On anniversaries it is accepted to speak only good, but we have to be honest: list the main fault in six years and calculate costs.Sergey Kanunnikov “driving”Expert

Citroen C4 Sedan

Manufacturer — “PSMA Rus”, Kalugarelease Year — 2013To operate “Behind the wheel” — since June 2013the Mileage at the time of the report — 100 000 km

We have a Citroen anniversary — drove 100 000 km. Not that much, but decent. Actually, on anniversaries it is accepted to speak only good, but we’ll be honest. First, remember the main fault for 13,000 km, passed after the preceding detailed account and calculate costs. And then let us sum it up.

The maintenance costs of the car during these 13 000 km a fair share was the payment of gasoline. The average consumption is growing significantly in the winter and in urban traffic, and the last time the car outside the city and rarely traveled far.

On the 91st a thousand burned for the third pump. The average lifespan is only 30 000 km, the cost of replacing more than 13 000 rubles. You can put the exclamation point — but to what end?

It happened again suddenly, this time when the engine is in the Parking lot (well, not in the middle of the Avenue). Neither I nor the service men, there is no rational explanation of the phenomenon. As the breakdown of the valve valve cover (the fault manifested itself noticeable whistle at idle), could increase the pressure of blow-by gases and, as a result, oil leakage.

The failure of the high pressure pump, oxygen sensor, and especially the failure of the gasket of the oil filter housing is clearly abnormal with this mileage. And require tangible costs.The failure of the high pressure pump, oxygen sensor, and especially the failure of the gasket of the oil filter housing is clearly abnormal with this mileage. And require tangible costs.

One of the most complex and wasteful operations was the replacement of the timing chain with all the associated components. At 100,000 km I had to do it twice!One of the most complex and wasteful operations was the replacement of the timing chain with all the associated components. At 100,000 km I had to do it twice!

Rear shocks fail with an unenviable regularity. I think the primary reason — the structural congestion of the stern of the vehicle.Rear shocks fail with an unenviable regularity. I think the primary reason — the structural congestion of the stern of the vehicle.

To break the valve on a modern car is somehow not comme Il faut. Especially in French. And because — 8800 roubles.

But the replacement of the corrugated part of the exhaust system — the procedure predictable. In Moscow there are firms that do it for half an hour and take the divine 3000 rubles.

The failure of two ignition modules — on the contrary, nonsense. Experienced repairmen say that 90 000 km of normal mileage to replace them. Why? Nobody knows.

The mileage is about 90,000 km, replaced front strut and stabilizer link. Podmazochnye rack leaking is not much and could still walk but I decided not to delay. And a rack of the stabilizer appears to have departed all that they are supposed to.

Then touched the brakes: the second set of pads lasts 40 000 km (first 50,000 miles) wheels — 90 000 km (both front and rear). When overhauling the brakes managed to save fine. HUNDRED change the rear discs complete with bearings hubs, the pair is worth over 16 thousand, and we bought the discs for 6000 rubles and moved the bearings from worn out. But to suggest doing so only in the presence of normal press. Armed with a hammer and a vise, nothing work.

An unpleasant story out of the tank. In the recent careless replacement fuel pump plastic surface of the tank was deformed. Finally this became clear when the warranty period of work performed on service has expired. And to prove anything in this case, it is hardly possible. To replace bought a used tank in just 5000 rubles (new is 49 thousand). Work on replacing simple — about an hour.

The corrugation in the exhaust system it is better to replace before it completely falls apart. Good professionals do it quickly and cheaply.The corrugation in the exhaust system it is better to replace before it completely falls apart. Good professionals do it quickly and cheaply.

They say the failure of the ignition modules when you run for 80,000 km — norm. I think it’s savagery.They say the failure of the ignition modules when you run for 80,000 km — norm. I think it’s savagery.

6 years and 100,000 km

The main findings of over 100 thousand kilometers. Body spacious, comfortable. Even where the paint is chipped, – the slightest trace of corrosion. The machine has a quite marketable. The salon, in my opinion, very cute and decorated well: still nothing creaks, not itchy, not rattles.

The most problematic node of the Citroen — 150‑HP turbo. A brief but mournful list is replaced by two timing chain with a bunch of related parts, valve seals, fuel high-pressure pump, lambda probe, three fuel pump gasket oil filter housing, two of the ignition module. Not bad, huh? It is said that after 2015, the 150‑horsepower engine got rid of almost all problems. I would like to believe, but their own positive experience not have.

