This modification of the SIDA — with atmospheric 1.6 engine and automatic gearbox — promises to be the most popular among Russian buyers. The car appeared in the editorial recently, but already I have her to praise and to criticize.Alexander Vinogradov “Behind the wheel”

Kia Ceed Ceed 2019Kia 2019

In drafting the Park “Behind the wheel” registered novice — Kia Ceed new generation. The car will be in our newsroom six months. Which, of course, he survives a lot of interesting things. But more on that later, but first impressions. For long tests we took a hatchback with a 128-horsepower 1.6-liter aspirated and classical 6-speed automatic. Are confident that this combination will be the most popular in Russia.

Our white hatchback sports a maximum for this engine, Prestige package, which includes the heating of everything, including steering wheel and rear seats, and rain sensors and lights, rear view camera with dynamic markings, led running lights, combined seat upholstery, alloy wheels, multimedia system with the ability to connect the smartphone using Android Auto or Apple CarPlay. Easier to list those options that in our car is the panoramic roof, the top multimedia with navigation and a set of electronic assistants in the movement. All these Goodies are only available to those who choose a car with a 1.4-liter turbo engine and a version of robot Premium+. This machine will cost 1.5 million rubles. Our copy is much cheaper — 1 199 000 rubles.

Ergonomics calculated thoroughly. But if you try, you can find something to complain about. I have a questions to the workplace of the driver and build quality.Ergonomics calculated thoroughly. But if you try, you can find something to complain about. I have a questions to the workplace of the driver and build quality.

At the time I was choosing what car to buy for personal use. And the choice was between a led (just previous generation) and the third Focus. However, it was about the wagon. And despite the many virtues of a Kia, this car did not come to me for several reasons: not enough energy-intensive suspension and flaws in the handling — I wanted to get a car, freed from the necessity to steer on a straight line with more transparent feedback on the steering wheel. Not to say that the previous generation Ceed very bad driving. But everything is relative. Ford part performance was better. But sooner or later my favorite universal will need to change, and maybe I’ll pay attention to Kia.

Tools of the Kia for me has long been a benchmark of simplicity and elegance. Readability of the instrument — great!Tools of the Kia for me has long been a benchmark of simplicity and elegance. Readability of the instrument — great!

Multimedia system with 7-inch display, lacks navigation. But there is a possibility to connect the smartphone via Apple CarPlay or Android Auto.Multimedia system with 7-inch display, lacks navigation. But there is a possibility to connect the smartphone via Apple CarPlay or Android Auto.

Koreans like no love and know how to learn. And machine learning together with them. New Ceed, I liked that. The car of this generation really taught good manners. Appeared as straight line stability. The car is more precise to follow the trajectory in the rotation, providing the wheel a pleasant and timely weight. No more spurious oscillations of the body with a sharp change of the strip. But there is a calibrated effort on the steering wheel and clear feedback. To register turns on the current side nice, what I want to be driving in winding roads. Besides, the car has excellent ergonomics.

In the short time spent behind the wheel of a new Sid, I managed to find only two drawbacks. Lower landing with an appropriate position of the steering wheel to its rim overlaps the turn indicators. And the driver seat cushion contoured imperfect, and after a while my hips start to go numb. In my case it happened after a four-hour trip.

In contrast to the version with a turbo engine and robot, which we had in the comparison test, atmospheric Ceed does not possess the dynamics of acceleration. But this difference is noticeable only during the threshold acceleration. Question regarding the traction control, the car with a gun I liked a lot more Sid W automated manual. Yes, 6-speed hydromechanics does not spoil the rate of fire, but against the robot she pleases predictability of switches. For a comfortable and confident moving in heavy traffic a bunch of motor-box works great. And if you want to go active, that is, sportregion. He significantly adds responsiveness of the accelerator pedal. In this machine rather switch both up and down.

Well, until the new Kia Ceed I like. Let’s see how he will take six months in edition.

You can ask a question on the operation of any of the editorial car in our section “RR Park”.

SP started the long test Kia Ceed. Waiting for your questions!

  • When driving long distances in winter it is useful are the wiper blade is heated. Well, if the road going to a big company, put things in autoboxes.

SP started the long test Kia Ceed. Waiting for your questions!Photo: Alexander Vinogradov “Behind the wheel”

Rarities, worthy of a place in the garage of a collector, quite cheerful sports cars and other exclusive for sane money — on the Internet will be found is not yet!Kuleshov Mikhail “Behind the wheel”

Having received the editorial task to prepare this collection, I did not specify what Fret meant the chief editor of the website. The most affordable car from Togliatti — Grant in the configuration standard for 419 900 rubles. The most expensive — XRAY Cross: if you choose a car in the performance of the Luxe and Prestige paint in metallic — the price tag will be over 900 000. From this stove, and we will dance.

