Tesla запасается энергией

22 Jun 2016

Tesla stored energy

To expand the range of its services, the company Tesla Motors intends to absorb the firm SolarCity, one of the largest U.S. manufacturers of solar panels. The transaction will take place as soon as it is approved by the shareholders of both companies.

Manufacturer of electric vehicles expects to absorb SolarCity will be able to offer customers the machines special set for charging electric vehicles. It will include wall charging module Powerwall and solar panels that can be installed on the roof of a house to power the entire system. In addition, there is industrial cumulative version Powerpack.

Before any of the shareholders should make the decision, not reported. Note that if the purchase takes place, it will cost Tesla Motors 2.8 billion.

«Крым» уехал в Крым

22 Jun 2016

“Crimea” went to the Crimea

Russian Roadster “Crimea” is designed in MSTU named after Bauman, went to the road test. In the framework of the tests the vehicle will be about five thousand kilometers. The developers expect that such a large tour will help further tailor the car to the Russian conditions.

According to preliminary data, production of the car can be arranged on the territory of the Crimea Peninsula. “This machine is for the southern regions, so it was logical to establish an Assembly in the Crimea”, – said Professor of the Department of piston engines, Bauman Moscow state technical University them. N. Uh. Bauman Dmitry Onishchenko.

Long prototype “Crimea” makes 3848 millimeters. Under its hood is placed a 1.6-liter 140-horsepower engine, which is paired with a five-speed manual transmission. The estimated cost of the production version of the Roadster is 700 000 rubles.

F-Pace добрался до России

21 Jun 2016

F-Pace has reached Russia

The first sporty SUV in the history of the Jaguar brand reached Russia. Presentation of the model F-Pace took place in the client centre Jaguar Land Rover Experience. Recall that the F-Pace has successfully passed a series of tests in various regions of Russia.

All versions of the crossover, is available in Russia, is equipped with all-wheel drive system and eight-speed automatic transmission. In the engine range will include two diesel engine volume two and three litres capacity of 180 forces and 430 Nm of torque and 300 HP and 700 Nm, respectively. Petrol units represented by two three-liter “six” return of 340 and 380 forces.

Прощай, «Гадюка»!

22 Jun 2016

Goodbye, “The Viper”!

The company bids farewell to the Dodge Viper sports car, which celebrated 25 years of production, five special versions. We will remind that the car is removed from the pipeline because of the mismatch of U.S. Federal requirements for safety of passengers. Under the new amendments, 2017, all vehicles in the U.S. must be equipped with side airbags, however, the features of the Viper does not allow them to install.

Four of the five farewell version built on the basis of track modifications Viper ACR, under the hood which is placed the petrol atmospheric motor V10 volume of 8.4 liters with a capacity of 645 forces. The engine is paired with a six-speed manual transmission.

Прощай, «Гадюка»!

The first version was called 1:28 ACR Edition — in honor of the record lap time set track version of the supercar at the circuit of Laguna Seca. Results will be released 28 of these cars. The second VoooDoo II — built in instance number 31 in honor of the VooDoo coupe Edition model 2010.

Third — GTS-R Commemorative Edition is dedicated to one of the old Viper 1998. The edition will be 100 copies. The fourth model will be called the Snakeskin Edition of the GTC, in honor of the eponymous machine 2010. To be collected 25 such models.

Finally, the fifth special model that will stand on the standard Viper will be called “dealer”. 33 such machines can be bought only in two showrooms, which have shown the best results in sales of the Viper”.

У Red Bull Racing кончились деньги

22 Jun 2016

Red Bull Racing ran out of money

The Formula 1 team Red Bull Racing ran out of money to develop protective screen Aeroscreen for racing cars, reminiscent of the windscreen. The team has suspended development of the project, arguing it is too costly. At the moment it has already spent 250,000 euros.

