If to speak objectively to the end, it is worth noting that a production line of Jeep cars are permanently lost and continues to lose its price counterparts both on technical characteristics and level of comfort. But do not forget that the lineup of Jeep vehicles is an extremely high degree of popularity even today. For example, in a hot desert climate Jeep is the most popular. This is due to one unique parameter — absolute degree of reliability. Here are other advantages:

  • the running of the car regardless of temperature conditions;
  • balanced riding on a flat surface and a sufficient degree of permeability to movement on roads;
  • engine operation in extreme temperature conditions;
  • compactness;
  • moderate fuel consumption, etc.

The content

  • Versatility is integral for
  • The roots of the new Jeep Renegade
  • Hands-on review of the interior and exterior
  • Modern decor Jeep Renegade
  • Safety as a basic priority
  • The functionality and technical equipment

Versatility is integral for

Due to the fact that universal SUV Jeep fully meets the above requirements, he enjoys such high popularity for tourism purposes. Because the main criterion for any vehicle for tourist trips is its ability to overcome a huge distance from the initial starting point to final destination. During the trip to meet many unforeseen circumstances.
To overcome them requires that the car functioned completely reliably. Even if the maximum speed of dispersal does not exceed 150 kilometers per hour, but this speed the car is capable of holding at a constant level, and during a particularly long period of time. This provision, in turn, allows you to quickly reach your final destination, thanks to continuous and that is no less important to the smooth operation of the engine, by changing the drivers. According to the principle: one driving, the other is resting.

Тест-драйв Jeep Renegade — новый формат будущегоJeep aims to transplant the young people on the new crossover Renegade

The roots of the new Jeep Renegade

In early March 2014 was presented SUV Jeep Renegad, base functionality which has been expanded dramatically. Itself the basic design of the car has a lot of visual differences in comparison with the predecessors, which can be easily seen with the naked eye. The name Jeep Renegade in translation is treated as a backslider, that is the producer alludes directly to the original style.
Indeed, the modernization to begin is long overdue, as today is fundamentally changing the priorities of production, which, in turn, demonstrates the need for rethinking basic production styles. Too strict conservative style for cars not uses a wide range of popularity.
If years earlier on the design of the car consumers in the face of the world community did not pay too much attention, with the introduction of quotas on emissions, manufacturers are trying to produce more parsimonious models in terms of fuel consumption. This, in turn, leads all global car makers to a certain boundary limits of possibilities that most manufacturers have already reached. Today is a moment of compactness and parsimony and the main priority of every producer is the release of the car in accordance with the new international production standards, while maintaining current technical and functional movement.

Made the car Jeep Renegade will be in Italy in the town of Melfi, where is the automobile concern Fiat. The Jeep Renegade is a joint production of American and Italian companies. This, in turn, is directly reflected in the exterior and in the interior of the Jeep Renegade. The car will appear approximately in the middle of autumn 2014, as for the cost of it on the market of the Russian Federation, the exact price will be known until late August or early September.
Despite the compact exterior of the Jeep Renegade noticeable to the naked eye, it has a whole series of qualities and aggression reminiscent of the jeep.
It is noteworthy that the design was developed with the aim to emphasize the unique qualities of all-wheel drive classic American car-crossover. Jeep Renegade is based on SCCS Italian carmaker Fiat. The client will be provided a choice of two configurations: full and front-wheel drive Jeep Renegade. Body length is about 4.3 meters, width 1.8 m and height 1.6 m — these dimensions show very high compactness of the car. The jeep Renegade is planned to supply about 100 countries in the world.

Hands-on review of the interior and exterior

Тест-драйв Jeep Renegade — новый формат будущегоJeep Renegade Trailhawk
The client will be provided the opportunity to order a more aggressive version of the car Jeep Renegade Trailhawk, which is equipped with a high degree of permeability. In particular, the value of clearance increased to 220 mm, with 17-inch tires. The disks are produced from a specialized alloy that has a unique degree of ease.
Body style Jeep Renegade cannot be called extremely brutal, as it is made in traditional style with modern popular elements. The front and rear of the body is made slightly different from each style.
Front grille Jeep Renegade is at a slight tilt with the substantially thickened wall that, in turn, slightly increases the degree of aggression. Chromed silver grille attracts attention and looks really solid, especially against the plastic of the bumper that is unpainted, as has its native color. A small hump on the hood, combined with the widely inflated wheel arches. The body lines follow a strict smoothly in the same direction, without abrupt changes. The roof body is made of durable clear plastic and has a smoothed contour. The rear is a continuation of the overall aggressive style.
To the naked eye visible air the rear wheel arches of the base. Front and rear doors open nice and at closing time no knocking in this tightly fixing with a body.
The trunk is of large size, the door opens almost 180 degrees. To access it from the rear seat presents no practical difficulties that, in turn, is a very important caveat.
Тест-драйв Jeep Renegade — новый формат будущегоInside The Jeep Renegade

Modern decor Jeep Renegade

Design Jeep Renegade is a hybrid, because it contains equally both original and radically new features, which were not previously inherent to him. This car can be assured comfort all around the road, and on a completely flat solid road.
Renegade is not a restyling of its predecessor, a radically new version. A feature of the interior is its spaciousness, which is in all respects superior to its competitors. The exact amount of space in the cabin is 3356 liters. Inside the cabin is equipped with leather panel, which has a smooth smooth shape along its entire length. Due to the rational use of space the maximum permissible capacity of the Luggage compartment is 870 liters. If temporarily rolling back of the front seat, bringing her down, you put it in the trunk of the subject length one and a half meters.
The driver’s seat and front passenger are equipped with high-tech management panel, which has a lateral location. Plus all the seats of the car connected to the heating function, which can be run at any time. The dashboard is equipped with all the necessary controls that are user-friendly and extremely compact arrangement.
Overall, the car is equipped with fairly modern appliances. All the passengers in the cabin will feel not only safe, but also completely free. Auxiliary information screen will be a great practical help on the road, as there are absolutely all features. The speedometer and tachometer have a classic shape. The Central management console contains a touch panel with a diagonal of 5 inches and allows you to control many features of the car:

  • music;
  • the internal climate of the car cabin;
  • audio system;
  • rear view camera;
  • navigation, etc.

Safety as a basic priority

Jeep Renegade is equipped with the optional airbags, which are standard seven instead of five. The MySky roof is dynamic and has two panels, which if necessary can provide a car for more airflow. Regarding security, it performed at the highest technological level. In particular, contains two intellectual systems of safety: ABS and EBD, which allow you to monitor blind spots and prevent collisions by signaling the driver of the need for action.

The functionality and technical equipment

Technical characteristics of Jeep Renegade

Car brand:
Jeep Renegade

Country of origin:

Body style:

Number of places:

Number of doors:

Engine capacity, cu. cm:

Power, HP.:

Maximum speed, km/h:

Drive type:
4×2 or 4×4

5–6MKPP or AKP

Fuel type:
gasoline AI-95

Length, mm:

Width, mm:

Height, mm:

Ground clearance, mm:

As for the technical side of the question, a hybrid compact crossover Jeep Renegade is engineered on the platform of the Italian car concern Fiat, but suspension remains a classic, from the original version. Jeep Renegade can travel in both forward and full drive. When you turn on all-wheel drive mode occurs a unique opportunity to engage with four settings: snow, sand, mud or automatic.
The engine has two main models are: diesel and gasoline. A diesel version is represented by three engines with a volume of 1.4 liters, which differ from each other only in the number of horsepower, and a 2.4-liter. The petrol variant is represented by only two engines volume of 1.6 and 2.0 liters, as well as 120 and 140 horsepower respectively. Gearbox has ten configuration options.
Overall, the new Jeep Renegade is designed for classic roads, and for travel.

