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  • The serial number of car alarms STARLINE
  • Series E
  • Series A
  • Series B
  • Series D
  • Types of car alarms STARLINE
  • Range without starting the engine
  • Car alarm with auto start
  • The differences in models and series of car alarms STARLINE
  • Keychain
  • Range
  • The channels for noise immunity
  • CAN-module
  • Satellite monitoring
  • Control from your phone
  • Install car alarm STARLINE
  • Make sure you have the necessary tools before you start
  • Step 1
  • Step 2
  • Step 3
  • The installation of a panic button
  • Installation of the control unit
  • Pros:
  • Cons:
  • Sensors
  • Installation of flashing LEDs
  • Testing of the system

The serial number of car alarms STARLINE

Video alarm STARLINE series E:

The serial number of car alarms STARLINE starts with E series — first generation. Then followed the more advanced series A, B, and D.

Series E

The initial model STARLINE are optimal on a ratio “price — quality”. Keychain car alarm Starline this series quite petite, but has a CAN interface.

Series A

Review alarm STARLINE series A:

Such models have the same functions as the previous series, but are distinguished by the presence of another chain, the CAN-module and the ability to manage the work of protection of the car from the phone.

Series B

More improved series compared to the other two. Models of this type more secure, instead of having 128 channels 512. Some species have a GSM-management and GPS monitoring.

Series D

Review alarm STARLINE series D:

Exclusive series, which was developed under the previous version, but with a focus on the installation in SUVs.

Types of car alarms STARLINE

Car alarm STARLINE can be:

  • without starting the engine;
  • with the start of the engine.

Range without starting the engine

Model STARLINE car alarm without engine start are a modern device, featuring nakanyonyi dialog code. Models quite a lot, look at some of them.
One of the most simple, but equally reliable systems STARLINE car alarm without engine start model E60 is the Slave Dialog protected dialog code 128 channels for interference and range of up to 2 km.
In the model A61 Dialog applied innovation in the form of hopping frequencies, and the model A64 2 CAN Slave Dialog has additional options such as GSM, CAN interface with the range of the keyfob up to 2000 m.
Models represented In the systems such as Dialog B62, B62 Dialog FLEX, which include a private encryption key and working in conditions of big city radio. A novelty in this segment is car alarm STARLINE B64 2 CAN Slave multiseries with integrated CAN-interface and the presence of 512 channels.
For SUVs there is a system D64 2 CAN Slave with the same features of the previous model.

Car alarm with auto start

Starline — надёжная сигнализация для вашего автомобиляSTARLINE alarm with auto start
Car alarm with auto start Starline also presents a variety of models in different price segments.
The most simple and reliable devices with such function are models E90 and E90 GSM Slave T 2.0. They both hold intellectual AutoPlay dialog code-protected, impact-resistant keychain car alarm STARLINE, 128 channels for interference and range of up to 2000 m with the only difference that in the first model are available to configure the GPS monitoring.
Series models Dialog A91, A94 2 Dialog Slave CAN T 2.0 and 2 A94 GSM Slave Dialog CAN T 2.0. Proven and reliable car alarm with auto start Starline have included shock-resistant key FOB, optional GSM and GPS interfaces.
In the series there is a good system B91 2 B91 and similar CAN 2 CAN with GSM built-in GSM and optional GPS interface. Channels for interference already 513, radius of action, like the previous models — 2000 m.
On SUVs it is possible to install car alarm Starline D94 model 2 CAN GSM.

The differences in models and series of car alarms STARLINE


Starline — надёжная сигнализация для вашего автомобиляKeychain car alarm STARLINE
Each keychain car alarm StarLine is designed as shockproof, has a unique interface. Recently appeared rings without antenna, which increased the practicality and convenience of this element of the system.


Almost all models of STARLINE operate in the range up to 2000 m (referring to the notification from the alarm to the key FOB). However, the link between the keyfob and the alarm is influenced by many factors, for example: the presence of radio frequency interference, bad weather conditions and so on.

The channels for noise immunity

System series E and A have 128 channels for radio interference, and other series (B and D) are already equipped with 513 channels of reception/transmission of information.


Its presence or absence affects the time of the installation StarLine car alarm in your car. All new cars to transfer control electronic system are CAN-bus, so the integrated module is recommended. It not only models in the series E.

Satellite monitoring

Following the movement of the car using the car alarms STARLINE, which are equipped with a GPS module. To track the company offers a free website ( If the selected model has no such feature, you can optionally set a GSM beacon.

Control from your phone

The video shows how to operate the alarm system STARLINE with the help of mobile phone:

Car alarm StarLine with the launch provides convenience for the availability of such features as Internet phone. In order to start the car, you do not need to sit first behind the wheel. All this you can do in advance. Also on the phone is informed of all the risks associated with security of your car.

Install car alarm STARLINE

If you want to install a security system STARLINE for your car, you can save a lot of money by making it yourself. But, before you tighten the first bolt, carefully read the installation instructions car alarm Starline and step by step follow its instructions. This will be the only true way to mount it correctly.
You don’t have to do it all in one day. Take breaks in the work, making sure that each segment of the system works as expected before you move on.

Make sure you have the necessary tools before you start

Perhaps you have thought about the basic tools: wrenches, hammer drills, and a screwdriver. In addition to these, you must have the following set:

  • pliers;
  • soldering iron (for secure wire connections);
  • shrink tube or electrical tape to protect connections.
  • multimeter, with which you will test functions of the wires of the car.

Do not use the indicator instead of the multimeter. The first test lights can draw too much current, which will subsequently lead to damage to the sensing elements of the car.

Step 1

Set alarm STARLINE on the car:

Find a place to mount the “brain” (control module) and siren. Panic button, indicator led and switch plug with great care in a safe, secure way. Connect the power and ground. Test the installation.

Step 2

Position the sensors at their intended locations and attach them to the control module. Check the coverage area of the sensors and make final adjustments before nailing it down.

Step 3

Link the system with the doors of your car and lock diagram power door. Connect the led with voltage. Check out it’s features. When everything is working correctly, attach the control unit to the surface.
Connect car alarm Starline proceed slowly. Don’t forget to disconnect the negative battery cable before beginning installation and connection of system components. It will protect you from short circuits.

The installation of a panic button

Install a panic button under the bonnet away from the engine compartment, preferably at least 50 cm from the heat source, manifolds, radiators and heater rods. Install it parallel to the ground.
In some vehicles you can attach a button to the internal panel of the wing — one of the hardest places to reach.

Installation of the control unit

Starline — надёжная сигнализация для вашего автомобиляThe control unit alarm STARLINE
Place, which most likely suitable for installation of the unit is the steering column.


  • close to many wires that need to connect;
  • good choice to use remote control;
  • easy access for installation and maintenance.


An experienced thief most likely will look for a unit in this place and will be able to turn off the system, pull wire block. Alternatively, you can install the control unit behind the panel or under the front seat.


Place the sensors in the car and not in the engine compartment or other location where they may get wet. Attach the sensors firmly to the metal surface using bolts. It is not recommended to use sticky tape.
The shock sensor mount relatively close to the center of your car (under the dashboard) so that when the sensitivity adjustment was applied the effect on all sides of the vehicle.
Motion sensor install near the center of the machine.

Installation of flashing LEDs

Starline — надёжная сигнализация для вашего автомобиляLed-indicator
Car alarm STARLINE supplied with a small red flashing lamp, called led indicator. It is mounted in the center console. The purpose of this element is warning potential thieves about the presence of the security system in the car.
Install the led where it will be clearly visible from both sides of the car.

Testing of the system

After the installation of car alarms Starline test the system. False alarms typically result from the fact that the sensors are set too sensitive. If necessary, change the sensitivity.
Having a car is often a disturbing experience, and much worse when the thief actually manages to steal it. Car alarm STARLINE can be an effective deterrent against car theft. Great choice, different functions, easy to install allow it to become this system one of the most popular among drivers. Convenient features such as remote engine start, satellite monitoring, a large number of channels for interference, various fobs car alarm Starline and diversity in the alert — this is not a complete list of positive aspects that have the most models that can satisfy the wishes of the owners. What brand alarm installed on your car?

In addition to timing and continuous shooting modern DVRs offer many additional features. Some models have so many of them that video recorder you can shoot and even the wedding video will turn out not worse, than the professional camcorder.
For motorists this rating DVRs 2014 divided into 2 groups: up to 6500 and 6501 R. over R. this is Done for convenience and a more objective evaluation functions.
The content

  • Top 5 DVRs to 6500 R.
  • Rating of car DVR the price is higher 6501 R.
  • DVRs with two cameras
  • Selection criteria the DVR
  • Top 10 budget DVRs
  • Full HD
  • Warranty
  • Optics
  • The angle
  • G-sensor or shock sensor
  • Screen
  • Comfortable fit
  • GPS

Top 5 DVRs to 6500 R.

  • Mio MiVue 538,
  • Texet DVR-5GS,
  • TrendVision TV-103,
  • KARKI QS3 eco,
  • Neoline Ringo.
  • A common feature of the five models of recorders price range up to 6500 R. was:

    • loop recording no time gaps between video files;
    • the presence of the shock sensor — G-sensor.

