Well, one of the most important conditions, based on which the selection and purchase of the car, is the amount of money you are willing to spend to purchase a car. Already estimating all parameters together, it becomes somehow easier, what kind of car you purchase and where you will.
Buy a brand new car in the showroom, definitely nicer, but often buying a used car is the only opportunity to become the owner of your own vehicle. A large number of dealers in Moscow gives you the opportunity to choose one where you are interested the model is available at the lowest cost. High competition prevailing in the metropolis, forcing sellers to take into account the level of prices. As if to purposefully engage in the search for the most low price, that can be a good save.
Certainly, each situation must be considered individually, but there are some regularities, which can narrow down the search. So, the dealership may be the official representative of the automobile. The so-called dealers cooperate directly with the factory, so the manufacturer provides the dealer with more favorable conditions for the acquisition of vehicles. That is, you can buy a car at the factory recommended price. And if the desired car or his certain modifications not available, it can always be ordered.

Хотите стать автовладельцем в Москве — как и где это сделатьBuying a car in the showroom
The dealership is the intermediary he often buys cars on a common basis from the factory or another dealership. Accordingly, for profit he needs to make a certain margin, which will be an additional burden for the buyer. So before selecting a dealership not too lazy to find sellers with similar conditions for the possibility of subsequent selection. Pay attention to customer reviews, among them you can find a lot of useful information regarding the price and the attitude of the seller of its obligations of after-sales service and guarantees. Fortunately now the Internet offers us the ability to find needed information without leaving home or office. As for warranty service, it is often these salons intermediary rather negligent in the performance of its obligations.
An alternative to purchasing a new car is buying a used car. Place of purchase of such cars are more often the market. Here you need to have certain skills to evaluate the technical condition of the car, so not to be disappointed in the purchase. If you want to buy a car in Moscow, you can seek help from the person who has such knowledge and experience. One of the largest car markets in Moscow and Moscow region ljuberetsky car market is “Avtogarant”, located in the city of Kotelniki, Moscow region. There is a wide choice of cars both Russian, and foreign manufacture, spare parts and various services.
Another major market — Mytishchi is located on Ostashkovskoe highway ten minutes drive from M. Medvedkovo. Here the customers are offered a wide choice of cars of foreign production. The car market, more car shopping center called “Moscow”, located on the Kashira highway, 161.
Хотите стать автовладельцем в Москве — как и где это сделатьThe car market Mytishchi on Ostashkovskoe highway
One of the tested ways of acquiring vehicles is to search for ads in publications or on the Internet.
Widely known throughout the Russian-speaking the Internet the following sites:

  • www.avito.ru,
  • www.drom.ru,
  • www.irr.ru and others.
  • They do not specialize solely on car sales. These sites are universal. Here you can buy anything you like without being tied to any particular region. It is possible to find the car you are interested in any area of the country which interests you.
    Another category of sites specializing exclusively in the announcements about buying or selling cars. These include the following:

  • www.am.ru,
  • www.auto.ru,
  • www.bazar-auto.ru,
  • www.cars.ru and others.
  • On these sites you can find ads like cars with mileage and new cars, find the corresponding coordinates car owners or dealers.
    Where and how to buy a used car

    Moscow offers motorists a huge selection of cars. Here it is possible to take full advantage of all possible tools to buy a car. First of all, any information can be found online on the websites of automobile manufacturers, car dealers or the online classifieds for used cars sale. Do not leave without attention and ads in print media. Visiting the available in car dealerships, large and small, in one place to explore a few possible options, but do not forget that after the third or fourth car inspected attention severely blunted, there is a possibility to miss important details. Using all the possible ways to select auto, you can find the option that meets your needs, and avoid possible deception.

    A loan without down payment and its features

    Having heard about this form of buying a car, you can immediately think that this option is the most suitable from the financial side, because to accumulate the required amount to Deposit as the first payment is large amounts of money from the family budget of the buyer.
    Особенности автокредита без первоначального взноса и его недостаткиConclusion of a contract for a car loan in cabin
    No initial contribution is evident, however, there are other “but”, because to obtain such a loan, the Bank will request a lot of documents proving your solvency. Here’s their list:

    • Copy of labor book (employment contract) with signature and seal;
    • The income statement for the last six months;
    • Certificate of education (ensures demand you as a professional);
    • Tax Declaration (if you are a sole proprietor);
    • Stable place of residence confirmed with registration or registration.

    The ownership also confirms your ability to repay the loan. Positive indicators for the borrower auto loans are a driver’s license and driving experience.
    It should be noted that it is possible to consider the income of the spouse (spouse), in case of lack of your income, but it also requires confirmation.
    This loan program involves a uniform payment of a loan the interest of which is charged on the outstanding balance. Credit drawn in U.S. dollars, cheaper of a loan in Russian rubles.

    Особенности автокредита без первоначального взноса и его недостаткиGetting a loan for a car

    Disadvantages of auto loan without a down payment

    This type of loan has its disadvantages, the main of which is high interest rates. Banks have increased their with the aim of reducing the risk. This includes insurance and the amount of its cost. In addition, do not forget that the Bank will likely refuse to issue the loan, and in case of positive answer will reduce the terms of loan and the loan amount. So if you decided to get a car loan without a down payment, expect increased attention on the part of employees of the Bank on every detail.

    If you decide to purchase a car on credit without an initial payment…

    • Analyze your monthly budget: calculate all income (including Finance each member of the family) and compulsory costs. You must verify ability to pay the least interest on the loan and to calculate its amount.
    • Find Bank website and place an order to buy a car on credit. In this issue the Internet will help. Pay special attention to car loan terms and repayment of the loan, carefully review the requirements for the borrower. Do not take on any additional costs and strictly follow the rule not to pay the extra! Independently calculate car loan — this will help to avoid fraud and unnecessary problems in the process of completing the purchase.
    • Wait until the application is approved, prepare the documents and visit the Bank selected to process the contract. To meet the terms of the contract and deal they have in place, so read them carefully.
    • Come into the showroom and select the car. The Bank gives for this ample time, so do not rush with the choice, go around a few shops and find the best deal for the price and quality. You can purchase both new and pre-owned vehicle (it is possible to calculate cost by counting the car loan after the insurance, and other expenses).
    • Make sure that the money for the car, the Bank transferred the car dealer.

    A video about auto loans:

    If you have questions on car loans, please direct them to a specialist or look for answers on the world wide web before processing the loan. Thoroughly prepare for any financial transaction and do not take hasty decisions as they relate to your material well-being and are the key to a bright future!

    The content

    • Features of estimation of car for sale
    • Determining the cost of a new machine
    • Pricing a used car
    • Where to evaluate car
    • Methods for evaluation of vehicles for sale

    Features of estimation of car for sale

    The decision to sell the machine owner receives for different reasons. Most often it is a desire to change the boring model in a more modern, but there are other situations when money is urgently needed. Therefore, the object of the sale may be used car, and just bought.

