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Become a party to a disputed accident? The traffic police send SMS!

The Ministry of interior published the final edition of the updated regulation on supervision of participants of traffic.

Now the drivers will be invited to the group analysis by sending SMS (in the case of their consent). This method of notification of place and time of consideration of the case will help to avoid overlapping associated with the notification through the Mail of Russia, when notified of the need to be often comes later than the scheduled date of examination.

Of course, the most important change is the return to the regulations the possibility of stopping by the traffic police vehicle for no apparent reason, just to check documents. This rule was removed a few years ago, leaving staff with the capability to stop vehicles for testing only on stationary posts.

It was thought that under the guise of a COP car can stop the bandits, there were also a time of corruption, when the inspectors uncontrollably “hiding in bushes” and stop all drivers in a row.

However, the interior Ministry said that even after the return of the standards, the inspectors will be on duty at accident-prone road sections and in the moments of “complications road traffic and operational environment”.

Clarified that now the driver must give the inspector the document is not easy without cover, but without the “restraints”. Used some drivers in order for the inspector took the documents to check in the car.

In addition, in the rules there was a clarification of pre-trial procedure of appeal against actions of the inspector of traffic police, which in theory should increase the security of the driver when employees, for example, delay the execution of protocols, to complain about drivers.

Another interesting point is the duty of the inspector of traffic police not just to be polite in conversation with the driver, but also to prevent “discriminating on the grounds of sex, race, nationality, language, political or religious beliefs”. The police are forbidden to read drivers moralizing, to present unreasonable demands and Smoking in the presence of the driver.

The new version of the regulations comes into force on 20 October this year.

  • Earlier, the new head of traffic police of Russia Mikhail Chernikov called the 12 main steps that he intends to implement as the chief gosavtoinspektor of the country.
  • The traffic police intends to change the order of registration of changes in vehicle design.

Photo: Pavel Smertin/TASS

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