Canadian agriculture has created a robotic platform

The new product, unlike a conventional tractor, do not require a high level of traction, all wheel drive, axle, cab, and operator.

Canadian businessman Norbert Boot developed the concept of a new type of equipment – independent platform DOT reports
“You know what you inconvenient tractors? If you, for example, take a tractor with a power of 500 HP, about 20% -30% of its power consumption, he will spend just on the movement itself – heavy and quite bulky colossus. So why not throw out all unnecessary, and leave only the working parts, which will allow the technique to directly perform the required functions?”.

Moves U-shaped device with four wheels, each of which has its own independent hydrostatic drive, operated either with the remote control, or using special software and GPS positioning, thanks to which the platform will move, given her plan.
Power unit this machine performs the 160-horsepower diesel engine Cummins, which, according to Bogota, more than enough to drone technology was able to carry in the field 9-metre drill razvival the speed to 10 km/h.
According to Bogota of the invented mechanism seriously reduces the cost of medium and small farmers for the maintenance and operation of agricultural equipment – platform DOT does not require an experienced operator, in addition, it absorbs 2 times as much fuel.
Its innovation in the canadian plans for the first time to show to the public from 18 to 20 July in Western Canada at one of their agricultural exhibitions.

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