At the stand of brand company Great Wall Motor for the Shanghai motor show presented the concepts, and it is the earthly model that will not only sell, but to produce in Russia.Maxim Sachkov “Behind the wheel”

The main premiere at the stand of the Chinese brand Haval, owned by Great Wall Motor and based on the production of crossovers and SUVs — the concept car Haval Vision 2025. It gives an idea of what the next generation of crossovers Haval. The concept of the car brand in five to seven years will become more intelligent: increase the interactivity between driver and car, will increase the number of electronic assistants, which can completely release the person from management.

According to Phil Simmons, chief designer of the brand Haval, by 2023 China will be ready to ride first avtopilotiruemy machine. Therefore, in the design of future crossovers already incorporate the Autonomous driving system the fifth level, which will be able to drive the car without the driver’s help at all speeds.

Don’t really believe: technically implement the autopilot is not so difficult, much more problematic to tie it to reality. Especially in such, to put it mildly, not the most disciplined in terms of the road country like China.

3 new Haval: today in Shanghai, tomorrow in Russia

But there is no doubt that Havalah the next generation will be a system of augmented reality, projecting a real-time navigation data and multimedia on the windshield, the mirror will replace the camera, and to recognize the owner of the car learns in the face. By the way, a similar system of identification is being tested on the visitors of the Shanghai motor show — at the entrance you had to make a pass to the validator, and then to look at the camera to automatic have identified the person.

On the stand was the more mundane innovations that will certainly cause interest of the Russian buyer. Though, because they will let us — at the company’s Haval near Tula.

The first pipeline will descend the compact crossover F7. He become the founder of a new line of F, oriented on young and active people.

Models in H is positioned as a family car — they are still in the ranks, moreover, some of them are already preparing updates.

3 new Haval: today in Shanghai, tomorrow in Russia

The new F7 will set the gasoline turbo engine capacity of 1.5 liter and 2.0 liter. Their capacity for cars in the Chinese market are, respectively, 157 HP and 190 HP In Russia, the figures likely will drive in nalogovyye for our buyer frame. Transmission — 7-speed robot with a “wet” clutch is completely of our own design. The buyer will offer both front-and all-wheel-drive version with a plug-in coupling the rear wheels. Bumper mounted radar, which will use a system of active cruise control and auto brake with pedestrian recognition.

Prices on F7 is still unknown. But marketers try to make it cheaper competitors-classmates, the benefit of this is possible thanks to the Russian Assembly. After all, to compete with the tops of the market, it is necessary to convince the buyer that the new guy is no worse than experienced. And to lure customers into a dealer showroom only attractive price.

3 new Haval: today in Shanghai, tomorrow in Russia

The cross-coupe is a fashionable trend among manufacturers of crossovers. And Haval doesn’t want to lag. Model F7х filling is not different from the usual F7, except that the settings. In the back seat, to be expected, a little less (about 50 mm) space on top, this is still quite comfortable. F7х will be the second model, which will start to collect on the conveyor Tula factory Haval — it will happen in the fall. By the way, in China the sale of this cross-coupe has already started. We were able to ride on F7, and F7х, and in the next issue of the magazine we will share the impressions.

Localize going and large crossover H9. However, in contrast to the models of F that will produce a full cycle, “nine” destined to SKD.

3 new Haval: today in Shanghai, tomorrow in Russia

In some cases, foreigners should attend to the replacement of the national driving licence on the Russian right, and when you can travel with the receipt of the home documents, explains the head of the traffic police.“Behind the wheel”

I am a citizen of Armenia, but the rights received in Georgia. Since I own a flower shop, sometimes you have to carry goods in his car (Lada Largus). Whether it is necessary in this case to change the Georgian law on the Russian?

Gurgen, Moscow

The question the reader meets the head of the Main Department on security of traffic of the Ministry of internal Affairs of Russia the General-the Lieutenant of police Mikhail Chernikov.

Article 25 of the Federal law “On road safety” establishes that persons permanently or temporarily residing or temporarily staying on the territory of the Russian Federation, are allowed to drive vehicles on the basis of the Russian national driver’s licenses, and in their absence — on the basis of foreign national or international driving permits.

This limits the management of vehicles on the basis of foreign national or international driving licenses while carrying out entrepreneurial and employment activities directly related to the management of vehicles.

Since your activity is not connected with professional transportation, changing driver’s license is not required.

  • Comprehensive information about all legal aspects of the automobile’s life you will find in our Park documents.


And you knew about this? To activate the washer on the VAZ-2101 driver was followed intensively to work the thumb of the left hand!Michael Kolodochkin “driving”Expert

At first Lada any technical decisions at first it seemed perfect — and even the absence of an electric washer pump does not bother anyone.

