At the automobile auction in Scottsdale sell American rare coupe Aston Martin DB4, which for 45 years has stood in the forest. For the road you plan to gain from 375 to 475 thousand dollars.

The car was released in 1962 and received a body from Italian Atelier Carrozzeria Touring. Dvuhdverka equipped with a 3.7-liter inline six-cylinder engine capacity of 240 horsepower.

The first owner of the car was a famous American voice actor Dallas Williams from Los Angeles. The next owner of “Aston” became a resident of Massachusetts, who is not named. In the early 70-ies he parked the car near his home, where she remained until the present day. During this time at the Parking place of the machine grew a forest.

Earlier it was reported that Aston Martin will revive the classic DB4 GT sports car, produced from 1959 to 1963. The British plan to release 25 copies of the coupe, each of which will be sold in about two million dollars.


The Danish company Fenris Motorcycles built a prototype electric motorcycle, claiming the title of the fastest serial production electric bike in the world. As reported by Ride Apart with reference to the General Director of firm Jasper Wajda, top speed exceeds 300 kilometers per hour.

Elektrobayka, which is a total yawn

Bike used in single motor own design firm. It is a 200-HP unit weighing only 12.5 kg, whereas the total mass of the prototype is 196 pounds. According to the developers, the motorcycle accelerates from zero to 100 kilometers per hour within three seconds. The reserve is not reported.

In the design of the applied electric bike suspension with pendulum for front and rear wheels, with shock absorbers located under the engine about halfway between the wheels.

His only competitor in Fenris think Motorcycles of the Italian firm Energica, specializing in electric motorcycles. At this point in the company’s portfolio there are two models, the most powerful of them is equipped with 136-horsepower engine and accelerates to 240 kilometers per hour.

In 2019, the Danes plan to release the first batch elektronikov of 500 pieces.


Honda and Waymo (a subsidiary of Google which develops autopilot) began negotiating a technical partnership. According to the press release “Honda”, in the case of an agreement the Japanese brand will provide Waymo vehicles for the introduction and testing of Autonomous driving.

So in Honda’s plan to implement a plan to launch production cars that will be able to move on the highway by 2020. In addition, the partnership with Waymo can help the firm to produce high-grade drones in the future.

The cooperation between the companies would mean not only the expansion of a car Park Waymo for running the autopilot, but the joint work of the research center of the Honda in the Silicon valley with engineers Waymo.

If the negotiations succeed, Honda will become the third automaker, is collaborating in the development of the autopilot with Google, and second — provided the car Waymo. Google, in addition to its own prototypes, were used as test cars crossovers Lexus RX.

Chrysler Pacifica minivan Hybrid with the autopilot system Google. On the integration of automatic control systems took about six months. The production of minivans was launched in October, however, before the premiere of the car had to undergo additional tests, including 200 hours of testing in extreme conditions.

The company has also signed a partnership agreement in FCA, which was built minivan Hybrid Chrysler Pacifica with automatic control system. The first batch of 100 cars that will be produced under the brand Waymo will prepare in January. For 2017, the drones will be tested on the public roads of the United States.

22 Dec 2016Иллюстрации: Getty Images


Volkswagen has published a teaser of the new electric models, public premiere which will take place in January at the Detroit auto show. It is expected that the Germans will bring to the motor show a prototype “green” minivan.

While the concept is only known that it will be built on a new modular platform MEB designed specifically for electric cars. The prototype will be equipped with two electric units and all-wheel drive. In addition, the concept will receive a “multifunctional convertible interior”, as well as a system of Autonomous control.

It is expected that the concept car will become the future development of the project Budd-e, presented in January 2016 at the consumer electronics show CES in Las Vegas. The automaker called the novelty of a “model Microbus of the 21st century.”

Volkswagen Budd-e

Experimental van was equipped with two electric motors on front and rear axle capacity of 135 and 170 horsepower respectively, and a set of batteries 101 kilowatt-hour. VW Budd-e can travel without recharging the battery up to 530 kilometers.

  • Volkswagen I. D.
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The new minivan will be the second prototype of the future family of electric machines of the German mark. In September, Volkswagen introduced at the Paris motor show concept car I. D. — a precursor of the electric hatchback, which should appear by 2020.


Volvo has told about the special “Red key” that is available for a fee for model S90, V90 and XC90. It is proposed to use in that case, if the vehicle is transferred to young novice drivers, service centers, or valets.

Dodge also offers a special sports car Challenger Hellcat red key, but it performs a different function. He “opens” the entire power of the engine, increasing output to 500 717 forces.

