History likes to repeat itself. The Peugeot station wagons more than once turned out more attractive and more harmonious sedans or hatchbacks from which they grew, – at least remember the 406-th model. However, is it any wonder: Europeans are practical people, and that those machines that we sheds are called, in their favor. No wonder that in the new 308-m the family station wagon came out great.

The body received the most natural continuation, which he lacked after a vertical bar of the frame of the rear door of a hatchback. Despite the fact that the car has been very considerable size (a length of almost 4.6 m!), he looks plastic and easy – moreover, in its silhouette, perhaps a little more dynamics than the “tailless” hatch.

Peugeot 308SW: Эстетика практичностиSilhouette received the sequel, which he lacked after a vertical bar of the frame of the rear door of a hatchback

But buying wagon not because he is beautiful. 563 l volume of a parallelepiped is almost perfect against the trunk of 420 liters for the hatchback, under-floor aluminum “rails” for the lugs securing cargo, wide and high opening door – here it is, a dream summer resident, taxi driver, traveler, or just the avid chlamdia. Good “hold”! True in French only barely protrude out of the rear wheel, but just as in French neglected an important ergonomic change from the category of those that never forget the pedantic Germans. Stretch the shelf-the shutter of the boot is not very comfortable to shoot, but even worse to put it back: latch hellishly tight, ill-conceived, with poor access. We with the photographer puffed almost two more minutes and hoisted the shelf to its rightful place. But, fortunately, that part of the trunk is the only complaint.

Estate natural vs: he added 60 kg compared to the hatchback, which is bound to affect smoothness and very noticeable. Suspension 308SW has a much softer and resilient character – it is less prone to breakdowns, and road irregularities do not accept so close to heart, as the undercarriage hatch. With all this handling of the machine has not changed: the station wagon just as easily prescribe the turns, in which it is still nice to send in a small sport branded steering wheel.

Peugeot 308SW: Эстетика практичностиMinimalist interior 308 pleasant to the eye. But the front seats will not please everyone: some passengers on them won’t stay long without a warm-up back

After Junior diesel and petrol engine with manual transmission on the hatchback here I finally had a chance in all its glory to try the most powerful diesel engine – 150 HP with a new six-speed automatic. I confess, more attention was paid to the box and not the motor: automatic nice surprise with a torque Converter with reduced resistance (in favor of saving and ecology, of course). Imagine: even on a very tiny slope of the road car when the brake pedal is rolled back, as if he’s robotic mechanic and not hydroautomatic! Interestingly, in the configuration of the claimed system Hill Assist, which should prevent otchityvanie, but it turned out to be lazy.

“Universal French – it’s a dramatic silhouette, the perfect shape of a huge trunk and soft in nature. What else is needed for a family car?”

The machine landed very smooth, comfortable operation, however, the efficiency of the reactions is not his strong point. He has light, not burdensome, but significant thoughtfulness when you need to accelerate intensively, and after spirited acceleration he hesitantly thinks, not in a hurry to change gears. Oh and it looks like the automatic transmission slightly dulls the spirit of the motor: the feelings, it was hard to give him those stated 150 “horses” – well, 130, perhaps. However, what you want at Euro 6… However, for a good comfortable family car, which there is no need to get involved in high speed fights, this box is fine. Moreover, a prudent owner she will appreciate the efficiency: the calm driving in the city costs nothing to meet at 7 liters per “hundred”.

Peugeot 308SW: Эстетика практичностиThe selector of the new machine – with step course. The start button the motor would find a more convenient and conspicuous placePeugeot 308SW: Эстетика практичностиthe heater Button windshield managed to put the left wheel so that it will not immediately be able to tellPeugeot 308SW: Эстетика практичностиa Panoramic roof in the entire ceiling – a sight for travelers. On the bright sun you can close the curtainPeugeot 308SW: Эстетика практичностиAlong the floor of the trunk padded aluminum “rails” with excellent sliding loops for fixation cargoPeugeot 308SW: Эстетика практичностиPride wagon – the trunk: succinct, practical, almost perfect shapePeugeot 308SW: Эстетика практичностиAt top version – full led headlights. As shown by our experience on the dark road, their capacity is noticeably lacking: the beam is very short

