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Called the cost of Aurus Senat. Still 18 million!

Today opened the first showroom cars Aurus.Alexander Khlynov

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Limousine Putin will share the motor with selhozaviatsii

In the complex “Moscow-city” opened the first showroom of the brand Aurus, the range of which is represented today while the two Senat S600 sedan and limousine Senat L700. The event was announced the cost-armoured sedan in the basic configuration. She, as was announced earlier, amounted to 18 million rubles.

“The car that is presented in front of you — Aurus Senat. Its price in a base complete set — 18 million rubles,” — said General Director of Aurus Adil Shirinov at the opening ceremony of the showroom Aurus.

Recall that the range of Aurus will consist of cars of different classes. This Senat sedan S600 L700 limousine, minivan Arsenal, SUV Komendant, as well as yet unnamed convertible that has already participated in the Victory Parade. It is possible the appearance of a coupe. In addition, a number of Aurus declared motorcycle and even a helicopter.

  • President of Turkmenistan intends to purchase the entire line of cars Aurus for your garage.

Photo: Artyom Geodakyan/TASS

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