It is possible to make the intake and separately, and then install it on the hood of the car. Here, as someone more convenient. If you are not confident in their abilities and are afraid to stain the surface of the car, it is better to do separately, and in the end to attach the air intake by the same method as described above.
Автомобильный воздухозаборник своими силамиThe size and shape of the air inlet depend only on your imagination
Now the next stage is shaping. After solidifying a block of foam, you need to use all their imagination and get them away from all forms of excess. This is a purely creative work, very interesting and exciting. Experts advise to start shaping from the bottom of which is adjacent to the bonnet as it is more complex and in case of an error all you can start over. Shaping is carried out in several stages, the first involves the grunt work. Then you must cross the surface forms fine-grained emery paper, then carving again. All until then, until you achieve the desired result. Often it is recommended to check with the photograph of the finished intake, you are going to do.
Next, give the product strength by laminating with fiberglass. Take this cloth and pasted over the workpiece. Remember that the more complex the shape of the product and its sharper angles, the thinner must be the fabric. You can even glue material 1-2 mm. In the process of laminating the fiberglass cloth cut for a snug fit to attain more distinct outlines. Depending on the thickness of the material, the fiberglass fabric is applied in several layers so that in the end the product was covered by 4 mm.

Fiberglass is the only material that can paste over half the intake. Epoxy resin and an ordinary medical bandage can also replace your own material. Blank just need to apply some glue, and wet the bandage. In the process is necessary that the bandage completely saturated with epoxy glue. Then overlay a layer of glue on top and bandage again. Do several layers and leave to dry.
When the glue is dry, begin the process of grinding. Already rough like sandpaper all the surface is polished. Where you put the layer of putty and namasivayam. It is desirable to use automotive putty, made on synthetics is they dry faster and give a hard coating. In addition, such a putty when it dries, it is easier to grind.
Again, the putty should be applied in two or three layers. After applying the initial layer of putty and sanding found for smaller flaws, which again applied the putty. Finally, make good the surface of the air inlet.
Автомобильный воздухозаборник своими силамиPhased establishment of vodohospodarska
Remove the inner part of the product. Cut all the extra and made a hole. The inner space is not necessarily to be abraded and if desired even can simply have the skin on those places that are easier to get.
The next stage is impregnation. It is believed that this is the most difficult part of the process, because in this case you will need to stock up on great patience. Made from the quality of impregnation will depend on the final result. As an impregnation material, it is desirable to use a mastic with fiberglass. It is sold ready to use, but it is recommended to add part of a normal mastic. 3 parts mastic 2 parts taken body putty and everything is mixed. Impregnated with this mixture, the product in several layers that will give the future strength intake. Because of this the product will withstand large load exerted on it at high speeds by the wind.
Before you apply the product to the paint and lacquer to cover the pre-degreased surface layer of the soil. Also the paint is applied in several layers, making a break between them in 15 minutes. It is recommended to first paint the inner part of the air inlet and, preferably, in black color, which will give the desired depth. Same paint and cover the outside. After drying, the paint varnished, again in multiple layers and with similar timescales. Leave to dry thoroughly.
Installation of mesh is mostly applied to ensure that the extra items were not included in the intake. About it need to remember at the stage of manufacturing the air intake, allowing for the grid projection. Measuring and cutting the mesh, you need to consider a small margin of 1 cm, which is needed for fixing. The net is attached using silicone, but you can use other formulations. The grid is also possible to make black, to match the intake and presented a more attractive appearance.
Автомобильный воздухозаборник своими силамиSelf-made intake looks better than factory
In the end you need the finished product to properly secure. For this we need to fix the intake bolts, and then putty the joints.

Install the air intake the second way

To do the air intake you can do it differently. We need to cut the bonnet hole, as when you cut the hatch. This is the hole, it is advisable to do between the ribs, using a grinder or jigsaw. Edge necessarily processed by the anticorrosive material and fasten made yourself or purchased the intake. Be sure to tighten the bolts. This setup will enable not only the entrance of cold air, but hot.

As you can see, nothing complicated. The intake is ready, and its production does not take much time and effort. It’s simple. Although this does not exclude the fact that you need to stock up considerable patience, because not everything will go the way you want. If in the course of work will be found deficient, they can be easily fixed with a mastic, which is perfectly all disguise. Knowing how to make the air intake on the hood, you can give your car a unique and incomparable view.

Revision of bases for rear speakers

Immediately after the purchase of the domestic “wash” the hands are not always reach replace “oak” acoustics of the Russian production to normal. Once settled, the owner slowly begins to fit the car. Often it starts with the rear speakers.
In most domestic cars back speakers are set at 18 cm, and most pancakes of foreign production have a diameter of 17 see Here also the question arises, how to make a podium to the acoustics with his hands.

Well let’s do it! Materials needed:

  • CPD – enough piece of 80 x 80 cm
  • Filler of two types – ordinary and the glass fibre.
  • Epoxy.
  • Carpet – material for external cladding. The tint matched the color of the lining of the cabin.
  • Bulgarian.
  • The jig saw.
  • Drill.
  • School compasses and ruler.

First on CPD apply markings future Foundation. Compass expandable to 7.5 cm Is the size of the inner diameter of the podium. Apply its markup. Then draw the outer circle with a diameter slightly larger than the inner.
The distance between the two circles is the thickness of the future walls of the podium. Its value depends on the strength of material and power pancakes acoustics: the more powerful the column, the thicker must be the wall. On average, it is made in a thickness of 2-3 cm.

