Coming refund of penalty for exceeding the speed limit by 20 km/h — to understand what was happening.Kolodochkin Michael “at the wheel”Expert

“You know the difference between news and gossip, I hope? The news tells you what people did. And rumor says the pleasure they received from it“.

Gregory David Roberts, “Shantaram”

All the media swept reports that the city authorities offered to return the fine for exceeding the speed limit by up to 20 km/h. Rumors?

Until that — rumors. Although I would call it a trial balloon. Once the balls are launched into the air to test the conditions of the upcoming flight. Supposedly, we’ll see what happens, and then decide to fly or well him…

However, the reaction on this ball is quite predictable. The average Russian driver today sincerely believes that the officially allowed speed is numbers on a road sign plus bonus 20 km/h. Allegedly, the authorities realized that one must live by the rules, and not according to the law, and that gave the slaves a favor by 20 km/h And when you take a break, you always bad. And you cannot but conclude that the authorities, they say, not snickering… Now a stream of fines immediately will grow on level ground — unless, of course, motorists won’t get rid of their cars. And they will not start.

To pay fines always unpleasant: this year a couple of times he asked for it… But also mentioned a bonus of 20 km/h, which all of us like it was from the very beginning is incorrect and here’s why.

Every measuring instrument has an error — it’s a fact. Therefore, in the long-predanie times when the cops in the USSR only had a radar, a wave of mass discontent. They say, well, how I can be punished for some 62 km/h in a 60, when I honestly tried to keep the arrow of a speedometer in the right place! Maybe it’s your radar podviraet: because the ideal devices not found in nature!

Then, as far as I know, was made a tacit, but a wise decision. The radar cops were set up for team “face” with a certain reserve: for example, when the sign “60” you retarded, starting with the 72 km/h. Roughly speaking, threw a ten percent error of both instruments — the speedometer and radar. But no one told participants about some “concessions” because no concessions were not. It was clever use of the available technology and a well-deserved penalty for the actual violation of the law. And if you still “stopped”, then — for the cause.

Today, the top of some of the lawmakers constantly sausage. Recall, illiterate approach to the determination of the degree of intoxication and stupid “zero ppm”, abolished only recently (and for how long?). Messieurs bosses, but not happen in the nature of zeros — there is always a “plus-minus”! But this is the “plus-minus” — not a handout from the master’s table drunk drivers: it is a competent technical approach to determining the degree of guilt.

Unfortunately, the mentioned threshold of 20 km/h was presented to the public not under the sauce. It should not be a “license to kill”, like the agent 007, and a simple precaution that helps to avoid penalties due to inaccurate measuring devices. And she’s not allowed to drive faster than the prescribed sign. But the chiefs are going to hang megacities signs “40”, don’t understand it yourself. And already openly talking about the fact that the upcoming “40”, saying that it is the current “60” based on our bonus. And it is fundamentally wrong.

In short, I believe that if the goal was to reduce somewhere the speed, then this should be done only one way: to hang the appropriate signs, and not put the blame on some “bonuses”. Otherwise, what we say, to hang the sign, but you don’t pay attention to him. And it breeds contempt for the law in General.

So whether you want to keep the threshold below which can not be punished? My opinion — Yes, definitely! But — purely for technical reasons, to nip in the Bud all claims on the part of the inaccuracy of the measurements. By the way, I believe it can be 10 km/h — accuracy road systems, measuring the speed is much lower and the speedometers, as is well known, can only inflate the rate, but not to underestimate her.

By the way, really advertise it to anything. After all, we are not talking about any secret deals and collusion, but only on proper technical approach to the problem. A fine may not be issued erroneously — that’s the only thing that should be sure a member of the movement. And how to provide technically — it engineer, not a lawmaker.

Photo: “Behind the wheel.Of the Russian Federation”

The reader of the magazine “Behind the wheel”, married, changed her name and driver’s license and vehicle documents to change not ready. It might be enough to carry a marriage certificate? The situation explains the head of the police Mikhail Chernikov.“Behind the wheel.Of the Russian Federation”


After marriage changed her name. If I can change the documents, and to carry a marriage certificate for the case review?

E. Kleymenova, Tver

The question the reader meets the head of the Main Department on security of traffic of the Ministry of internal Affairs of Russia the General-the Lieutenant of police Mikhail Chernikov.

