Car magazines — a product of time or a relic of history

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  • The history of the automobile magazines in Russia
  • Statistics of car magazines
  • Advertising in car magazines
  • The rating of automobile magazines in Russia
  • The subject of car magazines
  • Kinds of car magazines
  • Top 10 automotive magazines in Russia

The history of the automobile magazines in Russia

The first magazine in Russia, dedicated to automotive topics, is considered to be known autojournal “Behind the wheel”. His story begins in 1928, when in April he published the first edition. He became a sort of by product of that time because the rapid pace of progress of motorization in the country. After passing through a long story, oddly enough, the magazine is still produced and is considered one of the most popular.

Автомобильные журналы — продукт времени или пережиток истории
Purely Russian autoitalia appeared after the collapse of the USSR in the distant 1990s. From the very beginning they have combined advertising AutoForm, articles about cars, car history, maintenance problems, testing cars and private ads. Magazines “the 5th wheel”, “Wheel”, “Car”, “Carpool”, “Best auto” is not the whole list. To date, the segment of periodicals devoted to autoamatic, actively saturated and inferior in percentage only women’s magazines and real estate magazines.

Statistics of car magazines

Automobile magazines in Russia, issued monthly, account for 45% of the total number of periodicals of this specialization. Among them we can mention “the 5th wheel”, “Car”, “Quattroruote”, “Tuning”, “driving”, “Autopilot”, “4×4 Club”. With a periodicity of 2 times in a month is “auto review”. Weekly publications, which constitute 25% of all editions of the magazines are “autofocus”, “auto”, “auto”.

In total, autoitalia circulations between 2,000 and 55,000 copies, each of which can be on average 100 pages. Target audience special periodicals consists of readers between the ages of 25 to 45 years of age, which is 65%, the younger and the older generation — are interested in this the press is only 18%.
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The greatest number of publications about cars available in the capital and large cities, about a quarter of all sold in the cities of regions, and a third outside the region.

Advertising in car magazines

The passion of Russia cars, trucks, motorcycles and other vehicles specifies one of the biggest car markets in the world. Era media is able to provide advertisers access to this audience with a different proposal. Weekly and monthly car magazines in Russia are a unique forum for advertisers wanting to reach consumers. It is therefore not surprising that the share of advertising in them is about 90%, and one third of all magazines exist on advertising revenues. Pages can be found the image (a description in the articles of companies which offer their goods and services to potential consumers, dealers, bus maintenance), modular advertising (separate band with a bright picture) and PR support (a combination of different models).

The rating of automobile magazines in Russia

A key indicator of a magazine is the readership of the average issue, so-called AIR — the number of people who read the average issue of the publication. According to statistics, the greatest number of readers is autojournal “driving” (more than 14%), then followed: “auto”, “Car and prices”, “hand in hand — auto”, “Car”, “Horn”. Also the top ten includes “auto review”, “avtopanorama”, “5th wheel” and “Autopilot”.
Автомобильные журналы — продукт времени или пережиток истории

The subject of car magazines

Model cars
Pages avoidany you can find a large number of descriptions of models and modifications of cars. You can track information about new and popular cars, cheap and budget autocare, practical, energy-efficient, the best and safest family car.
Automotive technology and innovation
Every reader interesting articles about the production of cars with new features, an improved engine, fashion accessories or gadgets. Relevant topics in this area include articles about hybrid cars, GPS, newest technologies, the influence of gadgets on driving, rules of their use, where they can find and buy.
Car shows and exhibitions
To visit the auto show for any lover of cars is a matter of honor, so autoerotica describes the largest event of its kind in the world. Popular articles about the racers, local and international exhibitions and other events in showrooms are quite common.
Test drives
Test drives or test drives are one of the favorite sections of most readers. On the pages of autoitalia Russia include interviews with professional riders who are testing for ride quality, power, drives, turns, smooth transitions, braking, Parking, test operation of engine and appreciate the interior. In test drives most often you can see the new automotive manufacturers and trendy models.
Car maintenance
Many car magazines provide information about repairs of cars. These articles are based on the latest diagnostic technologies with the use of official data of the manufacturer and experience of professional masters. In these sections you can get information about repair shops, assessment of their quality of work, advice about the care and maintenance of cars, reducing costs for service relative to the efficiency of the use of fossil fuels and on the choice of vehicle insurance.
Car manufacturers
Data about the automotive industry, development, manufacture, marketing and sale of cars — such topics are widely available in magazines, like news, reviews, photos latest releases from different manufacturers. Readers can see the information about the companies, their designers, their use of the latest technologies in the development of new models and stuff.
Collection models
Although readers of car magazines mostly have a car for practical use, many of them are interested in collectible models. Vintage and vintage cars, car auctions, mini trucks, beautifully designed luxury coupes, sport models and rare instances continue to lead the popular.

Kinds of car magazines

All publications devoted to cars, can be divided into several thematic sections. Some are intended for a wide audience of motorists. Every month the specialists of such publications attract millions of readers to the articles on interactive activities, description of modified and classic cars and individual brands. Other publications specialize in a narrow profile. Tuning, motor work and its improvement, individual types and models would be of interest only to professional readers. Some publications use a magazine format.
To a wider audience
Logs that are intended for a wide audience, include: “Domestic and foreign cars”, “World of cars”, “New and popular cars”, “auto repair news”, “World of trucks”, “news of car business”, “Expert-auto”, “Transport of Russia”, “New and used cars”, “5th wheel”, “World of trucks”, “SUVs”, “avtopanorama”, “Audio”, “car”, “Avtoreview” and others.
Narrow car magazines
“Tuning expert”, “Special”, “specialty vehicles”, “fast and furious. Tuning cars”, “the Right car”, “World of tires and wheels” and “World of automotive oils and lubricants” will be interesting for professionals in their field. To this kind of magazines also include “Tuning cars”, “the World of automobile chemistry and cosmetics”, “the Life of motors”, “World of automobile audio equipment”, “Automotive”, “World of tyres”, “Master mechanic”, “Car Pros”, “auto-journal”, “Full drive 4×4”.
Magazine formats of publications
To the coffee formats include publications that specialize in announcements and General information about cars. Their subject matter is more similar to newspaper publications, but with differences in the format and colour illustrations. Such magazines include “car showroom”, “Autophotoprodazha”, “Car” and others.