A very important point still is: analyzing deals in the secondary market, I consciously rejected outright junk. All the cars in this collection are clean legally, and their claimed mileage does not exceed 85 000 km. Although the temptation to include in the gallery absolutely live GAZ-14 Chaika “curves” documents were very large. If you want to buy — will find themselves.

And if the thought of buying a new Lada you sleepy — come and browse our selection.

Maserati, Audi cabrio and even the bus… — the 15 coolest cars at the price of a Lada

  • Collection of creative ads from sites cars sale — here.
  • As the cars sell sex, you will learn from this publication.
  • Everything you need to know about buying and selling pre-owned, you will find a thematic collection of publications “the wheel” (available at link).


Maserati, Audi cabrio and even the bus… — the 15 coolest cars at the price of a Lada

The company “Total Ukraine” launches under its brand network of service stations

FromKrajina representative of global oil and gas group Total opens in our country partnership program for independent passenger and freight services, respectively Total Quartz Auto Care and Truck Center Total Rubia. This franchise for car services, which provides for the introduction of unified premium standards of the company Total, a high level of service, quality assurance at each stage of the process oil change, individual approach to each client and his car.

Today started several services, and by 2021, “Total Ukraine” is planning to open stations in most major cities of Ukraine. Total service stations are located in strategic areas so that they are always easy to find: they are located in accessible locations with convenient travel from the main roads and visible from afar thanks to the bright design with large logo.

All customers of the services under the brand name Total is always available a complete line of high quality lubricants and technical liquids Total and ELF, which are produced in factories in France and Belgium.

Service centers are ready to offer to its visitors not only the replacement of engine oil, but also replacement of all lubricants and other fluids, changing filters, routine maintenance, tire service, washing and cleaning, as well as diagnosis and repair of cars.

Of Total stress that their service centers, the client will not meet with the unexpected surprises in the form of hidden or additional costs before carrying out work specialists will always do a free diagnosis and will make a detailed calculation of the cost of service.

Bosch have updated the blister package on all lines of automotive lamps, which increases awareness of the brand products and has a number of functional advantages.

In the modern range of Bosch concerning road lighting, consists of nine lines of lamps. They vary in characteristics, the basic technology, strength of illumination, type and other parameters is a line of Pure Light, Longlife, Plus 50, Plus 90, Plus 120, Blue Xenon, Ultra White, Magic Effect and LED Retrofit.

Change in the packaging of automotive lamps are introduced for current product lines in all markets. In developing the new design focuses on ease of search lamps Bosch among other brands. Due to a number of decisions, such as pictograms, diagrams and rating in form of stars, finding the right lines of lamps on the shelves is even more intellectually-friendly. In addition, the series differ in color. So, blue design provides for standard lamps of the line of Pure Light. Black background design indicates that the package is the product of one of the premium series, such as Longlife, Plus 120, LED Retrofit, and others.

All the attributes and characteristics applicable for lamps Bosch current rulers, will continue and will not affect the convenience of ordering. Including remains the same:

  • 10-digit part number
  • EAN code
  • The cost of lamps

Information on the back of the blister contains such features as the lamp voltage, the scope, type of vehicle and so on.

In one blister can be a few lamps. The purchase of a set of several small lamps in one solid blister allows users to store spare bulbs directly in the car.

First liter carton of milk has turned into a 0.9 or 0.8 l, then the familiar chocolates “lost” packets of cereal skukozhilas… — but most of all consumers were touched by the loss of the usual packing of the tenth egg. Expert “Behind the wheel” found that the car may be “extra”.Kolodochkin Michael “at the wheel”Expert

And vodka should be forty degrees and thirty, it is first instructive interrupted Philip Philipovich.

Mikhail Bulgakov “heart of a Dog”

Over newfangled carton of eggs, emaciated to 9 pieces instead of 10, have a good laugh the entire country. We don’t pay attention to how liter carton of milk becomes 0.9 or 0.8 l as Lescaut friends chocolates and shrinking packages of cereal, as the contents of half-litre bottles goes to a volume of 0.45 L. But the missing tenth of the eggs from the packaging all strongly touched.