    Рейтинг видеорегистраторов в машину
    The quality of the captured video lead model 1 and 2 places Mio MiVue 538 and Texet DVR-5GS. They perfectly carry out video filming in all weather conditions and can compete with models of a higher price category. Both models have a GPS function and quality of night shooting.
    Рейтинг видеорегистраторов в машину
    Trendvision TV-103 is pleased with their functionality — it is an organic hybrid of the rear view mirror and DVR. This is particularly useful in the process of use, there is no need to remove the device in the glove box and re-install.
    If you like big and clear objects overview the windshield, you simply need a miniature Neoline Ringo. Despite its small size the logger has a good camera and a high reliability.

    Rating of car DVR the price is higher 6501 R.

  • StreetStorm CVR-v A7510G.2,
  • BlackVue DR500GW HD Wi-Fi,
  • Datakam G9-MAX
  • Inspector Shark,
  • Akenori 1080x.
  • Among the more expensive models of DVRs hard to pick the best. All models are good, but very different functionality from each other. Unites them, besides the high cost, the same quality of the captured video sequence, namely a great camera. Then start the nuances and subtleties.
    Рейтинг видеорегистраторов в машину
    StreetStorm CVR-v A7510G.2 is capable of conducting video at maximum at the moment of resolution and quality personnel SuperHD with size 2304×1296 and is characterized by miniature size. In common with the model of the DVR BlackVue DR500GW-HD Wi-Fi. BlackVue though deprived of the screen, but has a built-in Wi-Fi interface for data transmission to a mobile phone or laptop.
    The functional model in “darling” five — Inspector Shark. On the Internet, and motorists more commonly known as “Korean harvester” and “shark”. It is a hybrid of a full radar detector and DVR. Perfectly catches the signals of stationary and mobile cameras and speed measuring devices, and also delivers high-quality visuals.
    Datakam G9-MAX ahead of “Korean harvester” only due to the huge built-in internal memory (32 GB) and comfortable fastening on the magnet.
    Рейтинг видеорегистраторов в машину
    The fifth member of the list pleases a rich set of additional functions. Akenori 1080x equipped with a large screen and video mode on the matrix Aptina. The picture is noise-free, high-definition, in the absence of artifacts. There will be raisins: built-in GPS, an interactive map, the definition of fixed radar and speed control.

    DVRs with two cameras

    A separate line should be allocated DVRs with two cameras. With the popularity on our roads independent electronic “devices-witnesses” there is a growing demand for new models and improvements. To purchase for his vehicle DVR with two cameras equivalent to solving several problems in one blow. One camera can monitor the action ahead of the vehicle, and the second to survey the scene behind him, to remove the cabin or road inspector.
    Рейтинг видеорегистраторов в машинуDVRs with two cameras shoot at once the cabin and that the front of the car
    When you purchase should pay attention to the frequency of frames per second and the proposed functions of the device, the presence of G-sensor. A very important angle, if there are two cameras — each can have their own characteristics.

    Selection criteria the DVR

    Because the DVRs, and other equipment, are not immune from damage, drops, environmental influences and mechanical effects, it is necessary to carefully determine the amount that you will not be sorry to spend again in case of replacement. High quality images, gorgeous video camera, many additional features are good, but not always.
    Among the variety represented on the market Avtopribor, one should remember about the basic value of a Registrar is to record in real time and to serve as an impartial witness in case of traffic accidents.
    To do this, below are the top 10 budget models of DVRs cost not higher than 5000 rubles. Yes, these devices do not have many functions and are not able to compete with the leaders and well-known brands. But they regularly lead record and maximize the number of car owners.

    Top 10 budget DVRs

    For convenience, place top 10 in a simple table. It clearly shows the presence of common functions in every model registrars. It is worth remembering that budget devices with a large number of options, each not of the highest quality. Manufacturers, seeking to preserve an affordable price, sacrifice image stabilisation or smooth operation of GLONASS. Advance purchase should be prepared for the average quality of all the options.
    DVRs ranked according to the price tag: from most expensive to cheaper.

    The angle
    Auto record
    Memory built-in
    Night mode
    Sound recorder
    Motion detector

    xDevice BlackBox-34


    Mio MiVue 358


    Neoline X3000


    ParkCity DVR HD 500





    Intro VR-711


    Mystery MDR-800HD


    HD DVR 027


    INTEGO VX-127






    Every motorist for himself always chooses priorities when choosing a DVR. Someone important like someone AutoPlay, and some prefer the hybrid devices. But it is possible to identify the main criteria to follow when choosing a classic DVR.

    Full HD

    The main function of the DVR — quality imagery and excellent visuals. Conventional double multiplication image built-in program can build quite a large picture even on a small matrix. When you select the device you need to ask the technology matrix (CMOS and CCD), size (FullHD and HD) and the picture resolution and light sensitivity.


    Effect apparent unpopularity in Europe of recorders, well-known brands and top manufacturers are in no hurry to develop their models and make them available on the market. Free niche almost entirely occupied the Korean and Chinese soup. The build quality and warranty service is a big question. The warranty period and the list of repair shops is given to the buyer conditional way. Most often in case of a breakdown of the budget models from Asia, it is simply discarded.


    You should prefer glass lenses, as they are not covered by microcracks and not become turbid over time.

    The angle

    Despite the fact that in the documents specified angle within 120-140, many car owners complain about the small angle. The discrepancy arises from the fact that the prescribed angle corresponds to the HD mode, and by default, all of the Asian loggers is FullHD, which provides only limited review. You have to manually switch the modes.
    Рейтинг видеорегистраторов в машинуGood DVR has a wide viewing angle

    G-sensor or shock sensor

    Almost completely protects the entry against Erasure in the event of a collision. Quite popular function: video shot after camera shot, in future not overwritten.


    The disputed question. Even if he is watching the image you captured is really impossible because of the small size. It is best to do this on a large screen computer or laptop. To configure the menu, the inclination angle and to select the recording mode and the normal display. So the presence or absence of the screen — a personal choice of the buyer.

    Comfortable fit

    An indispensable accessory for car owners with no garage. When you exit the car, you can easily take the DVR and put it in the glove box.


    Great feature but rarely used. It is unlikely that the employees of road service in drawing up the Protocol make a mistake with the address. The video to which this logger is capable of recording vehicle speed, is not evidence in court because it has no certification in Rostest. But able to sway the decision in a controversial situation in your favor.
    No other features are visible and use is clearly unnecessary in such a device. For example: shooting with two cameras, IR illumination, a large amount of internal memory. These opportunities are greatly exaggerated as easily be solved by action. Basically this Supplement is designed to increase the price of the DVR and the emergence of non-standard situations.

    The content

    • Types of DVR with radar detectors
    • Standard DVR
    • Recorder with high-quality optics
    • The Registrar spaced type
    • How to choose a decent option
    • Arena Pro 8000
    • Conqueror GR-H8
    • Conqueror GPS 1699
    • Akenori DriveCam 1080 PRO
    • Something to rely on when choosing

    Types of DVR with radar detectors

    Today we can distinguish two types of detectors with the radar detectors, which have some differences and different costs.

    Standard DVR

    The most practical and popular version — video recorder-radar functions a radar detector. Such a device, in addition to alerts about issued by the road police radars, informs the driver about the manual or installed in police cars devices. Besides this model the Registrar instructs the car owner to set the roads on camera patrol, which automatically remain in the device memory.

    Recorder with high-quality optics

    The best DVR with radar, which, by the way, and is accordingly equipped with high-quality optics that provide excellent image clarity. With the help of this device you can clearly capture the number plates and people’s faces at a distance of thirty meters! In addition, such models of recorders include the most complete version of the database of chambers road and tower services. Over time, cards can be easy and simple to update.

    The Registrar spaced type

    DVR with diversity type radar is considered a model for a new generation. And all because he can provide a list of data to its owner:

    • the route of the vehicle;
    • the remaining distance to the final destination of the trip;
    • the presence of signals of the cellular network;
    • the speed of the vehicle;
    • the range of radiation police radar.

    More expensive models video of this type is able to determine the coordinates of spent cars in the space according to the integrated GPS receiver, the vehicle speed in different time intervals and on different roads, and even record videos in a separate folder, if the road were present sudden braking or pushing.
    But the main distinctive feature of the Registrar is considered the versatility of its installation. That is, such a model can be placed almost anywhere, even the inner space of the hood of the car. Special fasteners which is attached to the device, greatly facilitates the task of the non-standard installation.
    Выбираем лучший видеорегистратор с функцией антирадараComplete with DVR is everything you need for mounting
    The principle of operation of the posted DVR is that it set a radio transmitter reads all the information on the road, and a lot of additional information and sends it to FND the device screen. Typically, these model recorders are equipped with medium sized screens, which is enough to display all the necessary information.

    How to choose a decent option

    It is no wonder that such a technique popular car DVR with radar detector has many modifications. The most popular models consider below. I hope that this small review will help to finally determine the choice of any car owner.
    Выбираем лучший видеорегистратор с функцией антирадараWith this DVR you will get and additional information

    Arena Pro 8000

    This is quite an interesting model DVR both externally and functionality. The display of the device made in the form of mirrors high beam. In the off position the recorder is almost identical to the large mirror, what especially attracts the ladies owning cars. In addition to excellent performance of their direct functions (DVR and radar detector), Arena Pro 8000 has the ability to play multimedia files and has a simple navigation function. And rear view camera, FM modulator and Bluetooth Protocol are pleasant additions to a General collection of useful functions on the device.
    But the main advantages of this model of DVR with radar detector are the possibility of simultaneous operation of the Navigator with the Registrar, a popular radio channel and high sensitivity radar detector.

