Доберутся и до Ferrari

August 5, 2016

Will get to a Ferrari

The company Aston Martin has plans on releasing a mid-engined supercar that would compete with the Ferrari 488. However, the release of such a vehicle, and if held, then not before 2020 because at the moment the British manufacturer in a joint priority with Red Bull project — hypercar AM-RB 001.

The prototype car shown to the public in July of this year, however, before the start of production for at least another two years. The “heart” hypercar is a naturally aspirated V12 is similar to Formula 1 cars cooling system. According to unofficial data, the output of the motor is 900 forces, acceleration to hundreds of the prototype takes only two seconds, and the speed limiter is triggered at 320 kilometers per hour.

The release of AM-RB 001 will be limited to 100 units.

Меняйте полис!

4 Aug 2016

Change the policy!

The Supreme court issued several decisions regarding motorists. We are talking about situations when one acquires a used car with it and continues to go for the insurance policy furnished by the previous owner. The Supreme court decided that such insurance is void, even if the new owner is inscribed in it or a policy issued without limitation of the range of drivers admitted to driving. The judges explained that “when the right of ownership, right of economic management or operational management of the vehicle from the insured to another person, the new owner must contract for insurance”. Simply put, even if the policy “avtograzhdanki” is still valid, the new owner must purchase new insurance. Motorists who ignore this requirement and continue to travel with the old policy, according to part 2 of article 12.37 of the Code of administrative offences, faces a fine of 800 rubles. If the fault of the driver there is an accident, the insurance company, which paid compensation to victims, have the right to present recourse to him.
Also, the Supreme court clarified, in which cases the driver may leave the scene of an accident. We are talking about the situations, when taking off from under the car in front of the stone has broken the glass or damaged it on the back of another car. Often in these cases, the cops are attracted to driverless cars-the”culprit” accountable for leaving the scene of an accident. However, said the Supreme court, and these things happen “due to circumstances beyond the control of the driver of the vehicle, without committing any action on his part. However, this Committee cannot foresee how the event itself and the occurrence of related effects of damage to other vehicles.” Accordingly, the guilt of motorists in such accidents is not, therefore, be prosecuted for leaving the scene of an accident, the traffic police are not entitled to.

Прощай, «Хачироку»

4 Aug 2016

Goodbye, “Hachiroku”

Rear-wheel drive coupe Toyota GT86 is leaving the Russian market due to low demand. Since 2012 when the car went on sale in Russia, sold about 400 copies of them in 2015, bought only 14.

With decreasing sales increased and the price of the car. If in 2012 the model was estimated in approximately 1 200 000 roubles, by the end of the sales price “hachiroku” (translated from Japanese means “eighty-six”) came through the ceiling of two million.

Recall that the coupe GT86 is equipped with two-liter atmospheric boxer engine with recoil forces 200 and 205 Nm of torque. Transmission — 6-speed “mechanics” or “automatic”. In 2016, the model has undergone small restyling.

Чтобы не запутать

4 Aug 2016

So as not to confuse

Rear-wheel drive coupe Hyundai Genesis is removed from the conveyor. Such a decision, the automaker adopted because of the confusion between the model name and the name of the new Genesis premium brand.

In addition, currently developing a new coupe, which will be produced under the brand name Genesis, whose “charged” version will compete with the BMW M4. It is expected that the car will complement the 3.3-liter Biturbo “six”, which debuted on the Genesis sedan G90 and produces 370 forces.

Не для трезвых

4 Aug 2016

Not for the sober

Experts of the holding company Morgan Stanley estimated that Autonomous driving will bring the alcoholic beverages market additional $ 100 billion. “Drones will solve the problem of the incompatibility of drinking and driving,” – noted in the study.

The more appearing on the roads vehicles with unmanned systems control, the more alcohol will consume the people. Thus, the global alcoholic beverage market to grow by 0.8% and by 2025, its monetary amount will increase to 98 billion dollars. To date, the size of the global alcohol market is estimated at $ 1.5 trillion.