The egg, of course, a thing necessary. And esotericism have claimed that the missing egg was kept only as the death of Koschei. Experts in abstruse terms are called loss eggs the term “linkplace” is when the producer in the product reduces the volume, weight, quantity, etc., In General, reduces everything except price. Accordingly, the mug-the buyer pays more: where to go?

Between us speaking, it is a world trend, not purely Russian. Why raise the price if you can reduce the size of the chocolates? But back to the eggs — so much fun. Especially for example… cars!

Indeed, the effect of the disappearance of the tenth eggs with any goods machine is no exception. Our eyes almost “disappeared” regular tool kits, tire pumps and a full-sized spare wheel, once included any car. But the main “freezing eggs” is happening today under the guise of “picking” is when a function, yesterday seemed familiar, somehow imperceptibly into the category of optional. I wish, for example, to buy the newest Swedish-Chinese sedan — and then suddenly find: folding the rear seat backrest is an option. As well as led optics, power driver seat, navigation system, etc. Want “the tenth egg” — no problem, we’ll add. For the money!

Like the tenth egg of the cars disappear horsepower. With equal, and even more power cars, sharpened at one time under the Euro-2, sometimes run run faster than current ecologically strangled under the standard Euro-6. Deteriorating painting: paint based on water-soluble — more soft and subtle than nitropentane. Replaced terminology: a raised hatchback like the Lada XRAY is now styled crossover, although no all-wheel drive was not seen. Numerous crossovers from China also often deprived of a full drive. But the so called sportverein today, as a rule, stand out double the power of engines, except that the red instrument lighting Yes spoiler. About the resource downsizing motors in comparison with the “million cities” of yore and say nothing. And there’s a car first aid kit with gauze instead of slicing bandages and other “funny”…

Good economists argue that such actions of producers are not necessarily a consequence of their greed, they say, is forcing them to this market situation. And it is good, I suppose, never happens. Neither we nor they have. Have to accept the loss of eggs as inevitable and continue to enjoy life, so to speak, in a truncated format.

However, Bulgakov’s Professor drank for lunch home-made vodka, not the one that stole the degree. He refused to consume the drink crappy as inevitable…

A simple test on SP to help cope with the winter issue, without violating the traffic rules.Vladimir Solovyov “Behind the wheel”

Hosted the snowfall, and the road still was not cleaned. The right lane is busy. You are moving along the tram tracks associated areas that are not structurally separated from the roadway, and catch up with the faulty tram. You need to change into the right lane, but the wheels got into a rut, which was formed on the rails. The car you are not listening. It’s like the song of Vladimir Vysotsky: “I purpose outlined their choice, and now out of the rut no way out…”. How will you handle this situation?

We offer you to choose one of the proposed solutions, which tells you your driving experience, and vote. And evaluation of all answers we give on the next page.

15 Jan

What will you do, trying to get out of the rut on the tram tracks, if the next row is moving dense traffic?

1. Give an audible signal, turn right turn, abruptly turn the steering wheel to the right and, adding gas, I will try to leave the track. 2. Believing that the other drivers noticed my plight, turn on the right turn signal, gently press down on the accelerator and, after driving consistent traffic to the left, then right, leave the track and take my place in the stream. 3. Wait for a gap in the stream, and only then turn on the right turn signal, add gas and take consistent motion of the wheel to the left and right to get out of the rut in the right lane. 4. Will include an alarm. Install an emergency stop sign. Get a shovel and hit the edge of the track. Then rebuilt in the right lane, waiting for the right moment.Vote


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A simple and convenient way to stay connected when it matters, has offered the reader “Behind the wheel”.Revin Alex “driving”the Expert


O. Polyakov, Nizhniy Novgorod

If you parked the car, blocking someone’s exit, you need to leave a phone number. But “Shine” it should not be. So I suggest to fix the phone number on the back of the visor. When necessary, the visor thrown back to the room was visible.

Prize to the author of the Council — canister oil company Rolf “Rolf lubricants”.

Dear experts car! Sending tips, don’t forget to inform your postal address with six digit postal code, surname, name and patronymic (in full) and phone number for communication. This will significantly simplify and speed up the delivery of well-deserved prizes.

Their advice you can send an e-mail Possible illustrate their own know-how photographs and/or diagrams.

Today, the road surface often suffer as passengers and vehicles, but sometimes accidents reach incredible proportions — where there was the most expensive accident in the world, who is to blame and how much cost repair the owners of cars caught in the accident?

