In anticipation of the premiere of the new generation of crossover CX-9, which will be held in mid November 2015, Mazda has distributed a teaser image of the car. By the looks of it, a model that will go in the series, almost completely inherited the appearance from the prototype Koeru.

Of course, all details about the new crossover Mazda still keeps a secret. We can assume that in the line of motors car will feature a new 2.5-liter petrol turbo.

Намек на CX-9

Mazda Koeru

With regard to conceptual kupeobrazny crossover Koeru, presented in mid-September of this year, it was assumed that the car is the harbinger of a new smallest crossover in the lineup — CX-4. At least talked about its size. Read more about the prototype please see our website.

After years of deliberation, Hyundai Motor company has decided to launch a separate premium units. Called it Genesis, and the first car in the lineup will be the same in the sedan and luxury sedan Equus, which will be called G80 and G90, respectively.

In 2016, the chief designer of the new premium South Korean brand will rise Donckerwolke Luke, who has previously worked with such brands as Audi, Lamborghini and Bentley.

By 2020, the brand Genesis is planning to completely eliminate the Parallels with Hyundai, creating its own dealer network. In addition, by this time the line of cars of the brand will get another sedan, two crossovers and a sports car.

Note that creating a separate premium brand Genesis manual Hyundai followed the example of Toyota — Lexus, Honda – Acura, Nissan – Infiniti and Citroen — DS.

Update large SUV Mercedes-Benz GL has received not only the letter S in the title, but some minor exterior, interior and technical parts.

GL с литерой S

GLS 500

GL с литерой S

The car has got new headlamps with led daytime running lights, another front bumper, a new grille and enlarged air intakes. Also a choice became available to new alloy wheels and paint options.

GL с литерой S


GL с литерой S

The GLS interior, like the exterior, designed in the General style of the model range of the company. Engineers have installed a “floating” display of the multimedia system COMAND, as in other models of the company, the new three-spoke steering wheel, the other seats and slightly changed the vents. In addition, there are new upholstery options and interior colors.

GL с литерой S

GL с литерой S

Specialists reconfigured the Mercedes SUV air suspension AIRMATIC. Now the maximum ground clearance of the car is 306 millimeters. The automaker claims that GLS is able to overcome Ford depth up to 600 millimetres. Control electronics has six driving modes, several of which are devoted to the road.

GL с литерой S

GL с литерой S

As for the engine range, it has remained the same. It includes a 3.0-liter 250-horsepower (620 Nm) diesel and three petrol unit volume of 3.0, 4.7 and 5.5 liters capacity of 333 HP (480 Nm), 435 HP (700 Nm) and 557 HP (760 Nm). The latter is intended for the “charged” version of AMG GLS 63. Also, Mercedes has released a plug-500E GLS hybrid that combines a 3.0-liter V6 with an electric motor.

GL с литерой S

GL с литерой S

Date of commencement of sales of our Mercedes GLS, and the price, not yet reported.

GL с литерой S

GL с литерой S

Note that the names of all SUV-Mercedes-Benz models now begin with the letters G and consist of three letters. The latter indicates class membership. The only exception is the G-Class.

Lexus has prepared the “charged” coupe RC F racing in the GT3 category in the 2016 season. Under the hood of the car, which had been developed for three years, posted an upgraded 5.0-liter V8 engine with more than 500 power and a 6-speed sequential transmission. Vehicle weight is 1,300 kilograms.

RC F поедет в GT3

In 2016 the factory team Lexus F Performance Racing will participate only in some races. But from 2017 the team “will go on-full”. The automaker notes that the RC F GT3 will be tested technologies that can be used on production models of the company.

RC F поедет в GT3

This hard work was entrusted to the British artist Owen Gildersleeve. To create a full-sized paper copies of the Nissan Juke origami it took over two hundred hours of labor.

Nissan Juke склеили  из бумагиThis is not surprising, because the number of bonded elements exceeded two thousand. The model was reproduced with high precision even in the details — the sharp edges of the wings and headlights, oval side rear view mirrors, clearance wheels.

