UAZ‑450 — car wagon — at the beginning of his biography had several modifications, including truck, van and minibus.Michael Kolodochkin “driving”Expert

At the beginning of 1958 from the conveyor Ulyanovsk automobile plant down the serial UAZ‑450, produced a galaxy of famous “loaves”. It was the first independent model of the automobile. Car car layout is different from the enhanced permeability and solid volume of the body.

Originally mastered on-Board UAZ‑450D, van UAZ‑450 and ambulance UAZ‑450A. Then there was the minibus UAZ‑450V. In addition, conducted experiments on the production of the UAZ‑450 on railroad tracks.

By 1966, when the release of a new family of UAZ‑452, has already made more than 55 thousand cars UAZ‑450 of various modifications. “Loaf” turned out to be surprisingly resilient and are available in unusual guises to this day.

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  • The most unusual and rare version of UAZ-“loaf” here.

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What roads should be given priority in funding? This question is not as simple as it might seem at first glance.Sergei Zinoviev “Behind the wheel”

— The question on the article about the future of our roads. You write that the highest authorities give priority in funding to Federal highways. But that is as it should be?

— That may be so. But the highest authorities put before local an impossible task: to maintain the regulatory state is much more miles for less money than allocated for the maintenance of Federal highways. For this reason, everywhere is so popular patching. In the spring somehow plastered the holes out again, and the number and size of them are growing faster than funding.

In this approach, a further deterioration of the local road network are guaranteed. No road will survive 40-50 years without major repairs, although such roads in the country is — and a lot of them.

  • Hit the hole and damaged the wheel — how to obtain compensation? Answer — step-by-step instructions “Behind the wheel”.

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And there are floors with heating.Alexander Khlynov


In Russia there is a growing demand for motorhomes. What’s going on?

Mike basic, professional snowboarder, decided to create something appropriate to his needs, and he started with chassis — all-wheel drive Mitsubishi Fuso.

Kemper ultimately reflects the owner. For example, he may at any time to change the decorative covering of a house that has no functionality other than decorative, but beneath it is hidden waterproof protective layer. In the car, no shower, but a bathtub under the floor, near the terrace, which allows Basic to relax in the countryside. Also in Quimper features a wood burning stove that can “be put” out, and propane heater with thermostat. By the way, the floors in the motorhome is heated.

Even inside the water heater, bed for two, dining table, TV, sink, stove and refrigerator.

Rooftop solar panels and rear — lift, able to withstand the snowmobile. Side view motorhome is equipped with a kind of terrace with a canopy.

The kitchen, which is located opposite the terrace, extends for about two feet, increasing the living space. Instead of making drawers have metal or wooden ceiling and wall, the snowboarder used the plexiglass. Due to such unusual decision, the kitchen was very bright.

  • The Italians did cozy motorhome from wazowski “loaf”.

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New version of the model can be bought after a week of vacation, which leaves AVTOVAZ.Innocent Kishkurno



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A new version of the Lada XRAY Cross — build started

New version of the model Lada Xray Cross was officially presented in early March. Externally, the modification can be recognized by the black roof and mirrors, and badge “Instinct”, the cabin appeared increased to 8 inch touch screen multimedia complex, which is equipped with Yandex.Cars, including the voice assistant Alice, Navigator, browser, services, music and search stations.

The production of Lada XRAY Cross Instinct, according to unofficial data, was started at AVTOVAZ in mid-February, and now, judging by the photos published by the magazine “proxy bidding”, the first car got to the dealers. According to the publication, the price of this option Iccrea is 1 033 900 rubles taking into account the cost of “cerulean blue” metallic, which is painted with the body.

Recall, Lada XRAY Cross is equipped with a 122-horsepower engine paired with a 5-speed manual gearbox or 113-horsepower Renault-Nissan and CVT. However, in March it appeared likely that the version with a variator may temporarily disappear from the range of AVTOVAZ, then it turned out that for the Assembly of Lada XRAY Cross is not enough components, and later, the manufacturer has officially announced next week after hours.

