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Blondes envy: a retired master Parking

The action takes place in Poland, but with the same success it could happen in any court in any part of the world. Just a funny sketch that watching from the window of the house residents: maneuvering local pensioner.

Say at once: I mean, who puts the car! Probably, for this reason grumbling pensioner, Fiat Seicento which is literally “squeezed” in the yard, the local car owners. But grandfather was not born yesterday, he knows what it’s like to travel with the pusher, and since the car compact and lightweight, successfully carries out his plan. In the Polish community of motorists wonder how he was able to get a driver’s license? And how is it with this “ability” in General, riding on the roads? But maybe it’s just age that can easily do in 20 years, not so easy at 70. However, the strength of the old man is clearly not lost, as you can see by viewing this video.

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Video: YouTube

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