The content

  • What is this car?
  • The introduction of the drone is not exactly rocket science
  • Responsibility
  • Rabotosposobnosti or refusal of freedom
  • The advantages and disadvantages of the introduction of the Google Car in our lives
  • Conclusion

What is this car?

First, a quick glance at this car, and I want to throw in the face of Kuhlmann: “It’s not a simple “search engine” come up”. The point here is much more difficult. But when you look in the root and changing the usual standard of thinking, you realize that it’s not a simple car. Here, everything is worse. How can you not remember the saying: “Everything of genius is simple”.
This strange car except the steering wheel is not there and the brakes! And he has no gas pedal, and the rear seats, and much, much more. That absurd? No, it turns out that a perfectly acceptable option – focus on the future.
The Google car – that’s his name. But oddly enough, with the usual car makes him only the end of a word and four wheels that rotate a low power motor. Interestingly, this mini car is capable of speeds, but it does not exceed 40 km/h.

Гугломобиль скоро на дорогах мираIt looks like the car from Google
Gugler full of cameras and various sensors. For example, one camera detects traffic lights and traffic signs. The most interesting and unusual is laser Lidar system. It is an analogue of radar, using radio waves instead of light. This sensor can detect objects around gupkar at a distance of 50 meters.
The other system featured in the car called Googles Autopilot. With radar sensors, this system accurately determines a “picture” of the surroundings. The system is able to accurately identify hundreds of objects, including other cars, buildings, pedestrians and cyclists.
Googles Autopilot functions with the special road maps with more detail than the usual automobile.
Below is a list of all sensors and systems, based on which the Google car works.

  • Lidar, as mentioned above, the main element of the system of the car. Its task is to display a three-dimensional picture of what is happening around. A kind of “all seeing eye”, covering 360 ° and operating radius of 200 meters.
  • 64 laser. These laser heads are spinning with a frequency of 600 rpm and help the system all around to notice.
  • Radars arranged in front and rear of the car.
  • Camera.
  • Buttons that allow you to specify the route, start driving, stop and so on.

The introduction of the drone is not exactly rocket science

Cause confusion the words of the developer of this car, who said that it is designed for those who for today has not found a suitable answer to their needs concerning the use of private transport. If we translate it is written in conventional Russian language is a vehicle for people with reduced mobility finally received the ability to go wherever they want.
This car will come with a phone-call, and carry you where you need. You can compare it to a taxi but without a driver. How happy will be the inhabitants of large cities, such as Moscow, for example, if instead of “Where Edis?” the questioner and the person with the Caucasian mustache will meet the robot, who well know the language by heart and knows all the neighborhoods of the city. Here are just beginning to understand why Travis Kalanick, one of the Directors of Uber, crumbled with such zeal in the praise the Google Car – the car, something resembling a Koala. According to the same Calanica, he is crazy in love with cars driving by themselves. In a word, drones. And he added that the services of Uber expensive, because of the fact that the driver without pay for the wheel of a car does not sit down. And in this case, if you can do without a man to use such a service will come much cheaper.
Гугломобиль скоро на дорогах мираTesting of the system of vehicle control in urban environments
Invented hupmobile or at least was responsible for practical work for the establishment of the Christopher Urmson. If you listen to it, understand the full meaning of the introduction of gupkar in modern life. According to him today to have the own car is pointless, because its capacity is used by only 5 percent. It looks like a bad investment. Moreover, if we accept the fact that cars constantly get into an accident, given the purely human factor, when it is impossible to be constantly focused and attentive, the introduction of the drone will really become the solution to all problems.
On the other hand, to fully understand how Google sees the future, not so simple. While Google is actively promoting this project, putting in it a lot of money, yet none of the interviews were discussed in details about it. It turns out that Google still “dark” and do not wish to disclose the whole truth. Gugler is a kind of Joker, which is held in the sleeve, and Google is not going to limit the introduction of the car in taxi parks, and aimed to radically change the whole concept of motoring in the global sense of the word. But the right to entrust the driving of the robot, obviously not so simple.


Humanity will face a big problem − transformation to the main character pulls a plume of complex issues. If in the past people have used robots as assistants only, and the main function was performed by themselves, the introduction of the drone – a big responsibility. Google, it seems, is going to take her to himself, but alone the company can not cope with this. Let’s not get into technical wilds, but let’s start with one important caveat. Consider the infrastructure that will suffer changes. With the introduction of the Google car, all the cars on the road are required to move the same, because otherwise, to provide security will be impossible. The movement of vehicles will be similar to the uniform movement of bits of information in the digital network. The whole transport system will experience a complete upgrade. All responsibility in this case will be imposed on certain “big brother”, capable of negating all the risks associated with moving such vehicles from point A to point B. How you think, how many countries in the world that can afford it? Properly, only a few and those are the leaders of the world economy. Poorer countries also will be face to face with the problem of security.
Гугломобиль скоро на дорогах мираThe car from Google won’t need the driver
One of the most serious issues associated with the introduction of drones, the responsibility for the accident. Of course, reliability approaching 99.9 percent, but what to do with the remaining hundredth share, because we are talking about human lives? Anyway, all that was before, the entire history of mankind, all its laws are based on the rational use of the individual’s awareness of others his fellows. Mechanical element, robot, how he was perfect, a priori, would lead to a General revision of a complex system, hitherto governing human relationships and our with you, dear reader, life.

Rabotosposobnosti or refusal of freedom

The drone, which is gugler, and will have a social impact, if it becomes a reality. Autonomous or nearly Autonomous vehicle and drone are completely different vehicles. In the first case, without the presence of the person in the car movement was impossible, the second option involves complete removal of the inhabitant of the planet Earth from control. Below is the hitherto known methods of control of the vehicle and their differences. Drone is completely different.

  • Management assistants such as Parking sensors, cruise control, a lane and etc. are Widely used today and their application is calculated till 2015.
  • Management of semi-Autonomous, implying again the presence of man and his hands on the steering wheel. The electronic unit controls the steering wheel, the brakes and the car engine. Intend to implement in 2015.
  • The almost Autonomous control, where you have to keep your hands on the steering wheel, but in the case of extreme necessity he must be ready for it. But that’s not a fully automated system, because it still has to understand when to alert the driver that he took the management into his own hands. Such control humanity intends to introduce from 2020.
  • Finally, fully Autonomous control or drone. The whole car is equipped with sensors that send informationabout, managing the movement of the car in any weather, on any road, regardless of the situation. Gugler is the representative of this control system.

For the motorist, his car is not only the embodiment of the desires and inclinations of his ambition, but the status or, if I may say so, a small universe, in which a person feels a freedom and a life of its own. The concept of gupkar while that carries a complete rejection of it all. The question is: is today the man to abandon all the above, of independence and freedom, entrusting all to the robot, for the sake of false comfort and save? In this case, you will need to forget the history of the automobile, and to change the philosophy of car ownership in General.

The advantages and disadvantages of the introduction of the Google Car in our lives

It’s time to weigh all the “pros” and “cons”. To be perfectly honest and try to review all the points, not leaving aside any sphere of human relations.


  • Entrusting control of the vehicle to the robot, you can come to find a new level of road safety and its location. Today most accidents are human error.
  • Humanity is aging and the number of citizens able to operate the machine, is automatically reduced. The introduction of the drone in this case is true and justified.
  • The present financial crisis came a global problem with no end in sight. Car maintenance for a citizen of any country is, first of all, a big expenditure, and then to the comfort or driving fun.

