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Child on the road: 4 driving scenario. Choose the safe

According to statistics, every day in accidents on the roads of Russia killed an average of two minors. Ask yourself the question: what do you, if a teenager will be found under the hood of your car.Vladimir Solovyov “Behind the wheel”

Imagine the following situation. Narrow street in the village — a number there, a number of back. You’re behind the wheel of the car and move with the permitted speed of 60 km/h About 70 metres in front of you crosses the street student. He stood at the dividing line, seeing the approaching bus.

What danger lies in the situation and what will you do?

We offer you to vote for one answer you think is right, based on your driving experience, and each of the solutions we will analyze on the next page.

9 Oct

A child runs across the road and stops at the separation. What do you do?

1. Continue moving with the same speed, because the child has already crossed my side of the road 2. Pressed possible to the right edge of the roadway, give an audible signal and will be ready if anything to brake 3. Start reducing speed to have time to stop if a child suddenly run back 4. Stop and wait until the child will move to the opposite side to dorogaroad


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