CAircross Lovo, indeed, has changed a lot in the Citroen C3. Some of the changes seem logical, others not so good. In any case, to confuse the C3 Aircross and C3 is simply impossible. What is the most compact crossover of the brand?

Paint me

Above all, spacious. After all, the C3 Aircross is not a hatch but rather a sedan. Why did the side window in the rear pillar, and made of polycarbonate. On his way, you can stick a funny coloured stripes. They are part of the set of personalization exterior, including roof rails, side mirrors and trim lights. All this can be painted in one of four colors: black, white, silver and orange – at a price of 220 5 to 6 530 UAH for everything. Given the fact that he Citroen C3 Aircross is estimated at 460602 thousand UAH, it turns out that the paint scheme will cost about 1% of the cost. Not so expensive, and then do nothing, if you like the color of night: finishing in black colour expected from the machine by default since high picking Feel.

Trunk volume crossover is 410 litres with the spare wheel and 520 l without it – very worthy indicator. There is also a small underground, where it is possible to remove from sight the little things of questionable importance, forever dangling in the trunk.

You can choose one of four colors mirror housings, edging around the lights and the strips on the rear window – by the way, it is made of polycarbonate, you Can choose one of four colors mirror housings, edging around the lights and the strips on the rear window – by the way, it is made of polycarbonate, you Can choose one of four colors mirror housings, edging around the lights and the strips on the rear window – by the way, it is made of polycarbonate,the rear Seatbacks fold almost flat floor. The boot capacity is 410 litres with the spare wheel, and 520 l it

Clearance C3 Aircross increased by 20 mm compared with the ground clearance of C3 – out 175 mm. For the urban jungle, this is more than enough. Crossover, given its short overhangs, submit to any curb.

Smooth side

Urban “residence” C3 Aircross highlighted by the drive only on front axle and lack of protective Airbump pads on the side, which is “just” C3. Although protective plastic crossover, by definition, more important and necessary, the geometry is different. C3 Aircross closer to the sky than C3, 12 cm, and the usual hatch panel obviously would look alien to a higher body. Even optics it took him different: instead of three rows of head lighting (running lights – headlights – fog) C3 Aircross two of them. At the top, the same navigation lights, and just below the headlamps, with which the United and fog. Maybe it’s because when viewed from the front this car looks like a fun crew bathyscaphe?

Charm sofa

The interior of the crossover differences from the S3 hatch not so much, but they are considerably. The dashboard is a plastic edging around the perimeter of sports cloth trim, making the cabin much more comfortable.

The salon is spacious and beautiful, the envy of most competitors in the class. Colorful inserts available, starting with the middle set.

At the door there is quite extraordinary, “suitcase” handles – this time the French have preferred a more traditional shape. And on the console of the C3 Aircross, unlike “just” C3, you can find round switch system Grip Control, the traction on the sole driving axle, depending on the type of coating. Not a replacement for all-wheel drive, of course, but at least something. Have monoperiodic competitors C3 Aircross such is not in sight.

“Couch” type seats are almost the same as the hatch and, perhaps, equally good. That infrequent case when design refinements are not contrary to convenience. Look at the broad flat backs of the front seats and begin to doubt whether it is convenient to the back. But as soon as I land in them, and doubts go away. Still convenient! And finish? Today, the French make some of the best fabric upholstery, it is extremely nice to look at and pleasant to the touch; a kind of antithesis of the rough fabric of German cars. Although I suspect that the clean up crushed the young Scion of the chocolate chip cookies from the “then” of this lovely material will not be so simple.

The steering wheel, the familiar hatchback S3, easy to grip and can be decorated with color – look at the bottom spoke, the Instrument panel is compact and easy to read. All the necessary tables – arrowhead-up display is available in 13 060 UAH only for the top-end configuration Shine, you Can even get wireless charging for smartphones for 3920 UAH. For basic version it is not available, the System precisely measures Grip Control traction on the drive axle depending on the type of coating

The rear seats can not only please the adjustable backrest, but also the opportunity to move back and forth. In the top configuration Shine this useful feature is available by default, and in the middle Feel for her, have to buy a package of “Family” already for 15 670 UAH, which includes front-passenger seat with backrest folding forward, and sun blinds for rear door Windows.

