“AvtoKrAZ” celebrating 50 years “Latinica” KrAZ-255B

Half a century ago, in July 1967 off-road truck KrAZ-255B was the conveyor of the Kremenchug automobile plant and stayed there until 1993.

This time it was released 160 732 family car KrAZ-255B/B1, of which only in the export-tropical version sold by the enterprise abroad, more than 30 000 units. And how many chassis were exported to the various special products — only the archives IN the “autoexport” and classified departments of the gkes, USSR.
The largest production of cars in this series occurred in 1978-1987 year, when annually descended from the conveyor at 7500-8000 units.

Conqueror off-road, the popular favorite, “laplink”, car-legend — all common names KrAZ-255B, which he deserved due to its reliability, structural strength, endurance, maintainability, and especially of high permeability.
All vehicles are a family of KrAZ-255 is equipped with a diesel V-shaped 8-cylinder engine JAMZ-238, 240 HP power Motor is mated to a 5-speed manual transmission with synchromesh on II—III and IV—V programs. Transfer case mechanical, two with Central differential for the rear truck. All three of the bridge — leading, unified by key details.
KrAZ-255B also received a centralized system of tire inflation and flotation tires. Maximum speed – 70 km/h. the Car could climb to 30 degrees, and Ford to a depth of 1 m.

50 years is old age for technology. But “Laplink” to retire is not going to. Today, after almost a quarter century after withdrawing from the production of family cars KrAZ‑255B, they can be found in the countries of the CIS, on the mountain roads of India, Afghanistan, Iran, savannas, sand and tropical jungles of Africa.

Part in the hostilities, peacekeeping missions, disaster relief, work in extreme climatic and road conditions is the past and current off-road truck.
Today the KrAZ-255B continues to bear an active service on “hot” the East of the country, principally in the engineering troops of the APU as part of various special products.

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