Nissan Juke склеили  из бумагиNissan Juke склеили  из бумагиNissan Juke склеили  из бумагиNissan Juke склеили  из бумагиNissan Juke склеили  из бумаги

Such attention to cute “JUKU” is not accidental. This model five years ago, Nissan has actually created a new trend in the segment of compact crossovers, introducing a car that is strikingly different from the “discover” unique and naughty design.

Nissan Juke склеили  из бумагиNissan Juke склеили  из бумагиNissan Juke склеили  из бумагиNissan Juke склеили  из бумагиNissan Juke склеили  из бумагиNissan Juke склеили  из бумаги

And 700 thousand sold in European market cars — better seal to the popularity of Juke. Presented paper layout was the same place, where since 2010’s going the crossover in the UK Sunderland.

In this strategy, the hybrid power plant using the technology of charging a regular electrical outlet (Plug-in) will be available for the whole model range of Volvo. For this purpose the company will develop a completely new range of compact cars with electrification technology, and electric car, which will go on sale by 2019.

Volvo представляет глобальную стратегию электрификацииThe appearance of lithium-ion battery,Volvo представляет глобальную стратегию электрификацииLi-ion battery inside

According to the forecasts of Volvo Cars, in the medium term the share of vehicles using electrification technologies will have up to 10 percent of all sales of the company. The first phase of the new electrification strategy includes the creation of hybrid versions of large models 90-and 60-series, which is built on a new architecture scalable platform SPA. This process has already begun with the market launch of a hybrid version of the SUV Volvo XC90 (T8 Twin Engine All-Wheel Drive Plug-in), followed by a hybrid version of the new Volvo S90 sedan and other models.

“We believe the time has come to say that the cars using the technology of electrification has already reached beyond the niche category and become a leading trend of the market. We are confident that by 2020 10 per cent of global sales of Volvo will be the share of vehicles with electric drive”

the head of the Volvo Cars håkan Samuelsson

Volvo Cars also will expand its line of hybrid versions of the Plug-in, presenting their new option front wheel drive models Twin Engine.

Volvo представляет глобальную стратегию электрификацииThe hybrid powertrain on the platform of CMAVolvo представляет глобальную стратегию электрификацииthree-Cylinder hybrid motor VolvoVolvo представляет глобальную стратегию электрификацииHybrid installation Twin_Engine model Volvo XC90

In addition, the Swedish automaker will expand its product range by introducing to the market brand new cars 40-series, developed on a new compact modular architecture CMA. The CMA architecture like the SPA platform was designed with integration of technologies of electrification. As a result today, Volvo Car Group is one of the few automakers in the world that uses two completely new platform, designed to create on their base rechargeable hybrids and pure electric vehicles.

Volvo Cars confirmed production plans for an electric vehicle that needs to go on sale by 2019. Further details of the development of this model will be published later.

Volvo представляет глобальную стратегию электрификации


On its official website Ukravtodor urged to support the petition for the establishment of the state road Fund and the increased level of funding for the development and maintenance of the road network, posted on the website of the President of Ukraine.

The author of the petition Artem Bezuglyi proposes to create a trust Fund, whose funds will be directed solely to road, and, under the control of the public and experts.

According to the estimates of Ukravtodor, only for the national road needs at least 500 billion USD. Thus, in this year’s budget allocated only 37% of the amount necessary for repair and winter maintenance of roads. The construction of new and reconstruction of existing roads budget is not provided at all.

Укравтодор обратился к народуRecall that recently, desperate to solve the problem of financing industry, has resigned the head of Ukravtodor Sergei Podgainy. From his successor, former first Deputy of the state Agency Eugene Baraja also seems to solve the problem turns out, once he decided to seek help from people.

So the President has responded to the petition, it is necessary to collect 25 thousand electronic signatures. By the end of the election 66 days recruited only 1200 votes. Citizens are the drivers that you want to continue to ride over the snow? And that after the appointment of Yulia Tymoshenko as the Ambassador to Honduras quickly gathered signatures to Keep the “road” to the petition here:

The car, created by well-known Californian tuner John Pangilinan, mission is to help people become closer to nature.

