Pon his words, over the seven-year life cycle nyneshnego generation 911, it will be the first time a hybrid version. “To the new 911, we have applied the experience gained in the development of the hybrid Cayenne, Panamera and 918 Spyder,” said Achleitner

For hybrid modifications, Porsche’s engineers have modified the power plant, shortening to 100 mm set of gears eight-speed “robot” PDK and setting it in the rear of the disc-shaped electric motor. In addition, for 911 changed the algorithm of work of a full drive to the front axle could go up to 50 percent thrust. And to improve the recovery of the Electromechanical brake booster was replaced by fully electric.

Want an electric Porsche 911? Cook for 300 thousand euros

Eat electric hybrid will be from the block traction batteries installed in the front of the body. This arrangement will improve the weight distribution and lower center of gravity. In addition, the “green” version will feature a more compact fuel tank.

Data on the impact of hybrid installation on the Porsche 911 is not given, but the reference of the vehicle indicated Panamera Turbo S E-Hybrid (680 forces and 850 Nm torque).

Recall that the Porsche 911 eighth generation debuted in late November at the motor show in Los Angeles.

The new Porsche 911 declassified before the premiere

Onthe basis of new allegations against Volkswagen was the investigation of the newspaper Der Spiegel. The journalists found out that at least with 2010 and 2015, under the brand Volkswagen in Europe and North America has sold 6 700 vehicles with “unknown status design”. This means that these machines have not passed the proper licensing are not produced commercially and were to be disposed of after all the tests and demonstrations. We are talking about test mules, pre-production samples and sokurah.

However, instead of Volkswagen secretly sold these machines under the guise of both new and used models. In this part of the car can be legalized, pre-certifying their differences from the production — for some of the difference lies in the software, for others in the structural features associated including security.

Volkswagen, Daimler and BMW were suspected of collusion

Now the manufacturer is forced to recall. In Volkswagen say they do not know of any accidents, injuries or deaths associated with the test cars, and “deeply regret the deception.” But the reputation of the company, however, suffered more damage after the great diesel scandal.

Moreover, the investigation of fraud once the largest automaker of Germany has joined the Prosecutor’s office and the Ministry of transport is already considering rassmatrivajut the issue of a major penalty. We should also expect the next wave of lawsuits — another blunder Volkswagen angered not only consumers and congruency, but dealers of the brand.

Scandalously cheap VW Golf station wagons are outlawed

In a 31-page application describes in detail the principle of operation of electric heating elements sewn between the layers of the woven part of the belt. Powered by standard battery connected to the castle as soon as the retainer is latched to the heating elements is supplied current.

Is there such a belt adjustment function of temperature and can turn off heating in summer, the document is not specified. However, in the patent Ford offers several design options of the locking mechanism and the belt itself.

Will the “hot” seat belts commercialized and when this happens, the Americans have not yet reported. Although it would be logical – after all, a heated steering wheel and seats have long been part of the standard equipment of modern cars.

Ford created a “hangover” costume

Recall that in 2016 Ford has patented a new type of airbag is the inflatable “cage of safety” (safety cage), designed to protect the rear passengers.

Ford proposed to abandon the traffic lights. Right now


In the category “Large family car” won sedan Lexus ES new generation passed the test at the end of October. The sedan received a 91% degree of protection for the occupant, 87% for children and 90% for pedestrians, and support systems have earned 77%. The same model was recognized as the best in the category “Hybrids and electric” (version 300h).

Hatchback Mercedes-Benz A-Class was the safest car in the segment “Small family car”. The safety of the driver and adult passengers is a compact German hatchback was estimated at 96% of the children in 91% of pedestrians and cyclists is 92%, while electronic is 75%.

Is it safe frame SUV? Shocking video crash test Euro NCAP

In the category of “Large crossover” is recognized as the most safe hydrogen SUV Hyundai Nexo, received 94% for the protection of driver and adults, 87% of children, 67% for pedestrians and cyclists, and 80% for the efficiency of electronic assistants is appreciated.

