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Became known, some cars Ukrainians buy most often

With the beginning of 2018, in Ukraine registered more than 26 thousand new passenger cars.

In April 2018 , the Ukrainians purchased 6.8 thousand new passenger cars. This was 6 % more than last year’s figures.

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Sales leader for April was the Renault Duster with a score of 308 purchases, according to “Ukrautoprom”.

At the same time the sales of all models, the leader was Toyota, which sold 825 vehicles for April. Compared to last year, sales of Japanese group decreased by 4 %.

Second place went to Renault – 676 cars. Sales of the carmaker also fell relative to April 2017 at 12 %.

Third place Volkswagen with 70% growth in April was sold 611 cars Ukrainians.

The next positions in the ranking are as follows:

Hyundai – 441 PCs (+ 26%)

Audi – 404 PCs (+ 64%)

Skoda – 385 PCs. (+7%)

KIA – 298 units (-36%)

Mazda – 296 pieces (+ 44%)

Ravon – 251 PCs (+ 70%).

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Since the beginning of 2018, your first registration number received more than 26 thousand cars, which is 12% higher than a year earlier.

As mentioned previously, what will happen to the Ukrainian car industry and why everything is so hopeless. Ukrainian car industry is in deep crisis, say representatives of the industry. As an example, they cite the sad statistics.

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