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Battery, gum and jacket: that’s what the driver should remember in November

Sluggish stream of mywiki, frozen doors, idle engines, cracking windshields… Cold as always came unexpectedly. But to duplicate for the umpteenth time a complete list of all kinds of winter AutoProbe will not — will run only on those items that nobody seems unnecessary. Just as a reminder!Michael Kolodochkin “driving”Expert

November — Pausini: a man with a wagon says goodbye, climbs into the sleighRussian proverb

In Russia, and not only in it, November is considered a winter month rather than autumn. Bare trees, mud, gloom, darkness in General, though, die. And growing queues on the tire: for some reason, many people want to change it to November 30. However, this time this date falls on a Saturday: a good project for the weekend. Not a TV to watch…

The theme of preparation for the winter every season — leader. It would seem that everything has already been said, but year after year it turns out that to close the “winter theme” is impossible.

Cell phone, jacket and shovel

Strange company? And you don’t laugh — to winter Essentials.

Cell phone, of course, is for everyone, but we strongly recommend to carry with them and its charger. The point is simple: in case of an emergency you can wait a long telephone conversations with friends and strangers, insurance and traffic police and other good people. And the farther from civilization, have an accident, the more valuable you mobile phone — sometimes the only connection with the outside world. And from the discharged mobile phone would not be much good.

Jacket (old jacket and similar apparel) is your insurance for the same trouble away from home. On the street — frost, the motor died, and the help does not come. What could be more stupid in such a situation than to freeze? A jacket will save you. By the way, to be experienced, not spoiled by big cities drivers do not hesitate to carry and the like boots.

Shovel? It can be useful even in the city: sometimes the squad blowers suddenly surrounds your car so the snow parapet, without — in any way… Only we are talking about a real, big shovel, which really can throw the snow — toy will not help here.

Silicones, brushes and rags

In November easily freeze alternating with thaws and rains. So don’t be surprised if one day I’ll find the doors firmly frozen to the rubber seals, not letting you into the salon. To avoid this, do not be lazy to pre-treat sealers siliconsamurai grease. At the worst fit and the consumer goods of type of pads for cleaning or pharmacy hand cream.

Much more doors for obvious reasons, freeze the wipers that are constantly in tarnished condition. They do, in General, accustomed, but to release them from the ice prison will have the use of scrapers and other brute force. Many, leaving the car in the Parking lot, specifically raise leashes janitors to avoid from freezing to the glass.

In the trunk, of course, must be brush brushes. Their choice is very large — we gave preference to polycarbonate products. They can be identified by the transparent body, the color of which is visually uniform in thickness. Telescopic handle in practice is very inconvenient flimsy construction does not convey enough of an effort. However, in some cases (minibuses, vans, etc.) without them is still not enough.

The oldest and most useful occupant of the car is cloth. And better to have had a lot of them: one to wipe his hands, the other to wipe the filthy license plate, third — lamps, the fourth is generally put into the category of disposable…

Isopropyl, the ethanol, methanol

Ride with filthy glass is not comme Il faut. Epiphany frosts in November, likely will not, but with summer mywiki (and, especially, water) in the tank should break up until spring. For Nov best to choose a washer fluid designed for minus 10C. Why not stronger? Because the smaller the alcohol, the weaker the sickening smell of isopropyl alcohol, the only alcohol on the basis of which they produce all Russian mywiki. Why do we odors?

Amps, volts and amp-hours

In November to start to act up, tired of a life of the battery. The average daily temperature is steadily creeping to the red, daylight is reduced all the more and therefore carefree summer life finally came to an end. And if in the hothouse environment of the battery is not much required (oil is not thickened, electric consumers, at least), and the half dead battery could regularly pull the strap.

But now the joke’s over: with the cold weather starting current starts to increase, and the average power consumption also increases. The battery starts all reluctant to take charge.

In General we strongly recommend to assess the real state of the battery is sometimes it is enough just to pay attention, whether started up the motor. And if you have a tester you can measure the voltage at the terminals — should be around 12,5 -12,6 V.

In addition, you can rely on her age. Recall that the approximate service life of conventional batteries is 4 to 5 years, and the AGM — 5 — 6 years. And if the time is expired, it is better not to experiment and splurge on a new battery.

As a precaution I advise you to carry a lithium of puskach in the sale is full. You can, of course, and condenser, but their selection is extremely poor, the price is sky-high, and advantages over lithium, unfortunately, no. In any case, cold they also do not like.

Glass, air, and cracks

In any case, again say that with the advent of cold weather frequent visits to the service to replace cracked windshields. Often it turns out that the fault of the owner that sent the hot air stove on the icy glass, which eventually crack due to the sudden drop in temperature. To avoid such trouble, direct the air on the glass immediately after starting the motor — in this case, it will warm up gradually.

All wanting to share their “November” advice, as usual we invite you to speak. Those who are convinced that nothing special with the machine in November do not need, also please to the microphone, explaining their position. Happy journey!

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  • The most common accessories Nov in — protection of radiator, drain the windshield and car mats.

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