No, you can’t. The name change automatically leads to the need for amendments in personal data contained in driver license and registration details of the vehicle owner. The order of your actions set of administrative regulations approved respectively by orders of the Ministry of internal Affairs of Russia from October 20, 2015 No. 995 and 7 August 2013, No. 605. Don’t forget also that will require adjustments and the policy of compulsory insurance of civil liability of vehicle owners.

If you do not change the documents, even in the presence of the marriage certificate will be brought to justice immediately for part 1 and part 2 of article 12.3 of the administrative code. In the first case the vehicle driver who does not have at itself registration documents on a vehicle, provided a warning or the imposition of an administrative fine in the amount of 500 rubles. In this case the vehicle is delayed (part 1 of article 27.13). Similar penalties are established for driving a vehicle without documents for the right to manage and (or) insurance policy — with the difference that the detention of the vehicle in this case does not apply.

  • Everything you need to know about getting and replacing a driver’s license and vehicle registration and insurance information on the car, you will find in our “Park documents”.

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Renault Russia began to accept orders for new equipment Renault Koleos Comfort at an attractive price — from 1 699 000 rubles. The first vehicles will be available from January 2019.Alekseeva Elena

Renault KoleosRenault Koleos

Renault > Koleos

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New Comfort version with a petrol engine 2.0 l (144 HP) equipped with CVT and all-wheel drive. And in the equipment of the car includes climate control, cruise control, multimedia navigation system with horizontal touch 7-inch screen and 8 speakers. Palette of exterior colors added a “purple metallic.” The surcharge will be offered a package “Comfort 1”, consisting of roof rails and rear Parking sensors.

So now the crossover three configurations in the Russian market — Comfort, Exclusive and Premium. Curiously, when new Koleos has just appeared in Russia (in July 2017), its initial equipment was the Exclusive, and asked for the cars in this version are exactly the same 1 699 000 rubles. But since then, prices have grown strongly, and now Renault Koleos Exclusive will cost 1 829 000 rubles.

Sales of Renault Koleos Comfort in picking will start in early 2019.

Prices and specifications Renault Koleos:

  • In September last year Renault Koleos in Russia began to sell and with the turbodiesel.
  • In December of this year will start selling the Logan and Sandero Stepway City series with the CVT.

Photo: Renault

Last month again recorded sales growth of passenger cars and light commercial vehicles — 10,1%. December will be no worse and even better November, promise in the automobile manufacturers Committee of the AEB.Alekseeva Elena

In November, sales increased 10.1% compared to November 2017 and amounted to 167 494 of the car. For the first 11 months the market has reached 1 625 351 of the car, but the main intrigue is found. However, the December sales we will report only in the following year.

Traditionally announce the top five leaders in November, it included the Lada Granta (13 324 PCs.; +78%), Lada Vesta (9906; +23%), Kia Rio (8536; +4%), Hyundai Creta (6800 PCs.; +18%) and Hyundai Solaris (5413; +2%).

Beloved by Russians Lada Largus and Renault Duster last month showed a negative trend: sales of models fell by 14% and 16% respectively. About the trend too early to speak, but an alarm bell sounded. (In October, sales of models declined by 2% and 4% respectively.) The largest increase in November was the Toyota Camry plus 81% and, as already mentioned, the updated Lada Granta — plus 78%.

In the ranking by brands in the lead Lada — 33 663 completed car, plus 15% to the results of last November. Among those whose sales have increased, it is worth noting Volvo and Land Rover by 64% and 44% respectively. Good dynamics showed the brand of Skoda — plus 43%, Mitsubishi — plus 38% and Kia plus 30%. Failure for several months pursues a Chinese brand Lifan in November sales fell just 37%, although this is the only Chinese brand whose cars differ on the Russian market sold more than 1000 cars per month. Among the premium brands in the red was only Mercedes—Benz (-2%), the rest of the positive dynamics.