    Determining the cost of a new machine

    When sold by a relatively new vehicle, the warranty period has not expired, and operated it two years, learn how much it, very easy. It is sufficient to take the average price of a new car, take it from ten to twenty five percent. For example, if the purchase price amounted to 250 thousand rubles, the sale of its real figure of 220 thousand rubles. But the condition of the car should be perfect.

    Pricing a used car

    Оценка стоимости автомобиля — все нюансы

    When the warranty on the car ended, that is, its age more than three years, to find out how much it costs, not so simple. Determination of the price machine for sale is carried out in two ways:

  • By circumstantial evidence is the average cost of the same brand and model on the market about the same condition and age. You will need to carefully examine the supply and demand on the market. Fortunately, it does not have all day to walk on the automotive market and to carefully calculate the prices. Professional websites and publications will help to make everything the same, but without leaving home.
  • Evaluation with the use of special formulas. In this case, you should consider that the price of a vehicle consists of several factors: the technical condition, functional and actual wear.
  • When calculating the coefficient immediately subtracted in the twenty-five percent of the price of a new car. Then take into account other factors that depend on the General condition of the vehicle. The engine and chassis are measured on a five point scale, where “5” is worst. The result should be multiplied by five. If the vehicle is in poor condition, to determine the real price should take up to twenty-five percent, and if in good — minus will be only ten percent. Regarding the exterior and interior do the same, but the assessment is multiplied by three, resulting in the figures are smaller, ranging from three to fifteen percent. The final result will be from thirty to sixty percent of the cost of a new car.
    Video — how to determine the market value of the car:

    These are fundamental points that will help you to know how much it will cost machine, if you put it up for sale. In addition, takes into account other factors: how the vehicle behaves on the road, the feelings of the customer, etc. This is another plus or minus five percent. Equally important is the additionally installed elements, such as: alarm system, sound system, alloy wheels — i.e. everything that is not included in the original packaging.
    The described method of evaluation is not suitable for all cases. Set the value of the car, released twenty years ago, very difficult, so we have to rely solely on the market.

    Where to evaluate car

    To estimate the cost of the machine is not as easy as it might seem at first glance. If you are not experienced it is better to consult specialists. And if you need an independent valuation of vehicles, without the help of certified companies can not do. For that you need to collect a list of certain documents — title, registration certificate of vehicle data vehicle maintenance, mileage, and owner contact information. As a rule, you must specify the purpose for which the evaluation is conducted.
    The whole procedure is carried out for one or two days, and the result is almost one hundred percent of the cost of the car. Services of appraisers in the range from 1500 to 3000 rubles, depending on your specific auto.
    Оценка стоимости автомобиля — все нюансы
    The question is where to appreciate the car, as a rule, no difficulties. In Newspapers and the Internet offers enough. Becoming more common in recent times gets this service, as the assessment of the value of the car online. Such a lot of services, the most common — Yandex-auto. It can be used to assess the value of your car in just a minute. You will need to specify make, model, year, body type, engine and some other features. The cost may be calculated taking into account the prices of a particular region.

    Methods for evaluation of vehicles for sale

    Each driver can choose one of two methods of assessment:

  • A professional appraiser — the procedure is performed by trained professionals, the results presented in the form of a report, which recognized official document.
  • Online car valuation is carried out by the owner himself. Calculator online least expensive way, but it does have certain disadvantages. Suggestions posted on websites, are usually placed the same car dealership, and they often overestimate the price of the car. In addition, using this method, you will not receive an official evaluation report.
  • When self assessing the value of the vehicle, the main thing is to be reasonable and adequate. This will help to assign an adequate price and quickly sell the car. If you have already sold the car and know exactly how to evaluate the cost, share your experience in the comments. Your experience will be useful for other car owners.

    Credit car — happiness or money shackles

    To sell a car loan today seek a growing number of borrowers. Causes of sudden sales can be:

    • the divorce process with the subsequent responsibility of all jointly acquired property;
    • buying a new vehicle;
    • the outstanding loan on the car.

    However, before you make a deal, you should be familiar with basic information on this issue. It is desirable to know exactly how to properly sell the car to avoid losses.
    Способы продажи кредитного автомобиля

    In case of purchasing a car without an initial payment, the sale the owner does not promise anything good. After all, after the conclusion of the contract on the property, the car immediately loses 15% of its total cost. And every year operation reduces its price by no less than 10%.
    The main point on the way to prudent the deal is an adequate way of sale. Often banks sell credit car personally, but if the owner is willing to help or even independently engaged in this process, creditors are generally precluded. Extra confusion only exacerbates them life.
    The main ways of selling the vehicles purchased on credit are:

  • Sale by owner — the owner is counting only on own forces.
  • The sale of cars through the assistance of the Bank that provided the loan.
  • Auction — the modern method of getting rid of credit car.
  • Contacting dealers who specialize in the purchase of cars with mileage.
  • Transfer of loan by reissuing it to the future owner.
  • A second loan, qualified as a consumer.
  • To proxy for the buyer.
  • Repayment of the loan by Bank Deposit potential owner.
  • Video about fraud with credit cars:

    Getting rid of credit auto without intermediaries

    Is it possible to sell a car loan without the support of specialized dealers or banks? The answer is unequivocally positive, although this process is certainly long and challenging.
    After selecting a acceptable buyer for the car, you should contact the Bank that provided the loan, and to report on early repayment of loan taken. Before this you should read the contract, which will help find out are there any financial institution, the Commission for early repayment of the loan. The debt is repaid, when the future owner will transfer to the Bank account the necessary amount of money. The procedure ends with the issuance to the buyer of the passport of the vehicle, removing the auto-registration and signing of the contract of purchase and sale.
    Способы продажи кредитного автомобиляCredit car can be sold without intermediaries through a Bank
    The extent of the monetary savings when using this method of selling a car loan is very impressive.

    The Bank-creditor in the sale of collateralized auto

    The Bank undertakes the sale of collateralized vehicle only when the balance of credit debt corresponds to the price of the machine in the automobile market. First financial institution should be aware of the financial insolvency of the borrower.
    In the process of selling a car with the current owner there has been no consultation. About the main manipulation shall notify in writing or by phone.
    The downside of this way of transport is the possible partial repayment of debt by the borrower. This happens when the result of the sale are insufficient to repay the debt in full.
    Способы продажи кредитного автомобиляBanks can sell collateral vehicles
    The main objective of the financial institution to repay the loan. In such circumstances, in the win to stay hard enough. However, it can not fully. Thus, it is possible to stay without a car and not pay off debt. The amount of any payments on account of outstanding loan amounts to 10-15% of the market value of the car.