I would like to start with the most sensational accident in this century — the accident at Monte Carlo. Clash five luxury cars: a Bentley Azure, Aston Martin Rapide, Mercedes Benz, Porsche 911 and Ferrari happened in front of a dozen witnesses. If you consider the cost of all vehicles involved in the accident, the amount will exceed one million U.S. dollars. The girl who was driving the Bentley, created an emergency situation right at the entrance to the casino. It is likely that the reason for this was the confusion in the choice of pedals — gas and brake, and, apparently, the choice of date was done incorrectly. The first victim of the violation on the road was a brand new supercar — the Aston Martin, which suffered the most, the second I felt a shock Mercedes-Benz and the blonde stopped just because the road to it was blocked by Ferrari and Porsche, in which she respectively drove. In the accident, fortunately, suffered only expensive supercars, but apparently the girl in this accident is not too upset, special fear and terror in her eyes, the witnesses saw.

The contents

  • Ferrari is not only the most expensive but also the most fragile cars
  • The accident in Japan
  • Accident in the UK
  • Accidents involving exotic cars
  • Bugatti EB110 for half a million dollars
  • Pagani Zonda C12 S worth 650 thousand dollars

Ferrari is not only the most expensive but also the most fragile cars

The accident in Japan

Ferrari, as you know, one of the most expensive cars, but also the most beautiful. Despite such a high cost, these machines also get into accidents, just like normal middle class cars. In the winter of 2011 in Japan happened the most expensive accident in the world. He faced more than ten cars, most of which was Ferrari. Neither the owner of the cars that got in an accident, was not injured, but the roadway had to be shut until the evening to clear the road from debris, wrecked cars.

Who exactly was to blame is difficult to say, because there are several versions. Some say that Mercedes was responsible for this accident because I left on a strip of oncoming traffic. Others argue that the Ferrari driver couldn’t regain control and drove into the Mercedes. Most of the cars that fall into this accident will not be reversed, so, in fact, is not so important who was the culprit. According to preliminary data of experts, the amount of payment the insurance company may be more than one and a half million dollars.

Accident in the UK

In 2008 at an auction the buyer is from the UK, who wished to remain anonymous, bought the Ferrari for twenty eight and a half million dollars. After some time, the owner of collector cars, there was a desire to ride it around the city, in the end this trip ended with an accident where he damaged the bumper of a Ferrari and a car that drove into it. It is unknown how much cost the owner of a Ferrari repair his car, but the fact that this amount was at least five zeros is unique.

Also 2008 turned out to be unsuccessful for one of the owner of an exclusive Roadster 250 GT California Spyder LWB (issue of 1961), which was bought at auction for 11 million dollars. Owner of a supercar parked near the beach, after some time, began a terrible storm that did not spare the car and made him iron pellet. Insurance should cover the damage caused to the car, but the owner of the rarity is not easier.
In an accident on the road affects not only the old domestic cars, often break and are very expensive, even vintage cars, which is reduced to just a few dozens.

Accidents involving exotic cars

Bugatti EB110 for half a million dollars

The car in 1992 was acquired by a teacher of the theory of motivation, Emil Ratelband. The most interesting thing in this accident that the driver is not the owner of the car, and mechanic station, which was to overtake the car. As they say, a mechanic he’s good, but driving skills proved useless. According to this the mechanics, he just noticed an oil stain that was spilled on the road, and such negligence resulted in the collision with the nearest pillar. Half a million dollars… boiled Until recently, this was the most expensive crash in the world.

Pagani Zonda C12 S worth 650 thousand dollars

In all there were 15 such vehicles. One of them turned into a pile of metal just for an instant. Early in the morning the owner of the iron horse decided to take a ride around the city with great speed, which led to disastrous consequences. But do not get upset, because, most likely, this car was not bought for the last money…

Whatever car you have purchased, remember that on the road everyone is equal, the rules are the same for all. We must not forget that even if you can purchase a new car, health and life you cannot buy. Be careful not to fall into the lists of victims, injured in accidents on the road.

Versed with the abbreviations that manufacturers mark their AWD models.Kolodochkin Michael “at the wheel”Expert

“AWD compared to 4WD gives less torque”.

The opinion of one Internet “expert”

The abundance of clever abbreviations type AWD, 4WD and Part-Time 4WD, Full Time 4WD, 4×4, 4matic, and other abbreviations is a good publicity stunt, inspiring the owner of the car that are not wrong when buying a car, choosing a “best”. At the same time, unfortunately, these labels often do not have unambiguous interpretation. Who does not believe can type in the search box, say, AWD and 4WD — you’re in such a jungle, from which you can not get out. About technical literacy is generally better not to stutter.

