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Black is a bad color for a car. Whether it is white…

The Russians love (and someone, on the contrary, hates) black cars and what color to choose when buying replica expert “Behind the wheel”.Michael Kolodochkin “driving”Expert

The other day we slipped funny information, saying, at the Frankfurt motor show will bring “the black world” BMW. The coating is able to absorb 99,965% of the incident radiation, from visible light to micro – and radio waves. The human eye defines it as the almost absolute darkness.

It would be interesting to look at the dark. As the achievement of science, of course, but not as a car. Because black cars, the already difficult to see on the road. Anyway, black cars, I have the attitude in General is negative, while denying them the impression you can’t. Big black car is usually very nice. And prestigious — even today.

“Raikin went on weekends to his impossible shiny black “Volga”… Went slow and bought myself a bouquet of flowers. He was made a holiday…”

Mikhail Zhvanetsky

People like black color. It is adored by fashion designers. This is the only color that goes well with any other. It is associated with elegance. It’s a timeless classic.

But there is also the negative of domestic origin: it was on the black car traveled at all times hated by all the bureaucratic red tape. Yes, and now travels… And from the negative stuck – “black crow”.

In other words, in Russia, this color is associated with a boorish authority on the one hand and submissive humility on the other. Like “I see a black car — Sarahyba to the side out of trouble”… Remember the famous in Soviet times, the picture Pimenov “New Moscow” of 1937: there all black.

However, black cars, there are more down-to-earth fault: they are only in the time spent at the sink. As the winner of the last two black sedans — the GAZ-3102 and Volvo S80, drove me about a hundred thousand miles each, to confidently declare that no other color can look so dirty! It would seem that it’s only been ten minutes since the washer the last time busily ran a rag around the water droplets, and already saw the car again, some dusty. And do not tell me for the umpteenth time to say that we have, like, all around dirty talking now only about what other colors there is no such effect.

From undeserved attacks on black cars, I note the following: we often hear that black car in the sun heats up more than others. Technically it is, but to focus attention on this still not worth it: the difference in the cabin between the light and dark machines is measured by several degrees in very hot weather play no special role. The fact that the metallic outer shell of the machine is separated from the interior of a kind of layer cake of finishes, insulation, etc. is Much stronger on temperature will be affected, for example, the area of glazing, color and material of upholstery, etc.

“In black and white colors there is a perfect harmony. Their beauty is absolute”.

Coco Chanel

The black color of the car stands out, no doubt. But with first place on popularity it pushes… the antithesis: white!

Evil tongues immediately indicate the main reason for this phenomenon, saying that the white color is usually the cheapest in shops for him to take charge. But I would have thought the other virtues of such a choice. Again, from personal experience I know: the dirt on a white car less noticeable. In addition, light machines are better seen on the road, which, of course, important. Therefore, when choosing the color of the future car I would recommend…

However, it is not so. When choosing a car (from among commercially available) I would have strongly pushed the color to last place. Because for me is much more important than technical parameters. The last time I chose therefore the car, I offered a list of 70 cars. But after I rejected low-profile tires, Keyless entry, diesel engines, xenon, etc., then 70 proposed there are only… two! Ironically one of them was black and the other white. So I met with his “blonde”!

And still a little bit about black cars. The famous phrase of Henry Ford that the car can be any color provided that it black (Any customer can have a car painted any colour that he wants so long as it is black), in my opinion, is translated incorrectly. I would suggest another option: “Any buyer has the right to paint the car in any color as all our cars are black.” The point is, that the black paint any other went without any problems.

However, it is possible that I am mistaken.

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