    The auction is the best opportunity to say goodbye to a car loan

    In today’s world, where no loans ordinary person can hardly be dispensed with, the collateral property auctions are becoming increasingly popular.
    Sale of credit vehicle in such institutions is done by placing the machine the lender and the borrower for General bidding. The new owner is the one person who offered a lot of greatest amount. On his hands he is given the title, the car is necessarily taken from the account in traffic police. The remaining debt is paid by a borrower of the Bank funds raised from the sale at auction.
    For urgency of bidding, the present owner will have to lower the starting price by approximately 20%. Very often, selling the collateral at auction, the owners are in considerable gains.
    Способы продажи кредитного автомобиляThe auction is a popular method of sale credit car

    Way of selling cars via Trade-in

    Sale of used cars through specialized dealers are increasingly practiced in Moscow. Thanks to their services of credit auto owner removed the obligation of finding a buyer that saves time. Collateral car available in the showroom, which made a professional assessment of the technical condition of the unit is calculated and its exhibition price. Power of attorney in the prescribed car dealership. The passport of the vehicle after the sale is given to borrower. The work is based on the tripartite, a notarized contract.

    The renewal of the loan for a possible buyer

    Is it possible to sell the collateral vehicle and at the same time get rid of cash loan? This variant is quite realistic in case of renewal credit for a future owner. It will be responsible for all Bank liabilities. Auto registration to the new owner occurs simultaneously with the renewal of the loan. The process takes an active course of development only after monitoring the employees of financial institutions the financial stability of the prospective purchaser.
    Способы продажи кредитного автомобиля

    Consumer credit — recovery for the borrower

    If the financial solvency of the borrower is kept in the balance, the balance of the debt can be repaid through taking repeated loans from the Bank. It will be the status of consumer. The practice of granting such loans is used by most banks of our country. Consumer goals can be very versatile. Sometimes the loan is issued with the condition of collateral property. After repayment of loan the borrower be fully released from obligations to the Bank. The further fate of the auto completely in the hands of the current owner.

    Power of attorney for driving

    A procedure of this type of selling is done by personal arrangement between the seller (borrower) and found a buyer. The cost of cars is estimated by two parties. From the specified amount subtracted, the residual debt on the loan. The rest of the money receives by the seller. The buyer goes through the proxy until full repayment of the loan. After that the car finally is reissued to the new owner. This method of sale does not have any insurance, binding documentation. Therefore, it is based only on trust.
    Способы продажи кредитного автомобиля

    The Deposit is the financial loan

    This is sort of a continuation of an independent method of selling credit car. The borrower together with the future buyer (owner of the Deposit) negotiate an agreement about the exchange. Credit debt of the seller is extinguished through the Deposit of the buyer. This operation is real, however, is quite rare.
    The terms of sale of the car:

    • Deposit and credit refers to a single financial institution;
    • a Bank experiencing temporary difficulties.

    It is very hard to convince Bank employees to conduct such operations, as most of them believe that money should be tangible.
    Video about the exchange program on car loans:

    It is clear that to sell a car loan, especially for loan repayment. However, you should always adequately assess their financial position to eventually not hurt your own wallet.

    Some General information

    Japanese cars are now at the peak of popularity, as combine a lot of positive qualities: spectacular appearance, stylish comfortable interior, economy, excellent handling, availability of instruments, devices and components of the highest quality, great dynamics, reliable chassis and engine etc. to List the advantages of cars that produce the inhabitants of the land of the rising sun, can be very long.
    Где и как приобрести автомобиль из Японии

    So, if you decide to order a car from Japan, keep in mind that shipping will be included in the cost of the machine. you can buy not only passenger car but also cargo. Before you make the final bet, do not be lazy and look at the characteristics of the selected vehicle, its history, mileage etc.
    Most companies that provide such services, collaborating with the Japanese. They import Japanese car at wholesale price. It is very important to find a proven auction, because by booking for a car, you leave a small Deposit for it. This is a small amount, which ensures that you will either acquire a previously ordered car, or that amount will turn into a penalty for your late refusal.

    How to buy a Japanese car at auction

    The scheme of buying a foreign car is quite simple. First you need to make a small amount of money (500-2000. E.) as collateral for the Deposit. Next, you choose your favorite machine and make your bid call the amount for which you are willing to buy it. Next, you click “Buy car from Japan” and are awaiting the completion of the auction.

    If you are lucky and your bet is played, then now you will need to pay the full cost of the car and some of the costs associated with its transportation from Japan. Then, upon arrival of the car in Russia, you will have to pay the fee and cover the cost of shipping the machine to your city.

    How does it work?

    So, you have found a website company that offers you assistance in the buying a car from Japan. What you need to do in the first place? First you need to describe in detail the car of your dreams, you can state not only the make and model, and year of manufacture, equipment, type of engine and other technical specifications. The more options you provide your employees with the organization, the more suitable car for you they will find.
    In order to calculate the amount needed to buy car from Japan, many sites offer special auction calculator. It takes into account the amount of the fee, the cost of transportation, etc. Through this program, you will certainly be able to find out much it will cost you a coveted car. Important point — the duty on a car over five years is very high.
    To buy a car from Japan is impossible without paying the Deposit. Usually after making to the company performing the service for you search, a small certain amount, its employees immediately begin to search the auto. For the period specified in the contract, they are obliged to send you the discovered variants. Note that each option must be accompanied by several photos of the car and its characteristics.
    Где и как приобрести автомобиль из ЯпонииAuto auction in Japan
    After selecting from the list, you specify the value, which, in your opinion, is acceptable. The company takes part in the auction and tries to win you this car. When assessing the machine pay attention to its description. It will show any faults, defects etc. keep in mind that the ratings system is at the auction rather superficial, no one examines thoroughly the interior, suspension and engine, most often evaluate only the appearance.
    Usually the companies, which are engaged in similar business, have partners in Japan, so once you have won the auction claimed the car goes to a dedicated Parking space in Japan. Hence the car was distilled in port and at sea sent to one of the Russian ports.
    At auto shipping from Japan usually takes from one to three months. After the arrival of your purchase to Russia, it will pass customs clearance and paperwork. All expenses are recorded in the certificate account on behalf of the customer car. Furthermore, this document will be evidence of the acquired right of ownership on the car.
    Video how to buy a car in Japan:

    About the condition of delivery the machine to your city must be arranged in advance.
    So uncomplicated way you can buy the desired car directly from Japanese auctions. Besides respectable dealers defects that are not described in the auction sheet, eliminate them at their own expense or compensate you financially for the costs of repairing cars from Japan.

    How then to be renovated

    Purchased Japanese cars served at almost every service station in our country. If the required components will not appear, you can always order parts over the Internet that you just will be delivered straight from Japan.
    Nowadays there are no parts that are impossible to reach.
    Purchase Japanese car auction can be an effective investment. There are minimal risks that the car will be in worse condition than was stated on the auction, however, it is worth remembering that Japan is a country of high standards and responsible auto dealers.

