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Bedtime stories: autoshare deception cram Ukrainians cars from Europe

The sellers of foreign-registered vehicles made up a legend that you can persuade any Ukrainian to acquire affordable car

Wishing to have a car is enough to believe dealers and get a lot of problems in the future. Dealers tell us that now the car avtonomera legally imported into Ukraine for the term up to 5 years. This means that throughout this period the car can be easily move around the country. It is reported MMR reports Svidok.

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Experts note that in some countries like Estonia or Lithuania permitted to register the car for five years, subject to a save garage. So this car can not move on the roads, taking them to us and sell the Ukrainians, telling them stories.

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Moreover, this car recorded on a one-time emergency, so that in case you have any issues with the purchased machine can not prove anything, and thus the driver can at any time remain without the purchased vehicles.

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Recall that recently in Ukraine opened the scheme of illegal import of cars on foreign registration.

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