Note that, according to experts IHS Automotive, by 2025, worldwide there will be about 600 000 vehicles with Autonomous control.

345 сил на передний привод

4 Aug 2016

345 force on the front drive

Ex-record “North loop of the Nurburgring among front-wheel drive hatchbacks prepare the speech about the new generation of hot hatch Honda Civic Type R. the Car is going to equip the same two-liter turbo engine as the current model, however, after modernization, the efficiency of the engine will make 345 forces and 450 Nm (+35 strength and 50 Nm).

Paired with the engine will work a six-speed manual transmission. Drive remains to the front. Increase in capacity will allow the “charged” hatchback to dial a “hundred” for 5 seconds is 0.7 seconds faster than the current model.

345 сил на передний привод

It is expected that the prototype of the new generation Honda Civic Type R will be introduced in autumn 2016 at the motor show in Paris. The series car will launch a year after the premiere.

Recall that the current Civic Type R set a record “North loop of the Nurburgring among mass-produced front-wheel drive cars, driving the track in 7 minutes and 50,63 seconds. In March 2016 Volkswagen Golf GTI Clubsport’s taken the crown of the leader, breaking the lap in 7 minutes 49,21 seconds.

Из кроссовера в компактвэн

4 Aug 2016

From the crossover in the compact MPV

Their new concept car, the XM, Mitsubishi hints at a release of a compact MPV. The prototype designed in the style of conceptual crossover eX, which debuted at the motor show in Tokyo in October 2015.

Из кроссовера в компактвэн

A prototype of Mitsubishi eX

The compact MPV can accommodate up to seven passengers. As the power plant uses an electric motor with batteries, allowing it to travel up to 400 kilometers on a full charge. According to preliminary data, the car will be equipped with a system of Autonomous control.

More information about the model will appear closer to the premiere, which will take place on 11 August at the motor show in Indonesia.

Плюс 250

August 3, 2016

Plus 250

To 860 forces managed to increase the power of petrol 5.2-liter V10 Lamborghini Huracan Spyder Roadster specialists Atelier Novitec Torado. Such a large increase was made possible thanks to the two mechanical blowers and a new exhaust system in stainless steel and Inconel.

Плюс 250

The maximum torque after a package of improvements increased to 960 Nm. The dynamic characteristics of the supercar has not been disclosed. Recall that the standard of the 610-strong Huracan Spyder is gaining “hundred” for 3,4 seconds.

Плюс 250

In addition to the refinement of the motor in the Atelier Novitec Torado has developed for the car brand new body kit, tested in windtunnel, consisting of front spoiler, rear diffuser, additional air intakes, side “skirts”. And finally, the Roadster “shod” in 20 – and 21-inch wheels in front and rear tires Pirelli P Zero, as well as the added adjustable shock absorbers and reduced the ride height by 35 millimeters.

Обойдетесь без радаров!

August 3, 2016

Without radar!

In the Samara and Rostov regions, and in Krasnodar territory the traffic police banned the use of manual radars to control speeding. Inspectors who violate this order and continue to use such equipment, faces a disciplinary responsibility up to dismissal from the police. It is not excluded that in the future, manual radars will be banned throughout Russia.

30 лет тому назад...

August 3, 2016

30 years ago…

Adaptive suspension with new springs, dampers and stabilizers, optimized tuning stability system and algorithm of driving modes Comfort, Sport and Sport+, modified rear differential and 20-inch forged wheels with different size tires front and back version of “30 Jahre M3” (30 M3) will be released edition of just 500 copies. Forced 19 forces than the three-liter M TwinPower Turbo normal “Emka” the engine develops 444 HP, the torque is as before is 550 Nm. In the end, with the “hundred” sedan with the mechanics is cut in four, and with an optional robotized gearbox with two clutches – 3.8 seconds, that is 0.3 s faster.

All cars will be painted in Macao blue Blue – Kohler, when something is optionally available for the most powerful versions of BMW first-generation M3 Sport Evo. In the cabin of the jubilee version is distinguished by two-tone leather with contrast stitching, carbon inserts and embroidery on the headrests of the sports seats.