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Cars with conventional engines will not be allowed on the Russian resorts

It seems that the idea of mass adoption of electric cars is consistently implemented. Start with resorts and, apparently, this summer. The first will be the Olympic Park in Sochi.

On the Russian resorts can completely ban the entry of vehicles with petrol engines — this summer I’m going to close the main part of the Olympic Park in Sochi, informs “the Russian newspaper”, followed by other resort areas.

To work out measures of state support of development of electric transport in July last year instructed the Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev. To stimulate demand for electric cars, proposed to prohibit the use of vehicles with internal combustion engines in resort areas, so they do not spoil their environment with harmful emissions.

In the administration of Krasnodar region said that the ban will be introduced gradually. So first, the ban would only apply to private cars, but gradually spread to tourist buses — should ideally remain the only electric cars.

For example, to enter the territory of the Olympic Park in Sochi may variety of vehicles with petrol engines, excluding personal vehicles such as tourist buses. After the ban there will be only electric cars.

But that’s not all, gradually restrict entry to the petrol cars in specially protected natural areas and places of recreation for residents and visitors to the region. Yet want to prohibit the movement of cars below Euro-4 coastal resort towns of the region.

To enter such a ban will not even need to amend the legislation. There are special road signs that establish restrictions on the entry of vehicles running on gasoline. These signs will come into force in July this year, and to close the entrance “harmful” transport with you anywhere.

While only it is not clear how to be with tourists traveling by private car, it may scare them away, it is unlikely that all will immediately change to electric cars. To solve the problem of going through the clip stops at the entrance to the resort areas. Here the car can be left and use public transport. In addition, the region plan to equip parks rolling electric or hybrid cars that can be rented by anyone. Especially the example there is a Park of electric cars is already established in Kislovodsk reserve.

  • In the next 10 years Russia will switch to electric cars, thinks Minister of transport Maxim Sokolov. But for this you need to create a sufficient network of charging stations.
  • The world is long overdue to decide: focus on synthetic fuels or rely on electric mobility, the head of the concern ZF, Stefan Sommer.

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