One and two

Petrol engines – a two. They are the same volume (1.2 l) and the number of cylinders (3), but differ in the absence or presence of the turbine and, consequently, power: 82 or 110 HP, Only the most powerful version of the engine combined with a 6-band gun. There is another diesel volume of 1.6 liters, but it is also “on the handle”.

So the choice of women, and indeed often get in traffic jams of citizens, I think, is obvious. Only throw to a base price nearly ninety thousand: at least for the C3 Aircross with automatic transmission need to give 547 700 UAH.

But you will not regret it. This transmission, well known in other PSA models, worthy of praise. Don’t slack when it switches imperceptibly changes the transmission quickly adapts to style of driving, in General, consists of almost all advantages. Except that when you start to mount the crossover on the machine begins to fall back, almost off the left pedal leg. Transfer it to the accelerator need fast, because your brakes at the start of the C3 Aircross no holds – he does not have such a system.

Seven nurses

But there are many others. In addition to the standard ABS, ESP, brake assistant and traction control, this crossover offers something that at first and don’t expect from a car of this class.

The surprise, however, paid for most systems is optional and “Packed” in one of two packages. For example, the auto-brake system, recognition of speed limit signs and warnings about leaving his lane at the same time with cruise control, fatigue detection driver and adaptive far are pack Security, available for 10 450 UAH in the middle and top configuration.

But “Security” this is more for the tourist as five of the six useful except on a long journey. For example, cruise control is not adaptive, and therefore not suitable for the streets. As the recognition of road signs, limiting the speed limit. It almost always shows three significant lines on the saucer with a red border. But otherwise, if restrictive signs we have are more common on country roads than in the city? Fortunately, bright saucer can be removed from sight through the side menu.

Padding of the instrument panel with a cloth – maybe not the most practical, but very nice solution that adds comfortRear seats move forward and backward only in top configuration Shine; in the middle Feel they, too, can teach the trick, but for the moneythe Front seats remind pet sofa not only in form, but also by the comfort with which they adopt in the arms of the backCurtains on the rear door Windows is part of a package “Family”, which includes also front seat with folding backrest and rear sliding seat

The definition of driver fatigue in the city is also not true, automatically switch from low beam to long and back – but also for riding outside the settlements. The “switch” works very quickly, not very happy only the light is still halogen. The LEDs in the headlights C3 Aircross, alas, not to get even for a fee.

Only emphasized the “urban” part of the package “Security” is a system of automatic braking at speeds of 5-80 km/h. During the test a couple of times I tried neatly to provoke the car to use the brakes. But the maximum that was achieved is a warning of a possible collision. Maybe I was too careful?

The second package, called Park Assist will pull already on 16 980 UAH, but all of its components you can actually use in the city. The system of monitoring of blind spots makes it easier to rebuild from a number in a row, especially in the dark. Using the crossover in the rotation of the steering wheel upon arrival at the Parking space too, will not be as front Parking sensors and rear view camera – by the way, deserves separate words. Although the manufacturer declares modestly that the viewing angle is 180 degrees, the camera shows almost 360. It successfully simulates the operation of the system of the circular review, recording the image when the vehicle is moving backward, and then bringing it to a Central display. How it works, you can see in the test.

Such a smart camera can be purchased separately for 6 530 UAH, but only for the top-end configuration Shine. Only with her, by the way, is combined, and the Park Assist package.

Asphalt and soil

In the urban cycle, the onboard computer showed me 9.5 l per hundred – not so little, given the volume of the motor. But not so much when you take into account the temperament of the crossover. Despite the gun and the small volume of motor, 110-horsepower C3 Aircross is able to be nimble. It with admirable enthusiasm reacts on the accelerator, and not only in the sports mode automatic transmission. And yet she is still winter in which the car starts already in third gear.

This urban crossover is full of charm and, if you do not take him for a walk on bad roads, nothing seriously will not disappoint.

Turns this Citroen too excitedly, and rolls don’t bother you, although devoid of the stabilizer bar. Got rid of it due to the front suspension improved “McPherson”, but the improvements were limited to an additional third point of attachment of the lever. She also, according to the manufacturer, reduces the load on the rack. But the comfort of the “improved MacPherson” did not improve in any way on bad pavement the suspension C3 Aircross there is not enough power.

