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Case for pedal — weird but useful thing! The Council of the reader

How to make snow with the soles do not fall in the crack between the carpet and floor the gas pedal? There is an original decision.Alexey Revin “driving”Expert

Purchased a Kia Sorento whose gas pedal outdoor. After a few days of use I noticed that the gap between the rubber Mat and pedal for a shaggy covering, flying sand and pebbles with shoes, and in the winter will get snow.

To eliminate the “leakage”, cut a strip of rough leatherette pedal, turned down from above 40 mm, the side bonded with an office stapler (you can stitch on the machine) and put the pedal to close the gap between it and the rubber Mat. Snow and debris off the pedal fall directly on the rubber carpet, and underneath is dry and clean.

V. Klimov, Chelyabinsk

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  • Spray silicone spray inside the corrugations, in which the laid wires, the result will surprise you.

Photo: Vladimir Klimov

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