Лучше, быстрее и современней

20 Oct 2016

Better, faster and more modern

BMW last week showed the seventh generation of the sedan 5-Series and announced two new petrol engines, which will enter production next year. These include the 530i and 540i, the first develops 248 horsepower, the second – 335 HP For those who can’t wait for the most powerful version of the M5, next year, the Bavarian company will launch a “hot” version M550i XDRIVE. This sedan will be placed on the step below the flagship M5 will feature a 4.4-liter V8 Biturbo engine with a capacity of 462 horsepower. M550i will win the first “hundred” for 4 seconds, making it considerably faster than the current M5 with its 4.4 seconds.


20 Oct 2016


Chinese brand Lynk&Co, which is owned by Geely, showed a new crossover with a very unusual name 01. The car is built on the platform of CMA. On this same chassis will be built the future of Volvo S40 and XC40.
The main difference between the “first zero” will be the adaptability. The multimedia system of the car is always connected to the Internet. As the company claims that most of the cars they plan to sell over the Internet. Service stamps will be engaged in Volvo dealers. What happens under the hood so far kept secret. Most likely new items appear hybrida version and the version with the turbo engine. The start of sales for the Chinese market scheduled for 2017. In 2018 Lynk&Co to appear in Europe and the United States

Автомобиль с душой мотороллера

19 Oct 2016

A car with soul scooter

Vespa 400 Microcar 1959 model year was offered by the owner on the auction. This car is the first in the company. The circulation of that model sold for 10 years, was only 20 thousand cars. Two-cylinder two-stroke air-cooled engine developed 13 horsepower, the maximum speed does not exceed microcar 83,4 km/h.

Автомобиль с душой мотороллера

Despite his advanced age, “Vespa” was “running” total of 8,000 kilometers. The exterior, the interior is almost unchanged and was not subject to restoration. Engine, transmission and other aggregates preserved in their original, fully working condition.

Автомобиль с душой мотороллера

Придется подождать

19 Oct 2016

Will have to wait

Due to the updates GranTurismo and GranCabrio, Maserati was taken to move production Alfieri coupe from 2018 to 2021.
Under the hood of the prototype is an atmospheric V8 engine volume 4.7 liters, which develops 460 horsepower and is paired with a six-speed robot. It is possible that in a production car assemblies can change and the machine will be electric motors.
The concept car design was engaged by Lorenzo Ramaciotti, who previously worked on the images of conceptual models such as Ferrari, Maserati and Alfa Romeo.

«Карета» для правителя

19 Oct 2016

“The carriage” for the ruler

Armored Mercedes-Benz 560 SEL, which belongs to the king of Jordan Hussein has been put up for sale. Mercedes 1988 model year was purchased for the movement of the ruler of England. Four tons the machine is equipped with a 300-horsepower engine capacity of 5.6 liters. Armor of the limousine can withstand fire from large-caliber revolver and equipped with a system with a hidden external speaker.

Воин мифических дорог...

19 Oct 2016

Warrior mythical roads…

For the upcoming November exhibition SEMA in Las Vegas to Hyundai and ARK Performance has created a Road Racer Elantra Concept. The practicality of a standard sedan it is combined with the militant looks and improved performance. On the latter, however, while not particularly apply. But installed turbocharger, an upgraded exhaust system and a modified suspension speak for themselves. And visual something subtle issues in the car’s increased potential. Whether aerodynamic, or lightweight forged rims with wide low profile tires, or sport steering wheel…

Совсем новый

19 Oct 2016

Completely new

Hyundai has revealed a new hatchback Verna, known in Russia under the name Solaris. “Pyatidverka” is different from the sedan officially shown in September, a “sirloin” part-namely, other rear lights and bumper. Under the hood of the car for the Chinese market same as the sedan, petrol engine volume of 1.4 or 1.6 liters, which develops 100 and 123 horsepower, respectively. These units work with six-speed “mechanics” and an automatic transmission. Do the sales of the hatchback in Russia is unclear.

Следи за колесами

19 Oct 2016

Watch the wheels

Law about car tyres are already considering not for the first time, but before taking the case never came. 21 October this year the state Duma Committee on transport and construction will pronounce this question and decide to adopt a new law or not.

If the bill will come into force, drivers for the use of summer tyres or winter wheels with spikes in the summer and bald, or the tires will face a fine of 2,000 rubles. The terms of use of tires for the season are likely to be adjusted by local authorities. Inspection of the wheels will engage the traffic police

Мощный и еще мощнее...

18 Oct 2016

Powerful and more powerful…

In the tuning house Mountune hatchback Fiesta ST in top performance ST200 received a more powerful turbocharger with intercooler and an upgraded exhaust system. 65 additional forces increased the power of 1.6-liter engine to the 265-year HP, and with a ‘bonus’ 80nm the torque figure has increased to 370 “Newtons”. In the end, winning in the dynamics amounted to one second – up to 100 km/h the car accelerates in 5.7 s.

"Умная" машина

18 Oct 2016

“Smart” car

The company Geely, which owns new sub-brand Lynk & Co, showed a teaser with a picture of the future crossover, built on the “volvovsky” platform. Says Lynk & Co, the group will position itself lower than Volvo. The last producer to focus on production of premium models, and the first one on modern and “smart” cars.
Recall that the Swedish brand Volvo is owned by Chinese company Geely in 2010. Presentation of the car Lynk & Co will take place this week in Berlin.