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Car sharing: the app is one thing, but several operators

One of the companies of car-sharing services, made in his application of other operators, thus expanding the range of services to clients.

The company YouDrive is one of the most aggressive players in the market-share in Russia, has opened access to its platform four competitors. Now through the app YouDrive you can rent a car operators EasyRide, Timcar and Carenda in Moscow, as well as machine operator Urentcar in Sochi and Mineralnye Vody.

In the company say they want to create on our own IT platform marketplace for transport services: the company has taken the issues of reception of payments, monitoring of the fleet, control of fines and support during the evacuation of cars at the car pound. Users got an opportunity through one app to book cars from multiple operators.

Partners YouDrive — small companies with small fleets (100-200 cars). But if she YouDrive considers himself an operator of premium cars, the new machine operators budget: Ravon R2, Kia Rio, Hyundai Solaris, Renault Logan and Kaptur.

Earlier YouDrive has launched a car rental service for taxi drivers. The company offered to rent for 4-12 hours BMW 218i Active Tourer with yellow numbers, allowing Moscow to travel on dedicated lanes for public transport.

The attempt to create a single application for car rental a few of the operators had previously made Yandex. But in the end the company refused from this idea, creating a private operator of car sharing (data on karteninhaber car, however, aggregated in Annex Yandex.Transport).

  • “Driving” conducted a survey about the services of car-sharing in Russia. It turned out that most of the service know and keenly interested in her.
  • According to statistics, car sharing in Moscow is more and more women, and not for the usability of the service.

Photo: Youdrive

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