    Conqueror GR-H8

    Another popular model among drivers of different ages — Conqueror GR-H8. Released last year, this device was called the motorists a kind of “standard” DVR with radar detector. In its database, you can add nearly three hundred personal POIs, and find radars of any type (manual, auto or road), the recorder will emit a beep tone notifying the driver to slow down. And high resolution built-in camera allows you to get videos of excellent quality.
    Package contents of this model of DVR with radar detector includes:

    • the radar detector;
    • DVR;
    • memory card;
    • USB cable;
    • GPS;
    • card reader;
    • holder for windshield.

    Also, the model has a sensor, which includes an emergency recording in case of heavy braking, shocks and bumps, sharp turns and rapid acceleration of the vehicle.

    Conqueror GPS 1699

    Model Conqueror GPS 1699 was released back in 2011, but is still quite popular among car owners for a variety of reasons:

  • The presence in the device of the hard disk with the software that allows you to quickly understand the performance of the model.
  • Audible alert the driver is still a mile away to capture the velocity.
  • The emergency account allows you to start recording immediately before a fatal accident.
  • The DVR records all trip data: coordinates, location, speed of vehicle, moments of deceleration and acceleration.
  • In addition, this model of automotive engineering is characterized by a combination of two components: radar jammer and wireless detector. It can be mounted in any convenient to the owner of the place, even under the hood. Then you can not only monitor the traffic situation, but also to understand what is happening inside the car at one point or another.

    Akenori DriveCam 1080 PRO

    Model Akenori DriveCam 1080 PRO also has built-in configuration display, radar, memory card 32 GB, G sensor, GPS module, a microphone, a sound recording and a 5 megapixel camera. Judging by the reviews of satisfied owners, this model of DVR with radar detector are completely satisfied with average drivers.

    Something to rely on when choosing

    From this information it is possible to understand that buying any model of DVR with radar detector for the modern driver is no longer a problem, as modifications there is a great variety. But to determine which DVR with radar detector is better the owner of the car only have on their own practice. Requirements for all car owners and individual expectations from this kind of technology also differ.

    Where to start

    First, where to start searching for suitable lamps to be familiar with their characteristics. Some bases of car lamps suitable for the dipped-beam headlamps, rear other need for signals or fog lamps. Some of them Shine more brightly; others have a yellowish tint.

    When choosing lighting, consider:

    • the scope of use;
    • type;
    • the make and model of car.

    Scope of use

    The list of bulbs used in different types of lighting

    The type of lighting
    Lamp type

    H1, H2, H4, H7, H9, H11, H15, HB3, HB4 (halogen); D2S, D2R, D1R (xenon)

    Directional lights
    P21W, P21W, W5W, R5W

    The rear lights
    P21W, P21/5W

    Side lamps
    W5W, R5W

    Parking lights
    R5W, P21/5W, W5W, C5W

    Fog lights
    H3, H4, H11, H15

    To describe all the possible options, not enough time and space, but below are the characteristics of the most popular in the lighting market — that is, those that are subject to frequent replacement. Each of these lamps uses a voltage of 12 V.

    Most popular


    Правильный выбор ламп для автомобилей

    Incandescent lamps of this type have a single thread and are used on dipped beam Luminous flux is about 1550 lumens and the longevity is formed in the range 330-550 hours. The power is 55 watts.


    Правильный выбор ламп для автомобилей
    Lamp H3 stand out above all the special connector for the cable. The thread it is positioned in the transverse direction. Used in fog lamps. Power, as in the case of H1, 55 watts, different luminous flux 1450 LM.


    Правильный выбор ламп для автомобилей
    This type of halogen automotive lamp has two filaments and supports main and dipped beam or high beam and fog lights. Quite popular devices used in the automotive industry for a long time, having a power of 55 watts and 1000 lumens of luminous flux. Due to the fact that the H4 bulbs have two filaments inside there is a metal plate that covers a portion of the light emitted by the filaments. Because of this lights don’t dazzle the drivers of oncoming vehicles during night trips. Depending on the operating conditions of H4 should be replaced after approximately 350-700 hours of work.


    Правильный выбор ламп для автомобилей
    Most automotive bulbs H7 appeared on the market in 1995. They have one thread and a good light distribution. Used in lowbeam and high beam. Have a relatively high light output of 1500 lumens and a power of 55 watts. Typically replaced after 330-350 hours.

    Types of lamps

    Opinions about the different types of lamps used in cars, almost as many as there are supporters and opponents. The selection of appropriate lighting devices becomes particularly relevant in the autumn-winter season. Of course, this is due to the decrease of daylight hours and therefore an increase in demand of driving after dark. The quality of light cast by car headlights, in this case, it is very important for comfort and safety on the road.
    The most popular types of lighting is becoming less common — this is a common automotive lamp bulbs, which have one or two threads.
    Other, much more practical and the most widespread at this point, are halogen lamps. Their coverage is characterized by longer service life in comparison with the first type and emitting more vivid colors of light. Also worth noting is the advent of xenon and led bulbs.


    When the first cars came out with conveyors of plants, there were not many different types of lighting fixtures. At that time there was only one type — automotive bulb. Thomas Edison designed the first reliable model in 1879, which used a tungsten filament, which could operate up to 1000 hours.


    Halogen automotive lamps are the prototype of all lighting units and vehicles, thanks to a new generation of high performance, are still used in millions of cars. Common types are galogenok lamp socket H1, H4 and H7. Lamps of new generation with innovative bayonets bases H8, H9, H11 and H15.
    Halogen lamps are a further development of incandescent lamps. However, they are much more efficient than the others. Their bulbs are filled with halogen gas, which slows down the evaporation of white heat and reduces blackening of the lamp cap automotive.
    In recent years, we have developed new bulbs H7 premium that throw much more light on the road and significantly increase the range of front and peripheral vision of the driver. These models have achieved a much higher light intensity, and some models also feature a bluish white light, which currently enjoys great popularity.


    • create excess heat;
    • need careful handling;
    • react to other substances.


    Bright and energy-efficient, long-lived and extremely attractive xenon lights, also known as HID-lamp, made a revolution in the world of lighting in the early 1990s. Today one of three new vehicles on the road equipped with a xenon light.
    Xenon automotive lamps offer significant advantages:

    • they deliver two times more light than conventional halogen lamps and consume a third less energy;
    • the light they produce is similar to daylight and thus, improve visual conditions;
    • they ensure optimum illumination of the roadway;
    • long service life, they typically are replaced only once in the life of the machine.

    Xenon light offers significant benefits in terms of security. Unlike halogen counterparts, xenon lamps don’t have filaments. They light up when an arc is generated between two electrodes. Light is generated by a controlled gas discharge that occurs in a small quartz tube filled with xenon, salt, metals and other substances. When the ignition is ionized the xenon gas produces an electric arc and metal salts evaporate, forming a plasma. The plasma begins to glow, and to highlight more than two times more light than ordinary halogen bulb.


    • expensive;
    • can potentially cause severe glare to other drivers because of their brightness.

    Led lights

    Rear lights, consisting of numerous light-emitting diodes (LED or led light bulb), have become commonplace on production cars.
    Unlike halogen bulbs that use a filament, deteriorating for a long time of use, LEDs are simply semiconductors with no wear-and-tear parts. In theory they should work throughout the life of the vehicle.
    Led bulbs also require less power than halogen counterparts, with reduced CO₂ emissions and energy consumption. And the light emitted by the LEDs is much closer to daylight, making its effect easy on the eyes and great fights with a glare. They are also very durable in terms of udaroustojchivyj and quite tiny, thus opening new opportunities for attractive design solutions.


    • expensive;
    • generate heat;
    • need more cooling to run than other types;
    • winter is considerably reduced luminous flux.

    The bases of car lamps

    Правильный выбор ламп для автомобилей
    The lamp base is quite diverse. They are:

    • ceramic;
    • plastic.

    Of course, more reliable connectors are ceramic, they can withstand higher temperature. But for low light or regular capacity, you can install the plastic caps automotive lamps.

    Several recommendations

    If in the car one bulb burns out, it is recommended to replace both at the same time. Each device has limited life, usually in several hundred hours of work, and it is likely that after some time will burn out and the other.
    Service life depends not only on performance but also on factors such as the condition of the electrical system in the vehicle. A lot of tension or jumps contribute to premature wear on the bulb — hence the differences in the stability of same lighting elements in different machines. Do not ignore the conditions — vibration and shock will affect the bulbs.
    Many buyers do not think twice spending hundreds of roubles on additional services, such as a metallic coloring or alloy wheels. But buy a suitable automotive light bulbs will help to improve ride comfort and protect your way. And which car bulbs you choose?

    What is a gel battery

    All motorists understand the purpose of the battery, but not everyone understands how it works and what they are. So, consider the schematic diagram of the device any battery for the car.
    Плюсы и минусы гелевого аккумулятора
    The battery as we are used to seeing — it’s a plastic sealed box that ensures the integrity of the device. Inside plate-electrodes made of lead or its alloys. The whole system is filled with liquid electrolyte — an aqueous solution of a strong acid. As a result of chemical reaction between electrode and electrolyte is formed an electric current, vital to the functioning of the car. When an external electric voltage on the terminals of the plates is the process of restoring the initial properties of the battery, i.e. its charge.