It is also important to find the optimal height of the podium. It all depends on the design of the rear shelves of the cars and the height of the pancakes themselves.
Подробная инструкция как сделать подиум под акустику своими рукамиThe primary frame of the podium is cut out from plywood
Podiums to the acoustics cut out from plywood with the jigsaw, starting with the inner holes, where are inserted the pancakes speakers. Then cut the outer base. Then driven by the outer diameter standard hole shelves.
Initially fixate on the podium in the opening shelves with a piece of fiberglass impregnated with epoxy applied around the perimeter. Additionally coated with epoxy external diameter of wood billets. Then apply a thick layer of fiberglass on the joint connections of the inner and outer parts of the shelf. When will dry up, and additionally go through glass again, closing up all the bumps and cracks.
Now for the external finish of the entire podium. First go through the outer surface with sandpaper (medium grain). It is important to remove large protrusions and bumps. Then pull the carpet all the harvesting, planting it on the glue. After drying, cut a hole for the pancake, and the edges of the material constriction inside the wrap and also put on the glue.
This technology can produce podiums to the acoustics for the front and rear doors. The only thing that before handling fiberglass need to set the desired angle of inclination of the plywood workpiece. And the rest of the process identical to that described.

The podium of foam

Before you make the podium to the acoustics of your hands, you need to determine the choice of model and basic materials. This is well suited for conventional foam construction. It allows you to fill volume shape and create a smooth surface on which lies the material of the outer waist.
Подробная инструкция как сделать подиум под акустику своими рукамиThe podium of foam
Before creating a podium are first determined with all its dimensions. Then next cut out a wooden base of plywood. It is attached at a right angle to the rings of chipboard, which will be placed acoustic pancakes. After the foam blew out all the space between the upper point of the structure (rings) and the bottom edge of the foundations.
In this case, try a lot of foam to distribute so that it formed a sloping surface. It is necessary that the angle of deflection was maximally close to the downhill corner of the wooden ring.
After hardening of the foam surface were grading with a knife and coarse sandpaper. Then the surface of the workpiece podiums to the acoustics nylon cover cloth and cover with epoxy.

When the billet is dry, its shape was “adjusted” using a fine sandpaper and putty. As the top finishing layer you can use the carpet, the skin. Or you can just paint.

The results

Of course, about the acoustic properties of such a “pedestal” is debatable. But the makeshift podium will cost much less and its forms can be formed into any shape.

The content

  • Decorative method of tuning
  • The color change
  • Wrapping the instrument panel
  • Technical method of tuning
  • Installing LEDs
  • Backlight arrows

Decorative method of tuning

Performing changes in design of this part of the machine, it is necessary to ensure the harmonious combination of the finished product with the overall interior of the cabin. The final design shall fully comply with all the requirements of passive safety. Most car owners wish to replace the conventional panel to the new one. That is why we will talk in the article about the most interesting methods of improving this part of the machine.

Fancy tuning is performed by adding to the main element of the external parts. Such details may be:

  • leather for wrapping panel;
  • sticker decorative lining;
  • use bright colors for dials.

Тюнинг автомобильной приборной панелиDecorative tuning dashboard
To fully perform all the operations of a decorative way, it is necessary to partially or completely disassemble the car’s dashboard.

The color change

  • To change the color on the scale of the instrument need to measure the old one.
  • Next is the procurement of a new scale. On it are applied the numerals and graduations. In this case, you can use a computer program with graphical functions. It will contribute to the process of making beautiful blanks for which you can choose your favorite font, and will help to adjust a size of the label.
  • The resulting template is applied to harvested material, which is intended for the new scale. For this approach such materials – plastic, self-adhesive film, photo paper, color tape, vinyl film.
  • In a situation where improved tachometer or the speedometer is necessary before installation of an improved scale to measure remove the arrow, and then put it back.
  • It should be remembered that the tuning of the dashboard with their hands – a long process that requires patience and care.

    Wrapping the instrument panel

    The wrapping is used with the loss coating of the original form and the presence on the surface of obvious defects. Using for wrapping leatherette, carry out the cutting according to the size and shape of the product. It is necessary that the material is not gathered into folds and stretched. Quality execution of process is possible only with the panel removed. In the captured product the seams and joints will be more accurate. As can be cutting ordinary cardboard. Having made the cutting work, check how all parts are combined into one. All items cut sew in a single product. Make it so that all the seams were hidden inside. Final fixation stitched leatherette is made with a special glue and original screws.
    Тюнинг автомобильной приборной панелиWrapping the instrument panel
    Special attention should be paid to selection of material. Choose your favorite cut does not mean that it will fully meet the functional parameters. Some materials can create glare under the sunlight. Others will allocate to the salon an unpleasant odor or lose its properties under the influence of high temperatures.

    Technical method of tuning

    Under the technical form of tuning refers to the improvement of this part of the machine to improve its functional parameters. An exemplary example of such work can be replacing the standard shapes and sizes of the control devices, the installation of bright and efficient LEDs instead of incandescent lamps, installation of various switches and instruments. The icons on the dashboard can also act as part of the overall tuning.
    To run the process on a qualitative level, it is necessary to have clearly in front of a panel and to clearly understand what result you want to obtain. This formulation is needed in order to properly connect additional consumers to the electrical system.

    Installing LEDs

    Installing LEDs instead of incandescent lamps ― the most common method of technical tuning. To perform this process, you must do the following:

  • In the first place is removing the dashboard.
  • Removed the factory sockets and lamps.
  • Identify places where will installed led lamps. As a rule, they are placed around the perimeter of the dials.
  • Tint that will give the led bulbs, should create comfortable driving conditions without straining the eyes. At the same time it should not be too bright in the dark and be clearly visible at dusk.
  • Drilled a hole into which is placed the led housing.
  • The LEDs are connected by soldering. To do this, use a flexible wire of small thickness.
  • The use of the variable resistor will allow to adjust the brightness of the lighting devices. In some models, it can be used a regular resistor.
  • Led light bulbs in the dashboard can be set to white. The right shade can be obtained using a filter. You can use improvised means such as nail Polish, adhesive paper or transparent plastic, which was part of old appliances.
  • Solder the LEDs to the power supply wires and connecting them to the dashboard. This is done in the correct polarity.
  • If different light bulbs are working well, we can all gather.
  • Backlight arrows

    The illuminated arrow can be done by mounting led lamps on plexiglass backlight. If you hold the power of the red pads, then you can make the backlight arrows separately from the whole product. A key feature of such a compound will fire arrows at the start of the ignition. Setting the led next to the arrow, it will be possible to change the color of the arrows with increasing speed of operation of the vehicle.