The Italians couldn’t do bad, but because the soft button diaphragm in the left part of the front panel looked quite appropriate. For supplying fluid to the windscreen should repeatedly press and release the button. Every time fluid first flows through the output valve to the nozzles-injectors, and then, when you return the diaphragm to its former state, the liquid sucks into the cavity through the other valve.

Any tank in the current sense of the word Zhiguli did not have: instead, on the left fender under bonnet housed some semblance of medical warmers.

Overall non-volatile system worked flawlessly.Overall non-volatile system worked flawlessly.

However, the lack of winter myvec made itself felt: in the cold finger of the driver suddenly ran into a solid obstacle is a frozen liquid.

Unusual facts from the history of technology Michael Kolodochkin collecting for many years. Did you know that the first Lada was no pump wiper? And what spare parts for the Lada was particularly scarce? Then, maybe, you remember how much cost a “penny” VAZ-2101?

Have questions? Ask!

  • As the birthplace of the Soviet front-wheel drive, read here.
  • As VAZ-2103 lost his prestige here.


Many drivers want to have their summer tyres looked cuter than winter ones. That’s why in summer the preference is given to wider and low profile tyres, while narrower tires generally used in the winter.

And here we come to the aid experts from Nokian. It should be remembered that the choice of tires not only affects the appearance of the car, but the handling, as well as many other characteristics. In Finland, for example, car owners usually have two sets of disks: one for summer and another for winter. A common choice is the use for summer tyres, discs slightly larger size and cost.

“If you’re on a winter tire go for the new summer kit to be used with other drives, it is important to remember the desired dimension. Otherwise, your new tires may not be suitable for summer drives,” says Matti morri Manager technical customer service Nokian Tyres.

When buying tyres, you should stick to the manufacturer’s recommendations. According to the model and modifications of your car you can figure out the recommended size and available alternatives.

Narrow tires are cheaper, but look better

The width of the tyre also affects a number of characteristics: grip and handling, noise, driving comfort and fuel consumption. Replacing the narrow tires on wider usually increases the rolling resistance and therefore slightly increases the fuel consumption. In the summer tire size also has an aesthetic burden, because the car on wide wheels looks better.

“If the driver wants to put the discs are of larger diameter, the tire must be reduced. This allows the external diameter to remain within acceptable limits, and the tires will have enough room in the wheel arches,” explains Matti morri.

Where better to store tires in the basement or the fridge?

The tire profile is calculated as a percentage height of the tire width. Since the most popular sizes are narrow with a high profile, they are produced in greater numbers than wide tires with a low profile. This is one reason why narrow tires are usually cheaper than wider.

Both types have their advantages

The volume of air in the tires has a significant impact on comfort. The larger the disc diameter, the less air will fit in the bus. Profile tyres with a large volume of air will go softer than wide low profile tyres.

From the point of view of safety, both types have their advantages: on dry roads the wider tires provide better handling, but worse, they cope with aquaplaning.

Replace the flat tire with your hands, on the road and at night

According to Matti morri, winter tire narrow is better, because in extreme conditions, they provide a higher surface pressure on the road. Narrow tires also work better in loose snow and slush, and wider tires, in turn, have a better grip on smooth clean asphalt.

Of the tyre label?

For example, 205/55 R16 94V XL:

205: width of tire in millimeters at normal pressure. Tread width will always be less, it may vary depending on the tire model and manufacturer.

55: profile of the tire or the ratio of the height and width of the tire. For example, the number 55 means that the height is 55% of width. The lower the number, the lower the tire profile.

R: the bus Type. The letter R denotes radial tires used on passenger cars around the world.

16: diameter of disc in inches.

94: load index of the tire. The number 94 means that one tire can withstand a maximum load of 670 kg at normal pressure. Smaller numbers mean lower load capacity.

V: rated bus speed or its maximum permissible speed on a long drive. For example, the speed index V means that the tire cannot move at a speed above 240 kph.

XL: If the code ends in “XL” (extra load), this means that the tyre can sustain a higher load than prescribed in the corresponding index.

Journey into summer: tips and advice

The exhibition in Shanghai is one of the largest in the world. It’s always been a lot of new products for the Chinese market — first in the world. “Behind the wheel” highlighted some of the most curious Prime opening 16 APR Shanghai Auto Show.Yuriy Timkin “Behind the wheel”

The Paris and Moscow motor shows are losing their members, even the Geneva motor show, many decided to skip.

