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Bad roads have decided to fight with… aluminum “carpet”!

When Russia will win eternal trouble, perhaps, no one knows. But more than others the problem of bad roads care the military, who have to throw the heavy equipment in the most impassable places. That came up with KVD — multi-purpose mechanized complex rapid deployment of temporary roads. In civilian life he could also be very useful!

It is clear that the complex is designed primarily for the army, but for some Russian areas could be useful. Although there is, of course, the issue price of such units, and we can only guess! With regard to military equipment, the military complex is especially useful for the exit of water the first couple of armoured vehicles breaks out and makes it impassable, and the aluminium track capable of turning the abyss almost to the highway!

Complex HPC consists of a drum mounted on the chassis KAMAZ-6350, on which are placed two sets of tracks (50 meters) from the metal profiles. At the entrance to the rugged area of the drum perpendicular to unfold the platform and the end of the track is placed under the rear wheels backwards, the car pulls all the way. Unwound “bobbin” in just 10 minutes and allows you to create a 100-foot temporary road with a width of 4.6 meters, according to

The track is made of solid aluminum alloy to withstand axle loads up to 12 tons and tracked vehicles weighing up to 60 tons.

The complex operational deployment of temporary roads created for the admission of wheeled vehicles and tracked vehicles in difficult and boggy terrain, and for approaches to bridges and ferries. Tests of the complex in different climatic conditions of Russia and in different soils found to be successful. Thus, dural track capable of making passable in almost any terrain.

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Bad roads have decided to fight with… aluminum “carpet”!

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Bad roads have decided to fight with… aluminum “carpet”!

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