Bugatti Chiron his hands and in just 7 hours

N. Technic consists of 3599 parts and is recommended for individuals over the age of 16. Scale 1:8 machine dimensions 56x25x14 inches. The kit includes an aerodynamic bodykit with active rear wing, rims with low profile tires, detailed cockpit with movable paddle shifters and a W16 engine with moving pistons.

In addition, the model had a unique serial number and a key that allows you to change the position of the active rear wing, as well as the signature accessory – a suitcase Bugatti. The Assembly manual Bugatti Chiron is made in the form of an illustrated gift editions, telling about the machine.

Until recently, the most complex model of Lego Technic was the Porsche 911 GT3 RS. Constructor, to which is attached a 600-page manual for Assembly, consists of 2704 details.

Price toy Bugatti Chiron depends on the country: in the USA model asking $349.99, in France – €379.99in the UK – £329.99. And it’s much cheaper than the present “Chiron”, which costs 2.4 million euros. Besides, the machine can be assembled by hand in just over 7 hours – in the YouTube there is a video in which filmed all this fascinating process.

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