But to ignore the exhibition in Shanghai, the car manufacturers do not hasten — too important for the Chinese market, which sold nearly 30 million cars per year. Therefore, in the economic capital of China invariably a lot of the Prime Minister. Here willing to present as a commodity and conceptcar, very far from reality.

In the first press day of the Chinese auto show, April 16, “the wheel” doing a live broadcast with numerous stands Shanghai Auto Show and will introduce you to brilliant debuts and girls of Shanghai.

And yet — the announcement of the most interesting novelties of the upcoming exhibition (in the gallery below)..

Future Outlander, the first minivan Lexus and other cool new Shanghai-2019

Photos: manufacturers

Future Outlander, the first minivan Lexus and other cool new Shanghai-2019

The reader used to look for when choosing tyres for your car on the test results, “driving”, but the tire dimensions 245/55 R19 on tests were not. What to do in such a situation, explains tire expert.Sergey Mishin “Behind the wheel”

Purchased Highlander 2011, which you need to change the worn tire. Toyota recommends tires 245/55 R19, but you are not tested. Is it possible to use the choice results of tire tests for other sizes?

Let’s start with the fact that you have a crossover and therefore tires for it must be sought in a product category for SUVs. These tires differ from passenger reinforced shoulders and sidewalls and higher load capacity. They can be distinguished by the marking of SUV or 4×4 in the title or original name. With regard to the conditions (the proportion of travel on asphalt roads and on the dirt road) these tires are divided into several categories.

The specified dimension is quite rare, we are so tires would not take the tests. The closest variant is 235/65 R17. Of course, to focus on the results of testing tyres the other dimension is not quite correct, but you can get an idea about the pros and cons of the tires of a particular firm, albeit of different sizes.

  • How to change the behavior of the car depending on tire size, read here.

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The hero of our story knew that it was not necessary to contact the dealers of the car — it can go sideways. And yet when a friend asked him to drive a used Pajero from Germany, couldn’t resist: it was too attractive a price tag. That happens when you don’t take from “the people” a receipt, see the article “Behind the wheel”.Elena Starikova

He said the lawyer Andrei Belyakov:

“I was approached by a man who got what is called the bait bought. Michael worked for the suburban market — traded parts. When thinking about buying a car through colleagues found the carriers. That, in addition to what worked in the police, managed in parallel, to carry to Russia the second-hand cars from abroad. The reviews were good — say, a reliable person, has helped more than one common friend. Michael turned to Vyacheslav (the so-called buy up) and ordered a Mitsubishi Pajero from Germany. After the men discussed the terms and conditions, my client gave to Vyacheslav 24 thousand dollars in cash. For the money it was about 669 thousand rubles. A receipt Michael did not take, as it considered it inappropriate. The car market is a closed community where everyone knows each other. Well then take a receipt with “your” man?

Return the money!

After about two weeks after the money was Vyacheslav called and said that he had taken the car, but there is one unpleasant moment: for customs clearance will have to pay another 8 thousand. Clearly, not rubles. For that Michael was not ready men agreed that 24 thousand dollars is the maximum amount in which to meet.

When he came to see the car, he waited for the shock. What my principal was trying to sell used cars from Germany, we the people called “bucket of bolts”. The condition of the car was so bad that Michael even doubted, could such a machine in principle be reached from abroad in Russia on their own.

Man to buy a car flatly refused and demanded to return the money. But Vyacheslav conversation was short: “You gave money? Gave. I brought the car? Brought. Any more questions?”. Michael could do nothing but to go to court with a claim on recovery of unjust enrichment.

Its the same people

For the court the defendant had prepared a slightly different version of all the events. Vyacheslav really drove a Mitsubishi Pajero from Germany, but later it turned out that in the budget it does not fit, and told Michael. The buyer money, but because he did not buy a car. Then Vyacheslav allegedly took money from friends and returned to Michael the entire amount. Any receipts from him, of course, didn’t take — after all its people. By the way, interesting point: when I asked how it happened that the police officer engaged in ferrying vehicles from Germany, he replied that he just decided to help a friend. Moreover, he the moment was. With no supporting documents (e.g., orders from the leadership) they provide is and could not.

Polygraph test

To prove his innocence, the defendant agreed to undergo a psychophysiological investigation using a polygraph. As a result, the expert came to the conclusion that Vyacheslav money back — considering how calm and confident he felt in answering the questions. Doubt its sincerity by polygraph does not arise. However, we, for its part, stated that the expert evidence is subject to exclusion from evidence because it was not provided by the law for a resolution of the Plenum of the RF armed forces.

