Buyers of the Nissan Leaf can save up to 20 000 UAH.

AIS Autotrade is one of the largest authorized dealers for the sale of used cars offers a unique opportunity to save up to UAH 20 000.* when buying the most popular in Ukraine the used electric car – Nissan Leaf.In November, all buyers of Nissan Leaf in AIS Autotrade receive a gift** CASCO insurance policy with a validity of 12 months.

AIS Autotrade offers one of the largest in Kiev, the stock Nissan Leaf. AIS Autotrade offers to purchase the Nissan Leaf cost from 398 000 UAH. 425 to 600 UAH. 2013-2015 model years, mileage 22 000 km and 74,000 km***. The buyer can choose the configuration and color of the car. All the cars imported from the United States, do not have a run on Ukraine and passed customs clearance. All cars have an official service history of operation, is available for inspection on the Internet not been in an accident and had damage due to natural disasters. Cars can be purchased in trade-in. When buying a legal entity possible tax credit for VAT.

AIS offers Autotrade to enjoy the benefits of electric vehicles and invites you to test drive!

Promotional offer is valid from November 06, 2017 November 30, 2017 in the AIS Autotrade Kiev, the Baltic per., 20, for more information on the website or by phone 0 800 50 79 50 (free from fixed and mobile phones in Ukraine)

* the amount of savings refers to the market value of the insurance policy CASCO (5% of the value of the car) at the price of the vehicle 400 000 UAH.
** the gift means buying insurance policy, CASS CO. (package “CASCO-Elektro”) for 1 UAH. Insures IC “AXA Insurance”, license series AB №483293 17.09.2017 issued by the State Commission for regulation of financial services markets of Ukraine. Basic terms of the insurance policy CASCO-Elektro”: the damage deductible– 1% deductible on risks “Stealing” and “Total destruction” – 5%, the validity of 1 year on the territory of Ukraine. For more information, please contact the seller.
*** Are the minimum and maximum price for 1 unit of Nissan Leaf as at 08 Nov 2017 depending on the year of manufacture, mileage and equipment. Price may change if you change the currency of purchase. For accurate details please contact the seller.

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