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BMW potrollit Mercedes-Benz and… got “back”!

Strange still, this Halloween, like pretending to be terrible, but actually funny and even sometimes funny.Elena Alekseeva


The road to Halloween: the drivers called the most mystic places

Trolling between the auto giants BMW and Mercedes have already acquired the form of an ongoing friendly jokes, this time on Twitter, the Bavarians have published a photo of the Mercedes in a blue cloak, with the BMW logo and the caption: “Today every car can dress up as his favorite superhero”.

But cracking jokes in the address of the competitor, you need to be prepared for the fact that he will answer no less witty. The BMW team on social media now knows what it feels like after a fun exchange barbs with colleagues from Daimler.

BMW tried to make fun of Mercedes—Benz at 10:55 am, and at 11:39 tweet Daimler AG appeared the following account, which is not even needed in the picture: “Good! It is really scary costume! Especially the grille…”.

This brief statement has eclipsed all. However, we have to explain this a little joke. The fact that the BMW designers are now making massive signature grille for some models. It started with the X7 crossover, but not particularly conspicuous because of the powerful forms of the car. The updated 7-series also received a giant grid, and there is a mismatch of item overall look was clear to specialists. Since competitors are closely watching each other, the flaws of the designers of BMW has not escaped the attention of mercedesbenzes.

Here and live, fun bantering over each other. Still fun this Halloween!

  • Not fun was the police of Viginia, when at the scene they found creepy bloody girl, which is cute, they smiled.

Photo: Twitter

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