    So, why the described device is called a gel battery? It’s very simple — unlike a normal car battery acid solution has the consistency of jelly, in other words, gel. Gel batteries — maintenance batteries manufactured by two technologies:

    • GEL — Gel Electrolite. To a solution of acid added to the silica, which causes the thickening.
    • AGM — Absorptive Glass Mat. In translation into Russian “absorbing glass”. In the electrolyte is the usual solution of sulfuric acid, most often. But the space between the electrodes filled with a material of the separator, made of microscopic glass. This fiber maintains the acid and prevents it to spread. The result is a uniform gel-like mass.

    Плюсы и минусы гелевого аккумулятора
    So, why this type of battery is also called maintenance free? The fact is that arriving at a planned technical inspection of the car, equipped with conventional batteries, it every time to check the density of the electrolyte. As a rule, each time the device is poured a certain amount of distilled water. Gel battery does not require topping up to maintain the necessary density of the electrolyte. Besides, even if you damage the plastic case it never runs because of the more solid consistency of the electrolyte.

    Video about what types of batteries exist and how to choose them:

    Now you know that gel batteries can be of several types. Consider in more detail each of them.

    Batteries AGM technology

    Their main feature is the almost absolute recombination of gases. Unlike a conventional battery, the products of chemical reactions (hydrogen and oxygen) between the electrodes and electrolytes are released into the environment, and “hide” in the pores of the fiberglass. These gases when charging the battery once again become part of the electrolyte, thereby allowing for much longer to keep the original energy of the battery. Guaranteed life time of the battery is 400 cycles of complete charge — discharge. Moreover, this minimum rate. In addition, such a device is very slowly discharged in a disconnected form for the year by about 20% capacity.
    Плюсы и минусы гелевого аккумулятора

    Batteries GEL technology

    In contrast to the above-described type that has a lower degree of recombination of gases. And this is, perhaps, the only thing that makes it worse. The battery of this type is guaranteed to withstand 2 times more cycles charge — discharge and require recharging immediately after a deep using up stored energy. For such models the typical guaranteed lifetime of 10 years.
    Плюсы и минусы гелевого аккумулятора

    Whether such battery is right for you?

    So, it is worth noting a significant drawback of this type of device. They can be used in vehicles with a very accurate charge. Perfectly working regulator in both domestic and foreign cars support the voltage in the range 13 to 16 volts, and for recharging of the battery voltage of 14.4 volts above disastrous. The gel melts and the reverse process will not work to achieve. Besides the bitter cold is also unacceptable, because the gel hardens, losing its characteristics and immediately becoming 2 times less powerful.
    Плюсы и минусы гелевого аккумулятора

    To summarize

    Advantages of gel battery:

    • requires no maintenance;
    • works in any position, be it on the side, due to the condition of the electrolyte;
    • does not leak even if the casing is damaged;
    • great life with good electronics;
    • high starting current.

    Disadvantages of gel battery:

    • not withstand overcharge, it is necessary to monitor the indicator;
    • does not tolerate severe frosts;
    • high cost;
    • requires hi-tech electronics in the car.

    Based on the foregoing, we can conclude that this is a good option for system emergency power, but not for the car. With its many benefits, this type is hard to be able to withstand our climate and certainly prematurely unusable. But, if you, for example, a happy owner of the gorgeous audio, the battery will be able to meet your energy needs.

    The advantages and purpose

    Electric cars there are more chances to completely replace their fellow petrol cars! This is not surprising, because the positive side of the electrical innovations is obvious. Most of the parts needed for regular cars lose their meaning. Accordingly, simplified maintenance and reduced waste of resources. Inventing the best electric car, humanity, fighting for the purity of the planet, really combines the convenience of personal use with the freshness of the air, not harming anyone.
    Video about advantages of electric vehicles:

    Continuing to admire these mobile appliances, not to add that their noise level is very low. Citizens will be able to enjoy silence. State of many countries are going to meet the owners and cancel or discount the amount of taxes. While energy costs are significantly lower than for gasoline. A source of charging electric vehicle can serve not only as the network. The driver of the car feels more independent. The realization that the car does not pollute the atmosphere, “spreads its wings”.

    Cons of the electric car

    Let’s talk about some of the shortcomings:

    • Low temperatures affect battery performance: it is discharged or not issuing the energy properly.
    • To perform heavy tasks such as snow removal, the design is not suitable.
    • Security is reduced due to the small weight and size of the machine.
    • Of course, the novelty of the model does not guarantee that you will be able to get a decent service, hence the lack of specialists and the necessary parts.
    • The discharge occurs much earlier, i.e., the maximum run will be less than when operating the tank with fuel. Batteries take up much space, and need to be replaced every two to three years.
    • Not everywhere you can enjoy a ride in an electric car. For snowy countries such models are not suitable.
    • Another awkward moment is cabin heating. In a normal car the heat comes from a heated engine, and in the case of electric vehicles need an extra energy boost.

    Listed the advantages and disadvantages of electric vehicles will allow the reader to create some idea about the increasingly popular novelty. Consider the best models.

    Best electric cars the world

    Tesla Model S

    This car can be called one of the best selling. The company Tesla has convinced the Norwegian government that the demand for electric cars grows. This trend is supported by lower taxes, including for registration.
    Какой электромобиль выбратьElectric Car Tesla Model S
    The characteristics of the car pleasing to the eye:

    • the energy consumption is 60 kilowatt/hour;
    • acceleration to 100 km/h in 5,9 seconds;
    • the maximum speed of 193 km/h;
    • battery life — 400 km.

    The salon has a similarity with the car from the movie Back to the future, and it has a huge touch screen. The battery is located under the floor, such position changes the center of gravity greatly improves handling, extends the interior space.
    Established in 2012, this model claims the title of one of the best. It costs 90,000 dollars. Those who are not afraid of difficulties associated with charging, making the Tesla Model S appreciated.

    Toyota RAV 4 EVT T

    Rating electric cars you can say about Toyota RAV 4 Crossover EVT T., released in 2013 for the American market, is the most economical. Its price is 50 000 dollars.
    Toyota along with Tesla motors signed an agreement on the development of electric vehicles. That’s what distinguishes this model:

    • length — 4575 mm;
    • width — 1816;
    • height — 1684;
    • weight is 1829 kg.
    • power — 115 km in 7 sec.

    To charge using the mains (240 volts), you need 6 hours.
    Какой электромобиль выбратьThe electric car Toyota RAV4

    Ford Focus F

    Having a value of 40 000 $ with a power of 141 HP and a speed of 135 km/hour, this model is a success. If in Europe hardly began selling these cars in the U.S. they already adorn the streets of cities. At first glance, such a machine is no different from usual, but inside the batteries are large in size, are charged for several hours for the way to 160 km.
    Какой электромобиль выбратьElectric Car Ford Focus
    Ford Motor Company released the model in 2011. It can be charged from a home outlet (220 volts). If desired, the owner’s smartphone acts as an intermediary between driver and car. A special system on the smartphone allows you to:

    • to learn battery;
    • to adjust the program of the battery;
    • to receive information about the progress of charging, the end, its critical points;
    • in the cold season to heat the cabin before the arrival of the driver.

    Mitsubishi iMIEV

    Modest performance and availability put this model to fourth place. Experience Mitsubishi motors moved in a silent, colorful and reliable electric vehicle. Since 2011 he began selling in countries such as the UK, France, Belgium, Sweden, Spain. Has sold nearly a thousand pieces. What is so attractive about this electric car:

    • maximum speed — 140 km / h;
    • low center of gravity due to the location of the battery;
    • charge enough for the passage of 150 km;
    • the car is charging at a specialized dressing for 30 minutes;
    • electric motor power — 63 HP

    The price of the model with a lightweight lithium battery is reduced by $ 25,000. The mileage of this car is 120 km, the Manufacturers settled on this figure, believing that it is enough to get around the city.
    Какой электромобиль выбратьThe Electric Mitsubishi

    Mercedes Benz

    The company graced us with the model SLS AMG Electric Drive. Very beautiful car that has four electric motors for each wheel and one of the fastest. The advantages of electric cars:

    • power is 740 HP;
    • torque — 999 N•m;
    • speed — 100 km in 3.9 seconds;
    • weight — 545 kg;
    • on full charge it’s possible to travel 1500 km;
    • the duration of loading to 20 hours using a standard household outlet.

    The electric vehicle is facilitated at the expense of carbon-fiber plastic, which is made from the frame and body. Brakes made of carbon ceramics. In the European market the model is 536 000 dollars.
    Какой электромобиль выбратьElectric Car Mercedes Benz

    Chevrolet Volt

    Is a hybrid lithium-ion battery and motor is 1.4 liters. Team Uwe winter, who developed the electric car received the award for”Best green engine”.
    Какой электромобиль выбратьElectric Car Chevrolet
    Now the production of electric cars is high, so there is competition. About forty of the motors involved in the nomination, had a completely different technology.
    The Parameters Of The Chevrolet Volt:

    • engine power — 111 kW;
    • speed 80 km/h, depending on the weather and the road;
    • in case of extinction of the electric battery comes petrol engine. It performs the function of recharging, the car goes solely by electricity;
    • the maximum distance is 600 km.

    BYD e 6

    The car has iron-phosphate battery which makes it stand out from the rest. Invented in China Build Your Dreams, which is more known for the production of batteries for gadgets, laptops, phones. The Chinese can safely congratulate you on another step to a perpetual motion machine.
    Since 2010, the BYD E 6 is used in Shenzhen (five-door crossover), providing taxi services. Settings auto:

    • can afford to travel up to 320 km;
    • the speed — 140 km/h;
    • charging up to a maximum of 40 minutes.

