Ferrari has always been famous for a fast and powerful sports car, equipped with large twelve – and eight-cylinder engines, and V-shaped “six”. But it was in the brand’s history and other motors. The historic Ferrari 625 Targa Florio 1953 issue under the hood a 2.5-liter inline “four” with a capacity of 223 horsepower — originally this motor was developed for race car Formula-2, which was supposed to be the legendary Alberto Ascari. And he still won two Championships in a row.

On the same racing chassis was ordered for the coupe, which was built by the Bureau Vignale. Enzo Ferrari design I liked and the car was rebuilt in the Roadster, and the workshops Scaglietti gave the exterior a finished appearance. The car started in the Grand Prix of Monza and the Coppo d’oro del Dolomiti. Played on it Mike hawthorn – the first British world champion in Formula 1, and Humberto Maggioli – winner of the Carrera Panamericana in 1954.

After racing career, the car passed through the hands of several private owners in Italy and South America. But then its trace was lost, until ten years later, he was discovered in a landfill in Naples in 1974. Sports car fully restored, then he was involved in many different activities. And now Ferrari 625 Targa Florio for sale — the auction will take place in Monaco on 11 may.

It is expected that the final price will be from 4,5 to 6,5 million euros. Quite inexpensive for the historical car Ferrari – the only one of the three collected, extant.

Latest LaFerrari to be auctioned

DLa tests by Swedish insurance company Folksam and the non-profit Association of homeowners bought the hatchback Volkswagen Golf of the fifth generation, as well as sedans and station wagons, the Mazda6 is the first generation.

Crash tests were conducted according to the rules of the organization Euro NCAP in force at the time when these machines were produced. The car tested frontal impact with 40 percent overlap, simulating a side collision and hit the pole.

In 2004, new VW Golf of the fifth generation earned five stars on the results of crash tests Euro NCAP, receiving the sum of 33 points. A second-hand copy behind only one point, receiving four stars – a great result!

The new Mazda6 in 2003, the rating for the crash test was 26 points and four stars. Have used machine – 18 points and three stars. As stated by the experts Folksam, the probability to die in an accident in such a car is 20 percent higher than in the new Mazda6.

TOP safest cars of 2017 at the version Euro NCAP

After the appointment, the new Director of the company said that it will review all the brands included in the composition of the group and sell the weaker

German company Volkswagen has decided on the choice of the new head of the group and was appointed to the position of the Herbert Diez, who was previously head of the VW brand Diess. Along with this, the Board of Directors considers ways to overhaul the company, which covers cars, motorcycles, buses, trucks and cars, and that brands such as Ducati, Bentley, Porsche, Audi, Scania and Skoda.

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The Volkswagen coming changes in the leadership

In his time under the wing of the concern all these companies gathered the Executive Director of the Ferdinand Peha, grandson of VW Beetle designer Ferdinand Porsche. Now is the time conversion and revision of all components. According to the plan, Volkswagen will divide itself into six new lines of business, plus a hotel project on the Chinese market, as part of an effort to decentralize responsibility and increase efficiency. Sources said the publication Reuters, the new brands of cars will be divided into groups: Volume, Premium, and Super Premium.

In turn, the new head of the Council expressed their desire to review all the brands included in the composition of the concern and to get rid of less efficient for the concern. In his opinion, the multi-brand conglomerate should be transformed into a company with strong brands.

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Coming sale: almost 300 thousand diesel Volkswagen vehicles are stored in the warehouses of the company

Goldman Sachs analysts say that the European auto sector in 160 countries, there are 160 billion Euro, which you can release, using optimization companies.

Under the Stockholm has built the country’s first electrified section of the road

The track is able to charge electric cars in motion is located in Sweden between Stockholm and Arlanda airport and has a length of about two kilometers. This is the first part of the road, which in the long term, the government will extend further as well as build new highways. About it reports The Guardian.

The feature of the route is that it comes with a power rail, transmitting electric energy. But the electric vehicles must be equipped with a special pantograph. The transmitter itself is broken into sections of 50 metres long each, and the supply current is only then, when it passes the car, if the car stops, the energy transfer stops. The system can calculate the power consumption of the vehicle, which allows you to write off the cost of electricity to the user of the electric vehicle.

The uniqueness of the system is that on the surface of the electricity is not felt. When testing was bottled salt water and on the surface voltage was one volt, that allows you to safely walk on the surface barefoot.

“Dynamic charging” – in contrast to the use of roadside charging posts – means that the car battery can be smaller, along with their production costs. The first vehicle with similar technolgies will be a truck with a diesel engine, owned by logistics firm PostNord, he was the first and feel the road.

The purpose of Sweden by 2030 to reduce the number of vehicles on ice at 70% and switch residents to clean transportation. The authorities have already developed a network of such roads. The creators of the project, in turn, noted that the cost of a kilometer of similar electrification of trunk roads cost the country one million euros.

On the German market will be a version Final Edition as a farewell to the current generation of the SUV

As a farewell to the current generation of Japanese SUV on the German market will be the exclusive Mitsubishi Pajero Final Edition. Thus, the manufacturer completes this European country.

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Mitsubishi is developing a line of SUVs

Differences in the new versions of the Mitsubishi Pajero, the Final Edition will be the possibility to choose between 5-and 3-dvernoj version. The latter will be based on the basic configuration Base, but with 18-inch wheels, cruise control with automatic braking, heating of seats and other Optionals. It cost $ 37 thousand euros, which is more expensive than the regular version for 5 thousand euros.

