«Тройка» за парковку

27 April 2016

The Troika for Parking

In July 2016 in Moscow will have a new method of payment of municipal Parking card “Troika”. However, as noted by the head of the Moscow Department of transport and development dorozhno-a transport infrastructure Maxim Liksutov, the first time not all Parking lots will accept the Troika as payment.

By July SAM-modules equipped with Parking machines on Lubyanka square, Tverskaya Zastava, Neglinnaya, Peter and some other streets. Throughout the city card will work only in 2017.

Note that at the moment, the Troika card is an electronic wallet that you can pay the fare in public transport, including commuter trains and Aeroexpress.


27 April 2016

Was absent!

The organizers of Formula 1 had on Tuesday to hold a vote on the amendment to the regulations, the entry into force which is expected in 2017, but the approval did not take place for the banal reason – at a meeting in London was not all members of the Commission of Formula 1.

Meeting in the British capital was to become key in the future of Formula 1 in the coming years. It was assumed that the results of the meeting will be adopted a number of measures that will provide lots of stability.

The fundamental question was two. First, finally had to be approved by the rules-2017. His discussion is a long time – it is assumed that the machines have become much faster thanks to the rule changes to the aerodynamics and the increase in tire size. Apparently, the teams and the organizers of the championship have almost no disagreement on this issue, but the vote still did not take place because of incomplete attendance.

In order for the changes were accepted according to the rules, it should vote all members of the F1 Commission, which includes representatives of the teams, the race organizers, the promoter of the championship, as well as sporting bodies – that is, the International automobile Federation. Who exactly did not attend the meeting in London was not reported.

In addition, lack of clarity and on another fundamental issue. The FIA insisted that the engine manufacturers represented in F1, has developed a number of measures that would reduce the cost of power plants for private teams and to ensure their equality characteristics. And if the technical regulation clarity has actually occurred, then in this matter it is not.

Initially it was assumed that there will be no problem even in the winter, but the manufacturers of motors – Mercedes, Renault, Honda and Ferrari have not presented a specific plan that would meet all of the requirements. Many experts suggest that they are deliberately delaying the process in order to delay the introduction of unprofitable them of the amendments to the regulations.

The deadline for voting expire April 30. It is expected that now it will be held “electronically”.


27 April 2016


The main emphasis in the updated model made for security, Discovery Sport announced three new assistant. Recognition system driver fatigue Driver Condition Monitor recommends sitting behind the wheel to rest, where it detects signs of drowsiness. Intelligent electronic Speed Limiter is focused on road signs and automatically lowers the vehicle speed to the permitted maximum. And Lane Keep Assist taxis carefully when approaching the crossover to the markup without turning on the turn signal.

In addition, available for top trim levels styling package Dynamic Pack Design includes special design bumpers (rear with integrated nozzles of release), black inserts on the back, matte 20-inch wheels and the little touches in the cabin type of metal overlays on the pedals.

Достойная замена

27 April 2016

A worthy replacement

A new two-liter turbocharged diesel engine family EcoBlue from the company debuts on the Ford vans Transit and Transit Custom. Note that the unit will replace the previous 2.2 TDCi.

The new engine was developed by research centers “Ford” in the UK and Germany. In many respects it surpasses its predecessor: meet the ecological requirements “Euro-6”, 15 pounds lighter, torque is 20% more in the 1250 rpm (340 Nm), four decibels quieter 13% more economical, and CO2 emissions lower by 10%.

The two-litre turbodiesel is available in three versions-forcing – 105, 130 and 170 forces. After some time, Ford will release a 200-strong modification of the engine, which may receive the motor scheme, the “charged” car manufacturer.

310 сил на переднюю ось

27 April 2016

310 forces on the front axle

To celebrate the 40th anniversary of the hot hatch Golf GTI, Volkswagen is preparing a 310-horsepower track’s version of the car, which will be the fastest front-wheel drive model in the lineup automaker. Under the hood of the hatchback will be placed a 2.0-liter turbo.

