On the forum “Behind the wheel” discusses various topics of automotive life, including technical. The point in dispute about which technology is more advanced sport or a conveyor, puts Sergei Zinoviev.Zinoview “Behind the wheel”

The automobile industry uses batch production achievements of Motorsport? Or long they are in themselves?

Zinoview “Behind the wheel”

At the beginning of this century, racing engineering has become more conservative and less innovative than the mass-produced car industry, the process moved in the opposite direction. This is due to the need to reduce costs.

Many items came in the same Formula‑1 (design class) with serial models. In particular, paddle shifters gear change, the motor-generator and other components of hybrid systems. Autosport reports plants any developments in the field of aerodynamics, but today this creative exchange is not advertised and reliable data about it.

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Photo: Infiniti

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Experts “Behind the wheel” tested half a dozen automotive gauges, both mechanical and electronic, and know what to purchase.Revin Alex “driving”the ExpertKolodochkin Michael “at the wheel”Expert

Incorrect tyre pressure affect dozens of vehicle parameters — fuel consumption, driveability and braking of the path to the resource of tyres and suspension. In any car the compressor has a built-in pressure gauge, but the accuracy of such devices is not so hot, so a separate gauge in the economy is still needed. Especially in the off-season, because the fall in ambient temperature of 10 °C tyre pressure is reduced to approximately 0.1 bar. And if the last time the pressure was exhibited in the summer heat, the autumn of the tire can meet with insufficient pressure.

We purchased a dozen different gauges, both mechanical and electronic. Not consciously attracted the attention of cheap gauges keyrings, as well as pricey professional devices. Not took a test and pressure gauges wide measurement range (up to 10.0 bar), designed for cargo transport. The reason is simple: the relative error of measurement at the beginning of the scale is a priori much more than at the end. While pressure measurements in the passenger car, the tire pressure is much lower than that of trucks, arrow wide-range of devices will have to work at the beginning of the scale.

The photo devices are arranged in alphabetical order. All measurements refer only to the sample products and cannot serve as a basis for conclusions about the quality of the whole production of a firm.

Methods of testing

The accuracy test was conducted in two “fixed points” — 2.0 and 2.6 bar. In this range into the values recommended for most cars.

As a model of the manometer used attorney Intercomp 360090. Each of the test devices serially checked with two tire, pumped, respectively, to 2.0 and 2.6 bar. After each check a new product tyre pressure controlled model pressure gauge and, if necessary, swapping them.

In addition to the accuracy of statements assessed convenience of connection, the ability to remember the result (it are able not all), the ability to count in different units of measurement, the presence of illumination. Some instruments are provided with a deflator to vent air during the measurement process. With this gauge, it is advisable a bit to pump all the tires, and then just adjust the pressure.

The measurements were performed at a temperature of 25 °C. If the test pressure gauge gives readings not in the bars, we counted them to compare with readings of exemplary pressure gauge.

Hitchhiking AV-12700, China. Gauge avtomobilistov AV-12700, China. Pressure gauge automotive

The estimated price of 80 RUBof the Claimed measuring range up to 3.5 ATM

Cheap manometer fun designs in both measurements overestimated the true value of pressure is approximately 0.1 bar. Retractable stock, machined factory lubricated have to be carefully protected from sand and dust.

Hitchhiking AV-40600, China. Gauge avtomobilistov AV-40600, China. Pressure gauge automotive

Guide price 320 RUBthe Claimed measuring range up to 4 ATM

In the initial state, the tube was almost completely inverted. Head turning products. But one thing has nothing to do with the other — and an inexperienced user decides that “it should be”. The gauge stores the measurement results. Shows the exact pressure in the first measurement and gleaning the truth about 0.6 bar in the second. Two mounting screws in the “running” part of the scale is inappropriate.

AirLine APR-D-04, China. Pressure gauge car high-precision цифровойAirLine APR-D-04, China. Pressure gauge car high-precision digital

Guide price 450 RUBthe Claimed measuring range 0-7,0 ATM

Nice product with a case included correctly worked in both “points”. No backlight. Remembers readings.