The AEB expect a similar pace of growth in December, as buyers will try to make maximum use of the advantages of new year discounts and offers. Many expect a nice bonus to the end of the year, although how they will be substantial, the big question. December may be the peak of growth for the last quarter of this year, says head of projects business processes GK “Avtospetstsentr” Konstantin Avakyan. The situation is such that the client understands the inadvisability of transferring purchases to a later date. The market is influenced by the upcoming price increase for new cars in connection with the increase in VAT from 1 January 2019, and also in connection with the new production year and the indexation of prices by the manufacturers.

Next year, the analyst predicts slowing market growth, especially difficult will be the beginning of the year. The negative scenario would be a slight negative trend of the market in the 1st quarter of 2019: (from — 5 to — 10%). Definitely, excess car the 2018 model year on dealer warehouses are not expected, for the consumer it will mean that to get used to the new prices have been since the beginning of the year. If at the end of 2018 the forecast of market growth is around 13%, taking into account any downturn or slowdown in the first quarter by the end of 2019, we are unlikely to see growth over 10%.

  • Sales information for the previous months, you can find the link.
  • The average price of a new car in Russia in the first 10 months of the year reached 1.42 million rubles.



Photo: AvtoVAZ

Today in Russia started selling the updated crossover Nissan X-Trail for the price of 1 574 000 rubles.Khlynov Alexander

Nissan X-TrailNissan X-Trail

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Nissan X-Trail, sales of which began today, has an updated design not only the exterior but also interior, as well as a number of technical improvements that affect the level of safety and comfort. The company also revised the trim levels of the car. The cost of the crossover is dated 1 574 2 000 to 234 000.

The updated model is offered with front-or all-wheel drive and is equipped with a choice of three engines. This is a 2-liter petrol unit capacity of 144 HP, paired with either a 6-speed manual transmission or a CVT, 171-horsepower gasoline engine capacity of 2.5 liters, equipped with only a CVT, and 1.6-liter turbodiesel engine rated at 130 HP sold only with the mechanics.

The basic equipment of the car, called the XE, includes heated windshield and front seats, dual-zone climate control, audio system with MP3-player and four speakers, 17-inch wheels and a stowaway. The cost of this version with the CVT is 1 634 000. All-wheel drive is not offered.

In the configuration of the XE+ crossover 1 762, 000 and is equipped with alloy wheels and full size spare wheel and rear view mirrors are electrically foldable.

Depending on the motor, drive and gearbox the cost of the crossover in picking SE is 1 755 000 1 930 000 rubles. In addition to these options the car is equipped with light sensors and rain, front and rear Parktronic, steel crankcase, access systems “smart key” and engine start button, lumbar support seats and adjustable passenger seat height adjustment, six speakers, autocatalysis interior rear view mirror, tinted rear glass and fog lamps. In addition, there is an electric tailgate with Hands Free system.

Version SE Yandex supplemented by multi-media system Yandex Auto with 8-inch color touchscreen display. The cost of X-Trail in this configuration ranges from 1 808 000 to 1 983 000.

In picking SE+ the cost of the crossover is from 1 836 011 500 to 2 500 rubles. For the money the buyer receives additionally, in relation to SE, a heated steering wheel and rear seats, the system of recognition of moving objects, sensor air pressure in tires, system of the circular review with a color display and media system NissanConnect 2.0 with navigation.

Package SE Top is the difference between personal lamps for rear passengers in roof console, 18-inch wheels, adaptive LED headlights with auto level control, silver roof rails and a panoramic roof with electric drive, which distinguishes all the machines, specifying Top in the name of the configuration. The machine is equipped with is not full size spare wheel and tokatkoy. Is this Nissan X-Trail 1 930 105 500 to 2 500 rubles and does not have the turbo version.

Version Le Yandex is from 2 073 000 2 153 000 rubles and is equipped with not only a package of Yandex, but the system automatically switch a headlight on near, system control, lane traffic and blind spot monitoring, and obstacle detection while reversing. In addition, the interior of this car is trimmed with black or beige leather, and the front seats have electric.

In the configuration LE+, which is estimated to be worth 106 2 186 000 to 2 000 roubles, the crossover is additionally equipped with a control system driver fatigue, and intelligent Parking assistance.

Version LE Top is not only available panoramic roof with electric drive, but 19-inch wheels. It should be a crossover from 2 to 154 000 2 234 000.

Started selling the updated Nissan X-Trail

  • In addition, the updated Nissan X-Trail has been thoroughly prepared for the Russian winters.
  • An updated version of the crossover have already been to test the wording of “Behind the wheel”.