    Now you know all the basic methods of improving the appearance of the dashboard of the car. Making the tuning of this part of the car, you can significantly improve the design of the cabin and enhance the comfort of the driver while using the vehicle.

    The content

    • Why many people choose vases
    • Who chooses the vases.
    • How to achieve good tuning VAZ
    • To tune or not to tune?

    Why many people choose vases

    There are several reasons why fans choose tuning cars VAZ:

  • It’s affordable and cheap cars.
  • The vases can be easily Assembly and disassembly without use of special tools. That is, it is not afraid to disassemble for re to tie back all the details will be easy.
  • The number of parts and accessories. To tune our Lada and Lada is very simple and accessible because the prerequisites for this incredibly much. Plus they are still relatively cheap.
  • Does not require large investments. The machine itself is cheap, and tuning accessories cost a bit.
  • Who chooses the vases.

    In principle, the desire to make tuning the WHA with their hands can occur in anyone. However, practice shows that it is either true fans, or the younger generation of drivers. Youth VAZ attracts not only the cost but also the opportunity to stand out, to create their own project, to experiment, to try their own hand at tuning and so on.
    Тюнинг ВАЗов своими рукамиVAZ fun way to tune without spending big money
    Unfortunately, not always a revision may be called successful, because why not just mold the craftsmen on their machines and that design of these cars. To achieve a good result should follow only a few simple rules, thanks to which the product of the domestic auto industry would be ashamed to show friends and leave it on public roadways. After all, tuned Vases many are associated with some “dryers” instead of the rear spoiler, some awkward body kits and so on.

    How to achieve good tuning VAZ

  • To prepare an action plan. If you are going to do the tuning salon VAZ, then get to it, do the work in stages. Now, many people try one thing, then doing another, finished third. The result is a pathetic excuse for a revision. Having a clear plan, not away from it. Better to start with the exterior improvements, with the refinement of the body, and then proceed to the interior.
  • Locate the necessary parts and accessories. It would be good if all at once will you. Planning the same tuning salon VAZ or bodywork should not rely on the assumption that a particular item you can get without problems. Making sure that the required components are in stock, buy and work with them.
  • Plan your budget. Very often working with the machine ends sadly, and the driver has to drive around in something ridiculous, since the allocated amount was spent on purchase is not what was planned. In the end, the money to finish the project improvements, no.
  • Weigh all the “pros” and “cons”. Unfortunately, VAZ is not a car that justifies its cost. Now tuned Vases are rarely sold for a sum covering the cost of its owner. Basically, the way things are with almost all the cars age. Of course, if it is restored “Penny” sample 70-ies and brought to perfection, you can find fans of similar instances. But it is not make yourself any illusions.
  • Тюнинг ВАЗов своими рукамиThink over the project of tuning of your Vase to have an idea about its future appearance
    If you do the tuning salon VAZ exclusively for yourself, for later use and without any thoughts about selling, then feel free to do this fascinating business. Try to improve the car through the investment funds, then in order to sell more expensive and to recoup the costs is impossible in the case of Patriotic classics, and even modern Vases.

    To tune or not to tune?

    Perfectly legitimate question. Yes, tuned Vases now is not uncommon for our roads. But you should understand the difference between cheap crude method attempts to improve the car and a high-quality project.
    If you have the desire, have the opportunity and free time to make tuning the WHA with their hands, then boldly proceed. With such machines it is possible to experiment, to take risks, to try something new. Of course, if you do not mind the car itself.

    If the result is good your vases will be beneficial to stand out from the rest in a gray stream. Remember that the decision is always yours. And only you choose whether you want to modernize national classics, knowing about the impossibility to recoup their investment, or simply to use the machine on a means of transportation, our domestic auto great deal and to save money on any foreign car. And there are already modifications and chip tuning will be available.

    And here there is one very important caveat. Any machine — is a set of machines operating in one bundle. So just go and change the motor is totally inadequate. Will have to upgrade rest of the nodes — in particular, the power supply system. As you know, the carburetor needed to create the fuel-air mixture, which then is injected into the cylinders. The task is complicated by the fact that the engine works in different modes. And to create optimal conditions for the entire rpm range is very, very difficult. In any case, regular means. But if you make the tuning of the Solex carburetor with your hands — it is possible to use the maximum potential of the engine in terms of power.
    Модернизация карбюратора СолексIf you make the tuning of the Solex carburetor with your hands — it is possible to use the maximum potential of the engine in terms of power
    The content

    • Why the need for a revision of the system power
    • Whether to modify the standard carb
    • Tuned Solex

    Why the need for a revision of the system power

    So, we have two tuned car. For clarity, we choose the most popular models, namely the VAZ-2109, the famous “nines”. The improvement consists in replacing conventional camshafts on sports. Moreover, if in one case, the engine size has not changed, then in another, by installing a 78 mm crank, its volume grew. Of course, the car will go even if you limit your alteration of the engine. But the potential to reveal she can not. The question is, what’s the point of upgrading?
    But we digress a little. If you do not touch the carburettor, will inevitably have problems with high revs. And no wonder. Capacity has increased, the consumption of the fuel mixture increased, and the volume of cones remained unchanged. Specialists known fact that, if the air speed will exceed 120 meters per second, the quality of supply cylinders the oxygen will plummet. 2109 four-stroke engine and has a 4 cylinder. In one working cycle it consumes 749,5 cubic centimeter of air. If you raise the speed, say up to 6000, “appetite” will increase to 74950 cubic centimeters. But here you need to take into account the filling ratio is equal to 1, 25. Accordingly, through both the diffuser is pumped every second 93688 “cubes”. The last parameter is the size of the diffusers. For the first camera, this value is of 3.46 square centimeters, for second — 4,15 per square centimeter. In the amount of 7,61.

    Модернизация карбюратора СолексIf you do not touch the carburettor, will inevitably have problems with high revs
    And what is the result of all these calculations? And such that the flow velocity in the diffuser exceeds the 123 meters per second. That is, this motor is only rated for 5600 rpm. “Smothers,” the smothers carburetor engine. Once again, even regular, non-forced induction engine.