The shortcomings presented in the form of a question

  • Driving in Europe is much more complicated than on American highways. Can Gupkar show the same results in all conditions?
  • Is it worth to entrust the management of the robot and the realisation of costs to ensure absolute reliability of electronics?
  • Is it worth doing if the entire transport system will have to change in the global sense of the word?


So, before mankind will soon get up a difficult question – to choose between the old life and the new. On which side to stand up and agree to entrust the management of transport robots? Google Car is the first sign, which will reach production of numerous unmanned aircraft. Whether this is destined to come true, only us and the sooner the better.

The content

  • What she was referring
  • Interesting start
  • Riding
  • Disadvantages – are there any?
  • In conclusion

What she was referring

The results of the restyling we were satisfied. Already a completely different bumper, optics and mirrors. It should be noted that these mirrors are even equipped with built-in repeaters turns that very well. Changed the whole interior of the car, which is already not to know.

Andersson during the speech said. In particular, it shows that the family models Priora rear door will be closed effortlessly. And that’s true.
In addition, I would like to praise the engineers at AVTOVAZ upgraded front seats though far from ideal, but still. Yes, they are bland and vague lumbar support, but these seats are not comparable with those that were before them – deprived of lateral support, with a strange back seat.
Новая Лада Приора с роботом (АКПП)Robotic automatic for the Priory
In addition, according to Andersson, they modified the technique in General and models, addressing primarily the transmission. Are already on manual transmission new synchronizers, shift lever replaced by cable and in some versions on Electromechanical. Robot-box, in fact, it’s the same manual transmission.

Why at Lada Priora did not put a full transmission? The President of AVTOVAZ to this question immediately two answers. First, Priore set low on the engine. This prevents normal people that just does not arise. Secondly, robotic box is much more economical and, as it turned out, more affordable machine.
Supplement for the installation of “the robot” in Lada Priora is only 20 thousand rubles, which is not so much. Moreover, not assembled robotic manual transmission. This drive is world famous company ZF. If anyone is unclear, it is the same wheel fitted with their model of the company BMW, land Rover, Chrysler and others.

Interesting start

Will check now, how goes our Lada Priora. The car starts easily, just put your right foot on the brake, the gear lever set to neutral and left foot to give the opportunity to get comfortable on the site for recreation. Half a turn key engine of Lada Priora started. Press again on the brakes and change the lever to the position “Drive”. The car does not go forward, and quietly moving back.

Technical characteristics of LADA PRIORA with the robot

Engine capacity, cm3


Power, HP


5-speed robot

Maximum speed, km/h
no data

Acceleration 0-100 km/h
no data

Fuel consumption, l/100 km

Price, ruble
428 000

Yes oddly enough, it is. Immediately after releasing the brakes, most of the “robots” have to go forward. On the idea of the Tolyatti engineers “robot” Priory includes the clutch only after pressing the accelerator pedal. For most this decision is controversial, but, as it turned out, in fact quite efficient. The fact that he’s improving in this case, the time circuit drives, when driving. Will not be felt no multiple strikes, no unnecessary jerking. Press and go!


Check the box of the Priory for stress. Let go of the gas pedal, slowing down and re-sharp strikes of the accelerator pedal, slowing down and accelerating again. Do this several times in a row. Nothing, the box holds, and the percentage of “trips” no more than robotic boxes of famous brands.
Новая Лада Приора с роботом (АКПП)New Priora with automatic transmission performs well on the highway
Don’t miss the robot Lada Priora and on the motorway. Switch box smoothly, the speed decreases in a timely manner. Not only liked the fact that the interruptions in traction when the switches are long. Although there is a way to avoid this ― if at the time of shifting pripustit a little the gas pedal. Pushy and will only accelerate without any rocking breaks.
The engine is the strong point of the Lada Priora for the first year. The unit pulls just super! We just have to check its interaction with “robot”. Great! Moreover, it is also economical. Lada Priora with “robot” showed decent consumption on the highway 7 l/100 km.

Disadvantages – are there any?

So what happens? Andersson, affecting our subconscious, configured to receive us from the car only positive impressions or cons there? The engine and box there is no particular comments. But the interior, especially in the back, tight fit. As for the trunk, it is rather big, but the back of the sofa it is impossible to fold. No, they should a priori be folded, but can make it is that the regulars at the gym.
Новая Лада Приора с роботом (АКПП)With the new automatic transmission Priora has excellent traction characteristics
Good running and Lada Priora. You can even go on a dirt road, kept running, and driving comfort will remain at a high level. But, unfortunately, on a straight road, where you need speed, suspension floats. On turns the car behaves perfectly, but not weak body roll is alarming.
Weak by today’s canons and brake Priory. And does not deny this fact itself Andersson, stating that the car is not new and in the process of improvement is impossible to fix something that does not allow construction, the skeleton of the car. Yes, that’s true. Need another body, which would be significantly lighter and stiffer.

In conclusion

It turns out that in the words of Andersson, you can catch the hint of a successor Lada Priora? But while the public statements about it were not. And the conversations about this chef AVTOVAZ leads reluctantly. We only managed to extract from him that most likely it will be a prototype of Vesta, shown as a on the capital motor show.
On the other hand, the restyling of the Priory is still ongoing. Sanded the car with Asian patience will be for a long time. At the same time will improve the build process, and accumulated over time, experience will help to put on the conveyor successor.

Today all this is still just talk. But lowering the price of Lada Priora already plan on implementing work to the fullest. In times of crisis, reducing prices for domestic car will be a good marketing ploy. Let’s wait and see. Already planned is an obvious plus of AVTOVAZ, who knows how to give pleasant surprises. He did it before, but not so successfully. The modern option the actual interior, smooth the gaps of the body – the updated Lada Priora and lures buyers. Overall, the car is not perfect, but the advantages are much more noticeable and greater than the disadvantages. We can only wish price reduction on this car that is expected to follow soon.

The content

  • New look
  • Interior design
  • Updated powertrain
  • Developed a completely new
  • Summary

New look

Update the look of the Skoda Rapid in 2014. We will consider changing the appearance and structural changes that had to take to the new model was adapted for Russian roads. The car became a little shorter, while the wheelbase has been increased by 9 cm, thus has increased the size of the body. As a result, the sizes were different:

  • Width ― 1,71 metres.
  • The length is 4,48 meters.
  • Height ― 1.46 meters.

For Russian roads developed a special model with increased by 15 mm ground clearance. This allows you to move comfortably even on bad roads. The motorist may wish to improve the structural parameters of the car. In this case, the manufacturers provide additional body strength. For this, a rigid frame, which eliminates flexing in operation.
On customer request can be equipped with a chrome trim for the mirrors, which are combined with elements of the grille, made of the same material. The shape of the headlights and fog optics nicely blended. The front bumper has been slightly redesigned and added new stylish stroke in the overall appearance of the car.
The previous model has generated complaints of drivers who noticed the unpleasant fact. Machine at a speed exceeding 130 km/h started to sway. This was especially noticeable on our imperfect roads. To remedy the lack of engineers has offered to install the rear suspension greater width. This transformation gave a positive result, and the machine became very stable.

