Buyers of cars with mileage in Autotrade receive AIS present in the hull

Car company AIS Autotrade – specializing in the purchase and sale of used cars, is launching a new year Campaign “CASCO as a Gift”!*
In the period 01.12.2017 for 31.01.2018 absolutely all customers AIS Autotrade buying a used car will receive a gift* CASCO Insurance policy for 12 months.Comprehensive insurance — provides insurance protection of the car in case of an accident or theft.

AIS Autotrade has one of the largest sites for selling used cars in Ukraine! The automotive area of the company is located at Kiev, Baltic lane., 20 and more than 300 cars, 30 brands, which gives customers a wide selection of the most popular passenger and commercial cars of different classes.

When choosing AIS Autotrade customers can be assured of the security of the transaction. As all of our vehicles prior to offering them for sale are tested on more than 100 parameters, which gives the possibility to determine the actual technical condition of the car and confirm the accuracy of the mileage. And also in the mandatory checks the legal purity of the car, no liens, arrests, authenticity and originality of rooms and units.

In addition all vehicles are owned by AIS AutoTrade, the company sells the vehicle to the customer by the conclusion of the standard contract of purchase and sale (and not by proxy on someone else’s sheet, as many intermediaries) and, if necessary, helps to put the car on the account.

Among other benefits of buying used cars in AIS Autotrade are:
– The opportunity to Test Drive any car;
– Free Customer service assistance technical and informational assistance on the road;
– Possibility to install LPG or any other additional equipment;
– The possibility of buying b/a car in a trade-in, loan or lease;
– Security and comfort when conducting transactions.

Learn more about the ongoing promotions offered vehicles and services via the telephone information line 0 800-50-79-50 (free from landline and mobile phones within Ukraine) or at the official website AIS Autotrade

*The gift means buying insurance CASCO for 1 UAH. conditions: the damage deductible 2% deductible under the wrongful deprivation of the vehicle and a constructive loss of the CU of 5%, the management allowed any person lawfully driving experience more than 2 years, the vehicle is not leased, leasing, are not used by first responders, ambulance, taxi, calculation of insurance indemnity, taking into account depreciation according to the calculation of SRT. The offer is valid when buying a car with mileage in the AIS Autotrade city of the Baltic, 20 of 01.12.2017 on 01.01.2018 R. R. under condition of 100% payment of the cost of the car in cash. Insurance partners: OJSC “IC AXA Insurance”, license Demicontinuous No. 483293 from 17.09.2009 R. SK Universal license Demicontinuous No. 569722 from 23.03.2011

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