Battles in “the Seagull”: the final of the Championship ring

Zpresentation-in a season dedicated to the day of motorist, consisted of a single race length of 40 minutes plus one additional lap. Traditionally the race was at the capital track “the Seagull.” Start were allowed in pairs, and between the 15th and 25th minute for all participants was envisaged mandatory pit-stop with a minimum length of one minute, and if the crew did not survive the allotted time, for every second “nedostroja” he accrued 10 penalty seconds.

On start there were 26 cars, and with the crew list stated pilots rose to 36. In the most powerful classification GT Open was unsurpassed Igor Skuz, received Vartanyan TA championship for the fourth time – it was the pole position and first place on the podium. Finished second to his older brother Oleg, and bronze – Paul Kopilica and Eugene Borshchenko. A curious fact – added GT Open pilots vazovskoy classics, for which the rules of the ring there are now no separate classification. Here he flashed a veteran of the Soviet-era Alexey Varavin, champion of the USSR 1990 in the class “Formula 1300”, together with Sviatoslav Denisov. The second came to the finish Sergey Tkachenko, the third step in the informal pijaceta took Alexei and Sergei Villanova.

In the classification of “VAZ 2108” literally gnawing the victory Sergey Borodin. In the race he was pursued by a band of treacherous failures. First, due to technical problems with a transponder during the training, he had instead first position to start with the latter. But in the end the judges had to calculate second-by-second timing of Sergey, including fines for breach of conditions of arrival at the pit stop. The second to finish came Vladimir Dragomiretsciy, but the penalties for nedostal had overtaken him, forcing him to concede the second step of the podium Oleg Gaydamachenko.

The most popular class was the “1600”. To start out 14 vehicles, seven of which started the pair. In the same class has undergone the most spectacular and adrenaline-filled fight, the winners of which became brothers Yevtushenko. The second skip, hop, and Ilyin, rounded out the podium Polyanichko. In the team competition the championship title was taken by the team “Kiev-South”.

Photo of Igor Tsybko and Irina Kravets

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