    In 2013, the Chinese company has good prospects. In its staff, consisting of young creative professionals, they attract the best craftsmen from all over the world. Has its own research center to work with the motors.
    Какой электромобиль выбратьThe electromobile BYD e 6


    Take this car to the best in the category “city electric car”. Its diminutive size pleased Europe, where people live in overcrowded cities. The output of the models the Company does EFFIDI Automotive in Italy. 18 the cost reaches $ 700. Owners notice that within 4─5 years the cost is worth paying. Why? Thanks to the preservation of the environment. To reach the centre of an ordinary car, the driver is obliged to pay duty, which is not required from happy owners of small electric cars on base.
    Какой электромобиль выбратьElectric Maranello4

    • length — 2740 mm;
    • speed — 48 km/h;
    • the maximum path — 73 km;
    • two places;
    • independent suspension.

    The future in the sun?

    The assortment is incredibly broad, so you can find the option of electric vehicle that is right for you. There are new models. Electromobile 6-8 times cheaper than gasoline. Manufacturers are committed to a free charging from solar panels, which will be located on the roofs of garages, automatically charging the batteries.
    While the proliferation of this type of transport is limited to 16 cities. This is Los Angeles, Rotterdam, London and others. The electric car is not suitable for long distances, heavy loads and cold weather
    Replacement of conventional fuels inevitably leads to a crash of the economy in oil-producing countries. Such favorable prospects for further development of electric vehicles and to absorb the entire transport system? Time will tell.

    Project Manager Ping Louis answered a few questions SAE International. In his opinion, the development of electric vehicles is directly related to the batteries, however, we are talking about the cheapness of these items, not capacity. Battery weight and energy capacity does not correspond to the prices charged by the manufacturers. At the dawn of creation of the company Ping together with like-minded people came to the conclusion that the development project will have to look for new chemical compounds, safety and power consumption which will be higher than traditional. Battery lithium-ion units require thick insulation and packing, which hampers the development of electric cars. Even under the condition that new connections will lose in the amount of stored energy, their weight and lower cost will increase the range of cars.
    Reducing weight in a good way could also have an impact on the architecture of the car, as the designers and engineers would have more freedom. Modern battery has to defend at the slightest strain, however, new technologies will allow to discard the protective blocks and make the batteries part of the body system. Safety will be increased immediately by two parameters: the energy storage would not be endangered, but the battery can absorb some impact in a collision.
    Транспорт на электричестве, или кто обгонит троллейбусBattery electric vehicle
    So far, the project ARPA-E requires significant cash infusions. Funding has already exceeded 37 million dollars, but the profit should easily cover all costs. The aim of the project is the creation of drives, is able to transform itself depending on the wishes of the designer and in the door, and in the carrier, and even in part of the hood or fenders of the car. In exchange for the money spent by the US energy Department wants to see on his Desk a draft of a battery, is able to move a car over a distance of 386 km. the Engineers of ARPA-E is working on several fronts:

    • the complete exclusion from the system of fluids that is associated with the use of thin-film ceramic electrolytes;
    • use in the cell system for fluid, through which the anode and the cathode had direct contact with the electrolyte of the battery;
    • replacing the standard electrolyte substance on the basis of polymers and water;
    • replacing the combustible items safe batteries.

    Each of these categories has its own perspective. For example, electrolytes based on polymers and water can slightly change the design of the classic AKB system, since the principle use of the same electrodes, but with the liquid they are in contact only in the case of battery energy.
    In this case, the charges are stored separately, which makes the model safer. Until recently, however, flow cells significantly reduced the energy intensity of the system, from which the project became unusable even for systems of a stationary type, not to mention trying to create a mobile device. Everything changed after suggestions from the research center of a name of Lawrence in Berkeley and developer of General Electric. Effective flow batteries will appear in the course of the year.
    Research center the United States leads its developments in this direction in collaboration with scientists from the University of Maryland. The main idea investigated in this project also consists of replacing traditional electrolytes water. However, as a result of research they managed not only to preserve the capacity of the system, but to increase it by half compared with the battery of the same class.
    Транспорт на электричестве, или кто обгонит троллейбусThe aluminum-air battery for electric vehicle
    Institute of Illinois has studied this question under the point of view of getting that government grant for 3.4 million dollars. Money allocated for a joint project with the Institute of Argonne national laboratory. The electrolyte in the system of their construction is a fuel with increased energy density. High density is achieved through the use of nanotechnology. Deformation in the event of an accident, this battery is not terrible. The most unconventional way chosen by the laboratory in oak ridge: the system with the electrolyte, capable of passing from one aggregate state to another depending on the requirements of the energy supply.
    The idea of a system with solid-state electrolyte is studied by different scientists, among which are employees of the University of Maryland. Thin film ceramic elements will make safe and durable system for high performance. However, while the project is in the category of probability.
    SAE International has picked up similar to the projects, study the system energy storage. Most of these developments really can lead to the creation of new types of batteries, but the estimated price for the cheapest of the systems still leaves much to be desired. Meanwhile, it is at this moment focused himself Louis Ping.
    Alternatively, the discussed systems can be considered research above laboratory Lawrence. Here researchers are trying to create a battery based on lithium and sulphur. The cathode of the battery will consist of sulphur compounds and carbon, and the anode is of lithium. As the charge carrier in the system are lithium ions.
    Video about is, is it profitable to buy the electric car:

    The problem of lithium-sulfur battery is sulfur, because the items are made to its application, characterized by fragility. A new round of experiments led to the development of improved cathodes from nanocomposites. In the heart of the system — the oxides of sulfur and graphene. Specific power consumption of the system will be 500 W/kg, which exceeds the capacity of lithium-ion batteries by about half. As for durability, the space to work there: lithium-sulfur battery able to withstand up to a thousand recharge cycles.
    The longevity of lithium-sulfur batteries may seem large, when it comes to price, because sulfur is quite affordable item that should substantially affect the value the better. However, the design complexity is still unknown, because for the first working sample project from Berkeley will take 5 years. This is the most favorable prognosis, but after getting a working battery will need time to finalize it for domestic use and production.
    Oddly enough, instead of the theoretical possibilities of car owners can please the current status of electric vehicle. The Minister for trade of the EEC (Eurasian economic Commission) Andrei Slepnev said that import duties on electric cars in Russia, Kazakhstan and Belarus set to zero. The customs Union of three countries has reduced the rate from 19 to 0 percent. These conditions will apply from 1 February of the current year until 31 December 2015.
    Video about electric cars in Russia:

    The fee reduction is valid only for passenger cars having an electric not a hybrid engine and up to nine seats, including the driver. According to the Minister, the Council of the EEC will be considered variants of production cars. Andrei Slepnev also noted that to date no suitable proposals, but the prospects of the project, particularly in improving the environmental situation, is obvious. The government expects that the project will stimulate the construction of infrastructure and will increase demand for cars, powered by a battery. It is planned to consider not only the possibility of its own production and localization of foreign models.
    The creators of the project expect to increase the demand ten-fold: from fifty to five hundred cars on electricity per year. Such volumes can raise a smile, but not Andrei Pankov, the Chairman of Subcommittee Trading-industrial chamber, responsible for innovative technologies in the automotive industry. According to Pankov, the fee reductions could seriously change the balance of power among car distributors in Russia. Plans of the chamber of Commerce seem to be impossible, because for a year the experts planned to sell up to 200,000 electric cars of Russian and foreign Assembly.
    Транспорт на электричестве, или кто обгонит троллейбусMitsubishi i-MiEV is the only official electric car in Russia
    It should be noted that today in Russia officially sold only one fully electrified car — Mitsubishi i-MiEV. This compact model will cost the Russian buyer in 1,8 million roubles, and its high popularity in our country can only be explained by the fact that 70 of these vehicles purchased administrative Department of the President of the Russian Federation. The cost of the same model in the US, where there is similar support for electric cars, is 751 000 (23 000).

    The content

    • Journey into history
    • From Paris to Kaluga
    • New Volkswagen Polo
    • Powertrains
    • Transmission
    • Dimensions
    • Interior and equipment
    • The advantages and disadvantages of VW Polo
    • Conclusion

    Journey into history

    Future buyers could see the first VW Polo at the exhibition 1975 in German Hannover. Even then, the Volkswagen group relied on the availability of the car and quality build. No joke, the first generation Polo was worth in his native Germany 7500 marks — extremely seductive for those times price.

    Volkswagen Polo: сказано по-немецки, сделано по-русскиVolkswagen Polo first generation (1975-1981)
    The main rivals are practical and slightly angular, the car featured not only high-quality German build, but recognizable appearance. The design of the first generation VW Polo was developed by the famous Italian designer Marcello Gandini, known for her participation in projects such as Alfa Romeo and Lamborghini. Polo established on the basis of Audi 50, surpassing her in the sector of affordable and reliable cars. 132 km/h — maximum speed of the first Polo — seems like a good result, considering the power of the motor 40 HP

    From Paris to Kaluga

    The popularity of the first generation VW Polo was due to a large selection of power units: in the range of engines you find in petrol engines, generating up to 200 km/h (Coupe GT G40, 115 HP) and diesel engines with varying performance characteristics. The second generation was able to please customers with a variety of engines and coupe variations.
    The second generation, produced from 1981 to 1994, has experienced a major update only in 1990, when Polo began to establish miniature motor of capacity 1 liter (45 HP). At the same time the car has appeared five-speed gearbox. Modernization of engines and transmissions was accompanied by upgrading the exterior of the car.

