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Chery Tiggo 2 — cute losers

In the line of cars Chery in addition to fives and threes appeared two. Perhaps this is a coincidence, but my grades the first two of the new products coincide with the numbers in the model name. What will show itself Tiggo 2?

Chery Tiggo 2

He’s cute — so never put two. Supposedly learned, if not to the end… Here’s the situation: testers did not like that tube of conditioner you have Tiggo 2 hang below the edge of the bumper. So what? Simply bolts on bottom reliable protection — and not to worry. But then ground clearance (186 mm) reduced! Okay, in the end Tiggo 2 city car rather than an SUV.

And you would put him in the standings? Write, please, when you finish the test and view the video.

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