    Whether to modify the standard carb

    Again, if you take and modify the conventional carburetor from the “classics” (with the diameter of the diffusers 24/24) — will increase the capacity of even a standard motor. What can I say about forced, which makes the power system much more stringent requirements. But how else? I tuned the engine at engine speeds above 4 thousand, the filling ratio varies from 1.35 to 1.5. Accordingly, there is a growing volume of oxygen consumed. The revs increase to 6 thousand and above. And the second “nine” (engine capacity of which has increased) the need for air grew to 823 cubic centimeters per second. Where here can handle a standard carburetor.
    However, if you just take it and drilled open the diffusers, the problems will sneak up on the other side. No, at high rpm the motor will feel great, but the poor quality of the fuel mixture deteriorates. This is due to the fact that the larger the diameter of cones decreases in their zone the vacuum — hence a negative impact on the fuel spray.
    So, modified carburetor must:

    • to ensure a sufficient volume of air at high speeds;
    • to have a sufficient degree of dilution (and, therefore, the spray fuel) at low rpm.
      Модернизация карбюратора СолексIf you take and modify the conventional carburetor from the “classics” — will increase the capacity of even a standard motor

    Tuned Solex

    Can save the situation improved Solex carburetor with diffusers on 24/27. His tuning is to maximize the bore of the second camera. Look what it gives us. As a mixing chamber here, the manufacturer has the opportunity to put the throttle body 34 mm. What he successfully did. Of course, the flow area is not small, but the difference in diameter of the minimum is obtained! And, therefore, does not suffer from the degree of dilution. As a result, we have the carburetor that provides optimum volume and characteristics of the fuel mixture throughout the rpm range. It can be installed on engines up to 1.8 liters inclusive. But if the motor is more powerful? Then it offers craftsmen the carburetor with a mixing chamber diameter of 33.5 and 35 millimeters, respectively.

    Yes, updating a carbureted car is not such a simple thing. Besides the engine, you have to take care of “integrations” of the power system, for example, to make tuning Solex. And that’s not all. Remember, we said that the car is a set of machines operating in one bundle. So will need to redo and brakes, and steering, and much more. What do you want? With the increased power and speed the old brake system may not be enough, and the old steering may or may not get. Only by considering all features of machine in the complex can be done right, and most importantly, secure its modernization.

    Permissible luxury

    Historically, the owners of convertibles were mostly representatives of the class of the elite, and the convertible related to the category of luxury, since price is much higher than in conventional cars. However, this does not mean that if you are not a descendant of the hereditary Prince of Monaco, road to world luxury cars open you closed, because it’s possible to make a convertible with their hands. It all depends on your preferences, creativity and available funds. So, if you are seriously thinking about how to remake the car into a convertible, for the summer season need to start preparing as early as possible — work to a lot. And first you need to determine the answers to key questions about:

    • The type of body.
    • The amount of changes and improvements.
    • The total cost of all works (including the purchase of a car).
    • The place of storage.
      Готовимся к лету: кабриолет из седана своими рукамиTo make a convertible, you should consider many characteristics of your car

    To better understand what you really need, refer to the history of the convertibles and their first representatives.

    Essays on the history

    The mention of the first convertibles dates to the early nineteenth century, when in France he had a bit of a horse carriage with a folding roof, into which were harnessed a horse. Later with the growth of technical progress convertibles were called double or more cars with folding top.

    Готовимся к лету: кабриолет из седана своими рукамиConvertible — this car convertible
    Modern convertibles are equipped as a rule, soft vinyl or canvas, and hard top convertible. In these vehicles, four more — two doors and they are made mostly on the basis of sedans or hatchbacks.
    In addition to the above, there are similar types of bodies, which make convertibles:

  • Phaeton — an open car with a top opening of soft materials. In the early twentieth century, the main producers were Horch, Packard, Škoda.
    Готовимся к лету: кабриолет из седана своими рукамиThe convertible in the back of a Phaeton
  • Targa — a type two-seat Roadster with a removable roof, the rear window and roll bar. The brightest representative — Triumph TR4.
    Готовимся к лету: кабриолет из седана своими рукамиThe convertible in the back of Targa
  • Roadster — sporty two-seater with a removable roof in soft or hard versions. Presented by such cars as Chrysler and Ford.
    Готовимся к лету: кабриолет из седана своими рукамиThe convertible in the body Roadster
  • Speedster — single or double variant of the Roadster, is less practical for daily driving. An example of such cars on the market today is the Mercedes-Benz SLR McLaren Stirling Moss.
    Готовимся к лету: кабриолет из седана своими рукамиThe convertible in the body Speedster
  • Regardless of the type of security these cars always have been high demands due to their features, so the producers had nothing in machines of the class convertible and how to make them on the basis of the reinforced body with the use of the hard rear window or solid steel arcs. At this point, we will come in detail in the description of action reconstruction of the car into a convertible.

    What we have

    Well, with the existing types of convertibles, we understand, but what really offers us the modern car market and which models are most suitable for their upgrading in a convertible? The answer to this question let’s start with the domestic auto industry.

