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Beauty year round: choose the best calendar 2018

This winter harvest erotic calendars related with automotive sector companies have been particularly rich. We have selected 10 most outstanding publications and invite you to choose the best.

Beautiful girls — as old as the world, but win-win publicity stunt. Some companies, however, refused to put in the picture their products, so their calendars moved from the category of souvenir booklets into works of art. The tone here sets Italian tyre firm Pirelli, which for the last with beautiful women trying to tell some beautiful, socially meaningful story or a tale, as was done in the calendar for 2018. Famous and is considered by many literary critics, Lewis Carroll’s “Alice in Wonderland” through the efforts of photographer Tim Walker and costume designer-set designer Shauna Heath is played at the Pirelli calendar literally new colors — in the shooting involved only dark-skinned stars of show-business, in particular Sasha lane, Whoopi Goldberg, Lupita Nyong’o, rupaul, Naomi Campbell, Sean “Diddy” Combs. What came out of it, look in the gallery.Beauty year round: choose the best calendar 2018Германская firm Vosschemie GmbH in the calendar of its brand Carsystem (underneath selling materials for body repair, from primers and putties to varnishes and paints) also chose an unobtrusive style and focuses the viewer’s attention solely on the beautiful girls, not on chemistry. Only a couple of frames as the background used tins without labels, create an ornament.Beauty year round: choose the best calendar 2018Календари Liqui Moly (German made motor oils) with each year getting better and hotter. This year the girls pose in front of cars that have passed the revision to the tuning Studio Hamann. Traditionally Liqui Moly produces two versions of the calendar: conditionally decent and more revealing, where beauty is depicted either fully naked or wear minimum clothes on the body. In October we published laytovaya version, and now we offer you a one that is piquant — enjoy!Beauty year round: choose the best calendar 2018Очень successful this year turned out the Miss Tuning calendar, which traditionally is the eponymous winner of the annual beauty pageant held in lake Constance (Germany) in the framework of the automobile festival Tuning World Bodensee. This year the Queen tuning was a 21-year-old teacher-trainee Vanessa Schmitt from Bruchsal. For the calendar it was shot in Italy’s Andreas Reiter, a famous photographer of Playboy magazine. Personnel involved in a spectacular Park tuning cars, look at which not less pleasant, than Vanessa.Beauty year round: choose the best calendar 2018Российским girls Anastasia Altyshevo, Olesya Aggeles, Elizabeth Sentyabreva and Maria Okuneva, starring for the calendar krasnokamskiy repair-mechanical plant, fully able to outshine the Queen of German tuning. The plant produces a wide range of products, including trailers “Expedition” is in the background posing Patriotic belles, and balls, socks, cleats and sports tight shorts — a tribute to one of the main events in our country in 2018, the world Cup.Beauty year round: choose the best calendar 2018На the background of athletic and fit women girls, starring for the German tractor Schlepper calendar Kalender, look a little vulgar, and at times too exaggerated convexity are contrary to the current model standards, but these mouth-watering tractor drivers, according to the statistics, has deeply excited visitors to our website. Calendar this nothing to advertise, and made book publishing house Bauer & Rößler GbR just as commercial retail publication, addressed to lovers of lush female form and classic tractors.Beauty year round: choose the best calendar 2018Тему naked tractor drivers continued calendar from the Japanese manufacturer of agricultural machinery ISEKI. Since he filmed at the initiative of the German offices of the firm, and models are involved in this typically German, devoid of any complexes and prejudices. Meanwhile, many of our readers have expressed a desire to enjoy the beauties. Maybe they will be removed for the calendar ISEKI next year?Beauty year round: choose the best calendar 2018Авторемонтники invite girls to advertise their products. A typical example is German firm Twin Busch, which produces the lifts and equipment for tire. Those boring pieces of iron in combination with naked beauties and classic cars look very advantageous: calendar Twin Busch will be a great decoration for any man’s area, whether the garage, a carpenter, or, say, a cigar room.Beauty year round: choose the best calendar 2018Девушки and classic cars — a traditional theme weekly calendar Girls & Legendary US-Cars, which removes the Hamburg photographer Carlos Kella SWAY for publishing Books. The current edition is the tenth in a row. Kella works in the style of pin-up, which means no nudity — just a Flirty pose. Nevertheless, in terms of composition, colors and light productions of calendar Girls & Legendary US-Cars is one of the most striking and intriguing this year, I want to look at it for a long time.Beauty year round: choose the best calendar 2018Напоследок — an alternative view of erotica: burlesque calendar from taxi drivers in new York. Ordinary laborers tried on the images of glamorous models undressed and took a seductive pose. The Comedy is played out with good intentions: the proceeds from the sale of calendars the money to a charity that helps immigrants to adapt to life in the U.S., for example, to learn English and to find work. Most visitors begin their work in the field of carting.Beauty year round: choose the best calendar 2018Фото: Pirelli, Vosschemie GmbH, Liqui Moly, Tuning World Bodensee, Krasnokamsky repair-mechanical plant, Bauer & Rößler GbR, ISEKI-Maschinen GmbH, Twin Busch GmbH, Carlos Kella/SWAY Books, nyctaxicalendar.Sarasota all year round: choose the best calendar 2018Сегодня, at 0:00

Which autocalendar-2018 you liked the most?

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