Top version of the Allure has left the impression of a sort of emotional culinary mix: beautifully Creamed, full flavoured with spices, but the feeling of saturation is lacking. There is a rather convenient Keyless access – but the contact sensors are only on the handles of the front doors, and the start button of the motor is located so that it is pressed you have to wrench a hand. And as the experiment showed, not every driver will find it without clues. Gorgeous panoramic roof almost the entire length of the ceiling – but why save on rear view camera that lanky wagon? Free, sleek console, deliberately replete with space – however, press the heated windshield hid in the left panel, where she successfully closed the wheel and the knee: we saw her only by accident.

Peugeot 308SW: Эстетика практичностиHowever, to be fair: without so muddled small things, which pulls the fault, a rare car costs. But the overall impression of flexible, spacious and comfortable estate car remained very supportive. The more that the price of its appeal: such machines on the market, and the starting price 308SW in 417 600 USD is a good trump card in favor of the extraordinary French cars.

Peugeot 308SW: Эстетика практичности

The car to the test courtesy of “Peugeot Ukraine”

Behind the wheel of the No. 11 November 2015

Durable body construction is 80 percent composed of aluminum, and is unique in this segment, all-aluminum design of the monocoque. Additional weight savings is achieved through the use of composite materials for the manufacture of the rear door, and magnesium for the manufacture of items such as cross beam of the body.

Объявлены украинские цены на внедорожный Jaguar

The new Jaguar F-Pace length 4731 mm wheelbase 2874 mm can comfortably accommodate five passengers, is available for a considerable space above the head and the knees, and the Luggage compartment is impressive 650 liters. Note also the infotainment system premium InControl Touch Pro with 10.2 inch touch screen, powerful dual-core processor and hard drive. To speed access point Wi-Fi can be connected simultaneously up to 8 devices.

Объявлены украинские цены на внедорожный JaguarОбъявлены украинские цены на внедорожный JaguarОбъявлены украинские цены на внедорожный JaguarОбъявлены украинские цены на внедорожный JaguarОбъявлены украинские цены на внедорожный JaguarОбъявлены украинские цены на внедорожный JaguarОбъявлены украинские цены на внедорожный Jaguar

For Ukrainian consumers Jaguar F-Pace will be presented in the trim levels Pure, Prestige with a 2.0-liter 180 horsepower diesel engine Ingenium, S with 3.0-liter diesel engine capacity of 300 HP, trim levels Pure, Prestige, Portfolio and R-Sport with a 3.0-liter 340 — horsepower Supercharged V6 in S trim and First Edition with powerful a 3.0-liter 380-strong unit. All vehicles are equipped with all-wheel drive and 8-speed automatic transmission.

Объявлены украинские цены на внедорожный Jaguar

Volkswagen on the basis of the conducted internal investigation announced that the number of cars with diesel and petrol engines whose CO2 emissions do not meet environmental standards, actually 20 times less than mentioned before.

So, 800,000 sold in the European market cars, in one way or another affected by fuel scandal, only 36 thousand noticed “slight variations” in the level of consumption of fuel and emissions of carbon dioxide. It is only 0.5% of the annual volume produced under this brand products.

The group clarified that these variations are found in nine models of the brand:

Polo 1.0 TSI BlueMotion 70kW EU6 7-DSG art.

Scirocco 2.0 TDI 135kW 6 EU6-senior ILAC

Jetta 1.2 TSI 77kW 6 EU6-senior ILAC

Jetta 2.0 TDI 81kW EU6 5-senior “mechanics”

Golf Cabriolet 2.0 TDI 81kW EU6 5-senior ILAC

Golf 2.0 TDI 110kW 6 EU6-senior ILAC

Passat Alltrack 2.0 TSI 162kW EU6 4MOTION 7-DSG art.

Passat Variant 2.0 TDI BMT 4MOTION 176kW 7 EU6-art DSG

Passat Variant 1.4 TSI ACT 110kW 6 EU6-senior ILAC

Also announced that the subsidiary of the German company Audi, Skoda and Seat vehicles are currently engaged in similar studies of their models, the results of which will be announced later.

