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Blog of Peter the Smaller VW Tiguan, Geely Atlas and Haval F7

In one of my signature exercises jump from a springboard with a height of 200 mm was found two of the most popular “Chinese”, the Atlas and Haval F7, with the best-selling “German” Tiguan.Peter Little “Behind the wheel”

I agree, not every day cars jump even from a small height, but in my life it is, alas, on a normal paved road. In such an extreme situation, checked the contents and settings of the suspension, its ability to absorb any surprises our roads. If our practice tests all of the cars jumped equally well, I would not have to risk your credibility and introduce this exercise. But the jump is different, and this comparison can be useful for engineers of the adaptation of the models for Russia. Useful, and owners, who will be better to know your car and this is even more to love him.

How jump modern Chinese and German cars, and most importantly, how to brake after landing, read and watch videos here.

Photo: Peter Little “Behind the wheel”

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