To transmission no complaints. 60 000 km changed the oil in the automatic six-speed box. Manual does not require it, but no box oil change still didn’t hurt. Machine works still fine. CV joints — also, the benefit of the anthers intact.

After replacing the oil caps zhor oil stopped. I hope for a long time.After replacing the oil caps zhor oil stopped. I hope for a long time.

Suspension is very good: provides a good balance of comfort and handling. Front changed one ball joint on the mileage is about 30,000 km — it was like a marriage. Plus front strut and stabilizer link. And behind is the third set of shock absorbers. The point is probably that the feed car is structurally overloaded. And we regularly went to Citroen for a long distance with a heavy load. Sometimes — five of them, filling all available space in bags and suitcases.

The brakes are working fine. The efficiency and ease of management — no complaints. Replacement pad 40 000-50 000 km, mostly city mileage and drives through 90 000 km is a good result.

I’d like to make my next car was a Citroen? Another engine — Yes! I really like the disposition of the 150‑strong motor. For such dynamics, I’m even willing to accept the high fuel consumption — an average of about 11 l/100 km, especially in The highway mode at speeds about 100 km/h, the consumption is little more than 7 liters per hundred. But with so many serious and costly malfunction — thank you!

The engine then brought the Citroen to a fairly high level of operating costs — almost 7 rubles per kilometer. The Peugeot 308 that I drove to the Citroen more than 100 000 km, the motor was the same, but atmospheric, with 120 HP similar to the current 115‑strong. So that engine was not the tenth part of the faults of the 150‑strong. Of course, the motor made the car sluggish, but the reliability, as experience shows, is more important than dynamics.

If you do not talk about the engine, I sedan Citroen C4 suits almost everything. And while we continue to ride and hope. Like everything that could break, already broke. Or does it?

The costs of operation and maintenance (0-100 000 km)*,

Maintenance costs: 0-87 000 km 552 195 RUBFrom them on gasoline (AI-95; average consumption of 10.1 l/100 km) 311 919 RUB.maintenance Costs: 87 000-100 000 km 132 684 RUBFrom them, the gasoline (AI-95; average consumption of 12.0 l/100 km) 72 524 RUBIT (oil, filters) 4100 RUBthe fuel Pump 13 660 RUBthe front Strut 16 360 RUBthe stabilizer link 2410 RUBthe ignition module 3400 RUBBrake pads and rotors (front and rear) 6130 RUBthe Replacement of the corrugations of the exhaust system was 3000 RUB.Valve cover was 8800 RUB.the gas Tank was 5000 RUB.Total expenditure 684 879 RUBthe Cost of 1 km mileage of 6.85 RUB* excluding the cost of gasoline for a marathon “60 hours “driving”, and policies hull and CTP.

100 000 km with a Citroen C4: list (long) of all that is broken

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100 000 km with a Citroen C4: list (long) of all that is broken

In anticipation of winter let’s look at the Kodiak and all-wheel drive Forester. “Czech” gather in Nizhny Novgorod, but the Japanese Assembly, probably, will be better? So I imagine the conversation in the kitchen of a model family.Peter Little “Behind the wheel”

Wife just say that she likes Kodiak. Husband, having heard in the Smoking room from fishermen about the possibilities of the Forester, its clever weight distribution and ground clearance, much to think about. We have tried to consider both competitors from different sides.

To read about it and watch videos here.

Photo: Peter Little “Behind the wheel”

The Agency proposed a new method of controlling the speed of the cars systems fixing cars will be equipped with DPS.Alexander Khlynov


Single base road signs: you know that it’s not?!

In the near future on the roads will appear traffic police patrol cars, equipped with complexes of fixing of violations, embedded in the beam with flashing lights on the roof.

Measurement of the speed of the surrounding vehicles will be carried out continuously — as during Parking, and in movement. This was stated by the head of traffic police of Russia Mikhail Chernikov, adding that the new camera will replace the “tripod” on the sides. According to “Kommersant”, buy a new beam, the Agency plans in 2020.

“They’re shooting all around 360 degrees — and video writing, and the speed measure. I think that next year such beams will be able to put on a new patrol cars”, — said Mikhail Chernikov.

The chief editor of “za rulem” Maxim Kazakova in relation to innovation, there have been several questions that he posted on his page on Facebook. It is unclear who will patrol the highways in search of violators of the speed limit if the traffic police do not have enough people – whether it increased or driving vehicles will be civilian people? Having noticed a patrol car in the flow, the drivers start to behave more correctly, and then fix the violations in the current volume will not work. Whether this subsequently introduced a hidden car? No less interesting will be whether the commit is automatic, or the inspectors will have to stop the perpetrators? And how will things were with the riders, riding in cars with Belarusian, Armenian, Abkhazian and other foreign numbers? It is known that contracts for “tripod” consisted in several regions for years, and what will happen to these agreements?