“Need someone to take over your car always associated with anxiety. For those who often have to trust the car to someone can be useful “red key” that will give confidence that the car are reasonable, regardless of who is now driving,” said Volvo.

When using a special key chain, painted red, the car’s top speed limited to 120 kilometers per hour, adaptive cruise control is set to maximum distance from the vehicle ahead, and the maximum possible volume of the audio system is limited.

In addition, when operating in this mode forcibly turns on all of the system safety, including monitoring blind spots, driver fatigue and rows of the movement, frontal collision warning, and traffic sign recognition.

  • Volvo S90
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While the “red key” can be purchased from dealers in the UK for 110 pounds (about 136 USD).


The company Kia has published the first teaser, giving an idea of the model Picanto the next generation. The premiere will be held in early 2017.

As expected, following the “Picanto” will perform in the style of the hatchback Rio the fourth generation. The predecessor of the compact car will be more “sports” appearance with a narrower grille, and other optics, new bumpers and enlarged nozzles.

The interior of the Picanto will also perform in the spirit of the new “Rio”. In salon there will be different multi-function steering wheel, additional information screen between the “dials” of the dashboard and a large touchscreen display of the multimedia complex.

The engine range will include three-cylinder forced engine working volume of one liter, and atmospheric units.

It is assumed that the contrast to the predecessor, the next “Picanto” will only be offered with five-door body — the company will waive the three-door version of the model.

In Russia, the current Kia Picanto with petrol engines volume of 1.0 and 1.2 liters, developing 66 and 85 horsepower, respectively. The first engine combined with five-speed “mechanics” and the second with Quad-band “automatic”. Prices on the compact car starts from 539 thousand 900 rubles.


Ford has published a video in which racer and stuntman Ken Block plates drift and jumping over the snowy obstacles in the “charged” pickup truck F-150 Raptor. Video posted on the Ford Performance channel in YouTube.

Pickup Ford F-150 Raptor is the latest generation equipped with a 3.5-liter turbocharged V6 engine, which is matched coupled to devyatietazhnyj automatic transmission. The model is offered with both two-and four-door cabin.


Company Volkswagen has published a video that showed three of its new products: sedan Arteon, an elongated version of “Tiguan,” and “loaded” GTI-modification of the compact hatchback up!. The cars removed during testing on the roads of South Africa.

A new modification of the Volkswagen Tiguan will be called Allspace. The third row of seats will be offered to the model as an option. From the standard version of the model, the novelty has increased by 110 mm (to 2791 mm) wheelbase.

GTI-hatchback version of the Volkswagen up! get 115-horsepower turbocharged engine working volume of one liter, which will be combined with six-speed manual transmission. In addition, the model will get a retuned suspension and seat upholstery checkered cloth.

Volkswagen Arteon in the video called the new flagship model of the German mark. In the line of the German automaker, this new product will replace the Passat CC. Debut “Arteon” will be held in the spring of 2017 at the Geneva motor show.

Allspace Tiguan crossover, and hatchback up! GTI is also going to debut in 2017.

Extended version “Tiguan” has already been presented in China. This modification will differ from the options for other markets is unknown. In the published video by the automaker in the crossover is closed and the camo front.


Company Audi will present on a motor show in Detroit a prototype of Q8, the production version of which will compete for buyers with BMW X6 and Mercedes-Benz GLE Coupe. Design sketches of the new was published by Welt, who has taken interview with the chief designer of the German automaker Marc Lichte.

No information about Q8, including the release date of the eponymous production models, Lichte failed. Thus on one of the images of the crossover visible inscription e-tron on the front bumper. This may indicate that the concept car is equipped with electric propulsion.

While Lichte said that the Audi A8 sedan next generation, which will debut in the summer of 2017, will receive a “brand new concept” control some functions of the car. Subsequently, the same solution will receive other models of the company.

The management of the company Audi has approved the development of the Q8 SUV in 2014. Then, it was reported that the model will be built on the platform MLB-Evo, which formed the basis of the Porsche Cayenne, Audi Q7 and Bentley Bentayga. It was also noted that the Q8 will be a fully electric version, which will compete for customers with Tesla Model X.

22 Dec 2016Иллюстрации:

No, just imagine how difficult it was for buyers of the sedan E63 AMG a couple of years ago: I want rear wheel drive and twist “bagels” — take “basic” 557-horsepower engine. And if you need furious dynamics and 585-horsepower engine in the S — content of the transcendent efficient, but boring all-wheel drive. With the new AMG E63 S 4matic+ the problem of choice is solved radically: it is now “charged” E-class will be exclusively all-wheel drive. Only one “but”.