APR AirLine-MD-06, China. Pressure gauge car high-precision цифровойAirLine APR-MD-06, China. Pressure gauge car high-precision digital

Guide price 525 RUBa Claimed range of measurement 0-7,0 ATM

Heavy the device is pleasant to take in hands — a good thing. There is light, comfortable and bright. Readings in both “points” are virtually indistinguishable from the true. The data stores.

Auto Virazh AV-011406, China. Gauge автомобильныйAuto Virazh AV-011406, China. Pressure gauge automotive

Guide price 380 RUBthe Claimed measuring range

The tube of the device in the delivery condition was unscrewed completely so the pressure gauge was badly poisoned air. After tightening he still continued to podovrat, underestimating the indications in the selected “points” by 0.15 and 0.25 bar, respectively. The measurement results remembers.

Berkut ADG031, КНРBerkut ADG031, China

Estimated price 1155 RUBthe Claimed measuring range 0-2,5 ATM

This fairly expensive device with a stated range of up to 2.5 ATM is not required to measure the pressure of 2.6 bar. Dropped the tire pressure to the limit of its capabilities, and it worked exactly. There deflator. To memorize the measured values can not.

Berkut Digital Pro, China. Digital car манометрBerkut Digital Pro, China. Digital car gauge

Estimated price 950 RUBthe Claimed measuring range of 0.15 to 7.00 bar

Digital Chinese the device showed a bar of 2.05 instead of 2.0, but 2.6 bar measured accurately. Remembers readings.

Berkut TG73, КНРBerkut TG73, China

Estimated price 1650 RUBthe Claimed measuring range 0-7 ATM

The most expensive in our sample, the device does not remember the measurements. Welling to solid coupling is very convenient. There deflator. Readings differ from the true by hundredths of a bar.

Heyner AeroStop Art. 564200, Germanynew AeroStop Art. 564200, Germany

Guide price 380 RUBthe Claimed measuring range 0,0–4,5 bar

Our copy was defective: the tube is loose, elastic band keeps badly. And if you tighten everything properly the device… stops working. However, if weakened attachment readings are accurate.

IMG Steel V720 Tire Gauge, Tire Gauge КНРIMG Steel V720, China

Guide price 450 RUBthe Claimed measuring range

The device showed correct numbers, but… incorrect results, as calibrated in kg/cm2, and not in bars. When terms are an understatement of the parameters by a few percent. Remember the readings are not trained.

Jock M10, M10 Knorkator, China

Estimated price 700 RUBthe Claimed measuring range of 0.15 to 7.00 bar

Of all the digital devices in our sample, this is the worst. Testimony underestimates by about 0.1 bar; keep it at the time of measurement is inconvenient: twice slipped from his hands.

00466 RST, КНРRST 00466, CHINA

Estimated price 905 RUBthe Claimed measuring range 0,35–10,50 kg/cm2

The device is equipped with backlight, gave the correct values in both “points”.

TopAuto, Russia. Pressure gauge tire легковойTopAuto, Russia. Tire pressure gauge automobile

Guide price 235 RUB the Claimed measuring range up to 4 kg/cm2

Our copy was samarasuriya. Gave an accurate reading, but not in those units: after conversion from kg/cm2 to bars are underreporting by about a few percent. Stores the measurement results. The two rivets in the middle of the scale frankly in the way.

TopAuto 14611, Russia. Pressure gauge tire цифровойTopAuto 14611, Russia. Digital tire pressure gauge

Guide price 360 RUBthe Claimed measuring range 0,5–7,0 bar

To use the device of this form inconvenient or tunnel, or testimony see immediately. Good precision, error of measurement is small — from 0.01 to 0.04 bar.

What is the result?

Obvious mistakes our tests did not reveal. It is a good proof that it is not necessary to openly buy souvenir trinkets, from which we immediately refused.

Which gauge to choose — manual or electronic? E-immediately give the result, without requiring the owner the ability to navigate the intricacies of small scales, programmirovanii in different units of measurement. Lighting for them is also not a problem. However, the batteries may be drained at the most inopportune moment, because the gauge doomed to wallow in the depths of the trunk. But most of all we liked the APR AirLine-MD‑06: comfortable, cute, doesn’t lie. Just don’t forget to change the power source.