Photo: Nissan

Started selling the updated Nissan X-Trail

Aboutthis was announced by the new chief designer of Hyundai Motor Group Luke Donckerwolke, replacing Peter Shrier: “you May have seen the concept pickup at the Detroit auto show in 2015. It is this car now develops a Hyundai”. According to a top Manager, is now training in mass production and the novelty should appear in the “shortest possible time”.

The concept, which meant Donckerwolke – prototype mid-size pickup truck Santa Cruz. A year later at the auto show in Sao Paulo, debuted pickup on the basis of subcompacta crossover Creta, but also in the form of a prototype.

The updated Hyundai Tucson: not much went up, but got a lot

According to rumors, the basis of the truck Hyundai will form the platform from Tucson the next generation. Data about the power units, new items are still kept secret. Recall that the prototype was equipped with two-liter four-cylinder turbodiesel engine that develops 190 HP and 406 nm of torque.

According to preliminary data, the truck will be launched in 2020. It is unknown whether to keep the car in the name of Santa Cruz, or it was given another name. Later this model will be produced under the Kia brand, but with a different exterior and interior.

The new flagship Hyundai – 8-seater SUV Palisade

AboutDean a limo cost the Ukrainian Treasury of approximately 750 thousand dollars. However, the S 600 Guard is considered a “civilian” car – usually the heads of States takes a more expensive version of the Mercedes-Maybach Pullman Guard for half a million euros.

Both vehicles are black and equipped with system emergency alarm, fresh air supply, as well as led lamps, refrigerators, and other options. Armored S-class meets the protection level VR9 civil European standard BRV 2009, that is, sesamiae occupants from armor-piercing bullets weapons under European cartridge 7,62×51 mm. in addition, Mercedes will stand the shot armor-piercing bullet from a sniper rifle SVD (with the cartridge 7,62x54r mm).

In Odessa found a Royal limousine of Leonid Kuchma, in Kiev sell Hummer Schwarzenegger

Custom wheels, Michelin PAX allow to continue the movement after the breakout with a speed of 80 km/h. All aluminum suspension components replaced with steel, air springs — more powerful, and in addition set rear springs and additional stabilizer. In addition, the armored car got the other brakes.

Curb weight S 600 Guard — 4.3 tonnes. The model is equipped with six-liter Biturbo V12 with a capacity of 530 HP To the first “hundred” armored limousine accelerates in 6.2 seconds (1.6 sec slower the usual “six hundredth”).

In Ukraine the machine has not yet arrived – it is expected that they will be delivered before the end of this year.

Donald trump got a new limo

Abouttrade to note that after several years of concept throws (tightly dressed women without makeup and even men), the calendar finally got back to basics.

The author of the photo shoot was made by albert Watson. The shooting of the calendar, dubbed “the Power of dreams”, was held in Miami and new York in April 2018. As a result, Watson has created 40 color and black-and-white images in which he expressed “a huge passion for cinema” through the visual history of the four heroines.

“I wanted to get not just pictures of people, but something more: I wanted to achieve similarity with the “still images” from movies. I would like to get people dealing with the calendar, realized that I was driven by pure photographic and sought to explore the inner world photographed by me characters, creating situations that reflect positive thinking modern women,” said the author.

Heroes of the new calendar became celebrities such as Gigi Hadid, Julia garner, misty Copeland and Laetitia Casta, dancers Sergei Polunin and Calvin Royal III, and designer Alexander Wang.

The Pirelli calendar (The Cal) appeared in 1964. Its founders were the members of the marketing Department of the Italian tire manufacturer Pirelli. Each calendar dedicated to female beauty and reflects the trends of modern society.

Ukrainian became the hero of the erotic Pirelli calendar (PHOTO)

Bright appearance, three sizes, increased comfort for passengers — ZR met with the new generation.“Behind the wheel.Of the Russian Federation”

At the motor show in Los Angeles, which takes place from 30 November to 9 December, the Koreans brought their main product — the Kia Soul third generation. Car sales will start next year, to the Russian market he’ll probably get until the end of 2019. But something about the Kia Soul is already known.

