Koreans obviously poskromnichal, writing in the competition is its large and luxurious Mercedes E-class and BMW 5-series.Peter Little “Behind the wheel”

In the group Hyundai—Kia, inspired by the sales experience very similar cars under different brands, think well before you invest in the largest Kia K900. But will defend ourselves if when they are appointed for four-wheel drive large car with a price close to the cost of German business sedans? It is quite possible. If buyers, in shock from the abundance of options that will begin to get the K900, as once snapped up cakes in Stoleshnikov pereulok.

Read and watch the video at this link.

Photo: Peter Little “Behind the wheel”

A car trip through the national parks of America in three weeks and 13 thousand miles through 6 time zones.Yury

Early one June evening, our Chrysler 300 pulled up and stopped. The onboard computer froze the path: 12,883 km and travel time: 158 hours. Ended our three-week trip.

This time my wife decided not to go on vacation over seas and oceans, and the rest closer to the American continent. Traveled the Atlantic coast far and wide, we decided to fulfill our dream: to see the main national parks of America generally, and the American West. And to do it in journey, in his car.

On the third day, in Wyoming, we finally saw the Rocky mountains. Among the rare cars are increasingly began to come across caravans or just the trailers villas, towed by car. Sometimes it was semi sitting on the saddle in the back of a pickup truck pickup. Or simply minivans or crossovers, Packed with family members and their Luggage. Behind such a crew often hang two or three, and even four or five bikes of all sizes.

By the way, about the “savagery” of the West. In Wyoming you can go 100-200 km and without seeing a village. Dressings can also be very rare. This is not New England. But the speed limit 80 mph (130 km/h), so that long stretches are traversed rather quickly.

In the evening we drove into the town of Jackson, located South of Yellostone, they enter the territory of a neighboring, much less famous Park Teton (Teton). In the Tithonian, we first bought a ticket to visit all the national parks in the USA. It costs $ 80 and allows unlimited entry into all national parks during the year.

Yellowstone Park is primarily famous geysers. The first night we went right back to him. But this day we only saw the edge of the reserve. I must say that the Park is huge. To visit all its attractions — it is many hundreds of kilometers.

Some roads in the Park were closed for repairs and we had to go on the dirt road and the grader. I initially feared that the modest ground clearance of our Chrysler 120 mm at the base more than three meters may limit our ability off-road. But the fears proved groundless, the car felt very comfortable and off the highway.

We are from Montana through Idaho and Nevada went to the South, to California, to Yosemite national Park (Yosemite). It is primarily a landscape reserve. The famous Yosemite valley, surrounded by high mountains of the Sierra Nevada, among which are El Capitan and Half Dome. Yosemite has its own small grove of redwoods. But these giants we later went to Sequoia Park.

To be in California and not visit the Pacific coast, of course, impossible. Therefore, from Sequoia Park we went North again, in San Francisco. This town we spent the whole day. Since we were there in June, the ocean was still very cold, the water temperature only 10 degrees. As a result, over the ocean and over the coast all the time was a thick fog. We, after three times at the Golden Gate bridge and saw the bridge. The feet disappeared into the fog.

Not stopping in Los Angeles (don’t want to waste time in traffic jams), we went to Las Vegas. While crossing the Mojave desert (Mojave Desert), Death Valley (Death Valley).

The next stop on our journey was at the Park the Grand Canyon in Arizona. We were on the southern edge of the canyon. We drove through several of the lookout, down to 250 meters inside the canyon. The descent into the canyon was not very complicated, but the rise, given the heat and highland climate, has given to us with great difficulty. Almost all the tourists who are with us down into the canyon, they took with them oxygen tanks in backpacks and taken out a straw from his shoulder. From time to time, they applied to the tube and breathed from the cylinder. We have such equipment was not.

From Arizona we were on our way to the North-West, in Utah.

Another Park that we visited there — Dead Horse Point (Dead Horse Park). This is a relatively small canyon formed by a tributary of the Colorado. There is one interesting place: the rock is washed by the river on both sides. Standing on the island, which dropped a vertical wall in an open and flowing along the bottom of the river. Although compared to the Grand Canyon this seemed just a beautiful ravine.

On the way home, through Denver, we are about five hundred kilometers driving along the scenic riverbed Colorado. The road there climbs high into the Rocky mountains to a height of 3400 meters, and the Colorado river reveals itself in all its wild beauty. By the way, the lack of power in the Chrysler even at this altitude brand was not noticed. On the nearby slopes the snow was still lying. In winter, there are equipped with famous ski slopes. And on the river we have met a few times splavlyaya Plotnikov.