    Domestic manufacturers

    In the case of cars of the Soviet and post-Soviet production two scenarios are possible:

  • You can buy ready convertible, a limited number have been released in the middle of the last century, and make him a tuning, restyling, custom everything your heart desires. Almost all representatives of the Soviet “convertible” those times were issued for participation in military parades or the same as private cars of great leaders. If you find one of these preserved copies, consider yourself lucky:
    • “Victory” GAZ-M20, 1949 V.
    • “Volga” GAZ-21, 1965, under a modified version of the convertible.
    • Black “Volga” — cabriolet GAZ-24, 1983, V.
    • “The Seagull” GAZ-13B and 14B. Due to the fact that instances of this modification in the world, only three — in Moscow, in Crimea and in Cuba — is it more for informational purposes.
      Готовимся к лету: кабриолет из седана своими рукамиConvertibles Soviet production — a real rarity
  • To choose in the market to any domestic car in good condition, to study the material about how to make a convertible with their hands and to begin detailed revision. The most popular among craftsmen include:
    • UAZ-3151, 1995, V. — due to the simplicity of the roof is removed. Just a few of the keys and 20 minutes.
    • “ZAZ” second generation — the good old “Zaporozhets”.
    • “Volga” — all the available models on the market.
    • VAZ — Lada most of the models.
  • Imported cars

    In the choice of imported cars can also either be already ready variants, such as Opel Ascona in the back of convertible or Ford Escort Cabrio, or to do author alteration. For these purposes the most suitable such models:

    • Opel (Monza, Manta, Ascona).
    • Audi (Coupe, C2).
      Готовимся к лету: кабриолет из седана своими рукамиOne of the best candidates are the sedans from Opel

    This list can be continued, although the above models require less investment in further development and in an embodiment, the convertible looks much more spectacular.
    Finally, we come to the heart of the matter: how to make a car a convertible, namely the step by step instructions on upgrading the car.

    The action plan

    Before making a car a convertible, you should take into account that the convertible is not just bolted with machine (cut) cover, and complex structural changes of the body with increased requirements to the strengthening of the latter to ensure the safety of passengers and the driver. Especially when it comes to making changes in the original design in a private workshop. So, you will need:

    • The car that you will turn into a convertible.
    • Mechanical workshop or a garage equipped with all the necessary tools.
      Готовимся к лету: кабриолет из седана своими рукамиWithout equipped workshop or garage will not do
    • Drawings, patterns.
    • Skillful hands.

    Now you can directly implement some changes.

    Strengthen the body

    In addition to their direct functions in protecting passengers from wind and rain, the roof also ensures the necessary rigidity. This means that just took to drink the roof, you will compromise the strength of the car and your safety. So you just need to perform the following actions to enhance the body of your future convertible:

  • To make a heavy-duty frame of the two powerful stringers, privaris them parallel to each other to the bottom of the machine. Alternative, the spars could serve as the connection of fastening points of the engine and the floor of the car with a steel pipe diameter at least 20 mm, wall thickness 3 mm. besides, thicker pipes, with thickness 4 mm, it is necessary to connect under-floor Luggage compartment.
  • To strengthen the windshield frame.
  • To strengthen and make the back door if you alter into a convertible four-door car.
  • Welded to the body of the rigid partition, thereby dividing the Luggage compartment and the internal volume of the body.
  • Increase the thresholds.
  • Additionally install a vertical tube, running from the border where the end frame of the windshield to the bottom of the car.
  • Reinforce front doors durable frame.
  • To establish a solid beam, the envelope of the seat.
  • Such changes will lead to a significant increase in the weight of the car, so we cannot rely on improved performance, speed and dynamics. Pay special attention to the quality of the body: it is important that in the field of welding, and it was not rust.

    Native remove the roof

    Готовимся к лету: кабриолет из седана своими рукамиRoof can be removed only after amplification of the body
    Only after you have carried out all necessary actions for strengthening the body, disassembled the roof. Possible partial dismantling, if you leave the side panel. The windshield frame also remains. Behind front or rear seats are installed steel safety rails.

    Set the mechanism of folding tent

    This functionality is quite difficult to calculate, but with proper skill will succeed. First, we expect the pattern to produce the arc, then the patterns of the sewn tent made of leather, vinyl, or double-layer waterproof fabric.

    Updated interior

    After you exposed the interior of the car, it already starts to play the role of your business card, invariably attracting the attention of others. It is recommended to wrap interior high-quality leather or leatherette in bright colors, because in addition to aesthetic properties, it must possess high resistance to fading in the sun, and also be immune to the effects of wind and rain.
    Готовимся к лету: кабриолет из седана своими рукамиThe interior of the updated car should look your best
    So, adhering to simple rules and with the proper level of perseverance, you will be able to realize his dream into reality. And you don’t have to shell out a tidy sum, because all you need is a little savings for a used, but well-preserved car, the minimum level of skills, creativity, and most importantly, your desire.
    And what dreams and plans about the future of the convertible? Share your opinion by leaving a comment below this article.

    Performance off-road

    This SUV is hard to imagine without huge ground clearance allowing to pass even large obstacles without fear of damage to the bottom. For that on the UAZ Patriot is to set the wheels of increased size — experience shows that the arch is placed in a standard rubber with an external diameter not exceeding 33″. If you want to choose a larger model, be prepared for the fact that the tuning UAZ Patriot with his own hands will not work — change the settings of the body will require the help of professionals. But in any case would have to increase the distance between the body and the frame, which will require the use of special spacers, are equipped with rubber bands, which reduces the intensity of transmitted vibrations.
    Современный внедорожник своими руками: дорабатываем УАЗ Патриот

    Increase ground clearance and will be followed by the suspension tuning UAZ Patriot. A minimal set of modifications — installation of other springs, springs and other components. To obtain maximum reliability of the undercarriage and to achieve optimum parameters, the shock absorber is to select from well-known brands, for example, Rancho or Fox Racing Shox. However, for many owners of UAZ Patriot Pickup tuning means something more — they install on your vehicle other bridges with independent suspension and locking differentials. Such a solution significantly increases the throughput and allows to handle even very difficult terrain, conducive to hanging wheels.

    The body

    The UAZ Patriot is equipped with thresholds that facilitate landing at high frame of the car and the bumpers of a special shape, allowing to provide good angles of entry and exit. However, at the first exit on serious off road they come off because of weak mounts and low strength of the materials used. An exit from the unpleasant situation would be to purchase other thresholds, fixed to the frame in 4-5 points. Speaking about the bumpers for the UAZ Patriot, it is better to give preference to steel models with beveled lower part. In addition, they must be available and fastenings for ropes, dropping branches, they can be connected either with the upper part of the frame of the windshield, or expedition roof rack.
    Современный внедорожник своими руками: дорабатываем УАЗ ПатриотUAZ with an expedition roof rack
    Rare tuning UAZ Patriot complete without an emergency kit, consisting of saws, axes, rope, shovels and other tools. Position them better in the trunk or the back of a pickup truck — in both cases, the cargo Bay is sheathed with pre-profiled sheets of aluminium that allows to provide the necessary level of practicality. The equipment of the bottom of the UAZ Patriot depends on what conditions you’re going to exploit. If the primary habitat of the Russian SUV will be the Speedway and rocky slopes, it is better to choose flat steel sheets, which are protected in all units, located below. However, in compacting the snow or mud they will cause deep sinking for such obstacles, it is better to give the bottom a little tilted to the center of the V-shaped, somewhat reducing the ground clearance.