  • Sales of Lada XRAY Cross Instinct must begin after April 3, when holidays will end, but know instinctively that the price of a new modification may be higher than announced, as from 1 April AVTOVAZ will raise prices.

Photo: magazine “Autobroker”

The new truck Ulyanovsk automobile plant is constructed on the basis of the “loaves” and got the index UAZ-330365.Alexander Khlynov


UAZ Patriot Antarctic Edition: began selling

At the facilities of the Nizhny Novgorod partner Oise, “Plant caravan”, started production of dump trucks on the basis wazowski “loaf”. Moreover, the first batch of cars already delivered to customers.

The capacity of small truck is 800 kg, the platform can lean back, reaching the angle of 45 degrees. The lifting mechanism is a 4-section rod hydraulic cylinder which drives the hydraulic station on 12 volts.

The enhanced dimensions of the cargo platform is 2680 mm in length, 1870 mm in width. Height — 400 mm. Gross vehicle weight 3070 kg. reaches the Main advantages of the model are not only its compact size but also four-wheel drive.

Truck UAZ-330365 comes with a 2.7-liter gasoline engine ZMZ with a capacity of 112 HP and 198 Nm, which is mated to a 5-speed manual transmission.

  • UAZ began to equip the automatic transmission pick-UPS on the base Patriot.

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Or it was a minor glitch in the system?Maxim Sachkov “Behind the wheel”


  • Manufacturer — Russian factory “Haval”
  • Year of manufacture — 2019
  • To operate “Behind the wheel” — August 2019
  • Mileage at the time of the report — 9500 km

In a long trip on the dashboard indicator low tire pressure. Found in the trip computer menu the “layout” on the wheels — the system of control was indicated on the rear right. The pressure in this tire was only 0.1 bar lower than the rest. However, electronic intelligence is considered that this greatly and decided to attract attention.

Not lazy just in case, and checked the visual condition of the tire: the wheel was all right. And for several hundred miles the tire pressure did not fall, although the lamp continued to burn. A few days later it just as suddenly extinguished and no longer lit up.

Most likely, it was just a system failure. However, I will continue attentive to her warnings — it is possible that at other times the alarm will be false.

But cover that when you try to add mywiki jumped off the mounting neck, and disappeared into the bowels of the engine compartment, is not found.

  • In General, the Chinese crossover did not disappoint.
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With Arkanoi I spent at least half a dozen tests, the majority of them were compared to close competitors. And got a lot of questions.Peter Little “Behind the wheel”

Remember doucheputje for the Russian office of Renault summer when he launched a long-awaited cross-coupe. Everyone was wondering if I’d go fashionable in high school the body in the segment of small SUV’s. The French dared not only with body type, but the engine is given, though in cooperation with Mercedes, but BMW and with the turbine. And yet unloved people variator added thereto. Around these innovations and spinning since then, all questions to Renault Arkana. I’ll help here to answer them. And would be interested in information about the arrival of the Duster.

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Police quickly found the stolen car the hijacker continued to drive it on city streets.Alexander Khlynov


Stole a truckload of toilet paper. Also to blame for the coronavirus

In Gorno-Altaisk there was a funny hijack of a Toyota Carina, whose owner did not even realize that the car being kidnapped.

As told in the local police, they were contacted by a man who said that he stole the car. Found it this morning when I didn’t found the cars near the house. That was the day before, he didn’t remember.

Police quickly found the stolen car the hijacker continued to drive it on city streets. Behind the wheel was 33-the summer man who is earlier judged for theft.

According to the detainee, the car he found on the street already with the engine running. Driving the car was empty, so he decided to drive it home, so tired to walk and cold.

“After driving a short distance, the hijacker heard in the cabin, a male voice. I turned around and saw lying on the back seat man. It turned out that the owner of a foreign car that night had consumed alcohol and fell asleep in the cabin. Waking up, the man didn’t know where, and decided that riding in a taxi. The hijacker also quickly realized the situation and tried on the role of a taxi driver, agreeing with the assumption awakened passenger,” — said the interior Ministry.

