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Car maintenance is becoming more expensive for Russians: +22% per year

And the average fines are increasing.Elena Alekseeva


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It was found that the average penalty amount for the year in Russia has increased from 496 to 531 rouble. Expenses for repayment of traffic fines have studied intelligence service “Yandex.Money.”

Among the leading cities with the highest average fines: Moscow — 582 rubles, from Krasnoyarsk — 579 rubles, and Samara — 531 rouble. The lowest average payments in Volgograd — 436 roubles, Omsk — 449 rubles and Nizhny Novgorod — 453 rubles.

22% increase in average receipts for car products and services for drivers, noted in the study. Detail dimensions are not given, but the average amount is announced. So, this year, the average bill for gasoline was 819 rubles. Moreover, spending on refilling the inhabitants of Omsk — 1204 of the ruble. The three cities are also the leaders of the Perm — 1196 roubles and Moscow — 1129 rubles. The smallest average check came in Volgograd — 622 rubles, Chelyabinsk — 776 rubles and Yekaterinburg — 786 rubles.

For maintenance and repair of machine motorists give average 4270 rubles. Most in Rostov-na-Donu — 5228 rubles, in Nizhny Novgorod — 640 rubles.

Average bill for parts and accessories for cars amounted to 1632 of the ruble. In St. Petersburg more spent on these products, paying on average 3709 rubles, and the most economical was the drivers from Krasnoyarsk — the amount of the check amounted to 807 rubles.

The study took into account the users ‘ payments from January to October 2019 and 2018 in the cities.

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