However, the Krasnogorsk city court took into account the results of physiological examination. In addition, making a decision, he relied on article 60 of the CPC of the Russian Federation — according to her “facts of the case, which in accordance with the law must be confirmed by certain means of proof, can not be confirmed by any other evidence.” In translation into Russian it means that we shouldn’t have summoned witnesses who claimed that Michael money no one returned. Times none of them were present immediately upon return and recount their testimony may not be considered as proof of guilt Vyacheslav. Thus, the court of first instance rejected my principal in satisfaction of the claim.

Come prove it

Michael did not give up and filed a complaint with the cassation to the Moscow regional court. Having studied the case materials, the judicial Board found it necessary to cancel the decision of the court of first instance and to direct business on new consideration. The definition States: “the Court in resolving the dispute are not taken into account the provisions of article 56 of GPK of the Russian Federation, establishing that each party to the dispute must prove the circumstances to which she refers in support of its claims and objections”. What does it mean? If the defendant acknowledges the receipt of money from the plaintiff, that fact is already proven. Both sides claim that it was. And then there is a discrepancy: the Respondent said that the money was returned, the plaintiff says that’s not true. Therefore, to prove that the money was indeed returned, is the task of the defendant.

As I pleaded with outbid and beat off their money

Serious consequences

This seemingly subtle nuance of the allocation of responsibilities for proof played a crucial role in our history. The court of first instance redistributed them in favor of the policeman Vyacheslav, and the court of second instance saw and pointed out this fact. In the end, the case was remanded for a new trial in Krasnogorsk city court, and my principal still managed to recover from the defendant the amount that he originally claimed. By the way, the scandal has seriously affected the future career of Vyacheslav. I don’t know whether it was his initiative, whether it was “asked”, but the fact remains: in bodies it no longer serves.

Keep in mind:

  • Feel free to make receipt, even if you transfer the money to friends or relatives. The great name of “the Agreement the simple written form” hides a short phrase written on a sheet of A4: “I, so-and-so got such and such amount for such purpose”. All. Agree, this is much simpler than running around courts.
  • It is clear that money is above all and we all strive to save. And yet, buying a car, it is better to come to the salon an authorized dealer. Remember the phrase: “do Not be chasing you, pop, for cheapness”? Now, she is still relevant.
  • Without risk to sell your car or buy a car with it, you can read here and here.

As I pleaded with outbid and beat off their money

On the question of the reader why when replacing a battery on cars with automatic engine start-up possible trouble, meet the expert “Behind the wheel”.Stanislav Panin “Behind the wheel”

Question on the article “Mazda CX-5 mileage: all issues of the crossover. Explain the whimsical phrase about the battery for the “Start-stop”. Why the developers used the battery plates which fall off when deep drawdowns? And why when it is replaced possible trouble?

Due to the design features of the battery system “Start-stop” worse carries significant drop in the density of the electrolyte than normal battery. This is the flip side of the coin its high performance in terms of more frequent starts of the motor and is not a defect or engineering calculations.

Plate can crumble and a conventional battery at a very deep drawdown, just the “start-Stepovoy” battery reserve painless drop in the density of the electrolyte is much lower.

Trouble when changing occur when you use the wrong battery. The market is flooded with products that on paper supports “start-stop”.

When installing a new battery it is necessary to conduct the initialization and to reset the counter (number of starts of the engine and age of the battery), otherwise the smart charging system will not work correctly, which can lead to reduced battery life and failure of the system “Start-stop”.

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For the year as Russian drivers are obliged to wear bright vests, leaving the car in the dark on unlit roads. In our practice, to comply with this rule no hurry. But it saves lives and in most cases doesn’t even require the driver of financial costs!Cyril Mileshkin “Behind the wheel”

What the law requires

The Russian traffic regulations regarding the use of reflective elements in road traffic chaotic and illogical. For pedestrians prescribed flickers or other reflective elements. Most of these products is so small size that is unlikely to be a good tip to the driver. But the law turned on them, mainly for financial reasons. Are these trinkets in penny, but the norm is for residents in rural areas, where the income is small. But has a duty to “Shine” in the dark for four years.

For burning size and flashing hazard lights-riding driver is almost impossible to see the people in the car. The only possibility to warn yourself — reflective vest.For burning size and flashing hazard lights-riding driver is almost impossible to see the people in the car. The only possibility to warn yourself — reflective vest.

For exiting the car on the side of a dark highway drivers similar obligation included in the SDA only a year ago. And there is no flicker — just the vest or jacket. Requirements prescribed in GOST 12.4.281–2014 “System of occupational safety standards (SLSS). Clothing high visibility. Technical requirements”. In the document mentioned three color background material — yellow, orange or red. Installed and the requirements for the location and the number of reflective stripes: two horizontal around body and two vertical across shoulders; only two horizontal; one horizontal and two vertical.