What’s new

First of all, Saul — a fundamentally new car, built on a modular platform K2. It was significantly more than its predecessor. The wheelbase increased by 30 mm and now stands at 2600 mm, having overtaken on this indicator from the Kia Rio. Rose Soul and in length — from 55 mm to 4195. Due to this the car was quite large.

Manufacturer conjured over the exterior. Instead of the public European opinion, what were the machines of the second generation, the designers have awarded Soul sly squint, the maximum narrowing of the headlights. In this optics two story: upper also turned out to be the size and turn signals, and the bottom is located an additional headlight units. It has changed the car and back. Attention attract flashlights, boomerangs, United top red jumper. The decision clearly aimed at the target audience and should be good for her.

In three persons

In Los Angeles Soul that has retained its cubic form, brought in three models — GT-Line, X-Line and EV. The GT—Line with low-hanging bumper and a touch of sportiness is clearly designed for life in the city. Pseudoclosure X-Line produces a fundamentally different experience. Compared to urban concept it looks, but only looks! more like a SUV due to the plastic trim wheel arches and bumper, overlays on doors and thresholds.

Eco-friendly Soul EV electric car similar to the “brothers”, but it looks less aggressive without an imposing air intake. EV continues the tradition of the first generation, but still different. The manufacturer gave him a more powerful engine (204 vs 110 HP), and most importantly — battery power consumption 64 kWh (in previous versions — 30). So there is reason to expect that the reserve Kia EV will rise considerably. Will it happen in fact, learn when the car will hit the market.

The expansion of space

When looking at a new soul appears that the doors, especially the front, it is wider than its predecessor. Sitting behind the wheel, you catch yourself thinking that he was in a car a class above — the inside was clearly bigger. But behind all the same. And although there is the impression that space for feet of rear passengers abound, it is misleading: the front seats exhibition Kia Soul is quite pushed forward. If driving a person of above-average growth, it will remain not so much space — about the same as in the car, the outgoing generation.

The trunk has not fundamentally changed. Yes, added in volume, but it looks about the same as it was. It seems that the extra centimeters, which appeared due to the growth in the size, went in the first place to increase the level of comfort for front passengers.

Soul salon

Interior Kia Soul though, and became more modern, has not undergone major changes, but clearly improved the quality of the materials. The interior design of each version corresponds to its appearance. In General, the buttons and indicators are located on the usual owners of the Soul.

Trehsetovom on the left-hand steering wheel buttons control the phone and multimedia system to the right is the cruise control and trip computer menu. Under the screen multimedica — climate unit. At the exhibition of the design it is simple, with the usual “krutilki”. Which, by the way, pleasant to the touch.

Driving a new Soul is comfortable, though looking at seats like this. But looks can be deceiving, the seats are designed with lateral support and height adjustment. Interior doors solid, knobs in doors convenient for a normal human grip.


Exhibition Soul GT-Line is equipped with a 1.6-liter turbo engine capacity of 201 HP engine is combined with 7-speed robot, no other choice. We already know that the American market will be cars with 2-liter engine with 147 HP They will be available with either a manual gearbox or a CVT. With regard to transmission, the soul will remain a solely front-wheel drive.

X-Line hotels in Los Angeles, 2-liter gasoline engine with 147 HP Car in this version will be produced with a manual transmission (the demand for it is likely to be limited) and with a CVT. X-Line with the machine not expected, exceptions will not do even for the American market.


New unusual design, three versions with different character, space and quality execution of the interior the Koreans have set their sights on success. The realisation of these expectations in relation to the Kia Soul third generation, time will tell and road.

New Kia Soul 2019 — the first overviewPhoto: Kiathe New Kia Soul 2019 — the first review

Audi Q3 second generation will begin to sell us in 2019. To Russia will bring the crossover not with the latest “strangled by desligada” engines, and the already familiar from the predecessor engines. And our car rides are clearly better than “Kushka” in European specifications!Gzowski Michael “at the wheel”

At the start of sales in Europe, the Germans offer a version edition one, which is distinguished by catchy tint of the body (orange or grey), gunmetal grille and nameplates. Produce Q3 at the plant in the Hungarian györ. The first cars will go on sale in Europe for the New year, in Russia — in the spring and summer.At the start of sales in Europe, the Germans offer a version edition one, which is distinguished by catchy tint of the body (orange or grey), gunmetal grille and nameplates. Produce Q3 at the plant in the Hungarian györ. The first cars will go on sale in Europe for the New year, in Russia — in the spring and summer.