Details about Golf GTI’s, not so much. While it is known only that the engineers put the car on a “diet”, remove rear seats, install a roll cage and modified suspension. The units of the car are already testing at the nürburgring in the back of a standard GTI Clubsport.

It is expected that the track Golf GTI’s will compete with such “hot” hatchbacks, like the Renault Megane RS 275 Trophy, Leon Cupra and Civic Type R. the Premiere of the car will take place on may 4 in Austria, the festival owners “Volkswagen” at the lake wörth.

Tesla всех зарядит

27 April 2016

Tesla will charge all

Manufacturer of electric cars Tesla continues to develop a worldwide network of charging stations. In addition to the complexes of fast-charging Supercharger, which increases per hour power reserve of the electric vehicle for 272 kilometers, in Europe were discovered less than 150 powerful Destination Charging stations, allowing for an hour to increase a cruising range of 93 miles.

Outside Europe there are already 2605 complexes Destination Charging. Of these, 1889 are located in the United States. The main distinguishing feature of complexes is the fact that for owners of Tesla electric cars charging at them absolutely free.

Recall that the company plans to open five stations in Russia in the near future. Their opening is scheduled in 2016 in Leningrad, Moscow, Tver, Pskov and Novgorod regions.

Покажешь – докажешь

27 April 2016

Show – will prove

In accordance with the Federal law, signed by President of the Russian Federation, “materials, photo – and filming, sound and video recordings, information bases and databanks and other data carriers” got the status of full proofs on Affairs about administrative offences in the field of traffic. Before such evidence was considered only as a possible argument, and always remained at the discretion of the court.

Нюрбургринг по-русски

April 26, 2016

The Nurburgring in Russian

Russian businessman Victor Haritonin increased its stake legendary Nurburgring racetrack from 80% to 99%. For 38 million euros, the entrepreneur purchased the 19-cent package of securities from a racing team GetSpeed, leaving the team one percent. Note that the total cost of the complex is 77 million euros.

Recall that the financial problems at the Nurburgring racetrack began in 2012. Share Motorsport complex in 2014 tried to buy the company Capricorn Automotive GmbH. But then the deal fell through and a 67% stake acquired Haritonin.

Volkswagen вырвался в лидеры

April 26, 2016

Volkswagen led the race

Despite the “diesel scandal”, the Volkswagen group managed to take first place in the ranking of world sales of new cars, surpassing Toyota Motor Corporation. For the first quarter of 2016 VW sold about 2.5 million vehicles, which is 0.8% more than in the same period last year.

Note that to achieve high results German concern has been mitigated by sales growth in the Chinese market, where the population’s response to “deselect” was minimal. And also due to falling sales at Toyota, which is due to a series of earthquakes in Japan was forced to suspend the work of enterprises.

Recall that the leader 2015 was the Toyota company, having realized for the full year of around 10,15 million cars. Volkswagen for 2015 sold lot less of 9.9 million cars.

Вскрылась лож компании Mitsubishi

April 26, 2016

Opened boxes of Mitsubishi

Not only have Volkswagen problems with the environmental performance and honesty. As it turned out, the company Mitsubishi Motors have succeeded in this. In the past 25 years the firm has provided to the Japanese authorities incorrect data on fuel consumption in some of its models.

General Director of Mitsubishi Motors Tetsuro Aikawa April 20, publicly admitted that the automaker intends forged between 2013 and 2016-level data fuel consumption used cars brands Mitsubishi and Nissan, which are sold in the domestic market. The statement touched 157 000 compact Mitsubishi eK Wagon and eK Space and 468 000 kei-cars Nissan Dayz and Dayz Roox, produced at the facilities of Mitsubishi.

However, we now know that the company for 25 years conducted the measurements of fuel consumption by Japanese standards nonconforming methods. Thanks to them, the average fuel consumption per 100 kilometers was reduced by 1-2 liters.

Tetsuro Aikawa took over full responsibility for the incident, stating that it was a conscious action, in which there was no need. Immediately after the news about the machinations of the estimated market value of Mitsubishi Motors fell by about half.

Note that the Ministry of transport of Japan soon going to check all automakers in the country. And it’s possible that we are waiting for new scandals.