    The specifics of the market

    The American market, like any other, has its advantages, features and disadvantages. It should be noted that most of the cars have not only technical data but also its history.

    Автомобиль из США — плюсы и недостатки покупкиThe choice of car in the USA

    The differences between models of cars produced in the U.S. and Europe

    Differences in equipment and additional points are significant. In addition, the American customer expectations in relation to the vehicle are completely different to European buyers. So, if you are interested in cars from the U.S., consider a few basic differences.
    Lighting is the most important question

    The car is made in USA with red turn signals and yellow dimensions in the sections on the left, and this is unacceptable according to the requirements of Technical regulations of Russia.
    Automatic transmission
    American cars with automatic transmission are not able to develop the speed is too fast, because the hydraulic fluid is able to overheat. European cars have an extra hydraulic oil coolers.
    Suspension, brakes, tires — weaker than the European cars
    It often happens that the same car from the USA has different suspension settings and brakes than its counterpart in Europe. Suspension is tuned for comfort, while security is not in the foreground. Similarly with the brakes — they are enough to stop the car, but they are not designed for emergency braking.
    Tires in American made vehicles have only two parameters — price and durability. The wet grip or snow, and hydroplaning no one is interested. The aim of the tires from the USA — 100 thousand km on a motorway with constant speed — no account of our poor infrastructure.
    Marking, radio, sensors — they, too, should change
    You can start with the fact that many cars from USA are marked air temperature in degrees Fahrenheit, while the Europeans an acceptable degree Celsius. The downside is that only a few brands of machines that could change.
    The speedometer shows speed in miles, although many cars have a dual scale. So if the seller says in the ad “Run of 80,000”, it most likely indicated miles (1 mile equals 1.6 km).
    Автомобиль из США — плюсы и недостатки покупкиSpeedometer in miles in a U.S. car
    Another issue concerns the tuning of a radio. Although Americans like to listen to the radio with lots of inputs and buttons, it doesn’t change the fact that you can install it only on odd frequencies, but the conversion is not always possible.
    The last feature of the American version of the car is the system without a key to open the door, you must enter the code.
    Equipment — not so rich
    For an American it is enough to have air conditioning and Cup holders, well, even power Windows. The number of airbags may be less than expected.
    The interior is full of surprises
    In the interior of American cars are inexpensive materials. American manufacturers freely resorted to the cheap plastic, easily wipe clean, upholstered, even in cars and monochrome displays, where there is little to see.

    The advantages of cars from America

    American cars — quality and affordable
    One of the main reasons for buying cars from the USA is a much more low prices and best quality. American cars are highly reliable, they are designed for long service life. Three-five cars do not differ from new, and their cost after several years of service becomes much lower. Finally, buying a car from America, even with regard to transport, cheaper to 30-40%, than buying a similar car in Russia.
    Model selection
    Popular today are such models from the USA, as Mercedes ML and Mercedes GLK, Jeep Grand Cherokee, BMW X6, Infiniti FX, Audi Q7 and Q5, Lexus RX, Honda Dccord, Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution IX, Jaguar XJ, Ford Mustang, Cadillac CTS, Nissan Titan. In addition, from America often imported Porsche Cayenne and Panamera, and Mazda and Toyota.
    Video about what car it is advantageous to carry from USA:

    Keep in mind that when selecting better to choose models that are on the European market — in this case will not have problems with spare parts and resale.

    Check vehicle history

    New cars from America, most likely, require additional checks. In the case of second-hand models be sure to check the vehicle history on an individual VIN number. On sites such as carfax.com or autocheck.com (after paying a fee of about 40 $ per month) you can read about possible accidents, which could be a car, damage from a collision, its owners and other information.
    As you know, in 2014 the import into Russia of vehicles with environmental class below Euro-5 will cause additional costs. When it comes to buying a new car, you should not worry — in the USA all cars are issued with the required class. All other machines should double-check.
    Video about buy cars from USA:

    Where to find the car

    Buying a car in the USA is not quite easy. Internet, books, magazines provide great amount of information for customers, which means that manufacturers and dealers have created a very complex system of sales and pricing. Those buyers who are not ready to buy, can get lost in the maze of bureaucracy, and usually these clients are paying a lot more than those who carefully prepared for this issue. What are the options?

    Buy a car through an intermediary firm

    Using the services of companies, who import the cars from America, not a bad option. The issue price is the Commission, which ranges from several hundred to several thousand dollars, but the car will be delivered to you at the address, and you will participate only for the settlement of the registration formalities.

    Purchases through an intermediary firm

    Firms that are importing USA cars from further sale. You choose a suitable car on the website of the company that will answer all your questions or give advice. Ideally, choose a mediator who has their warehouses in America.
    Then you offer to conclude a contract, on which basis the payment for the vehicle, the contract, transportation and commissions.
    The firm-the intermediary may help to buy a car at auction. In this case, you set the boundary the amount you agree to pay, give a Deposit and wait for the end of the auction. If you win, pay the additional costs (registration, transportation to port, to destination, possible fines, etc.).

    Buying a car by yourself

    To save money, you can purchase a auto on your own. To go to America don’t need, especially because this variant does not justify a single purchase. Much cheaper to buy a car online through an auction. Among a variety possible to meet a narrow and specialized auctions. Besides, some of them offer customs clearance for transportation of cars from the USA to Russia, transportation to US port, sending documents and so on.
    This option will suit those buyers who have 2-3 months and are willing to wait for a suitable option. Because the chance to get a good car that will suit you, not so great.
    Video about how to buy a car in USA:

    Buy at auctions in the USA is a reality for all

    Modern Internet provides access to any open auction. To become its participant, you have to register, after collecting the necessary documents. Everything as always — choose a car, bet, and take part in the auction to win.
    If you are the winner, you will have to pay for a lot, enter into a contract with a reliable freight forwarder that will give your car transport company for transportation. This is followed by a waiting time for a permit to export, consolidation car in the container and loading on the ship.

    Auctions — how to choose

    One of the biggest private auctions in the United States is Manheim, which sets the rules of trade at the auction for all participants, offers both collectible cars and cars with expired leases. To participate in the bidding only accredited dealers.
    Автомобиль из США — плюсы и недостатки покупкиAuto auction in USA
    Other auctions of note is ebay Motors, which offers a free bet, auction Barrett-Jackson, along with Russo and Steele, which has an extremely positive reputation of sales of first-class vehicles, and Global Auto USA.

    Purchasing damaged or broken cars

    At auction Copart you can purchase written-off by insurance companies used cars from USA. To written off cars are those vehicles, the cost of repair of which exceeds 40% of the market value.
    In addition to the cars there to look at motorcycles, snowmobiles and even construction equipment. Copart offers to choose broken machines, with minor injuries after a theft or carjacking.
    The same cars from USA can be purchased at auction IAAI, Copart which gives only the scale, but surpasses a number of advantages. These include the publication of photographs of a car with VIN number.