Head Red Bull Racing Christian Horner said: “We have suspended all work on the Aeroscreen, because we are waiting for the official decision of the FIA, they have all the information. We have neither the means nor the opportunity to continue the development of the screen”.

Your project team is likely to sell third-party independent company which is engaged in designing racing cars.

Агрессия им к лицу!

22 Jun 2016

Aggression them!

The sedan and wagon Volvo S90 and V90 got the factory sports pack R-Design, which has transformed their exterior, interior and even suspension. Exterior car has become more aggressive due to the exaggerated vents, other bumpers, a new grille and pyatisetovy wheels.

Агрессия им к лицу!

Looking at the salon, discover there is a different steering wheel, sports seats, extra pedals and floor mats, as well as many decorative inserts made of carbon fiber.

Агрессия им к лицу!

In addition, Volvo engineers have reconfigured the suspension of the car for a more sporty drive.

Агрессия им к лицу!

The sports package R-Design available with two-liter petrol and diesel engines family Drive-E capacity from 190 to 320 forces, as well as with 407-horsepower hybrid powertrain.

Агрессия им к лицу!

22 Jun 2016

They had four

Nissan has launched at its plant in St. Petersburg in production of the Murano crossover new generation. Thus, the car became the fourth model of the brand collected at the plant. Earlier already there was an established Assembly of crossovers X-Trail, Qashqai and Pathfinder.

For Russia, the crossover is slightly modified: increased ground clearance, widened track, recalibrated steering and installed the system ERA-GLONASS. In the engine range will include petrol Murano is a 3.5-liter atmospheric “six” with a capacity of 249 forces, familiar model Pathfinder. The motor works in tandem with the CVT and AWD system.

Их уже четверо

Later crossover will be hybrid installation, the same from Pathfinder. It includes a petrol 2.5-liter engine and 20-HP electric motor. The total capacity of 254 power.

Ждали новых переходов?

21 Jun 2016

Waiting for the new transitions?

Under the budget cuts of the Ministry of interior has decided to cut funding for programs to improve road safety.

This year the cost will be reduced by 276 million rubles, which was planned to build several dozen special prefabricated above-ground pedestrian crossings. Instead, the most dangerous of the unregulated pedestrian crossings on Federal roads only equipped with traffic lights and fencing.

Next year funding will be cut even more – almost 300 million roubles. For example, the program decided to completely eliminate spending on “development, creation and development of intellectual transport systems” and “construction of crossings on highways of Federal value”. In addition, the funds from 290 million rubles, planned for the lighting tracks, go to the installation of traffic lights, new road signs and crash barriers.

In traffic police warn that the reduction in funding may impact on the effectiveness of the program. According to the head of the Ministry of internal Affairs of the Russian Federation Victor Nilov, in this case to achieve the planned results – reduce the number of road accident victims by 2020, one – quarter will be difficult.

Электрический трезубец

21 Jun 2016

Electric Trident

The Alliance, Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (FCA) is going to take the example of economic model of the company Tesla Motors, supplementing by 2021 all models of the Maserati brand fully electric versions. As noted by the head of the Alliance Sergio machionne the first electric vehicles of the brand with the Trident logo will be a sports car.

It is expected that electric modification will appear at the Alfieri coupe, the prototype of the same name which showed the public in 2014. A series of sports car with a petrol engine will be launched in 2018. The electric version will be produced a year later.

Logan и Sandero получили новый мотор

21 Jun 2016

Logan and Sandero got a new motor

Renault added models Logan, Sandero and new Sandero Stepway 1.6-liter gasoline engine of 113 forces. The engine is paired with a five-speed manual transmission.

As stated by the automaker, the average fuel consumption of the engine is equal to 6.6 liters per 100 kilometers in the combined cycle. The engine is equipped with chain drive of gas distribution mechanism that does not require maintenance throughout the life of the vehicle.

The Assembly of the motor is adjusted at the plant AVTOVAZ in Togliatti.