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“Carefully, children!” — Yandex.Navigator will warn drivers

Soon the beginning of the school year, and drivers need to be vigilant. Innovation of Yandex will remind, on any stretch of road should be especially careful.Elena Alekseeva


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In the next update Yandex.Navigator will appear the signs “Caution children” and the voice of warning approaching unregulated pedestrian crossings near schools. However, you will hear the phrase “Be careful near the school” the driver just in case, if you exceed the allowed on this stretch of road speed.

After some time in other services with navigation Yandex will appear for these alerts — they will see Taxi drivers, car-share Drive and those whose car is equipped with on-Board computer Yandex.Cars.

Drivers will be able to participate in the correction data using the national map and Yandex map editor. There you can mark the sections with pedestrian crossings near schools, if they were not in the Navigator.

All this is aimed at improving road safety, as well as warnings about exceeding the speed limit in the Navigator, and special algorithms Yandex.Taxi drivers who restrict access to orders in the case of systematic violations. Car Sharing Yandex.The drive controls the speed, evaluates the driving style and dangerous maneuvers.

  • In addition, “Yandex.Taxi” is testing a new system that can block a driver’s access to new orders in case of fatigue and processing.

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