Responsible for international communications at Audi Lyle Graham over a glass of tea under the curtain of the official dinner was in a sentimental mood:

— It seems to me, your life is so interesting. I was in Russia several times, in Moscow and St. Petersburg. And even once had a ride in a Russian car. So big and soft, it was still released in the 70’s in Nizhny Novgorod… Oh Yeah, Volga!

Why not start production of the new Q3 in Kaluga? Good reason to come back!

Answer Lyle went diplomatically, but a skeptical note in her voice did not hide. They say, it all depends on demand, and that the rate of the ruble. While to rejoice there is nothing — the Germans turned in Kaluga SKD production of all Audi, with the exception of Q7. Moreover, in Grabtsevo already produced the hit Volkswagen Tiguan. Why did the Germans internal cannibalism? But the market will still be a new Audi Q3 in a purely Russian version, though the Hungarian Assembly.

Fresh filtered

Engines — the main intrigue. In Europe, the base version is front-wheel drive Q3 35 TFSI petrol turbo c 1.5 (150 HP). Two-liter car with all-wheel drive will be offered in two grades-forcing — 190 HP (40 TFSI) and 230 HP (45 TFSI). There is a 2-litre diesel option 35 TDI (150 HP) with front-wheel drive and a preselection or S tronic with all leading and 6-speed manual transmission. But it’s not for us!

— New engines Audi hypersensitive to the quality of petrol and you have it correspond to the latest standards. Therefore, in Russia the engines with particle filter we carry. The plans — familiar diesel 150‑HP 1.4 TFSI and the 180‑horsepower 2.0 TFSI, and a 150‑horsepower diesel engine 2.0 TDI. The first option is front-wheel drive. Box — only the robot.

Great news, Lyle. I have traveled to Q3 TFSI 1.5 and only strengthened in his opinion. Similar weight and similar power Volkswagen Tiguan 1.4 TFSI significantly faster to respond to the gas in transient conditions — why do we need a “strangled by desligada” motor?


A-liter gasoline engine for the Old world interesting in the first place, a system shut-down cylinders. At low and medium loads, the drives to the camshafts, temporarily disable the second and third cylinders by closing the intake and exhaust valves, and the engine control system disables the ignition and fuel supply. Moving these processes completely invisible, promise to reduce the consumption, but the official data from Audi yet.

The cylinder block is made of aluminum, so the weight of the motor has decreased significantly. On cylinder liners by plasma spraying the coating, which reduces friction. Exhaust manifold integrated into the cylinder head. The issue has a particulate filter, and this is the main obstacle to the arrival in Russia of the motor, sharpened by the Euro‑6.

At the forefront

Slightly characterless silhouette of the former Q3 gave way to relief surfaces — like ancient sculpture blew a thick layer of centuries of dust, revealing a chiseled figure.

The salon is also the bomb. No penny items, a single line drawn with shaky hand. Especially fresh look with bright inserts of Alcantara. Yes, impractical — but how impressive!

“Kushka” goodbye to analog devices: before the eyes of the driver — a screen diagonal of 10.25 inches. And the center console flaunts a 10.1‑inch touchscreen. All this can be controlled from the steering wheel or voice commands.

Both modern and austere interior refresh licantropia inserts in body color. Provides wireless charging and four USB.Both modern and austere interior refresh licantropia inserts in body color. Provides wireless charging and four USB.

The trim level is exactly what we would expect from a car with a base price of above two million.The trim level is exactly what we would expect from a car with a base price of above two million.

App myAudi app automatically rebroadcasts navigation data from your phone to the monitor, as soon as I sit in the car.App myAudi app automatically rebroadcasts navigation data from your phone to the monitor, as soon as I sit in the car.

Access to the Network is organized according to the standard LTE Advanced, MMI navigation plus Navigation routes and generates the accompanying information based on previous journeys. App myAudi mobile app allows you to remotely unlock and lock your doors, warm up the cabin and find the car in the Parking lot. Compartment for smartphone, Audi phone box plays a role of wireless charging and connects the phone to the vehicle’s antenna. The interface allows you to connect gadgets with an iOS or Android device and control them via the MMI system using Apple CarPlay or Android Auto.