When on the 22nd day, we returned home trip computer showed about 13 thousand kilometers of distance traveled. In the path of the six times we had to cross time zones. By the way, the average consumption of gasoline was only slightly more than 7 liters per hundred.

The West is wild and the wild ucensored not canmaterial prepared by the author of a personal blog. Edition SP may not share the views of the author.

The spy images show that the interior of the next-generation BMW 1 series is the exact copy of the interior of another model from the Bavarian automaker.Alexander Khlynov

BMW 1-seriesBMW 1-series

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BMW has unveiled the coolest version of the crossover X3 and X4

BMW, recently announced the transition of the model 1-series to front-wheel-drive platform that continues the experiments that give some disdain for him.

Today was published the spy photos of the BMW 1-series new generation. The dashboard design of the car has undergone significant changes when compared with the interior of the current version of the model. The problem is only that it is a replica of the interior of the new BMW 3-series, from which the design of the dashboard and center console, and doors, not even different colors. The reluctance of developers to make the car more original it is difficult to understand unless you explain it savings of time and money needed to create the interior.

BMW 1 series new pollenation BMW 1-series new generation

Anyway, the new BMW 1-series will receive a quality ergonomic interior with nice lighting and large screen media system, said Motor1. Most likely, the company will no longer produce the model in three-door body, such as copies of the tests was observed.

BMW 3rd serieson BMW 3-series

Premiere of the new generation BMW 1-series will take place at the Frankfurt motor show in September this year.

The new BMW 1-series will get a saloon 3-series

  • What is the BMW 3-series? It is the most powerful version? This can be a great Association, with the same stores.
  • In Europe, soon in sale will be a sedan of the BMW 1-series, learn about which here.

Photo: Motor1

The new BMW 1-series will get a saloon 3-series

Awakening Justin Kerner not be called fun. The police still suspect him in committing the accident.Elena Alekseeva


Police have arrested a serial thief auto

The police of Newark (the city in the North-East USA) is looking for two men who stole a car from a sleeping man and broke it. Musician Justin Kerner said that he had spent the night playing music with friends on orchard Avenue was very tired and fell asleep in his car. “I had a strange dream, as if someone sat on my head and the other person jumped behind the wheel. It was all very surreal”, — transfers words of the Kerner delawareonline.com.

After some time he woke up in a wrecked car, jumped behind the wheel before it rolled out into the roadway, turned the engine off…and went back to sleep. The details of the incident he could not remember and was very surprised when, finally waking up and coming out of the car, collided with a group of people that identified him to the police. Kerner showed the skid marks of his car on the lawn and broken the shrubs. One wheel was broken. Then he quickly came to himself and realized that all this was not a dream.

The police reacted with skepticism to his story and was ready to bring him to justice, but the punch and he really could not understand. It saved living in the vicinity of the person who provided the recording from the surveillance camera located in the house where you can see how the two men get in the car, center punch, drive off, and then throw it and run away in horror. To understand thieves can, because carjacking is one thing, but kidnapping is a different article!

Kerner said that courtesy of the video saved him from having to prove his innocence in this extremely ridiculous situation.

Other funny stories under “Occurrence” search for the link.

Honda Pilot model year 2019 will be available in the near future and will differ from its predecessor not only appearance.Alexander Khlynov

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Honda revealed a new crossover. Waiting in Russia!

Honda has confirmed the imminent start of sales in our country of the updated crossover Honda Pilot. The car has an 8-seater cabin and is equipped with intelligent all-wheel drive with thrust vector control iVTM-4, which can operate in several modes.

From the latest version, which sold from August 2017, the novelty will differ by design front bumper, chrome grille and new wheels. Now in all trim levels crossover mandatory equipped with led daytime running lights as daytime running lights and foglights.

Salon updated Honda Pilot will be a little more comfortable thanks to the installation of wider folding chair armrests for driver and front passenger.

About the cost of the updated crossover have not yet been reported. Probably, the price of him we learn in the spring, just before the start of sales, because in recent years automakers is not impossible to keep prices at the declared level.

  • Soon Honda can bring to Russia the new SUV — Pasport, which was presented at the motor show in Los Angeles.
  • Recently, Honda showed a photo of the interior of your new car. So look salons all models of the new generations?

