Car symbol of Italy celebrates anniversary

Onone of the most popular Italian cars has received this honor for its anniversary — exactly 60 years ago in Turin, was presented Fiat 500, which later became a cult car not only in Italy but also in Europe. And now beige Fiat 500 F in excellent condition, retaining the authentic soft top, tires, interior trim and steel wheel covers on wheels, was the exhibit of the Museum of modern art.

According to the Americans, the Italian machine is recognized as a work of art for pure expression of the principle of “form follows function”, the logical and economical use of materials and the availability of high-quality design for the masses.

These two-door cars with a length of 2970 mm, a width of 1320 mm and a curb weight of just 520 kg were equipped located in the stern half-liter inline two-cylinder engine with a power of 18 HP paired with a four-speed manual gearbox and depending on execution could accelerate to 78-95 km/h.

Designed Dante Jacoti model Fiat Nuova 500 became the most popular Fiat of all time and sold from 1957 to 1975, nearly chetyrekhtomnym edition. And index 500 (Cinquecento), the company has returned twice more: for the model 170 series of sample 1991 and for the current family of “five hundredth”, which includes the hatchback, the MPV 500L and the 500X crossover.

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