Top 10 automotive magazines in Russia

We present you the Top 10 automotive magazines in Russia, which give its readers information on the development of new automotive vehicles, restoring classic cars, road testing, car repairs.
1. Driving

  • Publishing house: “Behind the wheel”.
  • The publication of the first issue: 1928.
  • Periodicity: monthly.

Popular autojournal, which until the late 1980s was the only periodical dedicated to the automotive industry. Today it is possible to find: test-drive, legal advice, professional advice on maintenance and car repair news in the world of automotive industry, the developments in the global shows and exhibitions, the history of the automotive industry. For a long time of its existence the publishing house “driving” has set the standard for automotive journalism, maintaining its devotion to automotive topics.
Автомобильные журналы — продукт времени или пережиток истории
2. Autoworld

  • Publisher: JSC “Publishing house “Burda””.
  • The publication of the first issue: 1998.
  • Periodicity: weekly.

Specialized magazine that is entirely dedicated to automotive topics. In each room you can find the latest news on the production of cars, comparison tests, description of car shows and racing. Also in the magazine there is information about the best Moscow showrooms and official dealers.
Автомобильные журналы — продукт времени или пережиток истории
3. Fifth wheel

  • Publisher: “SPN Pablishing”.
  • The publication of the first issue: 1993.
  • Periodicity: monthly.

The only magazine on the market automobile magazines Russia, which is created with the help of readers. On its pages there are the opinions of professionals, experience of competent Amateurs. In tests of the cars, which are represented on the Russian market, directly involved readers.
Автомобильные журналы — продукт времени или пережиток истории
4. All-wheel drive 4×4

  • Publishing House: “Life”.
  • The publication of the first issue: 2010.
  • Periodicity: monthly.

One of the new automotive publications, which will be interesting for fans of four-wheel drive vehicles. SUVs, jeeps, station wagons today niche is in demand, can be found on the pages of the magazine, and they are here tested, described and photographed.
Автомобильные журналы — продукт времени или пережиток истории
5. The horn

  • Publishing House “Klaxon-Media”.
  • The publication of the first issue in 1990.
  • Periodicity: monthly.

The magazine was created in order to help you choose the vehicle. Here you can find all the news of automotive industry, market analysis, expert consultation, autopremier and a lot of other useful information.
Автомобильные журналы — продукт времени или пережиток истории
6. Autoreview

  • Publisher: “Auto Review”.
  • The publication of the first issue: 1991.
  • Periodicity: monthly.

One of the leading Russian automobile magazines that tells about innovations of the automotive market, estimates models of cars, places news, updates, and publishes advice of experienced mechanics. Interestingly, the journalists of this edition represent Russia in the jury of international automotive competitions. “Auto review” has repeatedly been in the top ten sales leaders in the category of “Automobile magazine”.
Автомобильные журналы — продукт времени или пережиток истории
7. Autopilot

  • The Publishing House “Kommersant”.
  • The publication of the first issue: 1994.
  • Periodicity: monthly.

The magazine was created for car enthusiasts and professionals of high class. Each month here you can find information about news car market, test drives of new products, the ratings of the best cars, articles about automotive diagnostics and interviews with well-known motorists.
Автомобильные журналы — продукт времени или пережиток истории
8. Autobatterie

  • The Publishing House “Kommersant”.
  • Periodicity: monthly.

“Autobaterie” is positioned as an infotainment magazine for car enthusiasts with quality modern printing. It regularly publishes information about news and prospects of development of the automotive industry, are interviews with experienced mechanics, describes technical innovations.
Автомобильные журналы — продукт времени или пережиток истории
9. Autoligand

  • Publisher: “De Agostini”.
  • The publication of the first issue: 2009.
  • Periodicity: monthly.

The journal “Autoligand” is unique because it focuses on original cars, which were quite popular during the USSR. In each issue of the magazine you can find copies of the original cars, the history of the Soviet automotive industry, creating machines, archival materials, and automotive engineering .
Автомобильные журналы — продукт времени или пережиток истории
10. In the car

  • Publisher: LLC “publishing house “Tesco Media
  • The publication of the first issue: 2012 year.
  • Periodicity: monthly.

“In the car” is one of the new books about cars, which is a combination of articles on road tests, comparisons dealers, car servicing, accessories, as well as information about new and old models. The publication has a large, full-color images that attract readers.
Автомобильные журналы — продукт времени или пережиток истории
Car magazines, despite the development of online technologies remain popular among men interested in new trends in the world automotive industry. To captivate its readers, each autojournal today is created by motor enthusiasts and specialists in this field. In them you can find a lot of useful information from the world of mechanics, news cars in the world, as well as testing and car gadgets. The language used in the magazines, adapted to the level and age of readers, who are not facing any difficulties in the definitions of the automotive industry. Every motorist at least once kept in the hands of autojournal. Are you familiar with the automotive press?

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