home position eliminates the need for physical exercise in the fresh air.

Специальные цены на KIA Rio и Soul с пакетом «теплых опций»Movement on wet or ice-covered highway requires the driver’s attention, but ABS and stability system VSM with US** delicately intervene in the management process, providing a high level of security during the trip in difficult weather conditions.

Model, modification
Package contents
Regular retail, UAH with VAT
Special price, UAH with VAT
Benefit, UAH

KIA Rio 1.6 EX 4dr 5M/T
403 200
344 400
-58 800

KIA Rio 1.6 EX 5dr 4A/T
420 000
375 900
-44 100

KIA Rio 1.6 EX 4dr 4A/T
415 800
373 800
-42 000

KIA Soul 1.6 LX PS WAG 6M/T
399 000
375 900
-23 100

KIA Soul 1.6 PS EX WAG 6A/T
552 300
480 900
-71 400

KIA Soul 1.6 PS EX WAG 6A/T
623 700
543 900
-79 800

KIA Soul 1.6 PS EX WAG 6A/T
508 200
449 400
-58 800

Learn more about a special price offer KIA and “warm options” at the nearest authorized dealer.

*This refers to the reduction in the price of certain specification of the car the KIA Rio and Soul with 2014 V. G. 04.11.15 compared with prices as of previous day. A specific amount of price reduction depends on the configuration. The maximum reduction is: KIA Rio – 58 UAH 800, KIA Soul – 79 800 USD. As 04.11.15 car prices 2014 V. are: Rio – from 400 UAH 344, KIA Soul – from 375 UAH 900. Pictures and prices are given with VAT. The seller has the right without prior notice to make changes to the terms of the promotion, including, but not limited to, change pricing. The promotion is valid from 04.11.15 on 30.11.15 in the dealer network of company “FALCON-AUTO” (look at – The number of cars is limited.

** The options and security systems may differ depending on the model and configuration of vehicle.

From the beginning of December until end of February 2016 in all the official service centres of Mitsubishi Motors in Ukraine the most popular spare parts for Mitsubishi cars can be purchased with discount up to 20%.*

In the winter the car runs in the extremely difficult, almost extreme conditions. High humidity, extreme cold, sudden changes of temperature, the influence of road salt and chemicals are the main factors affecting the car. Therefore, for safe and comfortable driving in cold weather the car must be thoroughly prepared.


Regular price, UAH**
Special price, UAH

The air filter

Cabin filter for

Set of brake pads
Pajero Sport

Spark plug
for the Lancer

Oil filter

More detailed information about the winter service campaign by Mitsubishi Motors, you can get in the official dealerships.

Today in Ukraine there are 30 authorized service centers Mitsubishi Motors, which provide a full range of services for maintenance and repair.

* Offer valid for a limited range of spare parts. A detailed list of promotional positions to be clarified with the dealer.

** All prices are inclusive of VAT.

Winter is the traditional period of testing for cars. This is the time when high loads have virtually all systems of the car. The frozen snow and ice test the strength of the suspension, steering system and brake system. Increased consumption along with the cold weather endurance test of the car’s electrical system and battery performance.In this period also the high demands and to winter tyres. And to ensure reliable visibility while driving will need excellent quality wiper blades and the presence of winter windshield washer fluid.

Renault to prepare for the winter tests

To prepare your Renault for winter operation in the service period of the event you can diagnose the car for only 150 USD. Trained specialists authorized service stations of Renault prediagnostic the state of suspension and battery, check the levels and density of working fluids, test the operation of electronic components and electrical circuits of the vehicle.

If you need to replace spare parts to the clients registered in the personal Cabinet MY RENAULT is offering discount up to 25% on their purchase. For customers without register in the MY RENAULT benefit for the purchase of spare parts will take up to 20%.

Offer applies to spare parts:

brake systems: pads, discs, Parking brake cables;

steering: traction lugs;

suspension — shock absorbers, bearings and wheel bearings, struts and bushings stabilizers, springs;

original battery with 3 years warranty!

and other spare parts.

Also in the service centers Renault offered the option to choose winter tires from leading brands, as well as to use the services of the tire.