It jumps over humps of dirt road, this crossover is also not ready, although rugged terrain is given to him a little easier than expect from purely front-wheel drive car. The point system Grip Control, which allows to choose the optimal degree of slippage of the drive wheels depending on coverage: snow, mud, sand. Grip Control by default goes to top configuration Shine, and in the middle Feel are available as an option.

However, much of this crossover have succeeded in a typical “French” as the ability to make the audience to close their eyes to its shortcomings. The C3 Aircross is full of charm and, if you do not take him for a walk on bad roads, nothing seriously will not disappoint. But there to please will find plenty.

We thank the company “Citroen Ukraine” provided for a test car.


Tothe company, has developed a special system for remote recognition of a drunken passenger. The patent application for registration of the technology company Uber has filed in the patent and trademark office (USPTO).

The system will analyze the speed of the input client and the presence of grammatical errors when ordering. Also consider will be the location of the passenger, time of day and even the speed of his walk. All these data will be compared with information that was previously obtained about the client’s behavior in the normal state. After that artificial intelligence will assess the condition of passengers and warn the driver. If a customer is drunk “as a skunk”, the execution of the order will be sent by experienced and specially trained taxi driver.

Earlier taxi-service Uber has registered in the patent and trademark office (USPTO) technology for drones, designed to prevent motion sickness passengers during the drive. It involves the use of special light and audio indicators to alert customers about upcoming acceleration, braking and cornering.

Drone Uber killed a man

Andhistory of recent years has developed dramatically for Toyota in the past year the team have failed, putting at the start three cars, and in 2016, the lost victory on the last lap due to technical failure. And the fact that it occurred in the absence of left the LMP1 class Audi, Nissan and Porsche, in no way diminishes the victory of the Japanese brand. In this race the victory is not guaranteed even the fastest car per day in Le Mans anything can happen.

And Fernando Alonso was not in the team “wedding General” — that night the Spaniard closed the gap on the leading Toyota at number 7 after his teammate Nakajima received a fine for speeding. And four hours before the finish led his crew into the lead of the race. Finally, the fate of the marathon decided error Kobayashi, who in the course of the penultimate hour forgot to stop for refueling and remained on the road with an empty tank. He returned to the pits on a electric motor, but time was lost.

Toyota became only the second Japanese automaker, which won at the Sarthe circuit after Mazda, who won here in 1991.

“Of course, a little annoyed that this time it was not Audi and Porsche. But it’s still quite the accomplishment. We are happy with them”
the head of Toyota Gazoo Racing Pascal Vasselon

In the LMP2 class victory was won by the crew of Roman Rusinov/Andrea Pizzitola/Jean-Eric Vergne on Oreca Gibson room 26 of team G-Drive. Well, in the remaining two classes GT the victory was celebrated by the crews Porsche. A great gift to the company from Stuttgart to its 70th anniversary.