    One of the most popular discussion topics on specialized forums recently became chip tuning UAZ Patriot. This is not surprising because the standard 128 horsepower in most cases it is not even enough for comfortable movement on a flat surface, not to mention overcoming steep slopes and participating in races. Speaking about setting up the electronics UAZ Patriot, just want to destroy the hopes of those who expects to do “a little blood” and get great options at minimal cost. With the help of chip tuning you can achieve the following advantages:

    • A slight increase in power due to elimination of errors of factory firmware.
    • Optimization for operation with gas equipment or high-octane gasoline.
    • Resolving errors with the exception of the catalyst or other changes in the intake and release.
    • Improved cooling of the motor due to the early inclusion of the electric fan.

    Современный внедорожник своими руками: дорабатываем УАЗ Патриот
    In fact, the chip-engine tuning UAZ Patriot can be used as an auxiliary means, allowing to improve its performance while making other changes to the design. Among the numerous improvements it is possible to note the installation keys forced fan switch and installation of a sealed snorkel for the intake and increasing the height of transmission breathers to ensure the ability to overcome deep fords. The most radical is the replacement of the engine — in engine compartment UAZ Patriot without significant changes to fit the V8 engine from foreign manufacturers.


    If engine tuning UAZ Patriot is required to participate in a sporting event or going off road, the salon and can be left untouched. In addition, even if interference in that part of the vehicle specific recommendations should not do it — everyone has their artistic tastes and preferences. However, it may be advisable to use to improve the aesthetics of the front panel UAZ Patriot special sets of plates produced by different firms you can choose modifications that mimic carbon fiber, aluminum or real wood veneer.
    In addition, tuning of salon UAZ Patriot is better to complement the reupholstering of the seats. Impractical fabric is better to change to synthetic synthetic leather, easy to be cleaned from the most persistent pollutants. In addition, the seats themselves in UAZ Patriot is better to install on a quick-detachable mounts, allowing you to remove it for bathing under the stream of water from the hose. The pedals are perforated steel lining oversized — they will allow you to get a superior ease of traffic management even in such shoes, winter shoes or boots. Standard mats UAZ Patriot is better to also change the rubber, in the shape of pallets — they are much easier to clean and they help prevent water dripping on the upholstery floor.

    What have in the end?

    After such tuning, we can turn slow and not too adapted to travel on a heavy off-road UAZ Patriot in the car with amazing maneuverability. If you use different means of decoration of interior and exterior body panels, and the appearance of it will not yield to foreign analogues. At the same time, UAZ Patriot will not require significant costs due to lower initial cost of the new car and cheaper parts.

    Machine on colosimo

    You’ve probably seen on the roads or at least on TV cars with hypercalcemia. Such tires are called low-pressure tires. Most often they are mounted on a fishing, military and agricultural equipment. Also use a large rubber hunters and travellers, fans of extreme rest. Remember the look of the ATV’s or snowmobiles? Here about these tires and there is a speech. The pressure in such tires to low — 2-4,25 kg/cm2. It helps to ensure that the machine weight equally distributed on all wheels (depending on quantity) for reducing the pressure of the unit on the ground.

    Efficiency + 20%

    In fact, the name rubber duplicates its main peculiarity is due to the low pressure these wheels resemble cushions for cars that give the unit properties of high permeability. This tire has minimal effect on the coating, and therefore is able so deftly to move off-road. Interestingly, adhesion is not affected, and the efficiency of low-pressure tires are almost 20% more than the standard rubber.

    Tyre range

    There are several types of low-pressure tyres. They differ in functionality and the construction of (the form).

    • Arched tires wider than a standard 2-5 times. Thickness up to 700 mm. Outwardly, they look like kegs.
      Колёса-гиганты своими рукамиThese tires — road kings. And the pressure in them is not more than a toy ball.
    • Have oval tires, which are referred to as generalist.Колёса-гиганты своими рукамиThe pressure in this tires is almost two times lower than the standard wheels. They are good for lifting machines.
    • There are tires with medium profile, where is almost identical to the diameter of a circle — 0,95–1,15. Колёса-гиганты своими рукамиThis toroidal tyres, which may be a chamber or tubeless. (One of the most affordable kinds of low-pressure tires).
    • Pneumococci — very strong, stiff wheels. Колёса-гиганты своими рукамиThey specifically set the lugs, raising the possibility of cross.

    Can’t buy — DIY

    Indeed, the cost of such bus bars may, as the half of the car. Therefore, a homemade low-pressure tyres — a real solution for those who want such tires, but not willing to pay full price.
    How to make low-pressure tyres myself and what do I need? The work is divided into two stages. Create the splint and metal base to which it is attached.

    “Footwear” from the plane

    Let’s first deal with the source. The basis for the manufacture of tires of low pressure are often used tires from industrial, agricultural or aviation. Also suitable rubber from the trucks. These wheels will become the “Foundation”. And then we have to get rid of excess rubber with tire tread and sides. Inside need to remove the cores. Might even have to remove some cords. The main thing is to make the tyres easier to get rid of all the “extra”. Before starting work, be sure to wash out and dry the wheel.

