Lada XRAY Cross externally, I really like it. I thought he was literally going to break market. But it did not. Maybe the taste for it yet? Or much pressure “Koreans”? The same updated Rio X-Line, for example.Peter Little “Behind the wheel”

Primarily interested in ground clearance — this parameter is very important to a Russian buyer. And Lada, and Kia has promised a solid ground clearance and a lot more. Check to see how things really are.

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Photo: Peter Little “Behind the wheel”

It will not be limited to the list of failed instances. “Beushek” a lot more pitfalls than you can

Cars with legal problems

— More than 40% of cases, the check vehicle history identify problems: liens, restrictions, traffic police, accidents and more. Remember, if the car has restrictions on registration activity or is wanted, then it will not be put on the account in traffic police, — says Alexander Vasiliev, head of service history check car

My friend specially went to the neighboring Chelyabinsk to buy a second-hand Mazda 6 for a lower price than in our city. Came to the traffic police to put the car on the account, and she was taken to the impound lot. The car was in custody and the other could do nothing. Lost money and transport, — says Roman Neustroev from Yekaterinburg.

Car-drowned, and after the fire

I would not have bought the car after the fire and after she sank. If there is a short circuit in the wiring in the car, the burning smell will be difficult to derive and this problem is periodically to remind myself. After full or partial immersion in water, the car will be unpleasant smell of slime and algae that is hard to withdraw, says Artem Egorov, replaced for your driving experience over 30 used cars.

Cars with technical faults

The most costly damage — box and engine. The first manifest themselves in the form of kicks and jerks, and the second noise and knocking in the engine. If the seller says that the transmission “kicked” because it had not changed the oil, and the engine is knocking because it is “as it should be,” from such a machine should be abandoned.

It is not necessary to take the car, which is black or blue smoke from the exhaust pipe. If the inspection SUV you hear the hum in the bridge, too, give up the purchase. Bridge replacement will cost almost the cost of the machine itself.

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Machines with illegible VIN numbers

There can be up to five places where VIN indicated. During the inspection you need to make sure that all numbers readable and understandable.

— If one room is not read, is the car on the account will not put, — says Artem Egorov. — I once caught b/a Mazda, which was read duplicate VIN under the seat. I couldn’t put it on the record. Had to sell twice as cheaper as the problem instance.

Car that owner does not sell

— Cars stolen — one of the rarest issues in the secondary market of cars. In most cases, the hijackers prefer to sell the car for parts. But there have been cases when people before buying we checked the car and found the data about the hijacking. One of the latest reports in our database — history Mercedes—Benz ML350 2012. The car has a bunch of problems — accidents, restrictions, penalties. 14 of September of 2016 and theft is, — says Alexander Vasiliev, head of

A screen report, you can see on the image below.

A car with more than 6 owners

The car is a long — term acquisition, and, if the new owner gets rid of it in a short time, perhaps the machine has a serious problem.

— In my memory, the largest number of owners in the database were on the car Volkswagen Passat 1998, — says Alexander Vasiliev, the First owner owned it for 16 years, 10 months, and 42 were changed every 10, 5 or even every 2 days. Most likely, the car was used as a “bucket” to register “beautiful” rooms.

A screen report, you can see on the image below.


Chinese car loses in value from the moment he was outside the gates of the dealership, says Nikita Orlov — Stock of their durability lasts for a maximum of three years. Not the first place in quality and Russian cars. If you compare the cost of our machines with the cost of addressing their failures or supported by the cars, it will have the advantage of the latter.

Experts also do not recommend buying models such as Audi, BMW, Mercedes with 10 years and more mileage, Peugeot and Citroen, and cars with robotized transmission, including Opel, Toyota.

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What cars with mileage never worth pokupatelya cars with mileage never worth pokupatela prepared by the author of a personal blog. Edition SP may not share the views of the author.