24 hours of Le Mans 2018. Results

Cla # Drivers Car Class Laps
1 8 Fernando Alonso
Kazuki Nakajima
Sébastien Buemi
Toyota TS050 Hybrid LMP1 388
2 7 Kamui Kobayashi
Mike Conway
Jose Maria Lopez
Toyota TS050 Hybrid LMP1 386
3 3 Mathias Beche
Thomas Laurent
Gustavo Menezes
Rebellion R13 LMP1 376
4 1 Andre Lotterer
Bruno Senna
Neel Jani
Rebellion R13 LMP1 375
5 26 Jean-Eric Vergne
Roman Rusinov
Andrea Pizzitola
Oreca 07 LMP2 369
6 36 Nicolas Lapierre
Pierre Thiriet
Andre Negrao
Alpine A470 LMP2 367
7 39 Vincent Capillaire
Tristan Gommendy
Jonathan Hirschi
Oreca 07 LMP2 366
8 28 Loic Duval
François Perrodo
Matthieu Vaxiviere
Oreca 07 LMP2 366
9 32 Juan Pablo Montoya
William Owen
Hugo De Sadeleer
Ligier JSP 217 LMP2 365
10 37 Nabil Jeffri
Weiron Tan
Jazeman Jaafar
Oreca 07 LMP2 361
11 31 Pastor Maldonado
Nathanael Berthon
Roberto Gonzalez
Oreca 07 LMP2 360
12 38 Ho-Pin Tung
Stéphane Richelmi
Gabriel Aubry
Oreca 07 LMP2 356
13 29 Jan Lammers
Giedo van der Garde
Frits van Eerd
Dallara P217 LMP2 356
14 33 David Cheng
Nicholas Boulle
Pierre Nicolet
Ligier JSP 217 LMP2 355
15 23 Will Stevens
Julien Canal
Timothé Buret
Ligier JSP 217 LMP2 352
16 35 Viktor Shaytar
Norman Nato
Harrison Newey
Dallara P217 LMP2 345
17 92 Michael Christensen
Kevin Estre
Laurens Vanthoor
Porsche 911 RSR LMGTE PRO 344
18 91 Gianmaria Bruni
Richard Lietz
Frédéric Makowiecki
Porsche 911 RSR LMGTE PRO 343
19 68 Sébastien Bourdais
Joey Hand
Dirk Müller
20 67 Harry Tincknell
Tony Kanaan
Andy Priaulx
21 63 Jan Magnussen
Antonio Garcia
Mike Rockenfeller
Chevrolet Corvette C7R LMGTE PRO 342
22 47 Felipe Nasr
Roberto Lacorte
Giorgio Sernagiotto
Dallara P217 LMP2 342
23 52 Pipo Derani
Toni Vilander
Antonio Giovinazzi


24 66 Stefan Mücke
Olivier Pla
Billy Johnson
25 51 James Calado
Alessandro Pier Guidi
Daniel Serra


26 95 Marco Sorensen
Nicki Thiim
Darren Turner
Aston Martin Vantage AMR LMGTE PRO 339
27 71 Sam Bird
Davide Rigon
Miguel Molina


28 77 Christian Ried
Matt Campbell
Julien Andlauer
Porsche 911 RSR LMGTE AM 335
29 54 Giancarlo Fisichella
Francesco Castellacci
Thomas Flohr

488 GTE

30 93 Nick Tandy
Patrick Pilet
Earl Bamber
Porsche 911 RSR LMGTE PRO 334
31 85 Jeroen Bleekemolen
Ben Keating
Luca Stolz

488 GTE

32 99 Patrick Long
Tim Pappas
Spencer Pumpelly
Porsche 911 RSR LMGTE AM 334
33 84 Jeff Segal
Liam Griffin
Cooper MacNeil

488 GTE

34 80 Erik Maris
Christina Nielsen
Fabio Babini
Porsche 911 RSR LMGTE AM 332
35 50 Thomas Dagoneau
Romano Ricci
Erwin Creed
Ligier JSP 217 LMP2 332
36 81 Nick Catsburg
Martin Tomczyk
Philipp Eng
37 56 Jörg Bergmeister
Patrick Lindsey
Egidio Perfetti
Porsche 911 RSR LMGTE AM 332
38 61 Matthew Griffin
Mok Weng Sun
Keita Sawa

488 GTE

39 97 Jonathan Adam
Maxime Martin
Alex Lynn
Aston Martin Vantage AMR LMGTE PRO 327
40 70 Olivier Beretta
Motoaki Ishikawa
Eddie Cheever III

