BMW showed the aerodynamic profile of four-door “eight”

BMW has released another teaser of the sedan 8-Series.

BMW revealed another teaser of the new “eight”. And if in the previous image, the company showed the rear of the car, but now car enthusiasts can consider the profile of the sedan.

The picture shows the side of the car with four-door body. Photo appeared on the official website of the us office of the German mark on Facebook.

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A concept version of the new “eight” debuted in the spring of 2017. This car was a carbon fiber two-door body, laser light headlamps, 21-inch wheels, digital instrument panel, seats with a carbon frame and the gearbox and joystick multimedia system, made of glass Swarovski.

At the beginning of 2018, the Internet exploded spy photos, which serial is “eight” is depicted without camouflage. After that, the brand has revealed official images of the car, however, still hidden camouflage tape.

In the family of BMW 8-Series will include a version with a coupe and convertible and four-door version. Appears and “charged” modification of the model will be equipped with a 600-horsepower twin-turbo V8 engine capacity of four liters.

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