“In 2018, Euro NCAP first tested the function of Autonomous driving. Our tests helped to identify a number of problems faced by motorists at the present time. Yes, these systems are safe and convenient, but full automation is still far. We will closely monitor developments in these technologies in the future,” said Euro NCAP Secretary General, Michel van Ratingen.

TOP safest cars of 2017 at the version Euro NCAP

Dear readers! It’s not a catchphrase — your opinion is really important for us and for the automaker. We offer you to play the role of automotive experts participating in the popular test-drive new products to the Russian market — crossover Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross.“Behind the wheel.Of the Russian Federation”

A test drive will take place in Moscow in the coming weekend, 15-16 December (exact address and time will discuss with each participant separately). You drive a car, and we’ll discuss what you liked in it. Be prepared not only to share thoughts about the new product, but to become the hero of the video footage of this pleasurable event.

Members of the people’s test drive will receive Souvenirs from the company Mitsubishi and “Behind the wheel”.

Applications for participation send to the address test-drive@zr.ru marked “national test”. When registering please provide name, age, driving record and the reason why you want to take part in the public test drive.

See you this weekend behind the wheel of a Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross!

Cameras commit violations, you can manage traffic, according to deputies.Khlynov Alexander

To extend the scope of cameras meant for traffic violations, proposed a member of the Duma Committee on transport and building Alexander Vassiliev. In his opinion, these cameras can also capture emerging congestion, which can then be diluted with remotely managed traffic lights.

“It is more important to collect the data allowed cameras to regulate traffic in the city, optimizing flows to reduce the length of the tubes. Cameras recorded the jams and had a relationship with the traffic light system. Center for organization of traffic (TSODD) Moscow wanted to do it with drones”, — quotes the words Vasilyeva AGN “Moscow”.

The MP spoke out in support of new initiatives by TMS to create a program through which the camera can determine not only the license plate of the cars, but also their brand. This will allow to expose those offenders who alter characters on license plates to avoid fines for violations of traffic regulations. Innovation should make life and car thieves.

“Errors should be less after this decision. Most importantly, these cameras do not violate the right to privacy of citizens. So they will see who and who where the road turned, and the number of families in Moscow will be less. I think it is not the effect which was intended by the builders of the neural network”, — said Alexander Vasiliev.

Recall that automatic detection of car brands cameras should start in Moscow in the end of this year.

  • The neural network, which will begin work after December 25, will be able to determine the make and model of vehicles.
  • Scientists found a simple way to get rid of traffic jams.

Photo: Jeremy Yap on Unsplash

The traffic police cited statistics of accidents in Russia, according to which novice drivers are less likely to get into an accident.Khlynov Alexander

In the state traffic Inspectorate have estimated that this year the drivers, whose experience is less than two years, became responsible 8700 accidents, while in 2017 they occurred 10 200 accidents, and in 2016 — 11 200.

The most common cause of accidents committed through the fault of novice drivers is a violation of the rules of order of vehicles at the intersection. This is 26% of an accident, gives statistics of the traffic police to the publication “Kommersant”. On the second place among the most frequent causes of accidents are non — compliance of the race, which happens 14% of accidents involving newcomers. Closes the top three major causes of traffic accidents violation of rules of location of vehicles on the roadway. This was the reason 11% of the accidents.

Driving schools can rely on this statistic in the training of potential drivers and to focus students on data errors to novice drivers they are not repeated.

  • The reason for reducing the number of accidents caused by novice drivers could be that the number of people receiving law declined significantly as class size in schools.
  • Meanwhile, Russia is preparing the reform of the training for a driving license, with some aspects of it, many do not agree.