    Different canvases have different rubber

    Making low-pressure tyres with your hands, you need to understand where they will operate. For example, for driving on very muddy road is better suited to high self-cleaning tread. For peatlands, in contrast, need to understate grooves so as not to lose the force of adhesion. On sand and snow better ride wheel, where the elements of the picture very closely adjacent to each other.
    Колёса-гиганты своими рукамиFor the manufacture of tires with low pressure can use a tire from the plane

    Training for DIY

    For those who will make improvised low-pressure tyres for the first time, it is advisable to have one or two of the original wheels more. First, just in case. And secondly, it would not hurt to first practice. Before you start to peel the layers of the tire, it is desirable to cut the pilot wheel and explore “what’s inside”. It is important to understand the depth of the layers and try to bite off the rubber and pulling the wire strands.

    Learning from instruction

    What you need are tools? Set of mediocre knives and sharpening stone, an awl, a hammer, pliers and a winch. So, the tools are ready, the source has been in the garage. It’s time to start work, which will receive a homemade low-pressure tyres.
    Step 1. In fact, the new tread pattern we will cut out, so the pattern marked on the wheel with a marker.
    How to apply pattern? All depends on your imagination and what “feats” you expect from new wheels. Most motorists draw “the tree.”
    Step 2. Next, make an incision in a circle inside the wheel that will allow you to remove the wire. The inner circle mark and cut out the small rectangles. Which is visible through the one wire that we hook and using the winch pulled out.
    Step 3. Focusing on the established tread, make lateral incisions along the perimeter of the circle. Ottoperuna in the notch tires grab with the pliers and pull the winch to “pull” the excess (as shown) layer of the wheel. The figure is drawn a piece cut with a knife.
    Step 4. So remove the rubber from the tread and sidewalls of the layer-by-layer.
    Step 5. Sandpaper clean the surface, rythem if necessary with a hammer. The camera is ready.
    Step 6. Collect a new frame by connecting by welding and metal tubes and the drive plate. Grind the weld.
    Interestingly, the drives for the wheels of low pressure can also be made with your own hands. For example, from an old aluminum basin. And they fasten using a conveyor belt or a fire hose.
    Step 7. The camera is worn on the frame and pumped.
    Step 8. Installed the tires on the car.
    Step 9. Going to conquer the roads!

    Big wheels — big road

    You know that giant wheel and sverhprohodimost does not guarantee security. On the contrary, to drive on such tires is not easy. Avoid driving on hard and smooth canvas. Carefully and gently turn. Side of low-pressure tires wear out so quickly, therefore there is a risk of drift. Take care of yourself and remember: big wheels — big road!

    Exterior styling

    Remember any movie about racers — cars main characters always can be distinguished by altered beyond recognition appearance. Often, only experienced experts can tell what the model was originally used to create the car participating in street racing. You can also use this method to update the machine, choosing the level of intervention in the body design, suitable for you in cost.
    The most simple variant — the use of ready-made stickers of large size, which may show your interests or just contain abstract patterns. By the way, often drivers decide to upgrade your machine using the stickers not just to change its appearance, but also to work around the problems associated with the presence of defects in paint. If the surface of the car body appeared to scratch, and you don’t want or have no opportunity to address it in the near future, you can use the sticker covering part of the car from the looks of strangers.

    Способы обновления автомобиля для себя
    More expensive, but durable and beautiful view of the tuning of the body is the airbrush application that represents the image formation inks, sprayed under high pressure. This work is very close to the art because the expert in creation of an image must have considerable artistic talent. Of course, if you want to get a unique image and not use a ready-made template, it will be difficult to find craftsmen with the necessary skills. In addition, for his services will have to pay a considerable sum of money.
    If you are thinking about how to upgrade your car, drastically changing its shape, it is necessary to order a special film for wrapping body panels. Currently you can purchase a variety of options that mimic:

    • Polished steel;
    • Carbon;
    • Silver;
    • Gold;
    • Tree;
    • Camouflage coloring;
    • A variety of other materials and patterns.

    Compared to complete repainting of the body protector is quite inexpensive, but its application of the machine is to instruct a specialist, as this process requires the maximum accuracy and care to avoid damaging large amounts of material.
    Способы обновления автомобиля для себя
    The most expensive option — buying new plastic elements of body kit (bumpers, thresholds, dilators of the car body), which are commercially available or are produced according to individual order. A significant advantage is that you will be able to improve aerodynamics, but also visually reduce the ground clearance, giving the vehicle a more dynamic appearance. In addition, we should not forget about the wheels when performing tuning is quite often used disks of larger diameter, combined with low profile tires. They also make the car a dynamic, visually increasing its dimensions, and give a sense of lightness and freshness appearance.

    Update salon

    If you want to upgrade your car for yourself, not to impress those around them, you should pay special attention to the interior. There can be many variants — the simplest is to use film manufactured by the method of capacity — it is usually applied on the inside door knob, the individual elements of the front panel, the center console, the trim of the tunnel between the seats, the knob lever transmission or automatic transmission selector.
    Video about how to make a constriction of the cabin in Alcantara:

    Some car owners prefer to completely cover the front panel with a special material having specific properties, for example, won (faux suede). If we are talking about hauling salon, you should also replace the seat upholstery. When not to use expensive synthetic or natural skin — many manufacturers offer excellent fabrics having excellent strength and aesthetic appearance. To make a car exclusively your personal space will help quality tinting — however, it is very important not to cross the line and violate the rules to maintain high permeability of glass for light.


    Another interesting variant of the refinement of the car is to change its dynamic characteristics without interference in appearance. Agree that it is nice to leave behind perplexed owners of expensive sports cars, overtaking them on the outwardly modest runabout. There is also no single approach to update the machine. The most simple and cheap variant — the chip-tuning, which involves reconfiguring the control electronics of the motor vehicle, however, achieving with it a serious increase in power is impossible. Much better helps increase the working volume of the engine, the installation of turbochargers, as well as the replacement of various structural elements and the most radical and effective is to install a car power unit.
    Способы обновления автомобиля для себя
    If you want to update the look of the car before the sale, is to completely abandon any tuning, as it in most cases is a factor that adversely affects the value of the vehicle. Instead, spend the money on restoring the original appearance. You will need:

    • To carry out cleaning of interior and trunk;
    • Replace damaged parts;
    • To cover the front panel and the large plastic elements of the interior special wax Polish;
    • To perform a deep body polishing — this procedure is better to entrust a real professional;
    • To clean the engine from dirt and leaked oil.