488 GTE

41 69 Ryan Briscoe
Scott Dixon
Richard Westbrook
42 5 Leo Roussel
Michael Simpson
Charles Robertson
Ginetta G60-LT-P1 LMP1 289
43 86 Michael Wainwright
Benjamin Barker
Alex Davison
Porsche 911 RSR LMGTE AM 283
44 44 Andrea Bertolini
Tracy Krohn
Nic Jönsson
Ligier JSP 217 LMP2 334
Ret 11 Jenson Button
Vitaly Petrov
Mikhail Aleshin
BR BR1 Engineering LMP1 315
Ret 48 Paul-Loup Chatin
Memo Rojas
Paul Lafargue
Oreca 07 LMP2 312
Ret 90 Salih Yoluc
Euan Hankey
Charles Eastwood
Aston Martin Vantage LMGTE AM 304
Ret 22 Paul di Resta
Filipe Albuquerque
Philip Hanson
Ligier JSP 217 LMP2 288
Ret 64 Marcel Fassler
Oliver Gavin
Tommy Milner
Chevrolet Corvette C7R LMGTE PRO 259
Ret 10 Henrik Hedman
Renger van der Zande
Ben Hanley
BR BR1 Engineering LMP1 244
Ret 25 Mark Patterson
Tacksung Kim
Ate de Jong
Ligier JSP 217 LMP2 237
Ret 88 Khaled Al Qubaisi
Matteo Cairoli
Giorgio Roda
Porsche 911 RSR LMGTE AM 225
Ret 82 Antonio Felix da Costa
Augusto Farfus
Alexander Sims
Ret 40 Jose Gutierrez
Enzo Guibbert
James Allen
Oreca 07 LMP2 197
Ret 34 David Heinemeier Hansson
Ricky Taylor
Côme Ledogar
Ligier JSP 217 LMP2 195
Ret 6 Oliver Turvey
Alex Brundle
Oliver Rowland
Ginetta G60-LT-P1 LMP1 137
Ret 17 Stéphane Sarrazin
Matevos Isaakyan
Egor Orudzhev
BR BR1 Engineering LMP1 123
Ret 94 Romain Dumas
Timo Bernhard
Sven Muller
Porsche 911 RSR LMGTE PRO 92
Ret 98 Pedro Lamy
Paul Dalla Lana
Mathias Lauda
Aston Martin Vantage LMGTE AM 92
Ret 4 Oliver Webb
Dominik Kraihamer
Tom Dillmann
ENSO CLM P1/01 LMP1 65

Dapartament the transport infrastructure of Kyiv city state administration has published a list of car parks in shopping and office centers in the capital. “Please except special sites also take into account the presence of Parking lots in shopping and office centers”, — stated in the message.

We will remind that passed in December of last year law No. 5364 “On amendments to some legislative acts to reform the field of Parking vehicles” already signed by the President of Ukraine and will come into effect from September 27, 2018.

Besides the settlement of rules of Parking, stopping or Parking, this document is detailed and the mechanism of bringing to administrative liability of owners of vehicles, with emphasis on the exclusion of corruption component. Simultaneously with the entry into force of the law on Parking lots, will be legalized and automatic fixing of violations of traffic rules. After all, as the school physics course, peace is only a special case of motion.

Ferrari price of $280 thousand destroyed for Parking

Withthe decrease in the basic rates of excise tax will reduce the cost of imported cars and to put an end to history with their illegal importation. The proposed size of the excise tax equals the base rate multiplied by the coefficients: the ratio of the volume of the engine will be divided by 1000, and the coefficient of age is the number of complete calendar years.

“With this imported passenger vehicles will be available for the Ukrainians, and the difference in bet size for different volume of auto engines will not be significant”

Recall that in addition to the excise tax imported vehicle are also subject to import duty (10% of the value of the car, and for cars from the EU – 5-7,3%) and VAT 20% of the amount of the customs value of the car, excise duty and import duties. The only exception is electric cars, which have zero rate. In addition, in Ukraine is impossible to clear of the cars that are released before 2010 and do not meet the environmental standard Euro-5.

According to the customs on may 1, 2018, in Ukraine there were more than 315 thousand cars registered in other States and imported in transit or temporary importation. Almost half of them exceeded the duration of stay. Statistics of national police shows that in 2017 the country has seen more than 10 thousand accidents involving foreign-registered cars — 6% of the total number of accidents. In the first quarter of this year, the number of such incidents has increased to 8.5%.

Car owners in the Lithuanian numbers are not allowed in the EU, even on foot

Fthe Federal office of motor transport (KBA) found in Daimler cars, five are forbidden to use software features that can disable the aftertreatment system. The Agency suspect that such functions are equipped with nearly one million vehicles with a diesel engine corresponding to Euro-6. For this, the automaker faces a fine in the amount of 3.75 billion euros.

Representatives of the group expressed readiness to cooperate with the authorities and decided to withdraw 238 thousand cars in Germany. Under campaign will get the models Vito, C-class and the GLC crossover with diesel engines that detected a device that can disable the aftertreatment system.

Munich prosecutors launched an investigation against the head of Audi. Rupert Stadler is accused of fraud and forgery in a case related to manipulation of data on emissions of harmful substances from diesel engines. In the house of Stadler and its one high-ranking officer, whose name was not disclosed, were searched. Audi is subsidiary of Volkswagen group, in respect of which, in fact, broke out in September 2015, “diesel scandal.”