Meanwhile, by and large, the main types of machines, called four wheel drive cars, or three (if deeply get into those thickets “Haldensee”, single-ended, differentials, etc.). Typical representatives of the “Trinity” is shown in the photo below.

UAZ Patriot. The drive to the rear axle is constant. The drive to the front axle — connected; there is no center differential.UAZ Patriot. The drive to the rear axle is constant. The drive to the front axle — connected; there is no center differential.

Lada 4×4. The drive to both axles — constant, there is a center differential.Lada 4×4. The drive to both axles — constant, there is a center differential.

The Renault Duster. The drive to the front axle — constant. The drive to the rear — plug through the coupling. (Known inverse pattern when the main drive shaft is the rear, and a coupling connects the front…)Renault Duster. The drive to the front axle — constant. The drive to the rear — plug through the coupling. (Known inverse pattern when the main drive shaft is the rear, and a coupling connects the front…)

And here’s the first feature for many — unexpected. From the point of view of a pedant of the title of all-wheel drive vehicle from the specified Trinity truly worthy only of the Tolyatti car! After all, she’s only four-wheel drive works in 100% of cases, while for others it is, in General, the plug-in function: car is frequently riding in mode, rear-wheel drive cars, and the Duster — like front-wheel drive VAZ “eight”.

The second feature is also fun — there are few people realize. Even at the disconnected axles (front on “UAZ” and back to Duster) a bunch of transmission parts, these vehicles still are constantly rotating! UAZ will spin the axle shaft of the front axle and driveshaft, Duster — rear gearbox and drives the rear wheels, and cardan. And this is the noise and fuel consumption even in monoprinter mode.

Now — the most cunning: as these cars are allocated points. Consider a few situations. While conventionally the friction and other losses are absent, the load on the wheels is the same, the longitudinal and transverse weight distribution is uniform, and the adhesion of the tire and coating the same, if no other reservations.

Car driving on flat road in a circle

UAZ Patriot. If the front axle is not connected, the torques on the rear wheels is distributed evenly, and the front points do not exist. If to connect the front axle, on each axis, points are divided equally, but the distribution between axles will depend on the loads and forces of adhesion. On dry pavement this will cause the front and rear wheels will begin to slip relative to each other as their moments to equalize nobody: center differential do not.

Lada 4×4. If the center differential is not locked, the torques at all four wheels are equal. Accordingly, no slippage will not. If you lock the center differential, as on the Oise, when driving on a good road in the rotation appear relative slippage of front and rear wheels.

The Renault Duster. When driving in the Lock mode coupler rigidly connects the rear axle, which can lead to slippage on a good surface.

Driving wheel hanging in the air

UAZ Patriot. If the front axle is not connected, the machine will stop. When you connect the bridge all the time from the engine will get “nezavisla” axis, and the machine will go further.

Lada 4×4. With the differential unlocked the machine will stop. If you lock the center differential, it will go further.

The Renault Duster. In selector lever position 2WD vehicle. In the Auto position or Lock the clutch connects the rear axle and it will move.


  • Symmetric differential always aligns the moments: the centre on axes transverse — on wheels.
  • Blocked cross-axle differential actually turns the axle in the analogue of the pair of wheels of a railroad car. Even so, the moment still raised wheel is equal to zero.
  • Posted on the wheel moment is always zero, regardless of the presence or absence of differentials.

What’s in a name?

And where are all these other AWD and 4WD. Calling a colleague on the automobile — he, to my delight, it confirms what I come up with myself. Allegedly, these signs generally are technically not legislative, but purely marketing, conventional. Therefore, there may be exceptions. But basically AWD is a “monoprinting”, who have the ability to connect a second drive axle. And 4WD is, say, a machine with a permanently attached axles with the given initially, the distribution of torque between the axles (for example, 50 to 50, who have the ability to lock the center differential).

In General, if you only need from time to time to get out of the snow, any of these schemes with a hint of polnoprivodnyj significantly superior to the common “4 by 2”. And the majority need just that. Well, those who are preparing for a real off-road feats, you still live in a parallel universe, and therefore any explanation is not needed.

Good luck on all the roads!