    Shipping cars from the USA

    Shipping company is your freight forwarder

    Shipping company will handle shipping your car with an auction site to the selected port. Therefore, the search for such a company should do before searching the car.
    What else does the forwarder? In addition to the delivery vehicle to the port, it will draw up the documents of carriage, will reserve a place, immerse in a container and send to the specified address the purchased vehicle.
    The cost of inland transport in USA is quite difficult to determine. All depends on distance from auction site to the port: the prices can fluctuate from 200 to 1500 $. Most definitely insure the vehicle for transport by sea transport, the rate of insurance varies from 1.5 to 2.5%.
    Within a few weeks, depending on the host auction site, the vehicle is delivered to the port of Newark and is loaded into the container. After that you will receive container number and data, which will provide you access to the web site marine lines to track the travel route and approximate date of delivery. Also, the freight forwarder will provide you with TITLE or a copy thereof, which confirms your ownership of this car, its parameters and the destination.

    Nuances in the selection of the forwarder

    Before selecting a shipping company should pay attention to the following questions:

    • physical presence in the United States and Russian language support;
    • availability of own warehouse in one of the main ports on which is loaded a car in Europe — Newark, Miami, and even fewer in Los Angeles (this affects the bag for car storage).

    Where are we going

    In the process of taking your car to the port of departure you need to decide where to send the container. It plays the role of several factors — the age of the vehicle, its technical condition (on the go or be autowaves) and terms of registration documents.
    Many experts recommend to deliver a car from USA to Bremerhaven (Germany) or Klaipeda (Lithuania) because of the slightly reduced port fees, for example, than in Rotterdam (Netherlands). Among other foreign ports it should be noted:

    • Gdynia (Poland);
    • Kotka (Finland);
    • Riga (Latvia);
    • Tallinn (Estonia);
    • Barcelona (Spain);
    • Poti (Georgia);
    • Odessa (Ukraine).

    It should be noted that cars from the US arriving in Europe, after the payment of duty and tax shall acquire the status of goods of the EU.
    Автомобиль из США — плюсы и недостатки покупкиAutomobile transportation in the container
    Russian ports willing to accept the container — offers from Kaliningrad, Moscow, Novorossiysk, St. Petersburg, Vladivostok. But here we must consider the high costs of storage and customs fees. Therefore experienced buyers it is strongly recommended not to send the car to the ports of Russia.

    What’s next

    The cost of unloading the vehicle from the container together with the customs formalities will cost from 350 to 450 euros. Note that machine without technical inspection is not permitted for driving in Europe.

    Charges need to cover

    Upon arrival at the port the car goes through customs clearance with further paperwork. After payment of customs payments (most are prepaid), the Declaration of the vehicle, the issue of the vehicle delivery at the place of residence of the buyer.
    If the car is on the move, you are able to pick it up from the port of arrival, otherwise you need to arrange auto transportation, which will significantly increase the cost of the purchase. If the car arrived in the port of European countries, taxes are recorded on the road in these countries and visa or payment on delivery.
    If you decide to try to buy a car from America, I advise you not to be guided by what you have ever heard, and thoroughly examine every element and detail of such purchase. On one side of the scale should be profit range and all the inconvenience associated with buying and operating a car (the costs of refurbishment, the problems with availability of spare parts, etc.), as well as problems with resale. If the purchase price be so attractive that the supply outweighs the potential risks — you can risk it.
    Of course, the article is impossible to describe all of the risks and pitfalls of buying a car in the US, described here only the General scheme. So if you have any comments, please leave them.

    The picture at first glance

    Be patient and begin seeing blown cars, which met. Machine should be clean, polished, if you want to emphasize color. But the gloss is causing buyer distrust and suspicious questions, do not hide you something. Some use special devices that calculates what is the paint layer of the product. So keep an honest view of the car.

    Как и где продать авто в ПитереAvtoparkovka in St. Petersburg
    To get more information from the salon, and while you are at the time of sale, not encourage unnecessary, take care of the seats, povybivayte mats, clean floor. Add a pleasant smell, interested in this subject, scientists from Britain came to the conclusion that this increases the chances of sales by 25%.
    You can show a potential buyer checks service a car from an authorized dealer. Thus prove that he provided the necessary care, and it will be easier to sell the car.

    “The inner world”

    Next, go to the details. If there are noises, knocks, clicks, all the things that need to get rid of. Then the buyer will not bring down the price. The engine of the machine must work with one turnover, check the shock absorbers, suspension units, transmissions. Clean the distributor cap water repellent means to accelerate the motor. The candles can be removed, clean up to reduce the gaps to the recommended manufacturer. Drive belts should be silent.

    Usually the buyer comes not one, but takes a technically savvy friend. Therefore, it is necessary to restore the Shine to such an extent so as not to attract special attention to the perfect mind.
    Here the question of price becomes important. Not always investment in the renovation pay for itself. Update damage takes your time and money and may not influence the decision of the future owner.
    Video about how to sell a car:

    The way of selling

    How to sell a car in St. Petersburg? Options serve: service is fast autorepayment, as well as Trade-in, Commission area, and, of course, you can start selling yourself.
    If you decide to become on their own way to sell cars, learn what your next steps should be.


    For sale is the most effective and popular way is the Internet. Please refer to the site purchase a car in St. Petersburg and you can easily place advertisements of his car. Additionally make beautiful pictures, from different angles, inside and out. Such actions attract buyers visually and determined largely by their desire to call you or not.
    Video about how to sell cars over the Internet, part 1:

    To quickly sell the car, consider the price range of similar offers sold machines and assign optimal cost. A 10% difference of the oscillations depends on the mileage, present defects.
    Also advertising successfully placed right on the car. Buyers who are interested — call. On the market there is a percentage of the sale at a high price, but also the concentration of fraud there too high. Selling their friends and acquaintances, make sure they are secure, otherwise they, like anyone else, will be easier to Express that their not satisfied with the purchase.
    And here you are on the threshold of the transaction: the buyer was found. The next step.
    Video about how to sell cars over the Internet, part 2:


    And in that order, as only 3 months rides a car with “transit numbers”. It is unacceptable presence of fines and the driver one should be.
    Car for sale passes the examination of the expert as a complete package (fire extinguisher, first aid kit, warning triangle).
    Passes the deregistration thus:

  • Served in ired statement, a copy of the technical passport, ID, passport, copies, if necessary, a power of attorney.
  • Compulsory payments for services (investigators, traffic police, transit number).
  • Take the receipt and the meeting with the expert.
  • Receive act, license plates, receipts, registration. Finalise sale of cars.
  • Go to the data sheet, a note about deregistration, the registration card and transit numbers.
  • This lesson can be trusted as intermediaries, and myself if desired.
    Proceed to further action, to the final stage.

