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Autonomous cars in the realities of Russia: Yandex is testing it in the winter

Yandex.Taxi studies the behavior of the unmanned vehicles in winter conditions. In the summer, I remember, no problem has not done.

In the explanation of the video States that in order for Autonomous vehicles have become more popular and accessible, drones must operate reliably in any weather. Including severe winters, when snow is covering the road markings and boundaries of the carriageway, and the pavement covered with ice.

The video demonstrates tests of two Autonomous prototype Yandex.Taxi. The tests were in the suburbs, where cars specifically modeled various traffic situations. In one of them the man slowly crosses the street, and the drone time slows down and misses a pedestrian. In the other — on the way there the car, the car easily goes round. In the third drone dutifully stopped at a red traffic signal.

  • In September of this year during a visit to the office of Yandex President Vladimir Putin for the first time demonstrated the UAV Yandex. The vehicle is controlled by using produced by the software company and built it on the basis of Toyota Prius. The project is still quite raw, we were able to see on the eve of demo in.
  • Yandex.Taxi after a while can manage without a driver, say in a search engine and plan on testing an unmanned vehicle on public roads in June next year.

Photo: YouTube

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