Interior design

Basic not is diverse and expensive materials. But the high-quality leather armrests, the ceiling is soft and looks great. But it should not be discouraged, because few of the buyers stops on this option. Basically, the majority of motorists bought more comfortable equipment and expensive materials. As a result, the salon is transformed according to your taste.
Обзор Skoda RapidIn the base trim of Skoda Rapid does not contain expensive materials
Talk about convenience: the seats are designed filigree. They are comfortable for drivers and passengers of different sizes and growth. A convenient three-spoke wheel, at the request of the customer can be decorated with leather, which adds not only comfort but also raises the status of the car. What is particularly pleasing to the rim and the diameter is comfortable for any driver and budget-friendly option plastic is rough and pleasant to the touch. What else have prepared new Czech developers:

  • On the driver’s door-mounted button emnikami glass rear doors. This option is more than necessary for families with children. Thus, it is also easier to control the ventilation of the whole cabin.
  • Innovations that have changed body size, has allowed the liftback Rapid to surpass their competitors in terms of interior and trunk. This model is designed not only for travel, but for travel and convenience items. Help with functional mesh for the trunk (things, travel bags, shopping will not “ride” on the trunk). Reversible Mat (one side rubber, the other with a pile) by its universal property, which allows you to carry any cargo. With this you will be guaranteed not to suffer with the wash of the trunk. The total volume of the Luggage compartment reaches 550 liters, while it can be increased to 1450 liters. To do this, simply fold the rear seats for passengers.
  • The front panel is fully consistent with its purpose: all the switches, the switches are within arm’s reach. Nothing complicated, everything is quite clear and requires no special training. Because of this you will not get lost and quickly get used to it.
  • The material of the upholstery of an average price category. Not expensive, but the quality. For the front panel in the cheap seats, of course, is not a tree but a good solid plastic that will not burst at low load.
  • In addition, the car is equipped with a large number of “intimate” details: holders for bottles and glasses useful niches, containers. All this makes even a multi-day trip more than comfortable.

    Updated powertrain

    In the basic configuration installed three-cylinder engine capacity of 1.2 l (75 HP). At the request of the customer can be a more powerful four-cylinder unit: capacity of 1.4 liters (capacity of 86 horsepower, while it is possible to increase this figure to 105 and 122 HP). As a variant, the 1.6 litre engine (developing 90 BHP). As you can see, technical characteristics of Skoda Rapid has improved significantly.
    Обзор Skoda RapidTurbocharged engine gives a significant advantage on the road
    The engine is turbocharged, it gives additional advantage. Manufacturers offer both petrol and diesel engines. For diesel unit included sauny reliable filter that perfectly cleans the fuel and thereby increases the lifetime of the motor.

    Technical characteristics of Skoda rapid

    Car brand
    Skoda Rapid

    Manufacturer country
    Czech Republic

    Body type

    The number of seats

    Number of doors

    Engine size, CC

    Power, HP/Rev. min.

    Maximum speed, km/h

    Acceleration to 100 km/h,

    The type of drive


    Fuel type
    gasoline, diesel fuel

    The consumption per 100 km
    the city of 8.4, track 4,8

    Length, mm

    Width, mm

    Height, mm

    Ground clearance, mm

    Tire size
    185/60 R15

    Curb weight, kg

    Full weight, kg

    Fuel tank capacity
    55 l

    Available in two transmission options 6-speed manual and 7-speed robotized transmission.

    Developed a completely new

    Engineers worked closely with designers and researched market needs. As a result the car has received 19 new. Among these design “tricks”: logo of the Indian, the new shape of the headlights. Also made structural changes. Front suspension is McPherson production company “Fabia”, rear torsion beam.
    Some innovations relate to the location of the small and important details. The winter weather is not always convenient to remove the snow from the windshield. Not to look for a special scraper, the designers “hid” it under the cover of the fuel tank. Under the driver’s seat provides space for emergency vest.
    Test drive the Skoda rapid showed excellent technical characteristics. The car is reliable, economical engine. Motorists note the convenience of the driver’s seat, this contributes to the lifter seat.
    Обзор Skoda RapidSkoda Rapid has very good model with lots of advantages
    Car owners leave positive feedback about Skoda Rapid. Basically what they celebrate?

  • First, the efficiency of the car. Engine of 1.2 HP in urban mode consumes about 6.5 litres. Secondly, the convenience of the cabin, large trunk. In winter days, the heated rear window becomes a real “lifesaver”. But weak engine, this is especially noticeable on short overtaking, when you need maximum acceleration.
  • Talk about pleasant. The box shifter works just fine. The clutch works well, because of this maneuverability in the Parking lot, turns not just on top.
  • Wheels clearly obey the helm.
  • Test drive the Skoda rapid has shown that some problems have been reported on a bumpy road. Any roughness of the road adds to the discomfort. As a result, move on the country roads, you need quite slowly. As you know, this is not a car for country trips.
  • Undeniable advantages: the creators have expanded the range of the choice set.

  • You may want to order a automatic or manual gearbox. And it’s not even the price of this unit. Some drivers choose to manually control the process.
  • There are several variants of engine: petrol 1.2 l, 1.4 l and 1.6 L. also, there is the possibility of increasing its capacity. You can also install diesel unit.
  • A high level of safety for the driver, passengers, including children.
  • A sensor monitoring the tire pressure. It transmits signal in the event of critically low air level directly on the dashboard.
  • Increased the size of the cabin and trunk.
  • There is a large range of choices of interior finish and equipment of the cabin, making it more comfortable.
  • Small cons, of course, is because the ideal machines cannot exist in nature. Therefore, consider also negative aspects to all sides to evaluate the proposed variant.

    • At full load, not enough engine power (even if the unit is installed 150 HP).
    • On frosty days with the diesel engine needed work (warming up for a long time).
    • Suspension a bit harsh, which is noticeable on our roads.

    As you can see, the positive qualities far outweigh the small defects.


    The creators have tried their best. The updated model is more comfortable, fairly economical and is perfectly manageable. Looks very nice. The changes have only improved and raised the status of the model, which in the premium version can compete with cars of business class. That is why the car is popular and in demand in its price segment.

    • The powerful engine.
    • Reliable springs.
    • A sturdy frame.
    • Good wheels and tires, etc.

    As you can see, work designers had seriously, and now a closer look at what happened in the result of fruitful works.
    The content

    • Generic version
    • Great design
    • Characteristics of the power unit
    • A good Foundation
    • Summary

    Generic version

    Initially the model was intended to deal with a purely utilitarian purposes: transportation of goods. We already talked about the fact that the car has a high load capacity. It can easily move more than a ton (manufacturers call the number ― 1100-1200 kg). Pick-UPS at the dawn of its history were the “workhorses” adapted for transport, including on bad roads.
    That is why the approach to creating such an option was purposeful: designed powerful motor, robust construction and special chassis features. All these criteria meet technical characteristics of Volkswagen Amarok.

    Now we will talk a little bit about beauty. Remember American movies, in which characters move around on pick-UPS. But generally, what is the cars: a buggy broken, causing a sense of compassion and pity. Often they are used by farmers and people involved in small business. Yes they are fine for dirt roads without asphalt, carrying vegetables or construction materials, meat or fish. But can they be called the machine of your dreams? Hardly.
    Обзор Volkswagen AmarokThe Volkswagen Amarok has a high load capacity
    That’s why we’ll start with the exterior of the Volkswagen Amarok. Imagine a “mini-truck”:

    • The width can vary from 1944 to 1954 mm.
    • The length is 5254 mm.
    • The height of the same impressive ― 1834.

    Great design

    Browse Volkswagen Amarok will start with some features. The pickup comes in two variants: “Single Cab” double cab and “Double Cab” cab four-door five seats, including the driver.
    What to say about the exterior? He is just gorgeous: soft lines combine the power of the wheel arches. Stylish grille with horizontal stripes in perfect harmony with the headlights and the company logo.

    • The interior is functional and comfortable, as in most passenger cars of this company. For your money any pleasure: climate control, comfortable seats, heated front seats, pleasant trifles in the form of coasters, mats and covers.
    • Mandatory drives all glass doors, and side mirrors. The huge interior allows the rear seats to comfortably travel to three adults. The angle of the Seating comfortable. The only problem may occur if no thresholds are set. To sit in the cabin will not be very convenient.
    • The steering wheel is comfortable and stylish. On the front panel everything you need, including on-Board computer screen and radio.
    • A large body can be made more attractive and functional. Specially kung are installed with Windows or cover is placed.