Scandalously cheap VW Golf station wagons are outlawed

Inother things, it does not mean that the owner refused an iconic sports car, the cost of which in Ukraine will start from 8.5 million. About it, shows the note left on the windshield — they say, sorry, tow truck already left, but can’t wait — hurry to the airport, will solve all the issues then.

We remind you that coupe Aston Martin DB11 features a 5.2-liter twin-turbo V12 engine capacity of 607 HP,Yu accelerates the car to first “hundred” for 3,9 seconds with a top speed of 322 kilometers per hour. Ukraine has recently appeared and the convertible Volante Aston Martin DB11.

Photos and video from the scene published “Topgir”

Aston Martin Vantage GTE will ignite at Le Mans this weekend

In presented on the official page of the brand on the social network Facebook the video shows the instrument panel with a touchscreen. Judging by the roller, the screen will be writing with your finger. Most likely, this handwritten method can be used to give the system some commands. Interestingly, the display integrated in the center console unlike the current generation, which monitor is more like a tablet.

The Audi A1 hatchback new generation, designed on a modular platform MQB, which will exceed the size of its predecessor. The car body will be made of steel and aluminum that will make the car a little easier in the current model, which weighs 1,035 tons.

The interior of the Audi A1 in the current generation

The latter, judging by leaked to the Network of spy photos, will resemble the exterior of the A3. It is assumed that the engine range will include three-cylinder petrol engine volume of one liter and a power of 95 horsepower. It is also expected the emergence of a 1.4-litre petrol engine and 1.6-liter diesel engine. Does not exclude the emergence of hybrid and fully electric versions of the hatchback.

Spy photos of new Audi A1

Premiere of the Audi A1 is expected in the coming weeks. Instead of this debut suggests published a teaser – we are talking about Barcelona. It is quite logical, given the decision of the brand to move production of its compact hatchback from Brussels to the factory Seat in Martorell.

Audi introduced a new flagship crossover Q8

Aboutthis was reported by our colleagues from Belarus, through which passed 70-year-old Hubert Wirth. In the journey, the Germans went on the tractor Lanz Bulldog 1936 issue with the trailer in the form of a huge beer barrel, which he converted into a mobile bath – there is also a bed and a kitchen.

The mustachioed retired accompanied by a chubby little Dachshund half-breed by the name of hex, because the trip is long, and one to go boring. As for tractors, it is fully mechanical model — to start the engine, it is necessary to preheat a gas burner, and then use a removable steering wheel as a hand crank.

To retirement Virt thirty years worked as an auto mechanic at the Mercedes plant, and in recent years travels in his vintage tractor. From native Forchheim German left may 15, and passing a day, about a hundred miles, got to make it to the opening ceremony of the finals of the world Cup 2018 which will take place today.

Traktor is freedom!

Help. Tractor Lanz Bulldog 1936 edition equipped with 20-horsepower single-cylinder engine capacity of 4.75 litres, which consumes about 20 liters of diesel per hundred kilometers.

Nissan introduced electric camper

Pod hood Kodiaq Skoda RS has the most powerful two-liter version of the EA288 series betterbodies, with a capacity of 239 horsepower. The engine is combined with robotized transmission with two clutches and four-wheel drive system.

Managed the crossover of the famous “Queen of the Nordschleife” 49-year-old German racer Sabine Schmitz is a leading car show and member of endurance racing. During his career, the Sabine drove the North loop of the nürburgring more than 30 thousand times.

This time behind the wheel of a Skoda RS Kodiaq she flew Nordschleife in 9 minutes of 29.84 seconds – new track record in the category of seven-seat crossovers. But this achievement will not be officially registered – the record to beat on the car which is available for sale. And the world premiere of “charged” Kodiak will be held in October at the Paris auto show. But still, it’s a great marketing ploy for the Czech brand.

Recall that the absolute record of the Nurburgring for crossovers belongs to the Stelvio Alfa Romeo Quadrifoglio – 7 minutes 51.7 seconds. In honor of this achievement the Italian model received a special version of the Nurburgring Edition.

Until the last bolt. Disassembly Skoda Fabia 1 minute