In what measure the pressure

The relationship between the most popular units of pressure measurement:

  • 1 bar = 0,98692 ATM = 1,0197 at (kg/cm2) = 105 PA = 14,504 psi;
  • 1 at = 1 kg/cm2 = 0,96784 ATM = 0,980665 bar = 14,223 psi;
  • 1 ATM = 1,01325 bar = 1,033 at = 14,696 psi.

Even our small sample demonstrated that each manufacturer measures the pressure in its own way. For example, a reference pressure gauge marked in bar, the IMG tool Steel Tire Gauge V720 (No. 10) — in kg/cm2 and psi Hitchhiking (No. 1) prefers the atmosphere (ATM — physical atmosphere), and the creators of the device Heyner AeroStop (No. 9) clearly believe that kg/cm2 and bar are one and the same, and therefore the same scale for the two of them is enough…

  • Tip: take the time to clarify what should be the pressure in the wheels of your car, not confusing at the same bars with atmospheres. Then, by selecting a pressure gauge, make sure to correctly interpret his testimony. With electronic products on the subject it is easier to communicate: they are usually famously jump from one system of units to another with a click of a button.

Good pressure you and your tires!

Choose the tire gauge is cheaper and photocleavable tire gauge is cheaper and photocreate: Yakubov Konstantin

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It is unknown who invented the filter. We only know that he was sandy and was used for water treatment four millennia ago in India.AFFILIATE MATERIAL

The first cars to live at all without filters. About online speech did not go — if only went. Now without a filter can not do any single automaker. And since the filters must be changed periodically, inevitably talk about how we should do it, and if they do, then why so often. Understand the main filtration myths.

1. The engine oil filter is more important air

Not at all. Each of the filters has its own work — this is true. The difference is that the oil filter works in a confined space of the engine, where from the outside do not penetrate the dirt and abrasive particles, and the air stands in the way of all that may fall with the air in the cylinders continue with washing the cylinder walls with oil in the system. Unlike oil filters, through which contaminated oil in the cleaning process may be repeated several times, the air filter needs to correctly remove dangerous contamination once and for all.

The word “filter” is coming from Rome: filtrum is “felt” in Latin. Compacted fleece Romans used to clean wine, water, olive oil. In contemporary cars, no sand, no felt filters to find the main filter element acts paper.

2. All filters are made from the same filter paper. Then why buy expensive?

Real filter paper, make a few. The most famous manufacturers Ahlstrom and Neenah Gessner. But every manufacturer makes filters part of the filter element adjustments depending on the characteristics of a particular engine. Some add synthetic fiber, others paper from a special tree species. Manufacturer of fiber does not disclose the technology to other manufacturers. Cheap the filters are made with the use of low-grade basic varieties of filter paper.

3. Instead of expensive filter you can put cheap, which only needs to be changed frequently

This is one of the most dangerous misconceptions: it is not necessary to replace the concept of “life” and “filter settings”. It is not the same thing. Cheap air filters as missed particles is twice or even three times larger than required by the plant, and will miss them, as the filters don’t change! Therefore, the installation of two, three or even four cheap filters on short intervals does not equal one of the authorized filter for the whole maintenance period.

4. All air filters are the same, you just pick the suitable size

Yes, all filters are identical in principle of operation but differ from one another by how well they do their job. Air filters are a specific type of engine based on its characteristics, frequency of service and locations under the hood. For each engine and model of car the filter is in accordance with the technical specifications of the manufacturer, which determines the interchangeability of filters. So external similarity does not mean equality.

5. The need for filter replacement can be identified by its appearance

Alas, it is not. To determine the threshold filter replacement is impossible neither in appearance nor smell, nor hearing, nor touch. The only criterion set by the manufacturer of the vehicle service life in kilometers. With the amendment, again the factory, for operation in heavy dusty conditions.