    Going to a prospective client who has expressed a desire to look at the car before buying it, be sure to check out the car wash and make a complete cleaning of the body with a light application of water repellent coatings. Due to this, the car will look excellent in any angle and will make the person a positive impression, which will significantly increase the likelihood of concluding a profitable transaction for you.
    Способы обновления автомобиля для себя

    How to make a car unique?

    Make your car pleasing to the eye and stand out from the rest with its unusual features, you can use one of the above methods updates, or to combine them. However, it is very important not to cross that line, when finalized, will look out of place and tasteless. So if you have artistic abilities, a pre-sketch machines like this, what would you like to see her. Otherwise, you can consult a professional industrial stylist or specialist in tuning cars.

    The essence of the material

    In most cases, for the production of armored film use high-strength polyurethane, which has moderate cost and is characterized by the ability to withstand a variety of external influences. Polyurethane film can withstand for a long time the influence of the following factors:

    • Mechanical damage;
    • Heat and temperature variations;
    • Humidity;
    • The direct sunlight;
    • The counter stream of air;
    • The ingress of aggressive chemicals to the surface.

    Due to such properties of the manufacturers provide a guarantee on the film, the duration of which may be 6-18 months.

    As a rule, reserving film for cars is available in three versions: 100, 200 and 300 micron thickness, though there are alternative versions created by individual manufacturers. The thicker the film, the higher the degree of protection it provides to the body of the car. However, you should not chase the increase if growth deteriorates the elasticity of the material, making it more difficult for correct application.
    Для чего нужна специальная защитная плёнка на автомобиль
    Largely polyurethane film similar to tint a material, but in most cases it is transparent. Due to this, this product can be applied even on glass and headlights, without fear of just punishment from law enforcement authorities. For armored the film normal is the rate of light transmission equal to 99%. Of course, there are also versions with printed patterns on them, as well as with a monochromatic color, however, they should be attributed rather not to the book, and for decorative means.

    The principle of operation

    Sometimes the network has to read about that film armored on the car has such high durability that it can withstand a pistol shot or thrown onto the hood of the brick. These stories belong more to the category of humorous, because the people leaving these reviews are either the advertisers or just don’t understand how film works. Actually it is quite easily damaged when subjected to high loads, and the main merit of the material is the distribution of impact force over a large plane.
    Для чего нужна специальная защитная плёнка на автомобильThe protective film is almost invisible on the car
    For example, if a stone weighing 100 grams gets on the hood of the car at a speed of 120 km/h and covers an area of about 10 square centimeters, the impact force will be equal to: F=(mV2)/2=(0,1*14400)/2=720 Newtons, or 72 Newton per square centimeter. If the surface of the hood is covered with a film armored, the force is distributed over a larger area, component of at least 50 square centimeters — this will reduce the load per square centimeter of up to 14.4 Newton. Of course, the laws of physics are quite complex, and at the point of impact, the load will still be higher than at its edges, however, the probability of the dents will still decrease by several times.
    Video about protective film:

    In addition, a thick enough film by itself is able to protect the body surface from scratches and other defects in paint due to the repulsion of dust and large objects. Even if your vehicle is attacked vandal, and he decides to draw a line using a nail or other sharp object, to pierce the film he will have to work hard and spend a lot of time at the risk of being detected. Similar is the situation of stones flying from under the wheels of the vehicle in front — they are able to force you to paint the vehicle only in the case when the liner has been repeatedly damaged until now.
    Coating film on the glass of the car can make them safer in emergency situations. Even in the case where the machine comes with a triplex, using a polymer layer, with a fairly strong stroke, he may collapse with the formation of many small fragments. The presence of the glass protectors will help to prevent the occurrence of such dangerous situations — it is especially effective when hanging from the inner side. It is also worth remembering that in some cars, the triplex is not included in the standard equipment. Of course, the film will not become a full substitute, but it will protect the people sitting inside from sharp splinters.

    How to apply the tape?

    Gone are the days when to apply protective surfaces used special adhesives — now most car manufacturers produce a film having self-adhesive layer. Therefore, performing work on the pasting of vehicle you can own if you are able to work accurately and at least once engaged in the pasting of various surfaces in the past. First of all, you need to degrease the surface of the body, which will be applied to the material — it is recommended to do it in white spirit, although professional automotive services performs the operation using special abrasive clay.
    Для чего нужна специальная защитная плёнка на автомобиль
    Further, there are two ways of coating the beginners it is recommended to use soapy water, which facilitates the procedure, but reduces the service life of the film by 20-30%. For this purpose it is necessary to RUB the surface of the body with mild soap and water with formation of foam and then attach the tape and trim off the excess with a sharp knife. The material is pressed with a spatula, which perform rotational motion, squeezing water from the surface to the edges. When the water will be completely removed, the edges are treated with a special primer, and the whole film a few times warms up the dryer and is cooled in order to maximize the strength of its relationship with a paint coating.
    Professional method is characterized in that the surface is thoroughly dried and any AIDS not used. Of course, the film in this case is very easy to break or to break, leading to loss of strength, but if you do everything correctly, the material will serve you more than one season. Security film on car glass and headlights glued in a similar way, however, you should pay much more attention to exposure to dust and other pollutants, as you can not only impair the appearance of the surface, but scratch the base.
    The standard scheme includes sticker protective film on:

    • body;
    • bumper;
    • wings;
    • thresholds;
    • lights;
    • mirror;
    • the area under the door handles.

    Decent protection for your car

    Of course, security film will not allow your car to become a real armored fighting vehicle, but it will protect him from small daily hassles. However, it will not create problems in the sink and will not spoil the appearance of the vehicle. Here only the deposition of material is trusted professional doing the work can lead to excessive consumption of expensive products. To start pasting machine is only in the case when you are one hundred percent confident in their skills and abilities.