    Volkswagen Polo: сказано по-немецки, сделано по-русскиVolkswagen Polo second generation (1981-1994)
    Technical characteristics of Volkswagen Polo this period is unlikely to match the popularity of the car, which led to the fact that for 13 years has sold 2 million cars. The third generation was introduced at the auto show in Paris and in General did not support the level of Polo II. VW experimented with a body up to 2001: the car, produced initially in two versions, hatchback (three – door and five-door), returned to the sedan. The last model is sold under the name of the Polo Classic, and not in Germany, as all the previous cars, and the Spanish factory SEAT (model Cordoba of the same company shared with the Polo Sedan platform).
    Best cars voted the third generation Polo GTI with fuel-efficient engine (1.6-liter, 125 horsepower) and excellent aerodynamics (CX = 0,32). However, he and the Millennium has not escaped the global modernization of the VW Polo. More than half of the internal parts were replaced with the corresponding requirements of new time.
    Polo IV was significantly closer to the modern version, at least because of the possibility of installation on automatic transmission cars (only put on the engine at 75 HP). The hatchback is based on the Skoda Fabia. Appearance Polo the twenty-first century, a strict and laconic, the same features can be traced in the interior. VW first used laser cutting to build budget cars, which explains the low noise level and durability of the car.
    The idea behind the design is stiff in torsion and provided thoughtful pillar, used in Polo today. NCAP evaluated the safety of the driver 4 stars, but the potential of design was only used in the 5th generation. The car was sold with ABS and hydraulic power steering as standard. C 2005 standard kit includes ESP. Great attention is now paid to corrosion protection: all parts in contact with atmosphere, the elements of the VW Polo are galvanizing.

    New Volkswagen Polo

    Fifth, the last generation VW Polo was unveiled at the Geneva motor show 2009. The first car designed on its own the development of Volkswagen’s PQ25 platform. However, Polo in the claim this set a little ahead of a car Ibiza, released under a subsidiary brand SEAT.
    Volkswagen Polo: сказано по-немецки, сделано по-русскиThe fifth generation VW Polo
    Under the name of Polo Sedan, the car appeared in Russia a little later, in June 2010 at the exhibition in Moscow. Before the launch of the Russian version of the Volkswagen has conducted many trials, including the quality of the famous Russian fuel. The domestic version of the Polo has not been tested for safety in Europe, where NACP evaluated the safety of the car five stars (14.8 points). Test “auto review” affirmed the assessment, although Polo Kaluga Assembly do not have pyrotechnic belt tensioners.

    Technical characteristics of Volkswagen Polo Sedan

    Car brand:
    Volkswagen Polo Sedan

    Country of origin:
    Germany (build-Russia, Kaluga)

    Body style:

    Number of places:

    Number of doors:

    Engine capacity, cu. cm:

    Power, HP/Rev. min.:

    Maximum speed, km/h:

    Acceleration to 100 km/h, with:

    Drive type:

    5MKPP, ACP

    Fuel type:
    gasoline AI-95

    The consumption per 100 km:
    the city is 11.2; the route of 8.5

    Length, mm:

    Width, mm:

    Height, mm:

    Ground clearance, mm:

    Tire size:
    175/70 R14 (185/60 R15)

    Curb weight, kg:

    Full weight, kg:

    Fuel capacity:


    VW Polo 2099 issue has a wide range of engines, from small gasoline “shestilopastnye,” a volume of 1.2 liters and ending with the motor 132 KW and 1.8 liters of volume. The smallest member of this line at maximum rpm (5200) generates 60 HP six valves have three cylinders. Another variation of this engine on the same three cylinder has 12 valves and demonstrates the 69 HP force with a maximum of 5400 revolutions per. Another modification of the engine has a volume of 1.39 liters (4 cylinder 12 valves): 86 HP is achieved at 5000 rpm.
    The most interesting novelty in the series of VW Polo engines — miniature 1,2 (1197 cm3), equipped with intermediate cooling systems on water-air basis and direct fuel injection. The design of this vosmiklapanny “midget” is entirely cast from aluminum. 8 valves have a single camshaft.
    Volkswagen Polo: сказано по-немецки, сделано по-русскиThe engine of the car Volkswagen Polo
    Technical characteristics of the “Volkswagen Polo Sedan” provide only one engine: 1.6 atmospheric (1598 cm3) produces 107 HP at maximum at 5250 rpm (the European counterpart of the engine with TSI is 140 HP). The compression ratio of the engine Polo Sedan — 10,5 , torque — 153 nm (3750 rpm). According to the official data, the engine consumes of 5.1 liters per hundred kilometers due to highway and 8.7 liters in the same hundred in the city, however, the comments about “Volkswagen Polo” Russian owners do not always correlate with these parameters. The recommended Volkswagen fuel AI-95. It should be noted and the proposed European buyer turbocharged diesel volume of 1.6 liters with the filter of soot.


    Ordinary buyer the VW dealers offer two options for transmission: five-speed manual and automatic with 6 speeds. For extra charge it is possible to install a robotic box with seven speeds. DSG switches the speed without braking power and has 2 clutch. Test drive “Volkswagen Polo Sedan” with manual transmission shows a good dynamics of acceleration, the force is distributed evenly, and the engine is a good idea shows itself even at a low speed, although the main increase starts from 3000 rpm.
    A manual transmission is not installed on engines with the TSI system, but otherwise no restrictions. Both variants gearbox Polo Sedan equipped with a manual shift. The comfort of using a switching system “Tiptronic” notes every second test-drive “VW Polo”, but some reviews mention that the car has ceased to be the same “unkillable”, as his predecessors, first and foremost, this is due to the electronics.
    Compared to the Polo IV chassis car has not undergone major changes: associated trailing arm support suspension McPherson. Improvements touched parts: improved damping shock absorbers, transverse stabilizers redesigned, bearings and suspension springs. The behavior of the car at high speeds is no longer fraught with unpleasant surprises, also note that the reviews about the Volkswagen Polo, although there’s also mention of a lack of effort on the steering wheel (electronic steering system “rack and pinion”). A large number of such complaints has led to the fact that some time VW is forced to changed the tie rods.
    Front wheels — disk brake, but the rear in the base are provided only with drum. Contour brake system is mounted in top configuration. Minimal rubber Polo Sedan is 175/70R14, high — 185/60R15. Paying, you can get alloy wheels 17 inches in diameter and chassis with tires 215/40R.


    The length of a standard Polo V — 3970 mm, but the Polo Sedan sold in Russia, longer than the hatchback up to 40 cm (4384 mm). The width of the sedan a little more (against 1682 1669 mm), and the height of the car less (vs. 1485 1465 mm). This is the largest percentage for class B. Clearance regardless of the place of realization — 17 see
    The VW does not skimp materials: upper side members, the main crossbeam of the bumper, the motor amps of the shield and the Central tunnel is made of high-strength steel. All body pillars made from a single piece of metal which has been hardened by heating to 950 °C and pressing with cooling. At the Volkswagen plant in Kaluga such details still do not learn, and all of them are imported from Germany.

    Interior and equipment

    The appearance of duplicate Polo Volkswagen older models and nothing really interesting is not remembered. The same principle is reflected in the interior decoration: the interior looks great, but many of the materials are cheap analogs of expensive VW models. Price “Volkswagen Polo Sedan” depends on the choice of one of three trim levels:

    • Trendline — 460 000 (manual transmission);
    • Comfortline — from 541 to 577 thousand (manual and automatic transmissions);
    • Highline — from 601 to 648,5 thousand rubles;

    In the basic version of dealers offer tires “Kama-Euro”. The standard set includes two airbags, immobilizer, power Windows to electric traction, trip computer and steel wheels of 14 inches. Air conditioning, fog lights and mp3 sound system are available only in the version “Highline”.
    Volkswagen Polo: сказано по-немецки, сделано по-русскиThe interior of the car is Volkswagen Polo

    The advantages and disadvantages of VW Polo

    Video test drive Volkswagen Polo:


    • high safety;
    • low price with good Assembly;
    • economical engine;
    • ABS as standard.


    • weak quality of the Russian Assembly;
    • the problems with lifters Polo Sedan;
    • suspension not tuned for automatic transmission (mechanics heavier than 60 kg).


    Manufacturer summary looks for the Russian buyer is extremely tempting. However, the alleged advantages of the Polo Sedan a little spoiled domestic Assembly: reviews about “Volkswagen Polo” celebrate knocking compensators on the steering wheel and weak adaptation in the energy intensity of the suspension for Russian roads. Fuel consumption is slightly more than is listed in the directory VW (6.5 liters on the track).
    Videootzyv about Volkswagen Polo Sedan:

    All the flaws are covered by the price and a good basic Polo Sedan. And let’s claim the laurels of “people’s” car, seem to be overly inflated, as a whole, traditional Russian problems, the car handles pretty confident. It is hoped that over time the German company will be able to establish quality production in Kaluga, and the roughness of the build will be not so noticeable on the background of the advantages of the car.