    Обзор Volkswagen AmarokControls Volkswagen Amarok are very convenient
    In General, the car looks powerful. It does everything but harmonious. To make it more recognizable, the designers proposed to place the brand name on the front and flip the Board.
    Now let’s take a look under the hood.

    Characteristics of the power unit

    Engineers have equipped the SUV excellent turbocharged diesel engine displacement of 2 liters. 140 is enough horsepower to easily move heavy loads, to overcome the difficult roads, steep slopes, landslide areas.
    The maximum speed of the pick-up 168 km/h. do You consider little? But let’s look at Russian reality. Most of the tracks have speed limits, so the excess is fraught with problems with the police. Therefore, this speed is enough. Despite the heavy weight, the car accelerates to 100 km/h in just 13 seconds.
    Small speed up to 179 km/h brings a new turbodiesel, which can be selected for completion from 2013. In this case, the power is 180 “horses”, and acceleration to hundreds of possible for 10.9 seconds.

    Technical characteristics of Volkswagen Amarok

    Car brand
    Volkswagen Amarok

    Manufacturer country

    Body type

    The number of seats

    Number of doors

    Engine size, CC

    Power, HP/Rev. min.

    Maximum speed, km/h

    Acceleration to 100 km/h,

    The type of drive


    Fuel type

    The consumption per 100 km

    Length, mm

    Width, mm

    Height, mm

    Ground clearance, mm

    Tire size
    245/70/R16 245/65/R17

    Curb weight, kg

    Full weight, kg

    Fuel tank capacity

    The gear box in the initial version was purely mechanical. But now if you want you can choose a reliable and easy to control the automatic transmission.

    A good Foundation

    Engineers have created a car for a new platform, so that it is fully consistent with the possible loads. The ladder frame is the most durable and reliable for this class of car.
    Rear suspension Volkswagen Amarok is developed in two versions: with dvalischvili springs (they are considered to be the most comfortable) and pjatilistnyj the springs (easier option).
    Front suspension is independent with coil springs and double wishbones. Wheels “Roca” reliable since they are made of high-strength material, tires “All-Terrain” does not disappoint in any way. They also contribute to the fact that ground clearance has increased to 265 mm.
    The developers “gave” the truck 3 drive type:

    • For smooth roads and in the urban cycle is more convenient for rear-wheel drive.
    • With plug all-wheel drive is easy to overcome steep slopes and move on snowy slopes.
    • Permanent full particularly difficult for roads and soil: sand, dirt, clay.

    Interesting test drive Volkswagen Amarok held near San Carlos de Bariloche. As a result of the trip across the pampas, serpentine mountain roads, country lanes managed to see what they are capable pickup: permeability is a magnificent, steep climbs were overcome without problems.
    But unfortunately, due to the spring suspension of the rear seat may be a little shake. This may sound paradoxical, but for more comfort, you need about 200 kg of cargo in the back. This weight is enough to provide good grip.
    Therefore, if this owner is not part of the permanent carriage of goods, should think about the SUV with traditional body.
    And the rest of technical characteristics of Volkswagen Amarok really stands out. This allows to overcome serious obstacles:

    • Puddles and other water flow half a meter deep.
    • To enter the elevation of about 28 degrees, and to get off ― 23°.
    • Move on the slopes at 23 degrees.

    The creators have put a lot of effort to make a decent car in this class. Interesting marketing “tricks” invented pragmatic Germans. They were on the move to conquer the U.S. market, which has long and densely filled with models made in the USA and Japan.
    Обзор Volkswagen AmarokThe Amarok can overcome serious obstacles
    So marketers can not become the “head break” in the wall of the U.S. market and introduced its new product for sales in the Latin American countries. Was chosen the unusual concept of the ads: pick-up for sand dunes. Seemingly, not so is often necessary to travel along the coastal beaches. But the idea got to the point. This advertising campaign showed high permeability, equipment reliability, and great cargo capacity of an SUV. And since 2009, Argentina has started production of the SUV to fill the South American market.
    Undeniable advantages of truck there is. Car is proud to be an official SUV. The permeability is very high. The all-wheel drive Volkswagen can easily overcome sandy areas, moving through the primer in any rain, this also applies to snow. In addition, the advantage:

    • Installed 8-speed automatic transmission.
    • Large boot and high load capacity.
    • Diesel engine, diesel works better in cold weather.
    • Reasonable price in comparison with analogues of other, particularly American manufacturers.

    Experts say small cons.

    • Poor quality windshield: sand and small stones leave scratches.
    • Gum janitors quickly fails.
    • Not very good sound insulation. For a comfortable trip will have to do more.
    • Large turning diameter (about 13 m).

    A car can be a great option for entrepreneurs who need constant transportation of goods. But at the same time, it can be used for other purposes: relaxing, long-distance travel.


    Although initially main markets were considered to be South America and then Australia and Africa, the Russians appreciated this model. The surveys allowed to identify an interesting trend. Most buyers buy a car not for business, but because they like big machines, they are reliable, powerful and will not let you down in any weather and on poor road surfaces.

    The content

    • New Lada Vesta
    • What will change
    • In the end

    New Lada Vesta

    Note that the new Lada Vesta most of these facts have already picked up three boxes, having to do it even before its production. Believe it not really, but while Andersson has never failed, and the words of the President of AVTOVAZ never disagreed with the fact. The mere fact that this sedan is built on the platform of Lada B, developed together with the Alliance Renault/Nissan, speaks volumes.

    What will change

    Vesta will be produced in Izhevsk. This sedan is going to become one of the most spacious cars in the segment B. According to the developers, the main advantage of the car, elevating it above other machines of domestic production, will be a suspension. As promised, it will be durable even on Russian roads.
    In addition, improving engine protection. The new Lada Vesta this part of the body absolutely will protect the unit and the hood from dirt, the constant companion of our back roads in spring/autumn.
    Lada Vesta – ждем выходаInterior Lada Vesta
    Itself motor car range offers a wide range of motors, capacity from 87 to 122 HP is Already known for sure that one of the motors will have eight valves, and the other sixteen. As for the volume, it is a 1.6 L.

    It is worth noting and another engine – Nissan engine that develops 114 HP
    For this engine provides developers not only with manual transmission 5 speeds, but robotized gearbox. As for settings, all motors are calibrated under Russian weather conditions.
    Soon, again, on the promises the leaders of AVTOVAZ, intend to add in the Lada Vesta ABS and stabilization system. In addition, prospective buyers can expect a cabin filter, and adjustable steering column.
    Lada Vesta – ждем выходаLada Vesta body galvanized
    With respect to the body of Lada Vesta, then it’s galvanized, which a priori provides six years protection from the effects enemy of metal is rust.
    The developers also increased the fuel tank, making it 55 litres.

    In the end

    Start of production of Lada Vesta is scheduled very soon. By wazowski standards ― no more than 1-1,5 years. For fans of VAZ models, this instant, if you remember, how many years usually waited for the emergence of new models of this manufacturer.

    In short, the hope dies last. To the Russians it is time to release such a car, which could be proud of. Let it be a car assembled in a foreign platform and under the guidance of Europeans, but still. It is impossible to create a truly masterpiece a sample of anything. Needed experience that is necessary to skillfully to learn from those who are versed in this. Admit it and we’ll wait for the release of the new Lada Vesta.