    Evaluate the car and make out a deal

    A necessary part of the transaction, in which you can help the appraiser. Paid service, you receive act. Registration is done via the contract, duly notarized, or certificate account.
    Как и где продать авто в ПитереPre-purchase inspection on a HUNDRED machines

    How to sell a car through a Commission platform

    This company is licensed to trade vehicles. The car is currently located in its territory. Experts are sale.
    This method is attractive because the process is handled by specialists, you don’t waste your time, the enterprise if necessary makes repairs. A large number of people are able to see the car, and therefore purchase it. No need to run anywhere for help is issued on the spot. Less risk associated with monetary manipulation.
    Before you put the car, check all the terms of the contract, the amount of costs and the price at which the sell will be that there is no markdown.

    For whom suitable method of sale Trade-in

    Who wants to sell and immediately buy a new car — will be glad this service is gaining popularity. However, dealers often set the framework, for example, require a certain model or year of manufacture. When you find the right salon, choose a new car. Learn on what terms the transaction, then one HUNDRED perform technical diagnostics of cars,, get price. Further, if both parties are satisfied, is removed from the register of a car, a contract of sale. After payment the dealership gives new car.
    Как и где продать авто в ПитереSelling a car through a dealership

    Your choice

    Still, if you have enough time, it is actually, saving on intermediaries and middlemen, to successfully sell your own car. Dealers to easily identify the request to grant power of attorney to sell, money to offer to pay immediately and a smaller amount. “Empty” clients should weed out the request method of Deposit. If you just want a new car and the old one is in good shape, your option is Trade-in. The yard sale will be no exception, if you know clearly what you will have to cover the costs. Therefore, decide and act!

    What is better?

    It’s no secret that new car a lot of advantages over a used car. Buying it, the driver I’m sure a hundred percent that it works and no problems for long distances he doesn’t Shine. All the parts provided, and the systems run like clockwork.
    Какой автомобиль выбрать: подержанный или новый?New and used cars in the same price range

    The advantages and disadvantages of a new car

    In addition, the new car is under warranty. And this is an important advantage. If something happens, fails any part, the factory will repair at his own expense or even changing the car where it is proved the obvious defect. Although warranty terms and state that every 10 thousand kilometers the car must be taken to the car wash where the driver pulls a considerable amount of money for the inspection.
    New car, even purchased on credit should be complemented with an insurance policy hull or CTP. And the more expensive the car the more expensive it will be to make insurance.
    Of the disadvantages of new cars can be called such, as a frequent theft, and the mandatory presence of a security system. Really, new cars are stolen more often than used. And only high-quality and reliable capacity protective device is able to protect the driver against theft.

    Какой автомобиль выбрать: подержанный или новый?The choice of a new car in the cabin
    Notably falls in the price of a new car, once you start to exploit it. And this option is ideal for those who are going to drive a car for a long time. For example, the motorist would be more profitable to buy a new car, if he expects to spend on a trip at least 5-7 years or more. Those who changes cars as gloves, better to buy used.
    Video about choosing a new or used car:

    The advantages and disadvantages of a used car

    Now let’s look at the advantages and useful properties of a used car. In the first place is the price, which is much lower. If the buyer has the amount that he is able to spend on a new car, for the same money he can buy himself not only a used car, but the model is much higher class and more expensive brand.
    Often on older cars is installed equipment for which the owner of a new car will have to pay. This refers to phonics, alloy wheels, and the like.
    Of the disadvantages of used cars to the fore its appearance and the condition of the body. Even if the goods purchased seems quite decent, no one can guarantee that he was not reversed and this is not reflected in his posts. In addition, the vehicle engine can be subject to repair or soon could face a new owner. There are no guarantees. They will be able to give the seller, and even then, only in words.
    To this end it is useful to bring to the market, which most often occurs buy/sell used cars, qualified expert, able to determine the quality of the machine. In addition, the buyer will have to conduct a complete diagnosis on various vehicle, provided the equipment, which will ultimately lead to excessive costs.
    It is worth remembering that a used car will have traces of exploitation by the former owner, which can be unpleasant to the new owner. Stains and scratches in the interior, stained and yellowed from nicotine upholstery, too bright colors covers and much more, will not give aftermarket car any advantage.
    Какой автомобиль выбрать: подержанный или новый?The choice of a used car on the market
    Airbags in a used car may not be, as it could already be in the accident.

    New domestic or used foreign car?

    It is no secret that any car owner thought at least once in their life over this issue. And he haunted the idea that the neighbor drives a used car, besides German and nothing. And he spent a tidy sum by buying a car on credit, but still will pay for it for several years. Would it be easier to get used?
    For a start I would like to remind you that in former Soviet times, this choice of products on the market, as now, was not only sold domestic cars. And today the situation is quite different — there are so many beautiful cars, different power and aesthetics. Most people strives to acquire than a means of transportation, and the subject who is able to impress others with their appearance. Some people simply buy the car in order to prove something or to show others their wealth.
    The person who cares more about purchase high-quality vehicles, thinks otherwise. He doesn’t need a beautiful wrap, he is interested in what’s inside. And what it costs to buy a car: used or new?
    As you know, the mentality of the foreigner different from ours. To him the state itself advises, advises, obliges to get rid of an old car. And he runs to the black market, where it sells your vehicle for a pittance, because otherwise it waits for a considerable fine.
    Our people are brought up differently. As mentioned above, we infected all Soviet and took over from our grandfathers and fathers philosophy. It implies the acquisition of the entire maximum benefit. Vehicles do not have to be a new series, will the old. If only it was German. I will say that Andrei’s German machine. And what one friend recently bought a car of domestic production, not too expensive, but new and on the practical side, causes no wrangling, enthusiasm will not cause our people. “Another victim of patriotism?”, — think they.
    Note that when you choose iron horse, the price in many cases is not decisive. At least in our days, when the average Russian has a normal financial wealth. Of particular importance is completely different: positive and negative qualities of the vehicle.
    If the choice is made in favor of our auto industry, although such patriots can be counted on the fingers, all the advantages are obvious. And why buy used, though foreign stuff, if you can ride on the sparkling, though domestic cars? It’s time to believe in what we can do! And believe must none other than the buyer.