The ground clearance of the crossover is increased by four centimeters, and he “shod” in tires Toyo Open Country A/T II. On the roof mounted box with double tent, there is also the unit of solar panels for lighting and powering electrical cars.

In addition, the machine has an extra battery compartment for storing small items in the Luggage compartment and vysokachestvennoe multimedia from the audio from the BP Autosound.

Upgraded and the engine, however, its specifications have not been disclosed. Live Hyundai Tucson Adventuremobile will be shown at the SEMA tuning show on 3 November. There will be presented two versions of the Korean crossover from Bisimoto Engineering and Rockstar Performance Garage.

Hyundai Tucson стал искателем приключенийAdventuremobile Hyundai TucsonHyundai Tucson стал искателем приключенийHyundai Tucson Rockstar Performance GarageHyundai Tucson стал искателем приключенийBisimoto Engineering Hyundai Tucson

As you know, the first generation of the Volkswagen Phaeton sedan entered the market in 2002 and was sold mainly in Asia and the East. The output of the new generation in connection with the outbreak of the “desligada” was moved from 2017 to the end of the decade. However, it became known an interesting feature — one of the modifications of the future novelty will be equipped with electric propulsion.

Details are not reported, but we already know that the future luxury sedan will receive a uniform system of electric drive MEB (Modular Baukasten Electric,), the voltage of 800 volts and can pass without recharging up to 500 kilometers. While charging the battery will take only 15 minutes.

VW Phaeton переведут на электротягуVolkswagen Phaeton 2011 model year

There is a place sessilifolia traditional gasoline twin-turbo W12 with the system deactivated half the cylinders under light loads — the Bentley SUV Bentayga this unit 608 horsepower and 900 Nm of torque.

Sedan will be equipped with active air suspension and adaptive depending on the information about the roadway obtained from the camera and special sensors. In addition, the model will get a system of semi-Autonomous management, which will operate at speeds up to 60 kilometers per hour.

According to unofficial data, the price of the new Volkswagen Phaeton will start from 70 thousand dollars.

VW Phaeton переведут на электротягуVW Phaeton переведут на электротягуVW Phaeton переведут на электротягу


According to the initiator of the adoption of the amendments to the relevant law Deputy Alexander Serina, should prohibit the issuance of vehicle number plates containing swear words and words with negative meaning.

“Rooms with a combination of letters that carry negative emotions, you can prevent. I would not want to advertise the word THIEF,” said shereen. He noted that among the drivers there are also the popular numbers “X…UM, ER…” and the like.

В России хотят запретить номера с «негативным» смысломEarlier, the management of the Moscow Department of the traffic police has decided to withdraw from Zelenograd series numbers “***RR 777”. This decision was adopted because of hype and a sharp increase in the number of people willing to receive them.

“Numbers of this series sent to the registration offices that are located in different districts of the capital, and will be issued to motorists in the order of an electronic basis along with numbers of other series,” — said the press service of the traffic police.

В России хотят запретить номера с «негативным» смысломChairman of the Moscow regional branch of the Committee for the protection of the rights of motorists Alexey patrols the idea of banning rooms containing negative, abusive and obscene words, agrees: “If these words are illegal to use in the media, why they should appear on the roads?”

But the coordinator of the “Society of blue buckets” Peter Shkumatov considers on the contrary that all have a right to exist: “Every man in his own way sees the meaning in the combination of letters and numbers. Here Christians have the combination 666 is considered the devil’s number, but the Muslim is a lucky number. Someone in the room SRU sees a funny word. In my opinion, it’s the word of the man in the head. And the number of combinations of the letters B, O, R want to buy those who have seen the film “the Brigade”.

В России хотят запретить номера с «негативным» смысломAccording to the Russian GOST, for use on vehicles signs permitted in 12 of the Cyrillic letters that have graphic counterparts in the Latin alphabet: A, b, E, K, M, N, O, R, S, T, U and X.