6. The air filter is the famous company is expensive, and cleans better cheap

Approval of Amateurs. First, the degree of purification on their own, without instruments cannot be checked. Second, none of the automakers sets cheap filters obscure companies. No one wants to take risks when it comes to such a crucial and expensive parts of the car as the engine. Thirdly, only filters authorized manufacturers provide the necessary degree of purification, because it was created by order of the automakers. Finally, the quality may not be worth a penny.

7. The air filter can be recovered by purge and to continue its operation on the car

Indeed, when flushing the filter is cleaned. But just as it is. Actually removes only the larger particles on the outer portion thereof. The fact that modern automotive filters operate on the principle of depth filtration. There, in the depth of the filtering material, and there is the subtle cleaning. Therefore, no venting will not restore the filter options, which came up for replacement.

8. On the fuel efficiency of the engine affects not the air filter, and only the sensor mass air flow

This is one of the biggest myths about filters. The main element of the detector MRV — wire of a noble metal to which voltage is applied. It heats up and depending on the air flowing around it more or less cold. The temperature change causes a change in its resistance. Depending on this, and generates a control signal on the number entering the engine air.

The MRV sensor need clean air which can provide only a high-quality filter. Cheap filter allows for contamination, which, settling on wires, breaking the heat transfer, the control unit receives distorted information. According to the calculations of MANN+HUMMEL, an error leads to increased 3-5% fuel consumption.

9. Some of the best quality filters MANN-FILTER. But they are too expensive because they are made in Germany where workers have a high salary

Yes, the filters MANN-FILTER is more expensive than the cheapest noname, but not because they are made in Germany, but because today it is one of the best quality filters for the car. The high wages of German workers — can’t argue with that, but the filters MANN-FILTER are manufactured not by hand. The process is almost completely automated: 80% of the cost of the filter is necessary for source materials, and only 20% is spent on labor. Given the output of these filters to get a cheaper sample is possible only by applying low quality materials and outdated technology of the Assembly. Buying filters MANN-FILTER, you pay mostly for the quality of the item.

10. Cabin air filters can only filter out dust and smaller particles, like pollen, is still missing

Among all automotive filters, the highest degree of filtering has a cabin filter. On average, it starts a particle size of 0.5 µm (for comparison, the thickness of a human hair is 70 microns). This size is the pollen of plants and many viruses. So installing a quality cabin air filter can prevent allergic and other diseases.

11. In the automotive filter is not used chemical cleaning air

Actually uses both chemical and electrostatic methods of struggle for the purity. Quality cabin air filters have an antibacterial impregnation that prevents the multiplication of the filter element of micro-organisms, fungi and mold. The validity of the impregnation is limited, so cabin air filters require annual replacement.

As for electrostatics, it is thus possible to capture particles of virtually molecular level. The filter draws them to himself and not let into the cabin.

11 myths about air filters: expose everything!11 myths about air filters: expose everything!

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Today in San Francisco hosted the public premiere of the crossover Audi E-Tron is the first production electric car brand. Our correspondent Mikhail Kuleshov met with a novelty in June, but signed a non-disclosure agreement, obliged to remain silent until this morning. It’s time to reveal the cards!Kuleshov Mikhail “Behind the wheel”

The intention to launch a series of electric car company Audi was first announced at the Frankfurt motor show 2015, rolled out a concept crossover Audi E-Tron Quattro. Of course, on the way to pipeline a lot of things changed (production of Audi E-Tron was launched on 3 September at the Audi plant in Brussels), but the car still has a surprise! More details in our photo gallery.

15 facts about E-Tron — first Audi electrocreaserPhoto: manufacturers15 facts about E-Tron — first Audi electrocreaser

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The reader of the magazine “Behind the wheel” found a secret place in the cabin of his Logan’s convenient and safe to keep the bag with documents, and the ingenious mounting method important Luggage. His advice will surely be useful to many car owners. If you have your own little tricks to send to authors of all published “seasoned Advice” rely prizes.Revin Alex “driving”the Expert


I. Akhmetov, Ufa

Found a place in the cabin of the car Renault Logan, which is convenient and safe to store a bag with documents. On the door arm rest driver side has a screw in the recess under the door handle. They fasten cut the old timing belt, it punctures through. The loop touches the quick release carabiner, and clip the purse. It is in a niche between the door and the driver’s seat and therefore always at hand, and with a sudden maneuver won’t fly away and through the open window of her no pull.