On this optimistic background, the Germans announced that the previously expected financial losses of 2 billion euros, is not yet confirmed. Here’s a Christmas gift made for yourself in Wolfsburg.

In compiling the list of experts was guided by the results of crash tests and the availability of the machines innovative security systems. Interestingly, of the forty-eight patterns of the rankings, only one American — the mid-size sedan of Chrysler 200.

The safest cars available on the U.S. market, were Toyota and Honda (nine and eight models), seven models of Volkswagen and Subaru six models. For convenience, the rating is divided by class.

В США назвали самые безопасные автомобили

Earlier, the Fiat Chrysler Automobiles NV (FCA) was fined U.S. $ 70 million in connection with the underreporting of the number of deaths and injuries that occurred as a result of road accident with participation of cars of the company.

Recall that the main reason for the new price drop, the recent decision of OPEC not to reduce oil production volumes. This despite the fact that not really maintained and the official upper limit. In November 2015 average daily oil production by OPEC countries has reached, according to independent sources, the level of 31.7 million barrels., what about 0.73%, or by 230 thousand Barr. more than it was in October.

In the end, Brent had lost this week by 8% of its value, broke through the psychological mark of us $ 40/barrel and plummeted further during today’s trading on the London stock exchange ICE Futures price fell to $39,38 per barrel.

Not better things and miners WTI light crude oil: new York Mercantile exchange, it tumbled to a seven — year low of us $34,59/bbl.

Since the beginning of summer 2014 oil prices have fallen by more than half, starting the fall from $115 per barrel of Brent. According to forecasts Fitch, the average price of Brent crude oil in 2016 will be $55 per barrel, and in 2017 it will increase to $65.

UPD: by noon the cost of the January futures for Brent crude on the ICE stock exchange in London fell by 1.9% to 38,99 USD per barrel. Thus, a mark 39 dollars was overcome for the first time since December 2008.


Made this in honor of the revolutionary sports car “718” of the same type, which was released in 1957 and has won numerous awards in various racing competitions.

Porsche Boxster и Cayman слегка переименуютRenaming will gain power with this lineup: in 2016 will be presented to 718 new 718 Boxster and Cayman. Both models will have a powerful four-cylinder boxer engine turbocharged. This year racing prototype Porsche 919 Hybrid with a similar engine capacity to 2 litres finished second in the “24 hours of Le Mans”, and recently became a champion in the credits of the designers and pilots in the world championship in endurance racing WEC World Endurance Championship.

Being the most complex racing car in the entire history of Porsch, the prototype will serve as a platform for testing technologies that will be used in future models of the Stuttgart concern, combining two different systems of energy recovery.

Porsche Boxster и Cayman слегка переименуютPorsche Boxster и Cayman слегка переименуютPorsche Boxster и Cayman слегка переименуютPorsche Boxster и Cayman слегка переименуютPorsche Boxster и Cayman слегка переименуют

This was stated by Union members Vehicle with zero emissions (ZEV), in particular, Germany, the Netherlands, Norway and the UK. During the recent UN conference in Paris on climate change, it was announced that this initiative is ready to join at least seven U.S. States: Vermont, California, Connecticut, Maryland, Massachusetts, new York, Oregon, and the canadian province of québec.

The ultimate goal is to reduce the level of harmful vehicle emissions worldwide to 40%, halting the worsening of global climate and ecology.

Близится конец эры углеводородовDuring the fuel crisis of 70-ies of the last century, Americans have had to do without fossil fuels. Though not by choice.

And although, before this date there is still 35 years, many major automakers now radically revising their production plans and adjust lineups. For example, the Japanese company Toyota plans to 2050 to completely abandon the production of gasoline vehicles, replacing them with hybrid and hydrogen models, but the Bavarian BMW is preparing a massive electrification of its models. A similar strategy for the coming years develop almost all leading automobile manufacturers.

Близится конец эры углеводородовA conversation between two cows: because Of this 92 million guys will be without work. On the other hand, those 92 million will not be able to afford steak for lunch.