BMW i8 upgrade blew off the roof

Nand both the new hybrid powertrain with plug-in debuted advanced BMW eDrive power train, which allows you to make longer trips solely on electricity.

BMW i8 dimensions repeats the coupe — only the height of the open version for a couple millimeters smaller. Both hybrids are the same low centre of gravity (460 mm less) and almost perfect weight distribution (49 to 51% in favor of the rear axle). True, the Roadster is slightly worse drag coefficient (0,26 0,28 vs) and 60 kg more kerb weight.

BMW i8 got a new seat, upgraded multimedia system, a projection on the windshield and the upholstery of chairs copper color. Optionally available trim carbon fiber and ceramics. The navigation system now included in the list of basic equipment.

Technically, both models are identical. Powerplant — synchronous electric motor front and gasoline “turbotron” volume one and a half Lira back. But if the same engine develops 231 HP and 320 N•m, the motor added to the impact 12 power (143 HP under the same 250 Newton-metres). Thus, the total capacity has risen from 362 to 374 HP.

Coupe accelerates to hundred in 4.4 seconds, Roadster – 4.6 seconds. The maximum speed of both models is identical and limited to a mark of 250 kilometres per hour. In the test cycle NEDC coupe managed to achieve mileage of pure electric range to 55 km, the Roadster made a little worse — 53 km.

The fuel consumption in the combined cycle, calculated in accordance with the test EU for plug-in hybrid vehicles is 1.9 l/100 km* for BMW i8 Coupe and 2.1 l/100 km* BMW i8 Roadster.

Over the past two years in the United States have implemented 3859 of copies BMW i8, in Europe — 3573. Sales of both new products will start in may 2018.

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