Photo: Honda

There are motorists which are beautiful drives is more important than airbags and prestigious brand is automatically better than budget. Why? It’s all in the psychology. SP explains how marketers brainwash buyers.Michael Kolodochkin “driving”Expert

What is all this prestige if it should be supported?” Humor from the Network

The word “prestige” discrepancies usually do not matter. Prestigious position, a prestigious institution — that here, they say, to explain? However, familiarity with primary sources is suggestive. With the French more or less clear that prestige is “charm, charm”. But experts in Latin cut plain truth: say, praestigium is “an illusion, a deception of the senses.” In other words — what is actually there. And, therefore, prestige is just a Mirage, a Chimera, phantasmagoria, nonsense…

Before any new automobile industry was prestigious by definition: it’s new! And today I read about the testing of new models and understand that to retell it in your own words. Because there is nothing, in General, to repeat: a proper configuration of devices, high degrees of premium, aggressive grille, energy-intensive suspension. Somewhere I’ve heard it all…

These giants of spirit, of course, well versed in the nuances. But even they fail to explain to the uninitiated that Captur and the Duster is essentially the same. And that Datsun on-DO is, in General, the same Lada Granta. Understanding such subtleties is available to few. For the same reason, few sets style of one conductor from another: the melody is the same… However prestigious to go to concerts fashion Maestro, although in reality very few people will distinguish the performance of Denis Matsuev game mediocre performer.

Performance price, or pay the money?

In childhood, in the book “From where the Motherland begins” N. Smelyakova (a former Deputy Minister of foreign trade, the Minister of machine industry, etc) I read, as in an American Department store conducted an experiment put up for sale a batch of identical women’s dresses. Half of the dresses hung with price tags, say, $ 50, and the other half for $ 100. So, first and foremost, the Yankees snapped up expensive dresses, contemptuously ignoring the “cheap”…

In General the buyer pays the money? For quality? For some parameters? No — everything is easier: the buyer always pays for his presentation on this item. And if he for some reasons, this product appears to be most worthy, he will climb over the money. And these considerations may be different.

Hundred dollar dress better pyatidesyatimetrovoy already because women are not a priori wish in front of everyone to buy “cheap”, thus demonstrating whether the inconsistency, or promiscuity. The price tag on the rack in this case played the same role that the nameplate type Ghia Fords, saying that it was top-level, not accessible to everyone, but because prestigious! By the way, in the Zhiguli era many owners of VAZ “six” with the weak engines of 1,300 cubes have got yourself plaques on the trunk lid with the prestigious at that time, numbers 1600 instead of 1300 family! The reason is the same: let everyone see that my car doesn’t suck!

Modern mass car is in no way designed for the connoisseur of the intricacies of automotive delights. This is probably correct: these experts are very few, and therefore to consider them unreasonable. But a huge number of potential buyers for many years are guaranteed to love the beautiful cast wheels, by far preferring them to the same airbag that “nobody sees”.

Another classic example is the presence of xenon, who for many years practiced his bread is not the quality of road lighting, and the very fact of its presence. Xenon was jealous not because he’s well seen — much more important was the fact that its your car seen by others! That is why such popularity for many years used “pseudocron” — the usual galogenki with a blue glow: such a fake little diamonds. And today, this very popular tinsel: boxes with poor lights, it says something about the “xenon effect”.

The car is built around the monitor

In short, with the car happened the same thing with the recorders/players/stereos. If a quarter of a century ago, the buyer considered it his duty at least the principle to ask about the frequency range of a particular model (if 20 Hz — 20 kHz, — thing!), in recent years to find such a setting nearly impossible. In the first place the description of new items — all sorts of mnogopoliarnosti, iPhone compatibility, smartphone connectivity etc. And the ability to play sound at the same time as would be implied, and therefore to think about the sound not worth it. Similarly, the automakers have successfully mastered the mass production of certain, shall we say, basic samebecause trucks, equipping their various new-fangled tinsel. For example, hodowca and the engine is the same, but the shape of the headlights and body contours different. But the parameters of the prestige of the consumer determines for himself — who cares 5-inch display, who needs the upholstery of Alcantara.

Often prestigious or not suddenly become a brand itself machines, as well as body type. A former colleague at the time, all the forces didn’t want editorial Ford hatchback, citing the fact that, supposedly, only to go… the boys-the kids! And the lady with unasked personal life was struggling on the last money to buy a Toyota any model — say, with this car once everything is formed and its “notice”.