Faulty parts, rastreskivalis could void the cars handling.Alexander Khlynov

Ford ExplorerFord Explorer

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Ford Focus 3 on the secondary: all of its schools

Ford announced the launch of a service campaign that will affect 14 576 crossovers Ford Explorer, bought in the period from August 2012 to April 2018.

Cars discovered quite a serious defect affecting safety: frequent aftershocks and the range of rebound front and rear on uneven roads increase the bending stress on the toe link arms in rear wheels, causing them to crack. That the levers are cracked, said extraneous noise and deterioration of controllability. Ride on such a car is fraught with потtрей control and subsequent accident.

To remedy the defect Explorer recall owners should make an appointment to service your nearest official dealer Ford, the master of which is free to check and if necessary replace the toe link arms in rear wheels.

About the need of repair the owners of the recalled cars by phone or mail, notify the official representatives of LLC “Ford Sollers holding”. To know that the car was under a service campaign, it is possible by comparing the VIN code its crossover with the list of codes of the recalled cars, and published on the website of Rosstandart.

  • A year ago, Ford recalled the vehicles due to fire risk.
  • In January of last year Ford was recalled to Russia, the Kuga crossover and compact MPV C-Max because of the risk of cracking the cylinder head.
  • With other pledges automakers surveys campaigns can be found here.

Photo: Ford

The premiere of the car, whose sales will start next year, will be held this summer.Alexander Khlynov


Kia has outlined its first subcompact crossover

The developers of the interior of the new subcompact crossover Kia has made not only a striking design, but also on convenience and ease of use.

The company promises high quality materials and high technology equipment, which should appeal to young people, interested in new technologies. On the center console is 10.25-inch touch-monitor multimedia system which is a control unit climate control. In addition, the cabin is equipped with lighting system Kia Sound Mood Lighting with the possibility of individual settings.

“We wanted to create an interior that is not similar to any of those that are presented today in the segment of compact crossovers. So that design is perceived more saturated and premium. The highest quality materials in the interior, and thoughtful touches in its design will give owners even more fun, give more satisfaction”, — said the head of design direction Kia Motors Beng Cheol-Joo.

To sell the new compact crossover Kia is worldwide. Including in Russia. The first opportunity to buy a car of people from South Korea, where sales start in the second half of this year. At the Russian dealers the new crossover Ki will appear in 2020.

Kia showed the interior of the new urban crossover

  • In the Arsenal of new products from Kia, there are two models: one crossover and the pickup. They will come to Russia?
  • Recently in our market there was an updated Kia Soul, details of which can be found here.

Photo: Kia

Kia showed the interior of the new urban crossover

For photos of the receipts of traffic police man saw behind the wheel of his car a wife, but not alone.Elena Alekseeva


Brought to the pen! Drunk driving the driver explained the quarrel with his wife

“Letter of happiness” came to the man on the phone in the app “Fines” in December 2018. And then I opened the truth about cheating spouses. In the photo she was captured behind the wheel, and sat next to a foreign man. After this “cuckold” drunk and on the background of jealousy began to beat the woman, shouting various threats.

Given the aggressive behavior of a drunken spouse, and, apparently, their behavior, women had some reason to fear that her husband will pass to more serious actions. She went to the police, and against men opened a criminal case under article “Threat by murder if there were grounds to fear the realization of this threat”.

Now the deceived husband faces up to two years in prison. Well, traffic fines will have to pay.

  • Quarrel in Krasnoyarsk broke out with new force as soon as the driver pushed wife drunk pedestrian, indignant that the car rode on the sidewalk.
  • And that wife showed downright dedication and got into debt, only to police officers not deprived of her husband’s beloved car.

Photo: Depositphotos

Nnew patrol “car” is built on the basis coupe M2 Competition, presented a year ago. The entourage of cars made in the style of the patrol vehicles of the police of Los Angeles (LAPD) — black-and-white livery, flashing beacons, siren and written on Board the phone of an emergency call “1972” — a reference to the year of the founding of the division of BMW M.

