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Batteries, wheels, money,… meet the experts ZR

None of the hot topics of concern to car owners, not pass by our forum. Participate in discussion and the authors of “Behind the wheel”. This month discussed the problems of choice of the car and details of test batteries; find out how much time is allowed to turn off the engine and what are the challenges when installing larger diameter wheels.

Kirill mileshkin “Behind the wheel”

Why in articles about choosing a car for 300-400 thousand rubles do you recommend to buy a used car if for the same amount to buy new, though more modest class?

We do not recommend, and only consider the possible options. Each has its own system of values, and not all choose the car according to the principle “that did not break and did not ask for money”. Someone chases for class and top-end equipment. Others, for various reasons (dog, house, children) need a roomier car. Others don’t want to worry about scratches on the body fresh and spend money on the hull. And some pass only a few thousand miles a year because they find it difficult to splurge on repairs and maintenance. In the latter case, buying a new car for two or three years does not make sense, as it depreciates much faster used. In General, everyone needs to make their choice.

Smirnov Sergey “Behind the wheel”

Whether in the yard to sit in the car with the engine? The idea is not. On the other hand, the Rules prohibit the Parking lot with the engine running. And Parking is something that lasts five minutes or more. So, up to five minutes — can you?

Indeed, point 17.2 of traffic regulations prohibits the Parking lot with the engine running. However, we are talking exclusively about the Parking lot in a residential zone marked with road signs 5.21 “Residential zone” and 5.22 “the End of the residential area”. It is this area and falls under the section 17 Rules of the road, which contains the prohibition on Parking with the engine running.

In addition, the term “Parking” means the termination of the movement of the car for more than five minutes for reasons not related to the boarding or disembarkation of passengers or loading or unloading. Thus, you can not turn off the engine any time the Parking lot outside of a residential zone. And in a residential area or up to five minutes of Parking, or more if the time necessary for the embarkation and disembarkation of passengers or loading and unloading.

But, in principle, to stand under the Windows of the house with the engine running and the truth is not very good.

Vinogradov Alexander “Behind the wheel”

You compared a Pro UAZ and Gazelle. Explain whether Pros airbag for passengers? If there is, it will be interesting to see how it will fly the average passenger with a waist belt. How do allow for the sale of such machines?

Passenger airbag is not in the basic equipment, nor in the version “Comfort,” nor in the list of options. UAZ Pro — triple, and place under the pillow remains the same: it is designed to protect one passenger, not two.

Stas Panin “Behind the wheel”

I read online about the body materials. In my opinion, from a security point of view aluminium is better than steel. After all, to achieve the same strength the detail necessary to make thicker. And carbon fiber panels — on the contrary. Providing high overall strength, they cannot withstand deformations — break, not bend, so to dissipate the energy.

If the aluminum element with a complicated shape and a thicker wall than similar steel, has identical characteristics in the absorption of the impact energy, it can not be preferable in terms of passive safety. That to the carbon details, this material is made, for example, the cockpits of the racing cars and some production sports cars: they perfectly protect the pilot if a collision occurs.

Revin Alex “driving”

Article about the installation of wheels of large diameter it is necessary to add that on all enumerated parameters (stiffness, stability, stopping distance, handling) is much more influenced by the actual design and material of the tyre, the quantity, quality and location of the cords, the rubber composition. Put the Michelin, but, for example, “Belshina” of the same dimension and make sure.

If we talk about tires in the last century, it was true — any imported tyre was much better on all parameters than those produced in our factories. But now, when the majority of factories in Russia and Belarus started to produce modern tires, the gap has narrowed, and at times, taking into account the ratio of quality and price, and it does not. When choosing tires advise to focus on our tire tests performed for summer and winter tires of different dimensions. And if you do not find in our tests need, then you can push the tires close dimensions.

Kolodochkin Michael “at the wheel”

In recent battery expertise (ZR, No. 10, 2017) you put the battery on a formation, not considering their price. But a year ago the price consideration! Why change policy?

The policy has not changed. By the way, in last year’s article we have considered both the ranking — with and without. This time we also made the calculations, but in the final table decided to do without the price parameter. The reason is simple: price dispersion strongly depends on the outlet. For example, Tyumen battery (one of the cheapest in our sample) in the shop at Tyumen battery plant is almost a thousand rubles less than it paid we.

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Photo: “Behind the wheel.Of the Russian Federation”

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