However, on the road, hardly anyone will check your vest to meet the standard. The main thing — put on at least some! Annually, the neglect of this trifle worth the lives of dozens of people. For example, those who are on the narrow side of the change wheel on the left side of the machine.

Experiment ZR

Vest or jacket is useful to throw even a day if you are on the carriageway in the place where fellow motorists to see you do not expect.Vest or jacket is useful to throw even a day if you are on the carriageway in the place where fellow motorists to see you do not expect.

A year ago we conducted the test, clearly proving the benefit of reflective clothing. When perfectly clean halogen headlamps good man without a vest is seen on the road at a distance of 58 m. the average stopping distance of the car allowed outside the city 90 km/h is 61-65 m: the tragedy is inevitable! Even slightly dusty optics reduces this already small distance, and with dirty headlights (alas, this is the norm for our winter season), the recognition range goes below 40 m.

Vest is another matter! Even dirty lights are able to highlight bright strips on the clothing of the pedestrian even for 150 m. At this distance in time to stop from any speed where you can go to the adequate person in the dark. And with absolutely clear-lens distance increases to 250 m.

“Behind the wheel” was a pioneer in promoting reflective vests. The first material was released in 2010, and then we advocated their use by all road users, including pedestrians and motorcyclists. Bright cloak makes you more visible even during the day! Of course, we do not call to walk in the vest of questionable design value constantly. But sometimes wear and it is in those situations when you think that no danger can not be.

Small flickers on the backpack, sleeve and other clothing items cheap, but not always well marked. But this is so much better than none at all of the glowing accessories.Small flickers on the backpack, sleeve and other clothing items cheap, but not always well marked. But this is so much better than none at all of the glowing accessories.

So how much is a life worth?

In almost all European countries, the rate of vest for drivers already entered. And in some — more than a decade ago. Some countries even require you to have a car as many vests, how many seats in the cabin. This is because in case of breakage on the motorway all passengers must exit the vehicle. And outside of it are only allowed in a bright Cape on.

As so often happens, a useful requirement of the townsfolk immediately drowned in the mud. Say, invented a new waste for motorists. And is it big? Is a mandatory item of clothing from 100-150 rubles. Do you value your life cheaper?

“Driving” has declared 2012 the “Year of safety”. One of the main points of the program was the promotion of the wearing of the vests.”Behind the wheel,” declared 2012 the “Year of safety”. One of the main points of the program was the promotion of the wearing of the vests.

Besides so many drivers to spend money does not have to. One only has to look at the “set motorist” with a rope, first aid kit and warning triangle, which most car owners years is in the box, unopened since buying the car in the cabin. Most likely, it includes a reflective vest.

But the penalty for needyou cloak while in Coupe not provided — not for the lack of clothes in the car or over the curb without her. However, in the event of an accident, the inspector may make a report under article 12.27 of the administrative code “Failure to comply with obligations in connection with the accident” (a fine of 1,000 rubles) or 12.29.1 “Violation of traffic rules by a pedestrian or by a passenger” (a fine of 500 rubles). The latter is quite legitimate, in fact, came out of the car, the driver becomes a pedestrian.

Mass monitoring compliance with the fresh rules may not count. Will not be the same patrols prowl the night routes in search of violators! And would cost: according to our observations, following the requirements of the SDA unit. Russian drivers are not afraid of death, they can only scare the inevitability of penalty.

150 rubles or your life: why we are the best save on себе150 rubles or your life: why we better save yourself

Hatchback Kia Led with atmospheric engine 1.6 automatic transmission at six months was prescribed in the Park. SP. According to experts, this modification promises to be the most popular among Russian buyers. Indeed, on the forum “Behind the wheel” there are many questions about how going Led with this power unit.Alexander Vinogradov “Behind the wheel”

Have you taken the tests of the new Kia Ceed. How does a bunch of automatic transmission, and is frankly weak motor? Is there enough traction? What is the fuel consumption in comparison with turbulencia?

Vinogradov Alexander “Behind the wheel”

Not agree that this engine is weak. Almost 100 HP per ton is a good power.

Of course, if we are talking about limit acceleration to 100 km/h, it is inferior to turbulence, but in General the dynamics enough. And control appetite in the presence of the machine is much easier than with the robot.

Fuel consumption about 10 liters per hundred in the city and 7-7,5 liters on the highway.

Do you have questions? Write on And join the discussion on the forum “Behind the wheel”!