Пару лет.

27 Sep 2016

A couple of years.

Recently the BBC said about changing the main lead in the show. It will be Matt LeBlanc. The American actor has extended his contract with the show Top Gear for another couple of years.
After an argument with Chris Evans, Matt said that he will leave the program if Chris will remain a live show. The rest of the team and plans for the show will not change.
In new releases we will see Chris Harris and Rory Reid. And co-host will be the racer Sabine Schmitz and the former owner of the Jordan racing team, Eddie Jordan.

Больше не секрет?

26 Sep 2016

No longer a secret?

Colleagues from China have published unofficial images of the new Kia Rio is sold in China under the name R2.

In the fresh photographs could be fully considered lines and look of the car. The proportions of the car body left the same as previous models, but Rio became more soft and rounded.
Больше не секрет?

According to unofficial data it is known that the car will increase the wheelbase. The novelty will be equipped with 1.4 and 1.6-litre engines from Kia Rio is now sold in our market. The engines will be paired with a 5-step “mechanics” 4-band “automatic” for Assembly with the 1.4 and 6-speed automatic transmission for 1.6 litre engines.

The presentation of the Chinese premiere to happen next month, in Russia the novelty will appear not earlier than 2017.

Москва и Лондон станут ближе?

26 Sep 2016

Moscow and London are closer?

Ziyavudin Magomedov, owner of Summa group, said in an interview to a major foreign newspaper that in Russia for 15 years may appear high-tech mode of transport between the capital of our country and London.

Moreover, the journey time is only 2.5 hours now with a short flight takes no less than four.

Initially, the idea of a vacuum train Hyperloop was invented in 2013 by the head of the companies, Tesla Motors and SpaceX Elon Musk. According to the theory, due to compressed air and low pressure special capsule will be able to move very quickly through the pipes. The maximum speed of such trains can reach 1200 km/h.

Побег с острова

26 Sep 2016

Escape from the island

The production line will be stopped at the end of this year, after the owner of the company, a Chinese concern SAIC Motor, decided to move the Assembly of the MG3 Longbridge closer to its headquarters in Shanghai. According to the management of MG such a step due to the need to increase economic efficiency and the desire to centralize the distribution of the finished product. The company denied any connection with the decision by Britain to leave the European Union. According to preliminary estimates, only 25 people losing their jobs.

The factory closed after only five years, after production was resumed in 2011. Then stood up on the conveyor mid-size sedan, the MG6. In many ways it was a marketing move of the new owners, who wanted to convince customers that MG is still British car. The most likely reason for the transfer of production was low sales. Last year was sold only 3,152 cars. It came in Longbridge is ready by 80 percent. 40 employees of the Assembly line was to install the engine with gearbox and lights.

On the one hand, SAIC Motor will now have to pay 10% tax on imports of assembled cars from China instead of 5 per cent, upon delivery of the kits, but on the other she can save money on rent huge land on which the plant is located. Every year it cost the Corporation in the amount of 2.1 million euros.

Последняя возможность

26 Sep 2016

Last chance

America was for sale Ferrari 308 GTS Quattrovalvole 1985 issue. The car in 31 years “accumulates” all 106 thousand kilometers. Units requiring replacement or repair has been completely replaced and tuned for better performance. The car has remained in perfect condition except for a couple dents near the driver’s door.

Salon Ferrari, too, was in good condition and it has air conditioning that still blows cold. The original cassette stereo Alpine-7146 properly performs its functions.

Последняя возможность

Последняя возможность

The car has a V-shaped engine with 8 cylinders, with a volume of 3.0 liters and output of 240 HP

Ferrari 308 was the best selling model of the company, and for 10 years the production was released more than 12,000 copies.

Крыша на месте!

26 Sep 2016

The roof is in place!

A new model Q60 will not be produced in the back of a convertible. Such statements were made, the top Manager of the company Infiniti Gerardo Carmona. He also said the reason why there will be open-top version. When creating a coupe Q60 full potential and technologies was aimed at creating a vehicle in this body, and for the construction of the variant without top need a lot of money and new development.

Infiniti Q60 coupe was presented in Russia this autumn, but when the car goes on sale it is not yet clear. The car will be a completely new 3.0-litre V6 engine, available in two versions boost – 300 or 400 horsepower, and less powerful 2.0-liter engine capacity of 208 HP.

Поколение Z

26 Sep 2016

Generation Z

On the race track, the nürburgring was seen a new BMW Z5 that is waiting for the official presentation in the second half of 2017. The car should be less luxurious than the Z4 in favor of a more sporty nature. Recall that on creation of this car company BMW and Toyota have joined forces for the development of the Z5 and the revival of the Japanese model called the Supra.

Поколение Z

It is too early to talk about the exterior of the new car, but for now you can consider some features of the machine in the photos. The same can be said about the interior. It is very well disguised, and some of the details at the time of the test set from the last model. Most likely, Z5 refuse metal roof in favor of a cloth top, this alternative will reduce significantly the weight of the new BMW Z5.
Поколение Z

Perhaps the German car will get a hybrid version and its Japanese counterpart will be available in electric version. BMW has not officially confirmed the name of the new Z5.

Ты куда смотрел?

25 Sep 2016

Where are you watching?

Incidents avtopilotiruemy cars become commonplace. This time, the accident happened in California, mountain view with the hybrid Lexus RX 450h, which Google conducted long-term tests of their own system of Autonomous control.
Unmanned vehicle received very severe damage, but this time the cause of the accident was not a malfunction in equipment or software, and the usual human factor. Crossover, following its course with the autopilot engaged, was sideswiped by a van whose driver had ignored a red light. But as the intruder at the last moment still smart enough to apply the brakes, the participants in the accident received no injury, and the engineer, who was in unmanned Lexus, escaped with only a fright.
A Google spokesperson, commenting on the incident, recalled that on STATISTICA 94% of the accidents in the US happen because of human error and that automated driving will significantly increase safety on the roads. However, in February of experimental drone IT giant himself was a culprit when I couldn’t stay in the right lane between the curb and at his bus.

Honda остается в WTCC

25 Sep 2016

Honda remains in the WTCC

The factory team will continue to compete in world championship racing in the class Touring. About this decision the leadership of the sports division of Honda announced in the current weekend. Despite the fact that the main focus continues to be Formula 1, WTCC the Japanese are going to compete for major titles. A chance Honda will have after the end of this season the series will leave the favourite team Citroen. After that, the championship will likely remain three of the factory team. Volvo has already confirmed their participation in next year’s championship, and soon about the decision should tell the representatives of the Lada.

А если так?

24 Sep 2016

And if so?

Volvo recently introducing universal V90 Cross Country, stated that he will be the last fourth model in the “nineties” series. However, the possibilities of the new scalable platform SPA, which the Swedish automaker uses in the crossover XC90, the S90 sedan and V90 wagon, so wide that its base would be quite logical to create a number of models. For example, here’s a crossover sedan, the style of which in the computer image presented by the designer-blogger X-Tomi.

Also let’s not forget about the previously shown prototypes of the Volvo Concept Coupe and Concept Estate. If the company seriously intends to give the models a green light in series, then they will surely get a lot of technological solutions from the flagship of the series, though unable to debut under a different numeric index.

А если так?

А если так?