Budget crossover Tesla: the date of issue

Aboutthis reports Reuters. The basis for the future crossover will form the chassis of the electric vehicle 3 budget Model that will accelerate the development of new products. He has the same Model Y will borrow most of the parts and components. In this case, as in the older model Model X, the electric car will get rear doors which the company calls “Falcon wings”.

Tesla intend to abandon the scheme using 12-volt batteries, which now applies on all cars Tesla — this innovation will allow to reduce the amount of electrical wiring and apply on the Assembly line a large number of robots, which greatly simplifies the Assembly process.

According to Reuters, the production Model Y will begin in November 2019 at the company’s factory in Fremont (CA). The first cars will start to arrive to customers in another couple of months. In February, CEO Elon Musk said that the company plans to reach an annual circulation of 1 million copies. However, this figure is skepticism — the capacity of the plant in Fremont is not yet able to achieve the planned output in 10 thousand cars a week, which was launched last year budget of the sedan Model 3. In addition, at the moment, Tesla is experiencing significant financial difficulties.

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