    The benefits of purchasing domestic new car

    Among the many benefits of buying a domestic car can distinguish the main advantage over foreign machines. This is an inexpensive price for parts. This fact is important for the repair of the vehicle.
    Of course, fans of foreign cars can give you an example of what the same German vehicle will last a very long time and repair them. But it comes again, new machines. And, in addition, all German or Japanese cars designed to drive on normal roads. In Russia they do not learn. It turns out that cars of domestic production on such roads will be preferable to look.
    A cross? How could forget about her. Still no foreign manufacturer could not think of a car that could compete in terms of patency with Nasha Niva. Although foreign automotive industries and do not need to invent such machines, because with roads they have everything in order.
    Okay, go ahead. The need for fuel. As you know, domestic cars undemanding in the consumption of gasoline. Almost any brand of gas for the domestic engine will fit. But for a foreigner the mixture of gasoline with kerosene or other chemical composition can be fatal.
    Какой автомобиль выбрать: подержанный или новый?Lada Largus
    And climatic conditions? Napoleon and Hitler it is not taken into account, when making plans for the attack on Russia, it is a good and perfect tactical understanding. What have they achieved? Froze and could not stand the Russian winter, with its frosts under 40 and the same road, where a nice German equipment was stuck on for months.
    Yes and our government is sleeping. It is interested in promoting the domestic auto industry. Both Putin and Medvedev have bought our cars and drive them, showing all example of love for his native. As a special promotion introduced by the government, gives another advantage. Now the owner of an old car can change it with a new one and take advantage of preferential car loan.

    Negative points purchase domestic cars

    Now about the negative aspects of acquisition. Of course, they are and relate mainly to the appearance of the car and technical equipment. We do not know how to make products with beautiful wrapping. Does not work, and that’s all! But our Kalashnikov best in the world, although in appearance brutal and has no lustre. And why does the murder weapon design?
    But the weapons and the cars. Here the appearance becomes an advantage. Even though he told the Americans that the car is not a luxury but a means of transportation, visual design for them, had a special significance.
    What foreign car to drive comfortable, easy and convenient, no doubt. Residents of the metropolis will be much easier to maneuver in traffic at any foreign used car than a new domestic. Products foreign automotive industries compact, maneuverable and easier to Park, even in the narrow courtyard.
    On foreign cars to drive safer. They are reliable and will not disappoint you frequent breakdowns, as the domestic machine. Them comfortable seats, and the steering wheel equipped with power. The lounge is air conditioned and has airbags.
    Technical components of foreign cars makes an ordinary domestic engineer to mouth off in surprise. In cars “out there”, there is a spacious lounge, well protected from outside noise. Foreign cars are usually endowed with remarkable acoustics.
    Speed is an important component of the benefits of “alien” in front of our car.
    Video — choosing between a used and new machine:

    No machine of domestic production is not able to show such performance characteristics, as cars of foreign production. In foreign cars there are various high-tech devices: air conditioning, power Windows, navigation system and more. Although they are for domestic cars, some makes and models, but the quality is very lame.
    As mentioned above, foreign cars are easy to maneuver in the busy traffic. That foreign manufacturers control the observance of the quality of products and special control technology, no doubt about it. And our drivers are impressed by the possession of such vehicle, albeit second-hand.
    Although foreign auto and sin number of disadvantages that have been described in detail above, the majority of motorists on their side. Although cars with mileage of more than 250 thousand kilometers of trouble, even if it’s a purebred German. And as you know, repair of foreign cars will cost the owner much more expensive than domestic repairs.
    In short, it’s got to be every man for himself. And there’s nothing the only true and properly advised. It all depends on the specific circumstances and priorities.

    Behind car to Lithuania

    Preferably before you go to Lithuania to find all the information about the prices in the announcements that are posted on designated websites. It’s a good idea to involve friends and relatives who are now or distillation was brought from the Baltic countries this car.
    Как купить подержанный автомобиль в Литве?The new cars market in Lithuania
    Like any other business, distillation cars from Lithuania — a kind of business process, requiring compliance with specific rules. And the best is a savvy knowledge of the person, the better he will play a con and will remain in good profits.


    The beginning of the process is the availability of visas in Lithuania. It should be noted that Lithuania, like other Baltic countries, not so easy to reach. It concerns Russian citizens who need a special document to enter and stay. Submit your documents for registration in the Embassy of this country in Moscow or in other visa centers of the former Baltic republics. In addition, Lithuania has as many as thirteen of the visa application centers located across Russia. And if you are a resident of the province, it is not necessary for clearance to travel to the capital.
    Now, what papers I need to submit. This is the usual so-called obshestvennie documents and visa application filled out on the spot. The applications can be submitted by appointment. By the way, having issued a visa to Lithuania, you can visit other Schengen States.

    In order to have time to do all the operations on acquisition of the car in Lithuania, especially if you make inquiries beforehand, you will need only five days. The visa usually takes no more than ten days. In addition, an important point — you need to have account in any Bank some money, which confirms your solvency. Otherwise, the visit will be denied. And if the account has no money, you can buy 200 of Eurocheques in any suitable Bank.
    As for insurance, it can be purchased directly at the Embassy. And making a column for you to directly specify that the purchase of a car. You will also need to indicate the place of stay in Lithuania, for example a hotel address.
    Как купить подержанный автомобиль в Литве?The used car market in Lithuania
    So, the visa is designed and recommended for a day or two before the trip to write from any data source favourite cars. Usually, in Lithuania instead of a year indicate the year of first registration. So don’t be surprised! And the car may even be a year older, which leads to more expensive customs clearance.

    Preliminary monitoring addresses

    Finding the most tempting offers, it would be useful to ring them all. Also for cars can be in different cities of Lithuania and to bring the assistant back not hurt. But if you have planned a trip with your car, it will be useful to stock up on replacement shoes, socks and products. Don’t forget to take a pump, Jack, cable, and a set of tools that on the road can come in handy.

    Before arriving in Lithuania and beyond

    Approaching the Lithuanian border, it is best to purchase insurance, called a Green card. As for the power of attorney on the car, it is not required. The amount of money you bring should be careful to declare at customs, in order to avoid trouble in future scans. To fill a full tank before entering Lithuania also does not hurt.
    After passing the border, you need to immediately exchange money for Russian lita and remember that the remaining currency will have to take back home. Can be a good idea to save some money in the exchange, if you are traveling with a group. It will also be helpful to take care of the acquisition of a Lithuanian SIM card.
    Как купить подержанный автомобиль в Литве?Checking the car documents at customs between Russia and Lithuania
    Good to know that some dealers order a car in Lithuania in advance and drive straight to the centre of Vilnius, the Lithuanian capital. This will help to avoid additional costs. In addition, the assurances of experienced drivers, the greatest likelihood of buying a good car in Lithuania is a trip to Taurage. This small town located in the Western part of Lithuania, in forty kilometers from the border with Kaliningrad region. From Vilnius to this city about 250 kilometers from Kaunas and about 150 km away. you Should know that straight highway in Taurage there, so you can find a shorter way there, if you ask residents.
    And in this case, you can negotiate with the seller, so he drove the car straight to the hotel where you stay. In any case, the distance from Taurage to Vilnius or Kaunas is not too big, so he refused.
    Can be done differently. In Lithuania very popular eight large car parks. Here for every buyer should be able to Express themselves and choose a car of high quality and at a decent discount. To avoid misunderstandings, some Russians take a good specialist or a trusted friend knowledgeable about cars.
    Not picking up a car in Taurage, you can try your luck in Kaunas, which also has a large automotive market. Laws on selling cars in Lithuania implies a paid inspection, although it costs a lot of money. And even if the machine will not justify the buyer, the money for the inspection will not be returned.
    Video — cars from Lithuania, the auto market in Utena, prices review:

    Another, equally important point. You should try not only to purchase a good car at the lowest price possible, but also to prepare all necessary documents correctly. Expenses and they are unavoidable in the design, it is desirable to divide in half with the seller. Among the documents required is also a photocopy of the passport of the seller and the name of the customs office of Lithuania, where the car will be exported.
    Besides, it is better to ask the seller his phone number for possible contact.

