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By car — the ban on the registration from the previous owner. What to do?

The situation is complicated, but not a dead end, says the head of the state traffic Inspectorate Mikhail Chernikov.“Behind the wheel”

Accidentally found out that my car imposed a ban on registration procedure due to the fact that her previous owner has not paid a Parking ticket. How am I going to sell it, if the new owner will not be able to register it? The desire to pay the penalty for the previous owner no.

Alexei Vladimir, Vladivostok

The question the reader meets the head of the Main Department on security of traffic of the Ministry of internal Affairs of Russia the General-the Lieutenant of police Mikhail Chernikov.

In accordance with the order of the Ministry of internal Affairs of Russia from June 26, 2018 No. 399 “On approving the Rules of state registration of motor vehicles and trailers to them the State inspection of safety of traffic of the Ministry of internal Affairs of the Russian Federation, sample form of certificate of vehicle registration and invalidation of the regulatory legal acts of the MIA of Russia and of certain provisions of normative legal acts of the MIA of Russia”in respect of vehicles for which the court, investigative, customs bodies, bodies of social protection of the population or other bodies in cases and order stipulated by the legislation of the Russian Federation, was imposed prohibitions or restrictions on committing registration actions registration actions are performed after the removal of these prohibitions or restrictions.

In this situation should contact the authority to impose this restriction, to find the best way out of the situation and withdrawal restrictions.

  • Terminate the registration of the car now, without leaving the house.

Photo: Alexander Avilov/AGN “Moscow”

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