AWD, 4WD, 4×4 ZR found the four-wheel drive. The answer will surprise you

  • We regularly ask the question, how many sets of snow chains you need to buy for four-wheel drive vehicle and a number of bracelets for a car need. The answer is simple — it does not matter, four-wheel drive the car or not. Enough of one set of chains (2 PCs) on the same axle. With regards to bracelets, the more of them installed, the better “rowing” the car, the less wear each bracelet. The recommended amount is 6 pieces

AWD, 4WD, 4×4 ZR found the four-wheel drive. The answer will surprise you

In winter, the engine becomes more powerful than in summer, but it propels the car less willing than in the warm season. “Behind the wheel” to understand this contradiction.Revin Alex “driving”the Expert

Powerful engine

The theory of calculation of internal combustion engines suggests that the lower the temperature of the air entering the piston engine, the higher the efficiency. Formula scare won’t, but trust that this is so. For example, in the standard measurement of engine power SAE takes into account this dependence: increase of engine power by 3% when the temperature drops to 20°C. the Reason is simple: the cold air has a higher density, then carries into the combustion chamber more oxygen. The engine control unit takes into account this dependence and takes a greater amount of hydrocarbon fuel to ensure the optimum ratio of the combustible mixture. The result — the colder it is outside, the more combustible mixture can burn, and therefore higher power.

No wonder all modern turbocharged engines, the air compressed in the compressor, passes through the intercooler — the intercooler. Moreover, lovers of street racing has long realized to put on the intercooler ice before the race. It provides a temperature of about 0C, even in the tropical heat out.

In the late eighties of the last century I worked as a bench test of the engines on AZLK. It is clearly seen from the results of measurements, if the winter in the engine box window to open, giving the engine a gulp of frosty air, the options immediately climb up. And this was true for gasoline and diesel engines.

The acceleration is worse

Why, then, in winter, the car rides worse and use more fuel? First, the engine to reach the ideal described above mode of operation, when everything operates like a well played orchestra, have yet to warm up to operating temperature. And many trips in the winter are so short that about any full warm-up of the motor and speech does not go.

What consumes engine power:

  • mechanical losses in the transmission;
  • mechanical losses in the drive of auxiliary units;
  • the aerodynamic resistance of the vehicle;
  • the rolling resistance of the tires.

Now consider how all these factors act on the car in the winter.

Liquid and greases, and fluids in all parts of the chassis, transmission, steering and brake system thicken with decreasing temperature. And therefore requires more energy to move the parts in these units. Any transmission from a DSG and hydromechanical machine to simple mechanics — the thick cold oil has a higher friction losses. The same applies to all types of variators. Four-wheel drive cars here is clearly the loser. They have a lot of individual units, filled with oil, which thickens in the cold, and means to rotate the shafts and gears are heavier.

Thickened from the cold fluid in the power steering takes a bit of the power from the engine. As shown by experiments conducted in our publishing house, even the brake fluid greatly thicken in the cold. What is the connection with the resistance movement? And simple: the ABS pump hard to pump this jelly, consuming energy from on-Board power supply of the machine.

The grid, generally speaking, loaded in winter much more. Almost all day you need lights, includes the various heater — seats, Windows, steering, washer nozzles and so on. The windscreen wipers operate. And the energy gives the generator, taking it from the engine.

The aerodynamic resistance to movement, especially noticeable at speeds over 80 km/h, in the winter more. First, the denser the air is, as already mentioned above. And if there’s snow or sleet, such environment has a great resistance to the movement of the car. Winter snow often ableplanet car, reducing its flow and increasing the resistance to movement.

Winter tires create much more resistance to movement than the summer. They are more “toothy”, and even a model equipped with spikes. The weight of winter tires is usually more than the summer. In the cold some models of tires harden and also increase the rolling resistance.

Do not forget that when rolling the wheels in the snow the track resistance is increased many times. Hard for the car to go and on fresh snow, but still stronger, probably all noticed, the car loses speed, moving in a snow-water porridge.

Car on such a road is experiencing a very large resistance to motion.Car on such a road is experiencing a very large resistance to motion.

Well, the limiting case is a car stalled in the snow. The engine roars, the power is there but no movement. Efficiency is equal to zero!


Spring will be achieved optimal combination of still cool air and has complete absence of excessive resistance to movement.Spring will be achieved optimal combination of still cool air and has complete absence of excessive resistance to movement.

Perhaps the best seasons from the point of view of maximum thrust and minimum resistance forces are spring and autumn, when the summer tyres, no snow, and the engine “chill” pulls like a beast. Well, spring is coming soon! Wait!

  • Avtoodeyalo wipers with heating function and specialized chemicals will help you to enjoy winter to the fullest.

4 reasons because of which the car accelerates worse зимой4 reasons because of which the car accelerates worse in the winter