Under the hood of the sports car patrol installed an upgraded liter engine twin-turbo that develops 410 HP and 550 nm of torque forces 40 and 85 nm more than the standard model.

In conjuction with 7-step “robot” with two clutches BMW M2 Competition is accelerated to “hundreds” in 4.2 seconds, with the “mechanics” of 4.4 seconds. The maximum speed is limited by electronics on a mark of 250 kilometres per hour.


The police of Los Angeles (LAPD) – hero of many militants. Possible. therefore, BMW has released the debut of the new patrol cars spectacular video.

BMW has brought to Ukraine a “killer” Porsche 911

Eif the leadership does not take serious measures to reduce costs, — said Musk in a letter addressed to the employees of Tesla.

Despite the fact that the last two quarters of last year for the company were profitable already in the first quarter of this year, Tesla suffered a loss in the amount of $ 702 million.

The scandal of cosmic proportions: Elon Musk spoke out against NASA

It’s funny that the solution to the problems Elon Musk sees that he and the newly appointed financial officer will personally check all the company’s expenses, including the cost of components for machines, salaries and business trips of employees.

Earlier, the head of Tesla stated that for carefully controlling expenses is a special team of auditors. In addition, the company cut 9% of staff in June last year and another 7% in January 2019.

Tesla Roadster “passed” 365 million miles across the galaxy. Without a major overhaul!

In honor of this Grand event, the company announced a series of farewell ForTwo cars with internal combustion engines, developed together with Brabus and industrial designer Konstantin Grzechem.

The Final issue Collector’s Edition, limited 21 the car – this number represents the time elapsed since the release of the first Smart. In honor of his car in front of painted in the colors of Brilliant Yellow, based on the original Hello Yellow. The back has a matte black finish and figures 21 on the doors and wheel caps.

The interior is made in the same colours, where the yellow on the instrument panel, steering wheel, seats and door panels contrasts with the black finish.

Convertible Smart Forease+: the roof from bad weather and electric heart

Production of all cars special series #21 will be completed in August this year. Prices are not yet disclosed. In recent years Smart is going through hard times – after sold in the past year 1246 auto-brand will leave the markets of the USA and Canada at the end of the 2019 model year.

Smart jet engine from a helicopter (VIDEO)

In this work the tuners helped the Spanish team taking part in off-road rally racing. Novelty called Bengala Bentayga Squared or Bentayga2 – similar to the Mercedes-Benz G 500 4×42.

Extreme, but the luxury SUV has received a new suspension with great ground clearance, and to reduce the mass of the part of body parts made from carbon fiber. Note also sand tires and aggressive off-road kit.

From the Bentley Continental turned out to be luxurious tank

On the possible modernization of the power plant, the Spaniards do not say anything. In the standard model is installed six-liter W12 engine, developing 608 horsepower and 900 N•m of torque.

Circulation Bengala Bentayga2 is limited to only 15 pieces. The price is not yet known.

Renault Duster for serious off-road


In comparison with the previous model redesigned almost the entire front end is the modified radiator grille, new head optics, additional air intakes and fog lights with triple blocks. At the stern changed the bumper and lights.

Inside, a dashboard with a diagonal of 10.25 inches, turned and Central console with climate control and media center, the screen is increased from seven to nine inches. Complete the picture of the new steering wheel and transmission selector.

Beautiful SsangYong Korando will debut in March

At the same time, Tivoli has replaced the engine range, borrowing it from the fresh Korando: petrol turbo 1.5 (capacity not mentioned) instead of “atmosfernika” 1.6 (126 HP), as well as a new 1.6 diesel (136 HP) to replace outdated 115 HP. Transmissia six — speed “mechanics” and “automatic” Aisin.

In South Korea, sales of “very new” (Very New) SsangYong Tivoli will start in early summer. Prices for the crossover start from 16,7 million won (about 12 550 euros).