Longer modification Pajero on the contrary, the Final Edition is based on the most expensive cars will be equipped with 20-inch wheels, additional underbody protection, tinted lens and aluminum trim. It will cost 49 thousand euros, which more than two thousand euros.

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Mitsubishi has extended the first teaser of the new SUV kupeobrazny

All variations of the Final Edition Mitsubishi Pajero has a 3.2-litre diesel engine to 190 HP with automatic transmission and all-wheel drive.

A new activity gaining popularity among the poles, who are not allowed to obtain a license in Poland

In full swing in Ukraine offers a new service for the preparation of legal documents for the poles, and the main activity for such companies becomes the issue driving licenses. Poles come to Ukraine and get the right to drive the car, they then exchange them in the country after six months on the Polish without exams.

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Driver’s licence for novice drivers will take forever

The cost of registration of all documents for residents of Poland, reaches 3 thousand euros. Experts point out that mainly in the creation of rights forms drawn from Donetsk and the Crimea, which verify very difficult.

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How to get a driver’s license for 5 thousand UAH. Fraudsters have invented a new criminal scheme

This procedure is in demand among those poles who are to receive the documents in their country is problematic, according to economistua. And in Ukraine you can arrange everything, even with no down payment, and pay upon receipt of the documents. For example, these services offers office Ukrainskie Prawo Jazdy Legalnie in Facebook.

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In Ukraine the service centers of the Ministry of interior will start issuing international driving license

Recall that the proximity of us to the poles gives rise to all new schemes for fraud. So recently it turned out that the poles make a huge number of cars for Ukrainians for a fee.

The updated browser has received almost two times the best scores in the test.

In cars , Tesla updated the browser to version v8.1 (2018.14). New OSes became much bitree and got the best scores on a number of criteria. Surprised users even captured on video user interface.

It is important to note that it is only suitable for cars Tesla Model S and X, which still uses the old NVIDIA Tegra-3-powered MCU, according to Insideevs.

The HTML5 tests show an estimate of 174 of 555 points to upgrade and 301-304 point after. In addition, the old speed tests have shown on average 300-500 KBbs. An updated browser is much faster – 5 MBps and even more.

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“Smart” road in China will charge electric cars and to test the speed

Earlier, Tesla CEO Elon Musk noted that the system of “Tegra” the awful work in older models of the Model S and X and should be improved. Now owners of older models can really benefit from faster browser.

Recall that Tesla will release a twin-engine electric car on the basis of the cheapest models. The cheapest model from Tesla, and even with two engines will be called Performance, reported on the Facebook page of the head of the company.

MModica of ranking is simple and is based on a percentage of the number of breakdowns of the machines to the duration of the run.

In the first place was the legendary Porsche 911 , preklonnogo age, which is 12.2% damage with average mileage 75 thousand kilometers.

The second spot is occupied by Toyota Corolla Verso: 15,3% of cars with breakdowns, with an average mileage 135 thousand km.

Closes the top three is another Japanese model, the Mazda 2, which is 16.3% of the problems with average mileage 97 thousand km.

The fourth position was occupied by American Ford Fusion: 17,8% of the cars with breakdowns with average mileage 95 thousand km.

Fifth place in the ranking went to the popular Japanese models Toyota Corolla: 18,2% of cars with breakdowns, with an average mileage of 114 thousand.

Novince equipped with the upgraded turbodiesel V6, which returns increased from 224 to 258 horsepower. Torque increased by 30 Nm to 580 Nm. Preserved function overboost (short of enhancing, for example, when overtaking). But if earlier it increased the power of the “six” to 245 HP, now up — 272 HP the engine Works in conjunction with vosmidiapazonnoy automatic transmission and all-wheel drive system 4Motion with a locking rear differential.

Heavy duty Amarok is offered in trim levels Hughline and Aventura. In the list of new things also bistronomy headlamps with daytime running LED lights, off-road kit, and rain and light sensors, fog lights, leather interior, and power rear view mirrors.

In Germany both cars can already be ordered. The pickup version Highline will cost 51 384 euros, and the top-end variant Aventura — 58 072 euros.

Power upgrade Amarok is that Mercedes-Benz launches new version of its pickup truck X 350 d 4Matic with 258-horsepower diesel engine. What a coincidence!

Presents the most powerful pickup truck Mercedes

Problem of the American manufacturer of electric vehicles with the release of the mass budget model is continuing. Over the company gathering financial clouds, many “experts” are predicting her almost bankruptcy and even harmless April fools tweet Mask led to a drop in shares of Tesla.

The main reason for the failure to achieve the promised last year, strap the weekly production of Model 3 to 5 thousand cars — for the last week of March, it collected a total of 2 thousand copies.

And if earlier in the Tesla main reason for the failure of the plan production of the new model was called the insufficient quantity of components from suppliers, it is now recognized that the bottleneck is the production line.

To eliminate bottlenecks, the company is going to suspend the Assembly line for its modernization. And, for the second time this year, Model 3 is not collected, from 20 to 24 February.

After the next upgrade of the pipeline, Tesla expects to finally reach the planned production of up to 5 thousand electric cars a week. When it happens – is unknown. Projected — until the end of the second quarter of this year.

Tesla Model 3 is available as a sedan aimed at the mass market. The model is offered with a single electric motor producing 258 HP To the first hundred car accelerates in 5.1 seconds with a top speed of 225 km/h battery pack with a capacity of 80.5 kWh allows you to travel without recharging up to 500 km.

Lexus mines bitcoins, a Tesla prepares for bankruptcy