Prices for the new AMG E63 S is not — they will be announced in mid-January, and the first commodity cars will appear in Europe in March 2017.

And this “but” lies in the design of the new all-wheel drive powertrain. If earlier on all E-classes were left mechanical all-wheel drive system with constant torque distribution between the axles in the ratio of 33 to 67 in favor of the rear wheels (now it is on all modern civil “Eldorado”), the new E63 AMG 4matic+ to connect the front wheels uses a multiplate clutch with electronic control. Yes, something like the xDrive system BMW or Porsche Traction Managment.

But most importantly, this very smart four-wheel drive the new E63 AMG at the request of the driver can turn… in the rear.

This thing is called Drift Mode and it turns on is very simple: “lamb” mode the electronics in Sport mode, Sport+ or Race (if you have the E63 S, as was on our test), the stabilization system is completely disable, select the manual mode of the gearbox, pull the two steering column switch and the question “do you have in your mind and want now to destroy his rear tyre” reply in the affirmative, pulling again for the right lobe. After that gas to the floor and raced!

Stop. It’s not rear-wheel drive. Our “tails” side goes, but too wide. So, once again: a Race mode, ESP off, the mode M transmission, two petals, then right… And nothing. Not working?!

Back in the pits the Portuguese track Algarve, at a large Parking lot which we decided to test the “drift mode” and barely manage to catch the engineer in the jacket of Mercedes-AMG, which was definitely hoping to be gone early today. “Yes, the system is not working, you’re right,’ he says, shooting eyes in search of escape routes. — On all test vehicles this mode is disabled. Force. For security”. And with a meaningful look and disappears in the dusk of the pit.

Well, in the next box we found the pilot of the DTM Jan Seifert that a few hours ago kept us on track (he is behind the wheel of the AMG GT-S, we — the brand new E63 AMG S) and has agreed to show how this thing works on one of the “not journalism” machines. A few seconds of magical manipulation of the push-buttons, selectors and the shift paddles, and the mighty E-class under management of Yana began to issue such pranks that doubts about the honesty of Drift Mode disappeared. Guys, this thing works, and it works great!

But even more impressive attraction is the new E63’s ready to make every red light — I’m talking about the start. If you remember, the previous “charged” E-class with the letter S carried out the exercise of 0-100 km/h in “painfully slow” 3.6 seconds. New “s” model, with a 612-horsepower engine under the hood, the faster it seems to be just two of dozens — it is spent for acceleration of 3.4 seconds. But this is a very important ten. To turn his idea of dynamics, only need to select Sport mode, Sport+ or Race, press into the floor both pedals, and prayerfully let the left. First, followed by the expected jump forward a few meters, and then… And then your stomach suddenly decides to leave the body using the nearest technical hole.

Yeah, yeah, yeah, Nissan GT-R or Porsche 911 Turbo S will do it again half a second faster, and that it is difficult to compete. But here’s the thing: the difference in sensation in the dispersal to “hundred” for three seconds on a machine weighing in at 1600 pounds and the car weighing two tons — both between the descent from the icy hill on carboxylic Bob and the box from under the refrigerator.

The G-spot and the main generator of buzz in the new E63 AMG’s eight-cylinder engine 4.0 with turbines in the collapse of the block. Another variation of the unit used on the AMG C63 and AMG GT — the conventional (“wet”) Carter, a pair of blowers with variable geometry of the impeller, and tightened the stuffing. “Just” E63 AMG produces 585 horsepower and E63 S — 612 horsepower and 850 Nm of torque. On the wheel this whole hurricane comes through a nine-storyed “automatic” AMG Sportshift MCT, the last three letters in the name which means that the traditional torque Converter he replaced the clutch with electronic control. And cravings helps to implement an electronically-wheel drive that can distribute it between the axes is in the range from 50:50 to 0:100 percent.

The chassis is utterly banal. There is no reinforced subframe, tie-stretch marks and other race attributes. E63 AMG content with the same set of irons that civilian vehicles — multi – “pneuma”, adaptive passive dampers and stabilizers. But all this, of course, slightly reconfigured. Just enough not to shake the soul on normal roads and be allowed to stay on the tail of the AMG GT-S with the DTM racer behind the wheel on the track.

E63 AMG and E63 S are not only the output of the motor and acceleration to “hundreds”. “Eski” are active engine mounts, active rear differential (conventional E63 — simple mechanical sameblock), and bigger brakes “in the database”: 390 mm 360 mm. And only the E63 AMG S is the mode of electronics Race, which was so good on the track.