Also Maxim Kadakova have questions to the technical side of the project. In particular, how the system is determining the speed of the patrol car will be adopted by the — by GPS or by reflection from the asphalt to the signal?

Without answers to these questions it is difficult to assess how effective will be the fixation of the speed with equipment on the cars of traffic police and prescribed penalties — fair.

  • Does knowing where the complexes commit violations, to go by the rules?

Photo: Donat Sorokin/TASS

Enough of Europe to surprise the world with their autonomically. It’s time for Russian producers to declare that they are able to create competitive products. For example, “Bakulin Motor Groups” (aka Volgabus) announced a large-scale project to enter the EU market.Marina Govorova


The buses, which you have never traveled

Recall that in Russia BMG owns two factories in the Volga Volgograd region and Vladimir.

But out in Europe it exists not as an independent plant, and a partnership with one of the firms that has an international reputation. Talking about the production Deltabus consortium, which includes new production areas in Austria, in the city of Ternitz. There is a Russian company jointly with other global brands intends to produce electric and hydrogen buses.

Information about all the European partners should take part in this project, is not disclosed. Called only the name of the Executive Director of the project — it will be Austrian entrepreneur Christoph Gizawi.

Demonstration of the first bus Deltabus should debut at Busworld. It will be held 17-23 October in Brussels. In anticipation of the imminent premiere of BMG revealed the veil of secrecy and began to share photos of their new products — the experts have already determined that this is a modified version of the serial bus Volgabus Ситиритм12Е. Body both models are thought experts completely identical. But the difference is still there — it is in the design of the front and rear parts of the model. Recall that effective design Ситиритма12Е developed a young team of specialists from the Moscow design Bureau “Atom”.

It is expected that the Russians will deliver to Europe are ready a bus body, a power unit and other units in these “implanted” in Austria. Add that Volgabus already has the experience of entering the international market. He tried to catch on in Europe in the mid-noughties when the company showed the buses old model range at one of the exhibitions in Germany.

  • Brand Volgabus, it turns out, used to surprise. Not so long ago she presented her bus-Rover Snowbus.

Photo: volgabus.ru

Unusual 90-ton dump truck sells cyber Wargaming.Elena Alekseeva


Network sell car Brezhnev. Inexpensive

At Julia there was an interesting lot — it introduced cyber Wargaming. This BelAZ 75585 asking for 75 million rubles. The car “painted” especially for the festival “Wargaming Fest: Day tank”, which was held on September 15 in Minsk. The car is modeled on the popular game World of Tanks, and the idea of the staff of the Belarusian automobile plant has embodied the summer of 2019. Truck painted by professional artists under the leadership of BelAZ employees, those who like to play World of Tanks.

The engine power of 1000 horsepower. BelAZ is capable of speeds up to 60 km/h and carry up to 90 tons of cargo. The height of the giant of 5.34 m, width — 6.4 meters, and the weight without load is equal to two and a half tanks T-34-85.

The truck has turned out great, but ask for it a lot. I think there will be a little difficult to imagine the sphere in which it can be useful.

The Network has set BelAZ in the style of World of Tanks for 75 million

  • Previously, the Network sold the car from the movie “Under the big top”.

Photo: Yula , the Network has set BelAZ in the style of World of Tanks for 75 million

The reader “Behind the wheel” meets the head of the traffic police Mikhail Chernikov.“Behind the wheel”

  • In 2015, changed the law. A few days later found that instead of the previously existing categories, and only put V. Me in the traffic police explained that a medical certificate has not been provided to category A. did Not swing right as the motorcycle was not there. But now he appeared. How to be? Not again to pass the exams? If Yes, then is it necessary to undergo training?

N. N. Belozerov, Moscow oblast

The question the reader meets the head of the Main Department on security of traffic of the Ministry of internal Affairs of Russia the General-the Lieutenant of police Mikhail Chernikov.

The issues of registration of driving licences is subject to the Rules of examinations for the right to drive vehicles and driver licensing, approved by decree of the RF Government dated 24 October 2014 n 1097. According to them, when issuing a new return to the previously issued Russian national driving licences of the relevant notes and records contained in the previously issued permit transferred to the new. In the case of confirmation of presence at the driver of the vehicle was not previously who were diagnosed medical restrictions to driving a vehicle in the new Russian national driver’s license made a mark confirming the existence of the right to drive vehicles of those categories and subcategories that are defined in the medical certificate. A similar procedure existed in 2015, when these issues were regulated by the government resolution of 15 December 1999, No. 1396.

