Bosch makes a diesel

BSlavny the end of the glorious diesel tribe, it seems, is cancelled: Bosch stated that he knew how to make eco-friendly diesel. Moreover, now the pilot motor to the test in real driving cycles showed a fantastic performance. He throws 13 mg/km of nitrogen oxides – and it is ten times less than reglamentary environmental standard that comes into effect in 2020!

The main problem of diesel engines today is that in urban traffic, they are too cold. In slow traffic the engine is not hot enough for cleaning the exhaust gases. Bosch brought an intelligent thermal control system to maintain a high gas temperature as long as possible.

The results of the tests showed that with the current 12-volt technology, it is difficult to achieve the level of heat, giving a significant improvement. In the presence of 48-volt network, as well as use of braking energy, the possibilities are greatly increased.

What automaker is cooperating Bosch, while a trade secret – we wouldn’t be surprised if it will be VAG. But we can understand that the yield of improved diesel engines on the market is not far off. The company is not yet saying how much more expensive new diesels will be for the consumer. On the one hand, I believe in Bosch, production of upgraded engines in mass production will reduce the price. On the other hand, the motors will require periodic adding of special additives to fuel (presumably, something like an improved AdBlue urea-based), which will have to spend money to owners of cars.

I am glad that Bosch with enthusiasm and warm feelings apply to diesels. The company believes one of its most important missions the conservation of natural resources – and diesel engines, according to Bosch, excellent job with this. Even Bosch is optimistic about the revival of the reputation of diesel engines, believing that as soon as society will be presented with clear facts and figures about the emissions of the engines of the new generation, buyers and the authorities will once again be supportive of this type of motors.

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