    The content

    • Acura TLX 2.4 Techno
    • Acura TLX 3.5 Advance

    Acura TLX 2.4 Techno

    The production version of the car first introduced in March 2014, autopresentation in new York, and six months later, in late August of the same year, there was a presentation and for Russian customers. For car premium Acura TLX looks quite impressive and premium. Youth no unnecessary “frills” and the like here. Immediately struck by the head lights of the car, headlights full led, and it’s really good, because not every car is even more expensive segments has such expensive optics. Front and rear features of the TLX are very similar to chord, but harder to distinguish between these two models side. Perhaps the only side honors the TLX from the Accord ninth generation is a kind of rising lower window line on the rear doors of the car.
    Всё в одном – Акура TLXRear and front Acura TLX resemble the chord
    What we have under the hood? And specifications Acura TLX a very good. The manufacturer has equipped their “brainchild” four-cylinder “heart” volume of 2.4 liters, an outstanding 274 Nm of torque and developing maximum of up to 210 kilometers per hour, which is sufficient for a car of this class. But the trump card is the TLX dual-clutch automatic transmission, which carries eight gears, the wet clutch and torque Converter, something like two transmissions in one package. Sickly, isn’t it? The clutch in this box serves only to shift gears in the moment of movement of the machine, for the launch of same meets the torque Converter. For example, being at the traffic lights, you keep your foot on the brake, and as soon as you take your foot off the pedal, the torque Converter sends your car the way without bothering you with any further action to start. This is precisely the innovation that Honda is very proud of.
    However, it’s not all the surprises from Acura TLX and the next miracle is suspension! Or rather, a unique system Precision All Wheel Steering, more simply, polnopravnym chassis suspension. The operating principle of this system is quite simple, slow and medium speed turns, the rear wheels turn by means of electric drives in the opposite direction as the front. When rebuilding from one lane to the other, or in fast overtaking the rear wheels are similar to the front and repeat their direction. But this system is already used in the Infiniti G, but the uniqueness of the system in the Acura TLX is that in emergency and normal braking the car turns both rear wheels inwards, thereby significantly decreasing the braking distance. However, to deploy the car almost on the spot with the help of this system will not work, as it is inactive at too low speeds, e.g. when Parking or turning.

    Всё в одном – Акура TLXThe Acura TLX has a strict, slightly aggressive design
    And this system really works, unlike other electronic gadgets that are created for hire this option help manage felt great while riding. Excellent car behaves in turns and when changing lanes, and slows down pretty quickly. But not only this system gives great handling and adds to the comfort in the Acura TLX, helps her in this fully independent suspension with struts amplitudedependent. These racks were designed to minimize the longitudinal and transverse rolls, and also to absorb small bumps on the road. However, in reality it was not as smooth as it should be. And if the lateral and longitudinal rolls Acura TLX consults on hurrah, here with the roughness of this version is much worse. Suspension was quite hard, and in places the roads can be literally shaking.
    Well, it’s time to look at the interior and see what beauty will delight us from the inside. Salon, of course, impressive leather and high quality plastics look great. However, there are some nuances, for example, plastics, which imitates a wood, and I must admit not very plausible mimic. Also a bit disappointing and the size of the cabin, apparently, the Acura TLX is not designed for long trips in the back seat. But found quite comfortable and spacious. It is worth noting two displays placed on the Central panel. Top performs a purely informative work, the bottom has the function of touch control systems of the car. There is a heated all seats, electric adjustment front seats, engine start button, superb audio system with nine speakers, subwoofer, MP3 compatible Bluetooth system. Encouraged by the tremendous noise, accompanied by a system of Active Noise Control, which by means located in the cabin microphone picks up extraneous noise through the speakers and gives antiphase low-frequency noise, thereby suppressing the excess noise in the cabin.
    Всё в одном – Акура TLXInterior Acura TLX

    Technical characteristics of Acura TLX 2.4 Techno

    Car brand

    Manufacturer country

    Body type

    The number of seats

    Number of doors

    Engine size, CC

    Power, HP/Rev. min.

    Maximum speed, km/h

    Acceleration to 100 km/h,
    8,2 (automatic transmission)

    The type of drive


    Fuel type
    gasoline AI-95

    The consumption per 100 km
    the city 11; 6,1 track

    Length, mm

    Width, mm

    Height, mm

    Ground clearance, mm

    Tire size

    Curb weight, kg

    Full weight, kg

    Fuel tank capacity

    There are electric and heated exterior mirrors that have the function of automatic adjustment while driving in reverse, and electric sunroof, heated steering wheel, audio control on the steering wheel, paddle shifters to change gears, and is responsible for the safety of a full set of airbags. Speaking of security ― the Acura TLX is able to see cross oncoming traffic, a system of care when braking, anti-lock braking system, traction control system, control system for tire pressure, assistance in start to rise, the management of long-range lighting, cruise control and even a huge number of various electronic “frills” that the car is literally full.
    The price for all this fun, of course, impressive and this option will cost you 1 899 000 rubles. But the sales will come, and another, more expensive version of the TLX, which we consider next.

    Acura TLX 3.5 Advance

    Externally, two models are no different, and in the cabin all nearly the same. The main difference is technical specifications of the Acura TLX 3.5 Advance and its cheap counterpart. Primarily motor – V-shaped six volumes in three and a half liters, an outstanding 355 Nm of torque, but maximum speed fell to 201 kilometers per hour, and this despite the more powerful engine. The pride of Honda ― robotized gearbox and chassis polnopravnym disappeared, as if it never happened at all. In came a controlled four-wheel drive and nine-speed automatic transmission from the Germans, while the Techno front-wheel drive only. Regarding the suspension, it became much softer, and there is no shaking. Four-wheel drive, too easy, and with an active differential on the rear axle thanks to which the car behaves quite briskly in the turns, sometimes it may seem that it is rear-wheel drive version.
    Another difference are superior “mental abilities” Acura TLX 3.5. Machine has acquired such property, as control of the lane and if the driver tries to move out into a ditch or crash into something, the car will apply the emergency brake and take the controls. Very well be useful for those who have a tendency to fall asleep at the wheel. Another feature is the ability of a car to see a suddenly appearing obstacle on the road, for example, ran a pedestrian.

    Technical characteristics of Acura TLX 3.5 Advance

    Car brand

    Manufacturer country

    Body type

    The number of seats

    Number of doors

    Engine size, CC

    Power, HP/Rev. min.

    Maximum speed, km/h

    Acceleration to 100 km/h,
    6,9 (automatic transmission)

    The type of drive


    Fuel type
    gasoline AI-95

    The consumption per 100 km
    the city 12,9; track 6,8

    Length, mm

    Width, mm

    Height, mm

    Ground clearance, mm

    Tire size

    Curb weight, kg

    Full weight, kg

    Fuel tank capacity

    As for the differences of the salon, then this version appeared blind on the rear window, which is raised and lowered at the touch of a button. That’s the only reason she does not come automatically when reverse gear is engaged. Missing the lever and the transmission control, instead the control system box by using buttons that at first is not very convenient.
    Perhaps the only difference and over. And the price for this option is 2 369 000.

    So, let’s look at the output that we did on the Acura TLX.

    • Superior handling.
    • Great design.
    • Top-notch security.
    • Good insulation.
    • Comfort premium.
    • A huge number of electronic capabilities of the car.

    The cons , though minor, but present:

    • Overly stiff suspension on the version with front wheel drive.
    • Great fuel consumption for the version with all-wheel drive.
    • Not implemented the feature of automatic opening of the shutters of the rear window when reverse gear is engaged, the version with all-wheel drive.