Thus, given that you submitted the medical certificate in the list of categories of vehicles for which you are admitted, there was no category a, traffic police officers entered lawfully. To restore the appropriate level in a driver’s license to undergo training and pass exams is not required. Contact any of the examining division with the application for replacement of driving license. To documents apply appropriate medical certificate, which confirms the absence of medical contraindications, medical indications or medical restrictions to management of vehicles of categories A and B. On the basis of archival data contained in the information system of the state traffic Inspectorate, you will be issued a new driver’s license confirming the right to drive vehicles of these categories.

  • What punishment awaits the one who got behind the wheel without a license, find out here.

Photo: Vyacheslav Prokofyev/TASS

Sportage third generation sold we have sold over one hundred thousand. What to pay attention at purchase second-hand machines in order to get to the repair, says an expert “Behind the wheel”.Sergei Zinoviev “Behind the wheel”

The third-generation Sportage (SL) were collected in Slovakia and Kaliningrad. The closest relative is the Hyundai ix35.

Restyling (spring 2014): refreshed exterior and interior, extended set of options (there were heated everything), improved noise insulation, upgraded petrol engine, changed the operating characteristics of the shock absorbers.


  • With reasonable price equipment even rich “in the database”.
  • Bright appearance, comfortable, spacious and stylish salon.
  • Tenacious body, especially when painted metallic.


  • Machines first release is buggy in a number of important positions.
  • The low quality of some original parts.
  • Inconsistency in specifications: on machines one year — different by volume oil sumps, uneven combination of dampers, springs and bearings.
  • In duet with a delicate pendant capabilities four-wheel drive low.


Gasoline engine 2.0 (150 HP) is a mediocre performance and low maintainability. To the restyling could put a pig with mileage up to 100,000 km: turning inserts, overheating of the fourth cylinder or a failure of the control valves couplers phase shifters. Upgraded version rarely throws up problems. Every 90 000 km the motor need to adjust the valves. Timing chain nursed 150 000 km.

Two-liter diesel engines (136 and 184 HP) — related. The main differences are: cylinder heads, turbines, fuel equipment. Weak spot — injector lag the products of wear of the injection pump. The motors themselves are durable, as well as the timing chain. Turbine and candles work too long. Strange, but a diesel car buying a little, but in combination with a manual transmission — and at all units.


A five-speed manual (M5GF1) early machines were often damaged up to 40,000 km and has earned a bad reputation. By 2013, it upgraded. Later came selectope, it no specific complaints.

A6MF1 automatic transmission and A6LF2 structurally similar. Of the unpleasant: there are failures of the electronic control unit, freezes for 2-5 seconds when pressing the gas pedal. The rest of these boxes are laudable, they serve a long time.

On four-wheel drive vehicles the first release was quickly worn out splines of the intermediate shaft and right drive. The node is not upgraded, but reduced tolerances on the gaps. Also useful to know that the center coupler does not tolerate Brody — in cavity with an electromagnet enters the water, which can lead to death of the host. The propeller shaft and the gear reliable.

On good European roads suspension is long. On the Russian — depending on the mode of operation. Many elements give up obscenely quickly.On good European roads suspension is long. On the Russian — depending on the mode of operation. Many elements give up obscenely quickly.


  • SAG or tight the doors of the many machines; helps adjustment the hinges and lubrication of locks.
  • The original hub bearings, brake discs and pads, strut stabilizers, consumables. On the machines of the first releases quickly sags the springs.
  • The Parking assist sensors and rear view camera are poorly protected against moisture and dirt and quickly turn sour.
  • Noisy the whistling fuel pump — a feature of the design, signifying that he has died.
  • Quickly cloudy optics, often burn out bulbs front and rear.
  • Resource Converter and diesel particulate filter low, quickly burns through the connection of the corrugation with a pipe.

Euro NCAP: 2010: overall rating of five stars. Driver/passengers — 93%, child 86%, pedestrians — 49%, system security assistance — 86%.

The most popular offer on the secondary: Sportage 2.0 (diesel) 150 HP automatic transmission 4×4.

OPTIMAL CHOICE: Sportage 2.0 (diesel) 150 HP automatic transmission 4×2.

FOR the SAME MONEY: Nissan X-Trail, Ford Kuga, SsangYong Actyon, VW Tiguan, Toyota RAV4.

  • To improve the patency of the Kia Sportage will help bracelets on wheels. For travel on the roads of Europe is to acquire a reliable snow chains.