    Historical background

    Тест-драйв Шкода ОктавияThe first generation Skoda Octavia
    Externally, the Skoda Octavia 2013 is somewhat similar to Skoda rapid, has in it something of the Volkswagen Jetta and the review from a different perspective visible features of the Audi A4. This is primarily due to compliance by the designers of corporate identity of the company.
    If the previous Octavia was slightly rounded, the new version looks more elegant and dynamic at the same time. In terms of aerodynamics borrowing forms from other automakers affected positively. This similarity of features with the cars of the German automotive industry is not surprising, because a new phase of development Skoda started just after crossing under the control of the automaker Volkswagen. It happened in 1996. Then began production of the Octavia, which we used to see. The history of the Czech car began much earlier, namely in 1959 and lasted to 1971, inclusive. At that stage it was more than a simple car that had no even a hint on the title of the best. The most powerful engine was in the Arsenal of 55 horsepower, which is reliable and cheap. Because of this at home Octavia sold very well.

    The car is built on the Golf IV platform. However, for this class of machine is clearly too big. Its size closely approximates to the dimensions of the cars of D-class. Skoda has slightly increased in size, however, it has become easier to as much as 100 pounds, which added to her dynamism.
    Тест-драйв Шкода ОктавияThe third generation Skoda Octavia
    The third generation Skoda Octavia reflects the serious desire of creators to expand the market. This car is literally stuffed with different options. The exterior has preserved the identity of Skoda, but from previous models are not left virtually any details. Even the nameplate on the hood. Many experts agree in opinion that now the car very close to the premium class and with almost no rose. New diode running lights, changed grille and updated bumper to radically change the exterior of the car.
    Video test drive of Skoda Octavia:

    In the interior of the new Skoda Octavia

    The interior also matches the style of German cars. In particular, all performed simply and without unnecessary details, but everything that is present in the interior, worked efficiently and with German thoroughness. Adjustable steering wheel allows you to choose the most optimal position. Comfortable seats have excellent lateral support. By the way, the elaborate seat is one of the differences of well known car automaker. Seat adjusted in all directions by the buttons on the left side, and also has a memory function adjustments.
    The top of the car is soft plastic, attractive inserts of aluminium and leather seat upholstery. In addition to quality materials is worth noting the reasonableness of the internal space. In particular, the new model features deep door pockets, a Boxing in the armrest, cupholders and thoughtful places to store mobile phone.
    The glove box is equipped with a cooling function, which is especially important in the summer heat. There are hidden connectors for CD-ROMs, and memory cards. However, in more budget-friendly trim interior design a lot easier. There you will find no rear Windows, no dual-zone climate control.
    The center console is equipped with a comfortable large screen with touch display. It is a multifunctional system with navigation, video, audio, telephone and other functions. While driving you can control on-Board computer using special buttons on the steering wheel. Special attention deserves the voice control. Literally the car communicates with the driver and executes his commands.
    Тест-драйв Шкода ОктавияInterior Skoda Octavia
    Comfort rear passengers also paid enough attention. There is enough for even the tallest passengers have heated seats and even a power outlet at 220 volts (although this is a top grade). Of course, if the front seats are pushed all the way back, rear passengers have to make room.

    Technical characteristics of Skoda Octavia

    Technical characteristics of Skoda Oktavia

    Car brand:
    Skoda Oktavia

    Country of origin:
    Czech Republic

    Body style:

    Number of places:

    Number of doors:

    Engine capacity, cu. cm:

    Power, HP/Rev. min.:

    Maximum speed, km/h:

    Acceleration to 100 km/h, with:
    7,5 (7,4)

    Drive type:

    ACP (6MKPP)

    Fuel type:
    gasoline AI-95

    The consumption per 100 km:
    the town of 7.0; the track of 5.3

    Length, mm:

    Width, mm:

    Height, mm:

    Ground clearance, mm:

    Tire size:

    Curb weight, kg:

    Full weight, kg:

    Fuel capacity:

    Particularly noteworthy technical characteristics of the car have also undergone certain changes. For the European market offers a wide range of engines: four petrol variants and diesel the same. All engines got the car from a fellow automaker Audi and Volskwagen. The most economical diesel engine capacity of 1.6 liters has 101 horse power and thus consumes slightly more than 3 litres of diesel per 100 kilometers. So to buy a car you not only for what he is a cheaper alternative to the Volkswagen.
    Car has a manual transmission. Depending on the configuration it can be five – or six-speed. For top configuration provides a seven-step transmission with two clutches.
    Body type, which is implemented in this car is called a liftback. Externally it is very similar to the sedan, but the rear is the door to the cabin and not the trunk lid. As for the Luggage compartment, its volume is 590 litres. It features multiple hooks and pockets for rational organization of space. This means only one thing: too much noise in the trunk just will not. With the rear seats folded boot capacity increases to 1330 liters. Such volumes Luggage compartment manufacturers achieved by increasing the rear overhang, as well as surpassing the rear passengers. As for the car in the station wagon, the volume of its trunk with the rear seats folded reaches as many as 1512 liters.
    The car is very comfortable when driving. Even basic equipment is equipped with a rough road package. As you can see, after the test drive of Skoda Octavia, the car simply does not notice small irregularities, pits, even speed bumps do not cause much discomfort. Much attention is paid to security: the system of adaptive cruise control and a few handy options. So, for example, the car will tighten the seatbelts and closes the Windows when a collision cannot be avoided. If the car hit the right side in the bumper, to the left it will not throw, as in a collision, the engine automatically stalls.
    A convenient function for adjusting beam. The audio system includes nine speakers, amplifier and subwoofer, which together provide an incredibly rich sound. It should be said that sound insulation are performed at an excellent level.
    There is no PDC or rear view cameras, so that they will not be able to help when Parking. But there is a Parking assistant, which will independently find a Parking spot and parks. A traction control system and stability control system, which reliably protects against the development of critical angles of drift. With regard to passive safety, it is nine airbags and mounting child seat ISOFIX.
    In the line of power engines for Russian buyers represented the following units: petrol 1.2 TSI 105 HP, which is the base, and 1.4 TSI 140 HP Maybe the market will be the 1.8 TSI 180 HP Diesel units will also be represented on the Russian market: a 1.6 TDI rated at 105 HP and 2.0 TDI 150 HP Motors Skoda Octavia differ moderate fuel consumption, which is 4.9–5.7 liters per hundred. Paired with powertrains depending on the capacity available five – and six-speed manual transmission and six – and seven-speed DSG robots.
    Тест-драйв Шкода ОктавияThe Engine Of Skoda Octavia
    Updates touched and chassis of the vehicle. Now here is installed an independent front suspension with MacPherson struts and independent rear chetyrehrychazhka. Previously the rear suspension was semi-independent.
    The European market is a popular car in the station wagon. It is called Skoda Oktavia Combi. The Europeans call it a standard of usability and reliability.
    Pros Skoda Octavia:

    • The price of Skoda Octavia in the basic configuration starts from the mark of 590 thousand rubles, but the top-end will cost the owner 950 thousand. Studying owner reviews of this and previous models of the car we can say that in General the asking price is completely in line with the proposed quality. In 2014 it will be possible to assess how realistic were the ambitions of the Czech automaker on the expansion of the market. So the first advantage of this machine consists in the optimal ratio of price and quality.
    • The entire line of engines is torque and economical fuel consumption.
    • Great design.
    • Comfortable seats.
    • Sufficient clearance.
    • The trunk is large.

    Video Review Skoda Octavia:

    Cons Of Skoda Octavia:

    • long time warming up in cold weather. To cope with this by using the insulation under the hood;
    • quite uncomfortable landing in the car;
    • insufficient insulation.

    In the end, it can be concluded that the škoda Octavia — car, which did a great job manufacturers, investing in the best of their knowledge and experience. Felt the quality of the German automotive industry.

    Corolla 2013

    It seems not so long ago, Corolla has celebrated 40-year anniversary, and the approach is already a significant date in half a century, and it is obvious that the Japanese to this date are prepared. Vehicles that have successfully survived such advanced age, in the world. However, the car in 1966 for the eleventh generation has very little.
    Toyota Corolla: история начинается зановоToyota Corolla 2013 release
    In the tenth generation Corolla was separated from the hatchback, getting as a result of its own name — the Toyota Auris. Corolla remains only in the variant of the sedan, but with unique engines. Designed from scratch a system of shift timing (VVT-i) made it possible to achieve smooth running, greatly increases the ease of driving the machine and engine reliability. In the modified form the system put on the car last issue.

    Toyota Corolla 2014

    History lesson

    Beginning with the eighth generation (1997) Toyota follows the principle of “each market has its own machine”. In every part of the world is going its own Corolla, and 11 generation, launched in late 2012, is no exception. In Japan the Corolla Fielder wagon and the Corolla Axio sedan appeared much earlier in Europe, where the presentation of the machinery took place in June 2013. In Russia, sales started in August 2013 and in the U.S. by this time, the Assembly of cars has just begun.
    However, the 11th generation of the famous cars was first introduced at the North American auto show. From the Toyota marketing machine has received a speaking name — Corolla Furia. Contrary to the prophecies of the naysayers, the bold design of the car (by the standards of Toyota) and considerably refreshed, the store became the basis for the exterior E160 (serial number Corolla 11 generation).
    Video test drive Toyota Corolla 2014:

    Assembling cars for Russia is based in Turkey, on the Sakarya plant. “Domestic” Corolla differs increased ground clearance (15 cm), heated windshield wipers and the presence sensor of the liquid for washing glasses. Otherwise on our roads travels usual, the European Toyota Corolla.