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Their advice you can send an e-mail exp@zr.ru. Possible illustrate their own know-how photographs and/or diagrams.

Prize to the author of the Council — daytime running lights by Osram.

Photo: I. Akhmetov

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Storage of tyres is of great importance. According to experts, the most important factor is the correct storage temperature. Extend the life of tyres, if you protect them from moisture, chemicals and ultraviolet radiation.

Withneedless to store summer tires in the garage, the basement, on the balcony or on the terrace next to the house? According to Matti morri, Manager of technical support Department customers of Nokian Tyres, the storage temperature is the most important factor.

The impact on bus high temperatures and sunlight can lead to premature wear and loss of consumer qualities. Storing the tires is recommended in a dry, dark place at temperatures not above 15.

The storage problem will solve tyre hotel

Increasingly, the idea of keeping the tyres in a tyre hotel, for example, in Hakka-the Hotel network of tire centers VIANOR. This allows the use of a vacant storage location for other purposes. In the tyre hotel tyre checked, rinsed and installed by professionals.

With careful storage of high-quality tyre is able to maintain its performance up to 6 years. If your tire was manufactured more than 10 years ago, they should not be used. Date of manufacture is indicated as a four-digit number on the tire: the first two numbers indicate the week of manufacture and the last two the year of manufacture.

The wrong location can lead to total damage of tires in one season.

Powerful washing can damage tyres

Guidelines for storing winter and summer tires the same. Before you send the tires for storage, you should thoroughly wash them. Remove the stones from the grooves, and check the tread and sidewalls for cracks or abnormal bumps.

When washing the tires do not direct a powerful stream of water directly on the tire, as this can cause delamination of the rubber and the tire burst in the process of its further use.

Make sure that after washing the tires dried up, and only in this case send them to storage. Also the tires should not contact with oil, solvents or other chemicals in the storage area. If necessary, you can purchase protective covers for tires.

Tires must not be under load. In other words, you can not put on tires other things. When storing tires on top of each other, it is recommended to slightly increase pressure before storage, as the bottom tire is under heavy load.

Storage of tyres in a nutshell:

  • Check age of tires and buy a new one every 6-10 years
  • Check the condition of the tread and remove any stones from grooves
  • Wash tyres and allow them to dry completely before storing
  • Store your tyres in a cool, dry place
  • Protect tires from sunlight and chemicals
  • For added peace of mind, entrust the job to professionals tire center VIANOR.


The price of the new iPhone will be a six-figure. But the line it still lined up. Why do we buy new gadgets and whether it has something really new?Kolodochkin Michael “at the wheel”Expert

A significant event for all Russians, in the past nenashensky theatre of a name of Steve jobs is the launch of the latest models of IPhones. Anyway, the countdown to the start of official sales in Russia have gone. And there is little doubt that the front of the Gum in Moscow (or wherever they will be there to sell) lined up the day before opening. And will wait for the new all night, and even more. Despite the fact that the cost of individual models will be six-digit, that is approaching to the car.

Well, many happy stuck in these queues — and not only in Russia. Today, it is probably normal — or as they say, trending. By the way, in the first half of 2017, the Russians spent on the iPhones of more than 60 billion rubles. At the same time, according to polls, 40% of Russians are ready to pay for a new toy to 50 thousand rubles, and another 5% are not interested in price tags.

Take other people’s money is not good, but interesting. Especially against the backdrop of a giant cauldron of contradictions, which, together with us all at the same time, cooked and pension reform, and a bill restricting the issuance of loans, and the constant whining of certain groups about the low level of their lives.

But now it’s not about that. If you have the money — spend it where they want. But, I think, the manufacturers of the same iPhones at this stage has exhausted the supply pantry with new ideas. And because the new iPhones differ from the old is not stronger than the base Grants before and after restyling. Instead of quality innovations to the consumer imposed far-fetched and unnecessary changes, spiced with thick layers of pervasive advertising. But that’s how today, more and more profit. And people are easily conducted.

