Если что – пишите!

19 Jul 2016

If that – write!

Metropolitan drivers involved with a small accident and wanting to make a notice on a simplified procedure without calling the representatives of the traffic police can now obtain informational SMS-support. To number 7377 with the mobile phone sends the command “Evroprotokol”, then in response comes a message that describes all necessary procedures. The link in the received SMS and set an example of filling of documents. This service will help to minimize the mistakes made by the person in a stressful situation. Recall that the maximum payment under the Europrotocol today is 50 thousand rubles. To compensate for unlimited Euro Protocol with a limit of 400 thousand can claim only those accidents whose vehicles are equipped with satellite systems, fixing the fact of the accident and the accident scene.

Аванс в металле

18 Jul 2016

The advance in metal

SUV Honda Avancier, in the popular style of four-door coupe debuts with a two-liter turbo engine capacity of 272 HP, automatic transmission with nine steps, all-wheel drive is implemented through electromagnetic coupling. In the length of the SUV is a little nedotyagivaet to five meters, heavily sloping to the tail of the roof eaten up a significant portion of the volume of the boot but gives an unusual appearance which is sure to attract the attention of buyers.

Аванс в металле

Inside it is felt that the designers drew inspiration from related Acura as the style and quality of finish. Even panels of wood most likely real. As for the Acura instead of the usual selector lever on the centre console buttons mode selection of the transmission. Where unusual looks availability in 2016 slot for a CD on touch screen multimedia system, really in China still use them?

Аванс в металле

Аванс в металле

Дизельное эхо

18 Jul 2016

Diesel echo

Despite the fact that Volkswagen has settled a dispute with U.S. authorities and commenced the payment of compensation and repair of machines with fraudulent software that regulators are now extremely skeptical about all European manufacturers. The first victim of the new policy was the Bavarian concern, which is faced with the problem of certification of new models for the American market.
Start of sales in 2017 model year was delayed due to additional inspections by Federal authorities. However, the BMW representative Hector Arellano-Belloc said that there are no preconditions to ensure that the solution will not be obtained, as signs of the presence of a fraudulent device affects the readings of the exhaust emissions. Additional checks were made on the following models: 3-series, 5-series, SUVs X3 and X5. Diesel versions account for about six percent of the total number sold overseas cars of the Bavarian company.

В Москве и Питере +20

18 Jul 2016

In Moscow and St. Petersburg +20

The Deputy head of the LDPR faction Yaroslav Nilov proposes to increase the discount for the prompt payment of fines with a maximum permissible today 50 to 70% in Moscow and St. Petersburg, reports TASS. According to the Deputy, “existing regulations do not fully comply with the principle of proportionality and justice.” They say, in the two capitals for the separate offense set fines two to three times higher than for the same offenses committed in other regions of Russia.

В свете постановлений…

18 Jul 2016

In the light of the decrees.

Currently, the capital just a few cameras record this type of violation, and then in a pilot mode. As representatives of the TMS to the Agency “Moscow”, in the foreseeable future, all photo and video will automatically track the car with the switched off passing light of headlights or daytime running lights. Accordingly, the drivers, as automatically will start receiving the infamous “letters of happiness” – the penalty for violation of rules of use of external lights according to article 12.20 of the administrative code is still 500 rubles.

Первый седан

18 Jul 2016

First sedan

Of course, on its own initiative, the Bavarian company is unlikely to implement similar modification to the lineup, after all sedans are not very popular in Europe but not in China. For this reason, the partner was a manufacturer from China Brilliance, the Assembly will also be done.

While the addition of images of the exterior and other details BMW decided not to disclose, but to our knowledge it is based on a front-drive platform, which is also used for Mini and BMW Active Tourer. Place under the hood is three – and four-cylinder petrol engine capacity of 136 HP and 192, respectively. Six-speed transmissions, two mechanics and eight-speed automatic transmission.

First, the sedan will be sold only in China, but it is possible that he can appear in our market known for its love of the form factor of the body.

Общий знаменатель

18 Jul 2016

The common denominator

Currently, the model name of the Korean company around the world varies. In the largest markets (USA and Europe) is not very well accepted names, so it will be gradually removed from circulation. This opinion was expressed by managing Director of the Australian branch of Hyundai Scott Grant. “The ix35 crossover has been replaced Tucson, Sonata will soon take the place of the i40,” – said Grant. the exception will be only hatchback i30, it is after the change of generations will retain the same index.

В память о прошлом...

16 Jul 2016

In the memory of the past…

Conceptual Wrangler 75th Salute should remind about the glorious military past of the brand, which is primarily associated, naturally, with lendlizovskie Willys MB. Took the basic Wrangler Sport with a 3.6-liter V6 and six-speed mechanics. Painted the body in the spirit of a heroic ancestor in olive green, removed the doors and the roll cage, seats, headliner cloth, spare wheel traditionally placed on the “gate” of the trunk, and stylized army 16-inch steel wheels shod in 32-inch non-directional tires. The concept has gathered in the same factory in Ohio, where for several dozen years to produce a Wrangler. And it is possible to assert with the big share of probability that soon the car will go in the series. Of course, limited edition.

Голосуй! Или удивишься...

July 15, 2016

Vote! Or surprised…

“The law of the congestion” is called the draft law “On traffic organization in the Russian Federation and on amendments to certain legislative acts of the Russian Federation”. Seeing in this standards which will untie the hands of city authorities and they will be able to impose limitations, for example, organize a paid entry into the centre city and Parking in the yards, and also set free tariffs or prohibition of traffic on road sections, the leaders of the liberal democratic party initiated a vote on the portal “Russian public initiative” for the purpose of sending the law back for revision. One hundred thousand preferential votes to ensure its consideration by an expert working group at the Federal level.

Полторы недели ожидания...

July 15, 2016

A week and a half of waiting…

The first new car produced by the British company since 2003, will be a Speedster with the poetic name Bullet, writes Autocar. Car with a body made of composite materials, created on the basis of the Pinnacle concept Project in commemoration of the 70th anniversary of the founding of Bristol Cars, is equipped with 4.8-litre petrol V8 from BMW. More details we learn is the 26th number.