    The appearance of the Toyota Corolla

    The image of the new Corolla is built on solidity and solidity, while the streamlined exterior became more noticeable. On the back of the new machines are practically no sharp angles, but this point, how to write lighting. The lights were slightly narrower and sharper. Body Toyota now looks bolder and even a little aggressive. This creates a feeling of total elongation of the machines, achieved through the same streamlined, rapid forms.
    Radiator Toyota Corolla is a twin chrome grille, converging at an obtuse angle in the center of the hood on the Toyota icon. Shine chrome and aggressive bevels, slightly softened top strap, from afar conspicuous. It seems that the car is smiling a predatory shark’s grin.
    Toyota Corolla: история начинается зановоToyota Corolla 2014 release
    It is interesting that part of the radiator is integrated into the headlamps. Extreme, running lights are powerful led bulb. Glass headlights stretched back a little, creating the feeling of stretching machines in space, speed. Looks nice, but feedback from owners suggests that Russian roads from the glass of the headlamps may be affected. Rear Corolla bumper with relief, but noticed it is quite difficult.
    The connection with previous models is not lost: in the form of a sedan continues the corporate style of Toyota. Through sports line sedan bears the signs of Auris and RAV4. However, the dimensions of the new Corolla has grown, and not notice this difference it is impossible. The 2013 version is longer than its predecessor at 8 cm, wider by 1.5 cm and half a centimeter below (except vehicles for Russia).

    Interior Corolla 2014


    Aggressive kink radiator hints at changes in the cabin, but the interior of the Corolla is not acquired fundamental novelties. Draws attention to the center console, redesigned according to the requests of consumers of the XXI century. Changed not only color, but also the General style of performance.
    Big difference between models no. No special decoration in the car is not observed. The interior is arranged with each other so that to select one of them it is impossible. In addition to excellent quality of execution, examine at the salon absolutely nothing. Made everything easy and convenient, but so as not to be an eyesore.
    The only element of the interior of the machine on which to stop the view — the clock on the dashboard. If the outside of the grille penetrates into the headlamps, grille air integrated watch. This is due to the dissatisfaction of passengers of the previous Corolla, who had not seen the watch from the back seat. Now these watches can even see pedestrians on the sidewalk.
    Toyota Corolla: история начинается зановоThe interior of Toyota Corolla 2014 release
    Digital panel clock — a clear tribute to the past century, but other devices and a standard multimedia system of the machine correspond to the realities of today. Color sensor with a diagonal of 6.1 inches, quite correctly displays a picture with the rear view camera gives information about traffic jams and everything that allows him the complete set of cars.


    Extension 8 cm length 90% used in the middle part of the body of the Corolla. Rear-seat passengers more comfortable, because now the distance to the front seats more than 75 mm. Removed the threshold of the back doors that previously consumed a lot of space. In the cabin, five people can be accommodated already not nominally, as before, but with some comfort.
    Given the increased distance between the rows of seats, at first it seems surprising that more has become the trunk of the car. Now its volume is 452 liters. The rear row folds up, freeing up space for “non-standard” size. Spare wheel Toyota Corolla hid in a recess under the trunk.
    Plastic in the cabin is sometimes quite boomy and hard. Skin for the rest of the car is not enough. Matter occurs even in top configuration: the leather covered only the edges of seats. In this case, the car the Japanese are not stingy. With skin or without, the number of adjustments (and height, and take-out) allow you to get pleasure from a short test drive, and prolonged driving.
    A sense of simplicity and the quality of performance is enhanced by excellent sound insulation. Hallmark cars — a smooth ride is complemented by the sound carpet, which absorbs the lion’s share of sounds from outside. In this component the 2014 Corolla has a significant advantage over other representatives of the class “C”. To premium Corolla not hold, but to be deceived in this easy and pleasant.

    Technical characteristics of Toyota Corolla

    Technical characteristics X1 Toyota Corolla (E160)

    Car brand:
    Toyota Corolla 1.6

    Country of origin:

    Body style:

    Number of places:

    Number of doors:

    Engine capacity, cu. cm:

    Power, HP/Rev. min.:

    Maximum speed, km/h:

    Acceleration to 100 km/h, with:

    Drive type:

    6MKPP, automatic (CVT)

    Fuel type:
    gasoline AI-95

    The consumption per 100 km:
    the city is 8.7, the track is 5.4

    Length, mm:

    Width, mm:

    Height, mm:

    Ground clearance, mm:

    Tire size:
    195/65 R15, 205/55 R16

    Curb weight, kg:

    Full weight, kg:

    Fuel capacity:

    Powertrain continues to be designed for the middle class. Rate when the engine development is done on the savings and the convenience of driving in the city. 7 trim levels are three petrol engines, but because each of them works with different equipment, and the acceleration on them is a little different.

    • 1.3 liters is the engine of 99 HP, are available only in “Standard”.
    • 1.6 litres of 122 HP At major versions (with a CVT transmission and front-wheel drive). 1.6 l car Accelerates to hundreds in 11,1 seconds maximum 185 km/h For option with a manual transmission the claimed acceleration in 10.5 seconds and a top speed limit of the engine is 195 km/h.
    • 1.8 liters and 140 HP 1,8-liter Engine only fitted on versions with the CVT, so the acceleration is the same for all trim levels is 10.2 seconds, maximum speed — 195 km/h.

    Electronics allows you to switch the operation of the transmission and engine by one click. Selecting the “Sport”, the driver should get the car roaring and rapid acceleration. In standard mode, the jerks and the noise is practically eliminated. The main engine is considered “1.6” (157 N·m). First test drive showed that the torque does not leave “1.6” the potential of dynamic acceleration, so to perform daring overtaking on the complete set of “Comfort” will not work. However, the engine torque, and this thrust is distributed relatively evenly.
    Toyota Corolla: история начинается зановоThe engine of Toyota Corolla 2014 release
    The new Corolla engines are equipped with Dual VVT-i, representing a further development of the idea of adjustment relative to each other of the camshafts of the intake and exhaust valves. In order to make this engine the maximum thrust, the driver will have to switch to manual control (separate mode CVT) and try to move the car closer to the maximum values.
    Technical characteristics of Toyota Corolla trim levels other than basic, include the control system of the machine slip (TRAC), a set of tools and programs to help in emergency braking, automatic brake force distribution and, of course, ABS.

    Specifications and price Corolla

    Price of Toyota Corolla in 2014 have already identified the dealers. Overall the car remains in the same segment of affordable and reliable cars. In the basic configuration there are only really necessary elements, but security is almost no effect: the driver protects passengers and seven airbags. Electronic stability control helps when driving. Steel wheels, in car there is no air conditioning, but cruise control is included in the price. Is “Standard” 660 000 rubles.
    Paying for the transition to the next level, the buyer receives diode lights, daytime running lights, chrome grille, HID headlights, folding side mirrors, engine starter and Keyless entry, climate control and gear change using the levers on the steering wheel controls. Heating is possible only for the front seats. The price of Toyota Corolla in this category ranges from 700 to 930 thousand rubles. The 1.6 with manual transmission is only available on the complete set of “classic”.
    The most expensive equipment Toyota Corolla — “the Prestige” and “Prestige plus” — will cost you 1.1 million. Xenon lights, the entrance to the salon without a key, full climate control, alloy wheels machine on wheels (17-inch), roof rails.


    • high rates of crash tests with 40% overlap;
    • smooth operation of the new automatic transmission with normal, slow driving;
    • maneuverability, precise handling and cornering stability;
    • quick execution of the guarantee in the official service;
    • excellent value for reliability and price;
    • fuel consumption is 10 liters and less economical operation;
    • most of the cabin has excellent sound insulation.


    • weak paint;
    • fail crash tests IIHS front impact with 25% overlap;
    • missing noise isolation of wheel arches;
    • antsy the work of the automatic transmission during acceleration.

    Owner reviews

    Alex, 34 years. Car — Toyota Corolla 1,6 (AT), mileage — 700 km.
    “We went on different machines and before buying the Corolla was seriously planning to take Opel Astra. But glad that it happened. For the money top grade machine could not get, but let me share. CVT from Toyota was pleasantly surprised, if not shocked. Accurate and predictable handling even on rough roads. The noise was muffled, but the stones hit on the arches — is heard well in the cabin. And the interior is comfortable and spacious. Like the lights, but confused that there is no light in the glove box. It’s nice that the heated seats have two positions, until winter came, it’s hard to check them for sure, but it seems that even with the January frosts, the driver in the car won’t freeze”.
    Video review of Toyota Corolla 2014:

    Arthur, 22 years. Car — Toyota Corolla 1,6 (MT), mileage — 500 km.
    “The paintwork on a new Corolla is better but to the level proposed by the Russian roads, the car is still not up, although the cabin surprised. Used to drive an old Toyota, so you know where to look for flaws. After two months of driving found unpleasant chipped paintwork. And despite the fact that I use the car only in the city. Noise isolation is excellent, but the dynamics of the engine is not enough. As before, however. Excitement, aggression from the engine do not wait, and so they chose the mechanics. On the other hand, the fuel consumption is perfect. 7-8. 5 liters per 100 km (in the city). Outside the city seems a little less. Machine for slow, smooth, even imposing drive. The office is pleasant, precise, with good response”.