Another category are the apologists poluprovodnikov and other jeeps. In the bulk of all they don’t have the slightest idea anything about off-roading or on the distribution of points on axes and wheels. However, such cars seem to them the most “right” — even if only to go around the city. But then, again, everything is clear — this phenomenon have been explained tricky science ethology. To emphasize his own importance in comparison with other species the animal is trying to increase its size to stand up on his hind legs, fluff up the tail, etc. The same happens with the owners of heavy and bulky machines: it raises their status. In the literal and figurative sense.

Is it prestigious car today?

Those days are gone. Hard to believe, but according to surveys conducted in recent times on this subject, today’s youth confidently got rid of the car with the top step of the podium. Of the most prestigious and nedostupnaya things of the Soviet era it was turned into something ordinary, which is no surprise. And night line now line up are not before the Board, which will “write to machine”, and, say, in front of Gum, which in the morning promised to throw in the sale of new models of iPhones…

In addition to the prestige, there is another important fact of the change leader. The iPhone, unlike the car, does not require the owner of any physical effort. And the driving and operation of machines, not to mention the repair is still working, and the modern average man in the street from work is long gone. That is why I think drones will still find their buyers. Slumped in a chair, pressed the button and… and everything, in General. Kind of a variation of the iPhone — only on wheels.

As for the prestige of something- from work to product, Latin definition of “delusion”, I think, fits perfectly to our lives today. No wonder all often hear what we say, exist in a kind of virtuality, and therefore all around — a solid illusion. And if so, then the people will tend to choose dresses with more expensive price tags and prefer Datsun Lada.

Just because they are more comfortable to live.

In the past generation Corolla was offered exclusively with the sedan and the hatchbacks and station wagons bore the name Auris. Now the Japanese came back to uniformity — only Corolla and Corolla! However, Russia will bring only the sedan at a price far beyond a million rubles. ZR found out whether or Corolla that kind of money.Yuriy Timkin “Behind the wheel”

Occasion: premiere of the most popular Toyota.

The scene: Spain.

Impressions. Knowing the wheelbase, you’d think that the 12th consecutive generation Corolla is based on the platform of its predecessor — its value is still the same 2700 mm. But this is only a coincidence.

In fact, the new Corolla is built using TNGA architecture, previously tested on the Prius and the crossover C-HR. The front suspension of the expected left MacPherson struts, but the back is elastic beam is used mnogoryichazhka. Coupled with reduced 10 mm of the center of mass this has given the Corolla a much more “delicious” handling — she became more reckless predecessor and not opposed to fast driving on twisting paths.

The interior looks progressive, the materials are of sufficient quality, and the equipment at a decent level. One caveat — the Navigator will not.The interior looks progressive, the materials are of sufficient quality, and the equipment at a decent level. One caveat — the Navigator will not.

The rich versions are equipped with projection display — new C-segment equipment.The rich versions are equipped with projection display — new C-segment equipment.

What prevented to enjoy a well-tuned chassis, so it’s modest capabilities of uncontested 1.6-liter 122-strong atmosfernika. Working in conjunction with the variator, it can not give the car better acceleration brisk — in the mountains it was particularly noticeable.

But with a quiet ride, the Corolla is perceived harmonious and flexible car.

Not to mention more modern and comfortable interior and an increased level of equipment. So, in rich trim levels now have a head-up display (unique to the segment supply), wireless charger for smartphones, as well as withholding system in the lane and adaptive cruise control.

On the second row tall passengers not crowded, but some surplus Corolla offers — in-segment features of the model and roomier.On the second row tall passengers not crowded, but some surplus Corolla offers — in-segment features of the model and roomier.

Front Corolla resembled a shrunken Camry.Front Corolla resembled a shrunken Camry.

Russia will offer only the version with the sedan.Russia will offer only the version with the sedan.

Prospects. A bright future in Russia with a starting price of 1 173 000 rubles (the version with a variator costs 1 318 000) can not wait. Toyota Corolla is unlikely to be able to compete with popular classmates like Kia Cerato and Skoda Octavia. This requires the localization of production, and it is not yet in sight.

Assessment. New Corolla is well balanced and does not cause negative emotions in any of the disciplines. Except that as an alternative to the 1.6 engine would do well to offer a more powerful unit.

Details. ZR, 2019, No. 04.

New Toyota Corolla: why so expensive?!

Photo: Toyota

New Toyota Corolla: why so expensive?!