Photo: David Emrich on Unsplash

All models, except one, became more expensive for the sum from 25 000 to 64 000.Khlynov Alexander

Mazda CX-5Mazda CX-5

Mazda > CX-5

  • Model overview
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Mazda CX-9Mazda CX-9

Mazda > CX-9

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Mazda 6Mazda 6

Mazda > 6

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Mazda 3Mazda 3

Mazda > 3

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Higher prices not only applies to the Mazda 6 that recently appeared in the sale of the updated version of the car and set her prices do not require adjustment. The prices of other cars sold in Russia, increased substantially.

So, the Mazda 3 has become more expensive for the sum from 25 000 to 27 000 rubles, wrote the Agency “AUTOSTAT”. Sedan of this model is now sold for the price of 1 230 000-1 408 300 rubles, and the hatchback that only has one trim level, for 1 321 000.

The cost of the crossover Mazda CX-5 increased in the amount of 39 000 and 57 000. In the base car will cost around 1 559 000 rubles, and in the most equipped version is 2 180 000 rubles.

The flagship of the brand in Russia, the crossover Mazda CX-9, rose from $ 50 000 to 64 000 rubles, and now to buy it, you need to pay 2 to 3 848 000 149 000 rubles.

Recall that the Mazda cars sold in our country, already rose in price in October of this year.

The rising cost of Mazda cars does not affect their popularity. From January to November 2018, Russia had bought 28 043 car of this brand, which is 23% higher than a year earlier.

The cost of Mazda cars in Russia today


The cost, RUB.

The cost to RUB.

Mazda 3

1 230 000

1 408 300

Mazda 6

1 451 000

2 172 000

Mazda CX-5

1 559 000

2 180 000

Mazda CX-9

2 848 000

3 149 000

  • Coming soon should appear Mazda 3 of new generation.
  • Updated Mazda 6 was more expensive predecessor, but equipping it more modern.

Photo: Mazda

In this year participated in the competition model, which debuted in the Japanese market from 1 November 2017 to 31 October 2018. Of the 27 nominees, finalists, was only 10 Japanese models.

The jury of the competition consisted of 60 people, among which were automotive professionals, journalists and students. The title of “Best car of the year Japan” won the compact crossover Volvo XC40, who scored 363 points and 49 points ahead of the Toyota Corolla. In third place with 197 points is the Volkswagen Polo of new generation, the fourth Executive sedan Toyota Crown (170 points). Fifth place went to crossover Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross who has earned 156 points. Followed by Alfa Romeo Stelvio, BMW X2 and PHEV the Honda Clarity.

TOP most reliable cars

The winners in additional nominations:

the most innovative car — PHEV the Honda Clarity,

the most emotional car — BMW X2,

best compact car (kei car) — Daihatsu Mira Tocot,

special prizes — the Toyota Gazoo Racing for the victory in the marathon “24 hours of Le Mans” and the family of delivery vans Honda N-Van.

Last year, best car of Japan became the Volvo XC60

The Swedish model the Swedish brand has won the contest for the second consecutive year — in 2017, the title was awarded SUV Volvo XC60. It’s only the third victory of imported car: in 2013/2014 the winner was Volkswagen Golf.

Best car in the world: “Duster” among the contenders

Withaccording to research conducted by the analytical service of Ukraine’s largest online business OLX, of all brands of cars in 2018 Ukrainian drivers often bought second-hand “the Zhiguli” — the proportion of purchases accounted for 21% of all car transactions.

Twice as often Ukrainians buy cars of Volkswagen. Next in the ranking of sales, followed by Opel, Renault and Mercedes-Benz. Domestic “Zaporozhets” has passed the position and for the year slipped to the last position in the top 10, although in the first half he was among the five leaders. In total for 2018 only on OLX acquired nearly a million cars.

The most purchased model became the classic “Lada” VAZ-2101. The average price of cars with mileage on OLX amounted to $556. Dozens of leadership models is the most budget machine. In the second place and for the price, and sales of VAZ “six”, the third was the Daewoo Lanos.

Ummm: brand new “Lada” 27 years stood on the balcony