In General, with respect to an electronic “ergonomics” — a pleasure.

From a practical point of view, the Q3 also impresses me much more than its predecessor. Wheelbase stretched to 77 mm, and now quietly sit behind even the passengers taller than average. Seat are shifted in the longitudinal direction in the range of 150 mm. Want — increase the trunk (he added in a volume of 70 liters), want — wykrywa additional legroom.


Adaptive cruise control and a withholding system in the lane — good assistants on the high-speed Italian highway. And in case of danger of hitting a pedestrian, a motorcyclist or another car Q3 activates emergency braking. Here for me, no revelations, similar functions have the Tiguan. And the problems are the same: the car slows down rather tartly before the rising traffic and sometimes does not respond to rearranging the nose of a companion. Trust but the wheel don’t let go!

Coming Q3, as all the relatives on the platform MQB, downed, accurately and in budushemu thoroughbred. Nature by and large does not depend on the drive (the full drive connected with a multi-plate clutch Haldex rear wheels and an imitation of cross-axle differentials), nor the type of suspension and proposed three of them. In the database — passive Mcregor chetyrehrychazhka front and rear. The surcharge — adaptive chassis in all versions except the S line is: she put a sport suspension. Visually they do not differentiate: any Q3 ground clearance — 190 mm.

New to 97 mm longer, 18 mm wider and 23 mm lower than its predecessor. And noticeably more spacious. The boot capacity has increased from 460 to 530 litres, and the floor can be set in two levels, organizing a small “pantry”. Led lights — standard. Surcharge propose a matrix version with the adaptive high beam.New to 97 mm longer, 18 mm wider and 23 mm lower than its predecessor. And noticeably more spacious. The boot capacity has increased from 460 to 530 litres, and the floor can be set in two levels, organizing a small “pantry”. Led lights — standard. Surcharge propose a matrix version with the adaptive high beam.

Fail to radically shift the focus towards podvisotskogo service and the Audi drive select system with six modes, linking the work of the engine and the preselection S tronic. It does not get out and noticeably “sharpen” filigree feedback optional steering with a variable gear ratio. So take the usual springs, steering without the bells and whistles — and not lose.

Alpine machine “embroidered” with passion and confidence conventional hatchback. Rolls? Their actually not. Insulation on the top five.

I have not found reason to criticize the “wet” robot S tronic, which in Russia will be uncontested. The only mistake is that Q3 is rolled back a little when you put the box in a “Parking lot” on the bias, but it can be forgiven for invisible and “rapid-fire” bust seven steps.

At dinner, overheard a conversation American colleagues, discussing the robot. Say, on what we in the States don’t like the box, but about this nothing bad not say. That 200‑horsepower engine was a disappointment — an old car with a 6-speed automatic Tiptronic cracking.

I wish we had their problems! Overseas base Q3 2.0 TFSI will cost about $ 33,000. In Russia about the same money (2.1 million rubles) will ask for monodrive 1.4 TFSI. Unless, of course, will not happen a big of the economic miracle — and that’s something that can’t be.

With motors in the Russian version will go even better! Price enjoy a few

Audi Q3 35 TFSI

Audi A3 40 TFSI

Length/width/height/base 4484/1856/1616/2680 mm

Luggage capacity (VDA) l 530-1525


diesel, R4, 16 valve, 1498 cm3; 110 kW/150 HP at 5000-6000 rpm; 250 nm at 1500-3500 rpm

diesel, R4, 16 valve, 1980 cm3; 140 kW/190 HP at 4200-6700 rpm; 320 nm at 1500-4200 rpm

Acceleration 0-100 km/h

9,2 with

To 7.4 with

Maximum speed

207 km/h

220 km/h


front-wheel drive; P7

all-wheel drive; P7

Test of the new Audi Q3 is a European build, but with Russian nuances

  • Pick up a modern baggage system for Audi Q3 or any other vehicle on our online store. Always in the presence of autobox for fastening of skis and snowboards and other accessories.

Photo: Audi

Test of the new Audi Q3 is a European build, but with Russian nuances