Recently “the wheel” asks readers to evaluate a new crossover. …And was surprised how actively you want to steer. So, we need these experiments will continue with other models, and now the story of six testers about Eclipse Cross.“Behind the wheel”

Nikita, 30 years: I see the hood!

Surprisingly, sitting behind the wheel, I can see the hood. Typically in modern machines it is sloping, it is not visible.

The visibility of the car is good — to mirrors no questions asked. Visually it would be much nicer if the Central screen was turned towards the driver. A small thing, but still…

In my car I miss indicator dead zones — here it is. Conveniently, the system displays the paths that show where I turn the wheel, is a good helper when Parking.

Machine is undermined from the place at lower rpm the engine is very well drawn, cheerfully gaining. I thought that the CVT will “ovomit”, but that’s okay! With the engine it is combined well: as the car goes, I am satisfied.

I think that the target audience of this car — or young people under the age of 35, or women. Exclusively urban crossover.

Natalia, 39 years: Inside home

The first thing that you notice is good wipers, efficiently remove dirt from the glass. The seats are very comfortable: adjust under yourself and sit high, even higher than you, probably. The monitor is conveniently located: everything is visible and no need to look down.

Sufficiently soft suspension. The car accelerates quickly.

I somehow think that this car is more for women. She’s still beautiful, of course, especially in the red version. And inside the house everything is at hand.

Gregory, 37 years: you Sit in the plane

Quite smoothly the car reacts to the gas pedal. While pleased with the response to pressing the accelerator: I thought that the 1.5-liter engine will not pull.

Good visibility through mirrors and windshield perfectly. Excellent noise isolation! A little hear the motor and — of course — the rustle of tires.

A pleasant feeling from the panoramic roof: it gives a sense of space above the head. You sit in the cockpit of the aircraft.

In General, the quality of the materials, the functionality of the car I really liked. It is really cool rulitsya: responsive motor, CVT. All those pleasant moments that I love Mitsubishi, remained.

And most importantly — survived the drivers ‘ habits. We got a mighty car on a solid four with the prospect of further development. Well done!

Vladimir: Sensitive pedal

The suspension is interesting obstacles — the way it should, not hard and not soft. The gas pedal is very sensitive, but would like to hang on more rigid spring, so that it is not so easily walked.

Pleased with the design of the car! Most competitors in this price range look so-so and there is another thing! The combination of the X-shaped forms of the elements of the bumper flows into the rear of the car, it looks interesting, fresh and modern.

In the car comfortably seated, whether to get out of it. And he has a comfortable loading height of the trunk.

Nicholas, 27 years: Too provocative for me

A car isn’t such a dimensional and a tall driver like me, but for my wife it would be at the time. The selector lever comfortable, easy grip steering wheel. Projection display — cool stuff. Suspension quite gathered the ball. Finishing materials of high quality. The sound of the engine is interesting, with the claim. Box soft switches are good.

In General, Eclipse for me is something from my childhood. In our yard was one of the first cars, the boys went to see him in droves, like a miracle!

Machine cool, unusual, but for me — it was too provocative.

From the pros can note the good handling, the assembled suspension. Loved the wheel. A lot of electronic assistants and screens pestering me. I think this is a good option for a young family or creative person who wants to stand out from the crowd, not like the banality.

Catherine, 38 years: Five minutes to adapt

The car smoothly gets under way and also inhibits. Like that on top of the glass hatch in the cabin a lot of light. This is the car behind the wheel which you can sit down and immediately go. I have gone to adaptation around five minutes, but we must make allowances for the fact that this is my first experience driving a car with non-mechanical transmission.

Lot of room back there for passengers: high and I pushed myself the driver’s seat to the position in which I feel comfortable. After moving back, understand that there are a lot of places.

Overall impression is very positive, I will consider this model as their next car.

  • Previously, we wrote about the design of the Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross … about technical stuffing of this crossover…and about its practicality.

People’s test drive: Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross under the gaze of cittadellarte test drive: Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross under the gaze of the readers

A number of media rushed to declare that in the capital the city authorities have decided to rent out “chunks of asphalt” in the yards of residential houses.Matthew Drawbar Specialist


How to get the money back for Parking: Noparking without a fight does not give

In fact, at least for now, it is not even a question. Moscow offers to local residents 4300 cars rental across 82 locations. But the question of the underground Parking garage, which the city owns a portion of the cars.