Hijacker kindly drove the owner of the car to the house and landed then went. Concerning the detainee criminal case is brought.

  • Unusual anti-theft system was made by the American motorist, and it proved to be very effective.

Photo: press service of the interior Ministry in the Altai Republic

The cars of defaulters will be tracked by cameras, stop and transfer the property bailiffs for sale.Elena Alekseeva


Traffic reduces communication with drivers: there is also a special mode

Malicious debtors often go aggressive, provoke accidents, so the sooner minimize their presence on the roads, the better. The police explained to the regions as to exclude from traffic cars of malicious defaulters of penalties. Cameras the vehicle of a debtor keep track of on the road, then stop in place and call the bailiff. He brings the car, and if the debtor does not repay the fines, the vehicle put up for auction. Part of the obtained from the sale of assets goes to pay off the fines.

Already arrested 17 car 73 Dodgers, became known to “Kommersant”, but their owners do not hasten to extinguish the debts. So soon they will take the Agency that implements these cars through auction. Identify cases where, for example, the defaulter owns a whole fleet of cars, leasing them, and in one case, under threat of seizure of the vehicle, the debtor immediately paid the entire debt — more than 1 million rubles.

Meet the debtors with the “weights”. Thus, a motorist not only that has accumulated fines of 3.8 million RUB, and went without the rights, is on the register of drug addicts, and is serving on the decision of the court of administrative arrest. His car is arrested and sent for implementation.

However, there is a problem with debtors who are already dead, and their cars go the other citizens (perhaps acquired the car by proxy, but not recorded). In this case to prosecute the owner impossible. Early information about the dead accumulated in the registry office, but then the account was transferred to the Federal tax service, and the end of 2018, she shares the information with the traffic police. Therefore, cars that are registered for the dead, began to identify more — have already discovered more than 300 such machines. The movement of such vehicles monitor camera: if you stop the inspector withdraws rooms and STS (for later destruction), and sends the car to the impound lot. Driver draw on article 12.1 of the administrative code for the control of a vehicle “is not registered in the established order” (500-800 RUB the fine for a first offense, 5 thousand rubles or deprivation of rights repeated). Also make the penalty for driving without insurance in case of death of the vehicle owner for the contract “avtograzhdanki” is terminated automatically.

There is a problem with malicious debtors: often they practice aggressive driving, but if a driver will immediately pay the fine, impound the vehicle he did not have rightsabout, and he’ll continue to ride it.

The most malicious debtors live in Chechnya, Moscow, Moscow, Volgograd, Samara and Tver regions. In these regions, the police sent letters with the requirement to organise the raids, to identify the routes of movement, stop, and pass them to the ushers. Later, these instructions will be sent to all regions.

However, due to the unpredictable dynamics of the coronavirus all the planned activities can be delayed.

  • To deal with debtors also plan with video cameras, which integrate into the led beam beacon on the vehicles of traffic police.

Photo: Eugene Epanchintsev/TASS

Many museums in the United States and Europe have opened online access to their booths, so that everyone can take a virtual tour of the unique collections of cars.Alexander Khlynov


FSO next year will open a Museum of cars of the first persons

Petersen automotive Museum in Los Angeles said it will offer tours live at the exhibition, with 250 more cars. Each online tour which explains the fascinating details about each model lasts for 60 minutes. There are five themed tours. The Museum, as well as other, temporarily closed, whereby the switched to online excursions.

On Google Maps offers several tours of automobile museums: BMW Zentrum in South Carolina, Hall Honda in Japan, the Mazda Museum in Japan, the Mercedes—Benz Museum in Germany, the national Corvette Museum in Kentucky and the Skoda Museum in the Czech Republic. Also available online excursions to museums of Lamborghini and Ferrari, and Porsche in Stuttgart and Lane Motor Museum in Tennessee.

This of course compares to a personal visit to the museums, but it is much cheaper than flying around the world.

  • Want to know how modern movies so many old and rare cars? You will find the answer here.

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