Empty bravado? Bit. E63 AMG S is heavier, it does have some balance issues (heavy face and light food), it’s big and sitting in it half a meter above. But! He is a hundred horsepower more powerful, he has a huge 402-millimeter carbon-ceramic brakes (optional, but we were such), and a well-tuned all-wheel drive. And as if in slow turns and ligaments, Jan Seifert on the scarlet AMG GT-S seemed out of reach, the output and the arcs E63 S overtakes him with passion smelling discount Shopaholic.

“Charged” E-class is very stable in fast turns and devastatingly effective on acceleration. And if in Sport mode+ electronics reinsured openly tugging the mighty “eight” on acceleration and keeping in the character of the sedan safe “failure,” and at the entrance and at the exit, the Race mode with a partially disabled electronic collar E63 S turns in a surprisingly accurate tool for cutting fast circles.

Most importantly, don’t be greedy with entry speeds. Good otterville — efficiency composite brake does not drop even after a few really fast laps — sent a sensitive nose to the apex, waited for a moment until a big car will be on the arc, and slowly but surely went “on the gas”. At this point, all-wheel drive transmission will transmit more torque to the rear wheels and an active rear differential (another privilege version S) thrown thrust on the outer loaded wheel, wineva the car inside.

And most importantly — I can feel it! Never thought I would say this about a five-meter “Mercedes”.

I feel like the wheel is poured by force, when front wheels cling to the sticky asphalt of the race track, and as he gently emptied when they suddenly slip. Feel the rear wheel slightly scrolled in the output, ensuring the same exhilarating effect screwing in a turn, which can sometimes be a pleasant languor in the abdomen. And even how “clean” the wheel in the final phase of the maneuver, when electronics understand that we come directly, and gives the solo rear wheels to maximize acceleration.

Of course, there are machines that will go on the track even faster and more efficiently, but this hefty sedan with a three-beam star on the hood — against all expectations — made me stop in the middle of the race track and in horror to escape in a nearby grove. Instead, it fascinated me so much that I begged the organizers extra five laps for Jan Seifertim. And they that passed in the drizzle, gave me a few more minutes of concentrated pleasure.

But it is time to return from heaven to earth: large sedans like the E63 AMG go to the track as often as Megan Fox is offering to the first person to spend a romantic evening at her Villa. However, on normal roads this cityradio seems close to ideal. In relaxed mode chassis it is, of course, somewhat harsh, and the role of the main villain here is played low profile tires on huge 20-inch wheels. But the suspension still remains energy-intensive and allows you to rush on the bumpy road, one hand picking his phone. The sedan is a stunning cabin with two 12-inch screens, great seats, buckets with a million adjustments and special aura of this AMG-cars, which create the familiar rumble of loud exhaust and crazy elasticity turbo “eight”.

Like any AMG-mobile, you can notably to smoke at the beginning of the serpentine, to cause a roar from a muffler, an avalanche somewhere in the middle, and it’s nice to potriviti closer to the top of the pass, and then just turn off all the “sports button” and pretend that all this wasn’t to you, but someone else. Something abruptly your “civic” appearance sedan. Only very observant people will pay attention to the unusually wide wings of your “civil” sedans, the crackling issue, and the characteristic smell of heated brakes.

I don’t know whether the new BMW M5, which, like, also get all-wheel drive (for the first time in history!), and “drift button”, fun E63 AMG. Not able to guess how many more dozen in the dispersal to “hundred” will be removed by the engineers who design the next generation of the Audi RS6/RS7. Now I can say with certainty only that “charged” E-class is still the same brutal and loud ass — the fastest, the loudest and most impressive car in the entire range of AMG. Actually, nothing from him was not required. m

Mercedes-AMG E63 S

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    • Mercedes-AMG E63 S
    • 53 photos

    Specifications of Mercedes-AMG E63 S

    Engine type Petrol V8 with double supercharging
    The working volume 3982 cm3
    Max. power, HP/rpm 612 / 5750-6500
    Max. torque, Nm/rpm 850/2500–4500
    Drive type full
    Transmission 9-speed automatic
    Front suspension Independent, four-link with pneumocylinders
    Rear suspension Independent, multilink with pneumocylinders
    Brake Disc ventilated front and rear disc
    Dimensions (LxWxH) mm 4993×1907×1460
    Wheelbase, mm 2939
    Max. speed km/h 250 (300 with AMG Drivers Package)
    0-100 km/h, 3,4
    Fuel consumption (comb.), l/100 km 9,1
    Luggage compartment volume, l 540
    Fuel tank capacity, l 66
    Weight, kg 1955 (c driver)
    Price, RUR no data