This is what is stated in the approved estimates for rents in the city — the document itself is called “rents for designed to accommodate vehicles, parts of buildings and structures (Parking spaces), owned by the city of Moscow within the administrative boundaries of the city of Moscow”.

Local residents can rent Parking spaces out of the competition. It is necessary to prepare a package of documents consisting of copies of your passport, a copy of the certificate on statement on the account in tax Department, an extract from the Unified state register of real estate on premises, confirming property rights, including the right of common ownership, issued not earlier than 10 business days prior to the date of filing the appeal to the Department of city property.

Parking spaces owned by the city are East, North, West, northeast, Northwest, South, Southeast, southwest and Central districts.

For territories outside the Moscow ring road, the rate is established in the amount of 2000 rubles. per square. m, between the TTK and MKAD — 2700 RUB., between the Garden ring and TTK — 4100 RUB., between the Boulevard ring and Garden ring — 6000 rubles., in the Boulevard ring — 7300 RUB.

A common area Parking spaces in the underground Parking lots is 15 to 18 sq. m. Thus, the minimum cost of renting Parking spaces outside the MKAD is 32 000 rubles, between the TTC and the Moscow ring road is 43 200 rubles between the Garden ring and TTK — 65 600 RUB., between the Boulevard ring and Garden ring — 96 000 rbl., within the boundaries of the Boulevard ring — 116 800 RUB. Note that we are talking about the cost of rent for the year.

As reported by “driving” a real estate expert Alexander out rent from the city for many can be a good deal, as commercial entities to rent Parking spaces between the TTR and the Moscow ring road is on average 10 thousand rubles. per month, while rent at city it will cost in 3375-4050 RUB per month depending on the size of Parking spaces (15-18 sq. m).

With a list of addresses where it is possible to rent Parking spaces from the city, can be found here.

  • Motorists in Moscow still do not relax: the city is planning to prohibit the entry of environmentally unfriendly transport.
  • Three years ago Moscow was put up for auction 692 Parking spaces in different districts of the city.

Photo: Sergey Fadeichev/TASS

At the Geneva motor show, the British company will show a loaded variant of the Bentayga, which is typical for these versions will receive the console Speed in the title.Matthew Drawbar Specialist

Bentley BentaygaBentley Bentayga

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The Germans “compared” Lada 4×4 with the Bentley Bentayga. The conclusion is unexpected!

In Bentley’s boast that the Bentley Bentayga Speed was the fastest SUV in the world. But in terms of acceleration to hundreds of car is inferior to the 650-horsepower Lamborghini Urus. This version of Speed the British SUV requires 3.9 seconds, and the Urus is doing exercise in 3.6 seconds. But for the maximum speed to 306 km/h the car superior to the Italian crossover (305 km/h) and more powerful Jeep Grand Cherokee Trackhawk (290 km/h).

Record levels were achieved at the expense of forcing a 6-liter W12 engine, whose power raised from 607 to 635 HP Also has been retuned 8-speed automatic ZF, suspension, which has become tougher, the control system of the rolls Bentley Dynamic Ride. Bentley Bentayga Speed is a sports exhaust system. For a fee the British offer carbon-ceramic brakes that are lighter than steel by 20 kg and can withstand temperatures up to thousands of degrees.

Version Speed easily distinguished by painted in body color lower elements, splitters in the front and rear bumpers and the development of the spoiler above the rear door. Grille and air intakes in the front bumper covered with a coarse mesh, which also gives ownership of the car to the line Speed. In addition, Bintage AIDS tinted headlights and taillights, a new 22-inch alloy wheels and, of course, the appropriate nameplate on the lower edge of the front doors.

The interior, a first for the Bentayga, got a trim in Alcantara. Decorative inserts in the cabin is trimmed in carbon fiber for the interior version Speed we developed a new color scheme. For extra charge you can order embroidery lettering Speed at the top of the seats.

The price of the car has yet to be announced. The usual version of the Bentley Bentayga with a W12 engine in Russia will start at 15 948 700 RUB. However, it can easily be doubled by ordering additional options, the most expensive of which is a clock with a tourbillon.

  • From the Bentley Bentayga is very slow version with a turbodiesel. To learn about the behavior of this machine, you are out of dough “Behind the wheel”.
  • Rival Bentley Bentayga is the Rolls-Royce Cullinan, which we launched last spring.

The fastest SUV now that Bentley

Photo: Bentley

The fastest SUV now that Bentley