Car – sharing in Ukraine!

P‘or to learn a new foreign word, denoting, in fact, short-term car rentals. And with maximum convenience for the user, and with a minimum of bureaucratic procedures. Car sharing has just launched here in Kiev at least, already made the first important step. The company “TSM inter-Avto”, located in Kiev, Balzaka, Ravon official dealer in Ukraine, solemnly handed over the first batch of 30 vehicles Ravon R2 Getmancar company, which will offer the service of car sharing.

According to representatives of Getmancar, cars Ravon R2, which will be offered in car sharing, simplicity, ruggedness and impressive as for its price, level of comfort. And the “TSM inter-Avto” came to Getmancar partners thanks to his professionalism and desire to go towards new endeavors.

Now a few words about the undertaking, which promises to be implemented in January next year. First, the project will occupy the territory of the capital city and some satellite towns. To hire in the first time will be available about a hundred Ravon R2 with automatic transmission, but in the near future Getmancar plans to increase the fleet to 300 cars.

The car rental can be taken with pay by the minute (4-6 HR), hourly (50-60 UAH) or rent (from 1000 UAH). First you need to register on the website of the company, to prove their right to drive the car and “fix” a credit card. There is a limit on the age of the client (not under 25 years) and driving experience (minimum 5 years).

Search, book and unlock the car using a smartphone app. Have it NFC optional: enough Internet connection. In the salon you will expect the key (which will not be removed from the ignition switch to avoid loss), registration and insurance. Of course, all the cars are equipped with GPS sensors, so wanting to kidnap cute Ravon R2 please do not worry.

The principle of car sharing is simple: take your car where it is, and leave wherever you want – of course without disturbing others and without violating traffic rules. Read more about how this works, we plan to tell as soon as the service officially starts.

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