Photo: Kia

Published evidence that UAZ is working on the promised model — SUV like the Toyota LC Prado.Alexander Khlynov


The new version of UAZ Profi… for 1.43 million rubles! How much?!

Our database of Rospatent appeared images of headlamps and rear lamps, whose authorship belongs to the Ulyanovsk automobile plant, as evidenced by the document EN 116819, which, incidentally, has already been withdrawn from public access.

The headlights and taillights, drawings of which were published in the database of Rospatent are narrower and more oblong form, and, judging by the architecture of light sources are full-led. The authors of the design are chief designer of the plant Andrey Sukhanov and two of his colleagues — Oleg Korolev and Mikhail Vershinin.

It is possible that recently published in the database of Rospatent, the Central tunnel and the multimedia system are also parts for the new model UAZ, and not for the Patriot. In particular, the 8-inch monitor has a design that is more suited to fashion today, “floating” installation, and not for full integration in the center console, like on the Patriot.

According to rumors, the new model UAZ, which from giving of the head of Sollers Vadim Shvetsov called “Russian Prado”, will feature the frame of a new model — wider and with a planned area of deformation front in the event of head-on collisions. Front suspension is independent, spring, rear — dependent, but for the sake of comfort, too, spring. The car is rumored to be planning to equip Ford turbo diesel engine volume of 2.2 liters.

The cost of a new model should be about 1.5 million rubles, as said Vadim Shvetsov.

It became known, would look like the lights of the “Russian Prado” Oise

  • Was previously published a patent for a folding keys UAZ. The same is to get new SUV.

Image: UAZ, Rospatent

It became known, would look like the lights of the “Russian Prado” Oise

Because seizures the driver lost control and at full speed crashed into a pole.Alexander Khlynov


Another “drunken boy” — now in the Kirov region

Accident with a large number of casualties occurred in the capital of Chuvash Republic — Cheboksary. Trolleybus route No. 1 crashed into a pole in the city centre, on prospect street. The collision injured 26 people. Just inside, there were 40 passengers.

“The driver of a trolley bus EN route to the city, went off the road and collided with the backbone transmission line. The accident at the moment in the hospital has treated 26 people, including 6 minors,” — said the press service of the STSI of the MIA for the Chuvash Republic.

The reason that the driver couldn’t regain control, was the deterioration of his health. As he later explained to police, he drove his leg. Medosvidetelstvovanie showed that at the moment of impact with the pole the driver was sober.

At the moment the incident is being investigated, including the Prosecutor’s office of the Kalinin district of Cheboksary. Checking compliance with road traffic safety.

  • Recently due to poor health following the death of the mayor of Abakan.

Photo: UGIBDD the Ministry of internal Affairs on the Chuvash Republic

The power of the first electric crossover company makes 408 HP, and a power reserve of up to 400 km.Alexander Khlynov

Volvo XC40Volvo XC40

Volvo > XC40

  • Model overview
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Volvo showed a digital “tidy” electric vehicle. Concise

Volvo introduced all-electric version of the compact crossover XC40 — Recharge. He became the first electric car in the brand lineup which can buy anyone.

The crossover has very attractive characteristics. Motors located on the front and rear wheels, with a total capacity of 408 HP and 660 Nm, which is available throughout the Rev range. Under-floor mounted batteries with a capacity of 78 kW*h of charge which may be enough for a trip length of up to 400 km standard WLTP, according to which the measurements are conducted not only in laboratory conditions but also on public roads. Another benefit of batteries is the possibility of quick charging — when connected to a three phase station they charged 80% in just 40 minutes.

Externally, the electric version of the crossover does not differ from petrol. You can find it on special closed grille and the absence of exhaust pipes in the rear bumper. The car can be painted in a new shade of color — Sage Green. Also, the car received one nice feature: due to the lack of an internal combustion engine under the hood, there is an additional Luggage compartment. However, its volume is only 30 litres.

In the cabin changes were few. There is a new infotainment system, Volvo on Android with support for Google Assistant, Google Maps, and Google Play Store. All programs are updated online.

The company intends to release a new electric car every year for the next five years. As a result, by 2025 the share of electric vehicles should account for 50% of sales. The remaining 50% for hybrids.

In Russia Volvo XC40 with internal combustion engines are sold at a price of 2 288 000 2 733 000.

Volvo introduced an unusual XC40 Recharge

  • At dealerships Volvo has a new wagon terrain V60 Cross Country.

Photo: Volvo

Volvo introduced an unusual XC40 Recharge