    That was our review of the Acura TLX is the car that really has it all and for all, everyone will find in it something that will make you love her forever. Good luck on the roads and be careful if your car is not as smart as the Acura TLX.

    Apparently, Nissan Sentra replaced the Nissan series Tiida. The car is aimed at buyers of the middle class, and therefore despite its pretty solid appearance, to luxury apartments on its configuration it is far. Judging by the price, and it originates from 679 000 rubles for the minimum functionality, in direct competition with the Nissan Sentra will be the Volkswagen Jetta, Skoda Rapid, Toyota Corolla, Mazda 3 and other members of the family class “C”. However, the technical characteristics of Nissan Sentra is not as diverse as its competitors and, perhaps, with the price tag of the car will lose its brethren. So, let’s hold a small test drive of the Nissan Sentra, the results of which we will reveal all the pros and cons of another “offspring” of the Japanese automotive industry.
    Тест-драйв Nissan SentraThe body design of our hero is very much like a mini version of the Nissan Teana
    We begin, of course, as always with the appearance of the car. The body design of our hero is very much like a mini version of the Nissan Teana. Almost the same front and rear lights, chrome boot handle, reduced and slightly modified chrome grille, all the same elegant lines of the body, in General, something like a cost-reduced version of a more expensive Teana. But still the car seems quite large and comfortable. And it already says that its buyer, he will find, at least, he probably will hook those who choose a car, relying on your eyes, that is appreciate, primarily the appearance and not the “emotional” component.
    As for the headlights, the head lights are equipped with xenon lamps, and is able to automatically adjust the angle of lighting, are also present and led marker lights (depending on configuration), not only in front, but behind. There are rear and front fog lights, and side turn signals on the front fenders.

    Next, let’s look at technical characteristics of Nissan Sentra. First look at the power unit. Here for all trim levels (there are twelve) will use a single motor. Engine is four cylinder inline structure with a volume of 1.6 liters, outstanding 117 horsepower and maximum speed varies from 184 to 192 kilometers per hour, depending on the type of transmission. Boxes for Nissan Sentra comes with two. In the cheaper models used a five-speed mechanics, and expensive design uses a robotic CVT. As suspension front independent MacPherson strut system, rear uses semi-independent torsion-link node. Regarding the suspension, this construction is quite suitable for machines of this class, and here the power unit is, of course, a little upset, the manufacturer could provide an engine harder. After all, 117 horses this is not the limit for polutoralitrovom motor. Even Granta in configuration Sport with the same amount of engine produces 120 horses, and the value of its more than two hundred thousand less than the cheapest Nissan Sentra.
    As for direct competitors? Skoda Rapid – 122 horses on volume of 1.4 liter with automatic transmission priced at 698 thousand! Volkswagen Jetta – from 122 to 150 horses on the volume of 1.4 liters! Mazda 3 engine with a 1.5 liter has 120 horses! Toyota Corolla 1,6 – 122 horses! Why Nissan put a completely uncompetitive unit, remains a mystery, whereas in the U.S. the Nissan Sentra wind kilometers with the engine 1.8 liters, an outstanding 130 horsepower.

    Technical characteristics of Nissan Sentra 1.6

    Car brand
    Nissan Sentra

    Manufacturer country
    Japan (build Russia, Izhevsk)

    Body type

    The number of seats

    Number of doors

    Engine size, CC

    Power, HP/Rev. min.

    Maximum speed, km/h

    Acceleration to 100 km/h,
    10,6 (ICIE), 11,3 (CVT-CVT)

    The type of drive

    5 manual transmission CVT-CVT

    Fuel type
    gasoline AI-95

    The consumption per 100 km
    the city of 8.1; the track is 5,4

    Length, mm

    Width, mm

    Height, mm

    Ground clearance, mm

    Tire size
    205/55R16, 205/50R17

    Curb weight, kg

    Full weight, kg

    Fuel tank capacity

    With the technical equipment reviewed, and now let’s look to the salon and look what it got us by the Japanese. The cabin is not quite, but still spacious, even the back if more space added, he would have been generally fine. But, what’s done is not change, and the Nissan Sentra became the way he is. But pleased with the quality of finishing materials, made of high quality plastic and fabric (in the more expensive trim leather upholstery) in silver-black, which in itself is a lot. There is a touchscreen multimedia system, which has four to six speakers depending on the configuration, there is support for SD card, MP3 and Bluetooth system. As for the soundproofing, this task Nissan Sentra cope very well in the car quite calmly and quietly, though with such a huge engine still would not cope.
    Тест-драйв Nissan SentraThe new Nissan Sentra has 12 models
    As for the trim levels, there will be twelve versions, six models for each type of transmission. The cheapest package cost 679 in thousand rubles will have a five-speed mechanics, electric power steering, shestnadcatiletnie wheels, light sensor, heated and electric door mirrors, heated rear window, upholstery fabric, height adjustable driver’s seat, audio package, heated front row seats, onboard computer, air conditioning and a complete package of power Windows. Will also be assistance systems ABS, TCS, BAS, ESP, for the protection of the immobilizer, but for the safety of the driver and front passenger meet dual front air bags.
    In the maximum version will be replaced by robotic mechanics of the CVT, the fabric in the cabin will be replaced with leather, rims will be one inch bigger, added fog lights and led marker lights. The wheel will be dressed in the skin, it will enable engine start by button, cruise and climate control, multimedia system with six speakers, multi-touch display and the ability to control via buttons on the steering wheel. Complement all of this built-in navigation system, rear view camera, rain sensor, side airbags and-curtain bags, and child will have a mounting system for child seats. The price of this configuration well just barbaric – 914 thousand rubles!
    Тест-драйв Nissan SentraNissan Sentra in expensive configuration has a leather interior
    And now the time has come to look at the results for Nissan Sentra and find out the pros and cons.

    • Leather interior (considering the maximum configuration).
    • High quality plastic finishing.
    • Good insulation of noise and vibrations.
    • The softness of the suspension.


    • Very bad throttle response.
    • Poor management.
    • Insufficient capacity of the power unit, which does not corresponds to the weight of the car.
    • A very high price.

    The car is almost empty in the minimum configuration.

    Impression about Nissan Sentra left is not very good, even in the maximum configuration it is not worth its price and this is an absolute fact. To say something about the minimum version in General do not dare. If to compare with the Grants Sport, the results are simply appalling! Grant Sports not only significantly faster and more dynamically in all senses, but also many times greater than on picking the cheapest Nissan Sentra, and despite the fact that is the cheapest version for about 200 thousand rubles more. After this a question arises: is it true that in Russia make it a bad car?
    This was our review of the Nissan Centre for you, all the luck on the roads, and do not overpay just for the view, look into the “soul” of your future “horse” before to buy it.

    The Datsun brand cars can be purchased until 1986. Then it was decided just to eliminate the brand (what to do — globalization). All cars now began to wear the emblem of “Nissan”. The rebranding, according to different estimates has been spent not less than 400 million dollars. It seemed that the legendary Datsun finally sunk into Oblivion. But no! March 21, 2012, the brand has become like a Phoenix and reborn from, seemed to have cooled down the ashes. Anyway, this concerns Russia, Indonesia, and India.
    The content

    • Datsun 240z — the story of
    • Specifications
    • At this time in Japan
    • Purchasing

    Datsun 240z — the story of

    The sixties of the last century. The company Nissan started working as a consultant known in the automotive world of Albrecht Hertz. This man has left its mark in the German automotive industry. BMW 507 — development of Hertza. In addition to his “parents” famous “Satki” steel designer Yoshihiko Matsuo, designers Sue Kiba and Akio Hosoda, engineers Cuneo Benitani and Hidemi of Kamahara. The result of the joint work was impressive. The cropped trunk and long hood seemed not ugly, but unusual. Machine look fresh and original.
    Классическое японское качество в обзоре Datsun 240zThe cost of Datsun 240z was quite low by the standards of that time
    And the cost… It was fantastic. Only 3 of 526 USD. And it’s for a sports car! The demand was so great that even price has risen to $ 4,000. Only sold 150 076 cars of this model. Thus, the Datsun 240Z became the undisputed leader of the automotive market of the USA in the seventies.