Speaking about iPhones, it’s hard to resist quoting the great science fiction writer ray Bradbury. When asked where, say, you predicted a city on Mars and why the damn thing does not come true, he replied:

“…Because people are idiots. They made stupid costumes for dogs, position of advertising Manager and stuff like iPhone, without receiving anything in return except sour aftertaste. What would the world be if people developed the science, mastered the moon, Mars, Venus? Mankind was given the opportunity to surf the cosmos, but it wished to engage in the consumption — to drink beer and watch soap operas…”

Of course, consumers do not understand. It is difficult to explain what any new-fangled iPhone will not fill his emptiness in the head. Six-digit the price will not increase IQ a single point.

If the consumer understood this, then maybe we would spend the money on, say, the world.

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In a modern trunk makes sense to find the area for storage of outdated, it would seem, products of a bygone era. It can bring real benefits today.Revin Alex “driving”the ExpertKolodochkin Michael “at the wheel”Expert

Cine terminator in Schwarzenegger’s performance — both good and bad — from time to time gave the phrase instantly obtainable popularity. The lead, of course, the famous expression of the cyborg T-800 “I’ll be back” (from the English. “I will return”). A recent “Genesis” is gaining momentum, the phrase “Old but not useless.” By the way, translated it not very good because “Old, but not obsolete” is, we think, “Old but not expired”. However, we will not argue.

All have probably realized that it will be about the products popular in the old days, which today can count on a place in the car trunk. And no matter what they are considered — useful or Neustrashimy. They benefited in the last century — they may be needed in the twenty-first century. Details in our photos…

11 essential things in the trunk, the advice of experienced автомобилистов11 essential items in the trunk, the advice of experienced motorists

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The reader “Behind the wheel” sent under the heading “Tips experienced” witty way of washing nozzle system and cleaning the AdBlue nozzle. Using this simple method is all that is necessary for him on the kitchen — you will save on replacing parts.Revin Alex “driving”the Expert


Popov, Kaliningrad

For trucks and passenger cars with AdBlue system becomes clogged injector. Usually recommend to replace it with a new one, but I decided to try to clean. As is known, urea (fluid AdBlue system) is well soluble with water. So to start, I put the atomizer in a bowl to soak. Then using a thin cable, water and a screwdriver, cleaned up the injector to the nozzle.

How to clean the nozzle? Filled up with water, closed sealed metal tube and heated construction Hairdryer. When the water is boiling, the steam knocked the dirt from the nozzle. Left washed with water (advise under pressure) and blow it with air.

Dear experts car! Sending tips, don’t forget to inform your postal address with six digit postal code, surname, name and patronymic (in full) and phone number for communication. This will significantly simplify and speed up the delivery of well-deserved prizes.

Their advice you can send an e-mail exp@zr.ru. Possible illustrate their own know-how photographs and/or diagrams.

Prize to the author of the Council organizer Organizer company Heyner Heyner.

Photo: “Behind the wheel.Of the Russian Federation”

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Parking brake, electronic modern mechanical. But this does not mean that he excels in all of it.Kolodochkin Michael “at the wheel”Expert

To slow down progress as much fun as to do it — it all depends on the original installation and of education.

A. and B. Strugatsky, “the Waves extinguish wind”

The disappearance from modern cars mechanical handbrake (which is more properly called “Parking brake”) — this is the trend. The first electronic handbrake EPB (Electronic Parking Brake) started to appear a couple of decades ago manufacturers started getting rid of a bulky lever in the cabin, the cable drive and other attributes of the “mechanics”. However, the ancient solution has a number of advantages over newfangled successor. Let’s try to list them (in the gallery).

It seems to me that the classical hammer over time will remain… no, not on the mass machines, but just for expensive sports, emphasized the Spartan design. And all who are willing to Express their views on the “levers and buttons”, as usual, we invite you to speak.

  • And with a transmission handbrake is not needed? Exclusive test “driving” read at this link.

9 situations where the mechanical handbrake best best e

Photo: archive of author’s9 situations where the mechanical handbrake best best e

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