    The used cars

    Today buying a car b/y in Russia are quite popular and this is primarily linked to the income level of our citizens. Unfortunately, these revenues are much lower than that of Lithuanians. The secondary market is that once the Baltic republics has always attracted the Russians due to affordability.
    In Europe and America has long been the program of recycling of old cars. The average European, or the same in Lithuania, when his car falls under the recycling program should get rid of him, and not he faces a considerable fine. Here he is in a hurry to “float” the car often “ludicrous” for our people price.
    Eventually, when we and this program will work in practice, not on paper, and the flow of customers in car showrooms. And while the situation is this. Many dealers earn percent from sales a lot of money, especially since the price of used cars has declined markedly in recent years.
    Video Lithuania car: how to buy a car in Lithuania.

    As the popularity of car buying, it is three models of Toyota. Known for its excellent technical characteristics Toyota Corolla is a leader, after that there’s a Camry, and then land Cruiser. Why does Toyota Corolla have gained that love of the Russian motorists? It turns out that the Japanese high quality and affordable price.
    Even when you compare new cars economy class and Toyota Corolla, released in 2001, the sympathies on the side of the car from Japan. Russian consumer even ignores the purchase, which is without clearance, and in search of your favorite “Japanese” goes in the same Lithuania, justifying the fact that the Corolla’s suspension can withstand the quality of our roads and serve much longer.
    Video: cars from Lithuania — the truth, very interesting.

    Something we started talking in the wrong channel. It is time to go home. After crossing the Lithuanian border on a bought car you will have to purchase insurance, fill the Declaration and to report on remaining on the hands of currency. More money will be required for customs clearance. And only after that you can go home happy, because in Lithuania bought the car at a cost of only some few thousand dollars.

    The content

    • We write a power of attorney properly
    • Notary
    • What power of attorney are
    • The power of attorney on behalf of the organization

    We write a power of attorney properly

    The document which is a written power issued by one person to another person to submit to a third party, called a power of attorney. It is required to indicate personal data, issues, personal information, who receives it, the term machine data, a list of credentials, date of issue and signature of the owner.
    You have every right to write this document by hand, if at the point of its creation you don’t have a sample. Handwritten autodoinst is made on a blank sheet of paper, preferably A4 size. Try to write as legible handwriting and in block letters. Otherwise, the people whom you have, will spend more time for its consideration.

    If you don’t want to spend the time and effort to the writing of this document, then use the normal template. Power of attorney forms can be found at automotive or legal sites. Again, you can always print them out and fill out by hand or to do everything on the computer and then print the finished document.
    Нюансы оформления доверенности на машину
    When drafting a power of attorney for driving a motor vehicle it is worth remembering that her period may not exceed three years.
    For someone hard to fill out such a document or he doubts the fidelity of the completed rows, there is a pattern. Looking at it, it is always possible the first time and to properly write autodoinst.


    There are cases for which the power of attorney on the vehicle must be certified by a notary. It is worth mentioning that this document trust much more. Thus, with the notarized power of attorney you will be able to perform all the same actions with the vehicle, for example to sell if they are in line of authority.
    Experts recommend to issue the power of attorney, in case when the owner of the car lives in another city or another country. If you have decided to travel on the roads of other countries, it is best in addition to the original document in Russian to have and the translation into the appropriate language. The translated document must also be notarized.
    Remember, the powers of the Trustee are limited to the owner of the car as you wish!
    Notarized and handwritten autotolerance legally have the same effect. However, you can always use hand-written document. These operations include the withdrawal of the vehicle registration.
    Also be careful, because for forgery of the document you face criminal liability!
    The procedure of registration of General power of attorney on the car:

    To cancel the power of attorney issued is not difficult. To do this, you must notify the person who received it. After notification he has to pass into the hands of the owner of the car.
    This document may also lose power in the event of death or recognition received or issued incapacitated. This is very important, if you purchase a vehicle by power of attorney. As the machine becomes the property not the owner of this instrument and the heirs of the person who issued it.

    What power of attorney are

    Currently there are three types of powers of attorney to manage the machine:

    • General;
    • special;
    • single.

    General power of attorney allows a trusted person to do the car any actions in all areas (exchange, purchase, sale, deregistration, registration, etc.). It gives you the opportunity to manage and dispose of the machine, monitor its technical condition, to represent the owner of the car in the traffic police authorities, to sign for owner when traveling abroad, the insurance, sell you car, all the court documents related to the RTA, to appeal to administrative and government bodies for obtaining necessary certificates and other documents related to the car.
    The video tells about writing the power of attorney from the hand:

    In a special power of attorney will normally specify what uniform you can do with the car. One is given to accomplish a specific, defined action.

    The power of attorney on behalf of the organization

    To issue such a document may not only an individual but also the company. On behalf of the organization it may be the management body or the person authorized by the organization to conduct such operations. Usually the power of attorney to drive the company car issued by the head of the company that puts on it his signature, and definitely assures its company seal.
    The organization that issued the document, remains the owner of the car with all its consequences, namely pay the transport tax, penalties, reimburse the damages in an accident in which the driver got a trusted machine.
    Experts are sure that the driver of the enterprise don’t need parental consent. The right to drive a car is given by the waybill, which is issued on the company along with a set of driver’s securities. Power of attorney only takes time and money supervising person.
    The video describes what are the consequences of buying a car by proxy:

    If you want at some time to borrow the car of his organization, the authorization to prescribe is also not recommended. Just try to conclude a lease agreement at any time. This document is necessary to certify the notary.
    To transfer company vehicle to another entity, i.e. legal person, also is to sign a lease. In this case, the notary seal is not required. In this document it should be noted the responsibilities of the tenant and set the rent.
    Each company is entitled to issue a power of attorney to manage the company vehicle, but often you can replace a sheet of roadway or lease.
    Remember, the power of attorney for driving a vehicle is a serious official document, the neglect of preparation which can lead to disastrous results!