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Behind the wheel will be 17 years for the traffic police to change the rules

To get the right motorcycle, truck or bus will be much more difficult.Alexander Khlynov


5 serious traffic violations, who are you to argue? — also make

Traffic police proposes to undertake a new reform of driver training in other countries. The corresponding project of the Federal law “On amendments to the Federal law “About safety of traffic” on the admission to management of vehicles” published on the website

The bill involves the rights are not earlier than 20 years of age. Today the right to motor vehicles of categories M and A1 can be obtained in 16 years, and the license category A — 18 years. The traffic police propose to shift the terms of the rights of category A for two years, and 18 years of age should have a new category A2. They will allow to operate motor vehicles, power motor which is no more than 47 HP the bike can’t be too easy: the bill provided for a maximum of 0.27 HP per kg of weight. That is allowed a 47-strong motorcycle will have to weigh 174 lbs. in two years the management of such equipment a motorcyclist can obtain a license of category A. Without such experience to obtain the right category And it will be only 24 years of age.

Harder it will be to obtain rights of category C and D that allow to manage trucks and buses. Having no experience of driving other vehicles, to get the right category With you are not 18 years of age, and at 21, the minimum age for category D will be 24 years. Exchange foreign rights of these categories of Russian will be possible only after training and passing an exam in the traffic police. This innovation will not concern the citizens of Belarus, Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan.

The admission of minors behind the wheel of the car, on the contrary, simplified. They are encouraged to afford to drive a car with 17, if in salon there is a motorist with the experience not less than 5 years of age and over 23 years.

  • The interior Ministry has decided to simplify traffic rules, as they have confused even the inspectors.


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