    On Datsun 240z installed inline engine with 6 cylinders. The camshaft is located on top. Engine capacity of 2.4 liters. He has an output of 151 horsepower. Coupe weighed just 1 068 pounds. To “hundreds” car “shoots” for 9 seconds and a top speed above 200 kilometers per hour. The consumption of fuel in terms of hundred kilometers was in the range of 11 liters.
    Классическое японское качество в обзоре Datsun 240zDatsun 240z claims the title of sports car
    On cars this series was set three types of transmissions. The most common was a manual transmission with 4 speed. “Speed” is also produced, but this modification has remained the prerogative of the Japanese market. Even met a three-speed automatic.
    The designers have provided a car suspension with struts “McPherson”. This decision, plus the stabilizer bar, gave the car excellent handling characteristics. For machine, claiming the title of the sport, this is critical.

    Technical characteristics of Datsun 240Z

    Car brand
    Datsun 240Z

    Manufacturer country

    Body type

    The number of seats

    Number of doors

    Engine size, CC

    Power, HP/Rev. min.

    Maximum speed, km/h

    Acceleration to 100 km/h,
    9 (ICIE)

    The type of drive

    5 manual transmission

    Fuel type

    The consumption per 100 km
    the city 11,2; track 8,9

    Length, mm

    Width, mm

    Height, mm

    Ground clearance, mm

    Tire size

    Curb weight, kg

    Full weight, kg

    Fuel tank capacity

    Thus, the technical characteristics of Datsun 240z looks good even today. Especially compared to modern Russian machines.

    At this time in Japan

    It’s all about the American market. But the “240Z” was produced in Japan under the name Fairlady Z. the Difference between this version served two-liter engine. Even more rare was the model Fairlady Z432. These cars were produced only 419. They were intended for racing and had a forced induction engine with a capacity of 200 “horses”.


    To buy this car a legend in our time. In Russia, the Datsun 240z price ranges from 150 to 170 thousand rubles. Although the proposals are only few, even if you look across the country. In principle, the car will be even on the go. But here’s the body… As it turned out, he hardly resists corrosion. Abroad fall and the restored copies in excellent condition. But the scale of prices the other not less than 15 000 euros.
    Классическое японское качество в обзоре Datsun 240zAbroad there are also some instances restored in excellent condition
    If you are going to buy Datsun 240z, carefully estimate all “for” and “against”. Such a purchase has its pros:

    • you are becoming a real legend;
    • dynamic characteristics of the machine will give odds to almost all the domestic cars;
    • powerful engine;
    • superior driving performance.

    And cons:

    • the body may not be in the best condition;
    • a fairly high price;
    • by modern standards, the machine has a good “appetite”.

    The time has come to make a small summary. Datsun 240z, is undoubtedly an outstanding vehicle. Say more, in the 70-80-ies he was a kind of benchmark in the design of sports cars. Even now people on Datsun 240z will attract attention. Such a machine can be a good choice for businessman. On the one hand, it is not too cheap. On the other — the owner is clearly not alien to healthy conservatism.

    The content

    • Updated look
    • Two versions of the body
    • What is included in the kit
    • Salon stuff
    • Insulation as it is
    • Heart models
    • Auto suspension

    Updated look

    The design of the first and second model this time surprised even seasoned skeptics. Modern features in the updated appearance of both machines brought them closer to the car business class. Form and Grants, and Viburnum is bright and respectable. And this is not surprising. As the Lada Granta is created from scratch and with extensive assistance from the best engineers of the famous company “Renault”, always distinguished by his quality of work and harmonious style of models produced.

    Not spared French colleagues and new Viburnum, improving its suspension. This fact immediately and appreciated by satisfied owners. But if we talk about design, the second Kalina is very similar to its predecessor. But the version was created, somewhat based on Grants, so they also have many similarities. In particular, aggressiveness and a more progressive orientation.
    In General, external comparison 2 Viburnum and Grants suggests that these two models are head and shoulders above all previous and strode in the direction of focusing on comfort and quality.

    Two versions of the body

    New Kalina met his fans as a hatchback and station wagon. At the same time, Grant boasts a distinctive volume of the trunk. Figure reaches 480 liters. In versions of the same Viburnum is a 260 and 361 litre from the hatchback and station wagon respectively.

    What is included in the kit

    In principle, to compare the Grant and Viburnum 2 in the configuration is not difficult. Relying on practically the same price category the “standard” version from Viburnum and 2 versions of “Lux” from Grants, we can say that significant differences between the two cars there. But still. Characteristics that are present simultaneously in the two models in this case:

    • fourteen inch wheels;
    • electric power steering column;
    • two front air springs;
    • electric Windows in the front doors;
    • same with the car color bumper;
    • ashtray;
    • heated windshield;
    • heated front seats;
    • air conditioning;
    • anti-lock braking system;
    • the amplifier of emergency braking;
    • multimedia system with the control unit;
    • on-Board computer;
    • burglar alarm with remote control.

    The Grants still add the following “utility”:

    • power Windows in the rear doors;
    • heated exterior mirrors;
    • same with the car color door handles and exterior mirrors;
    • fog lights;
    • the filter of air arriving in salon of the car.

    Выбираем между Лада Калина 2 и Лада ГрантаLada Granta has a good basic equipment

    Salon stuff

    The interior of the model, its materials and ease well different. Not truthfully, we can say that the Lada Kalina used more expensive liners and plastic, and the seats repeat the anatomical shape of the human body, which makes travelling long distances much more comfortable than ever before. Grant, unfortunately, can not boast of high quality materials and the freshness of interior decoration. This allows you to make a choice for most drivers.
    But overall, the interior of both models are spacious enough, not to mention advantage.

    Insulation as it is

    Great heights here to wait does not follow. This item is lame and Grants, and Viburnum 2. The only thing that will help to tip the choice in favor of the first or second version, is the fact that the second Kalina in the way behaves a little quieter. Here plays a role the best quality of the plastic used for the trim. Extra insulation, of course, address the question of the quiet drive, but for members of the class In which cars tend, is not an option.

    Heart models

    Speaking of motors, we can conclude that they are practically nothing from each other do not differ. Grant pleases his fans with a stock 1.6 liter engine with power ranging from 82 to 96 horsepower. Again depending on the configuration.
    Выбираем между Лада Калина 2 и Лада ГрантаGrant pleases his fans with a stock 1.6 liter engine with power ranging from 82 to 96 horsepower
    Kalina 2 offers the power from 98 to 106 horsepower at the engine of 1.6 liters. But to say that this greatly affects the difference in accelerating a car, fans can’t.
    Gearbox in two options of the cars are identical. You can choose both automatic and mechanical. By the way, the machines were greatly improved for these models. And the purchase took place at a subsidiary of Nissan company Jatko. Plus positive emotions from use, there is a reasonable pricing policy in combination with high wear resistance.

    Auto suspension

    Pendant turned out to be more stable, you’ll be a great resource. At this point too has not done without the help of the French”prenosnika”.

    Certainly, from the foregoing fans the Russian AVTOVAZ will make certain conclusions. And it will help to decide what to choose ― Grant or Kalina 2 specifically for each driver. Although these two versions of the Frets in a lot the same.