Chinese copy Tesla Model 3 will be almost twice as powerful

The novelty under the name of Youxia X will debut at the end of this year

The emergence of Chinese copies – a sign of the popularity and perpetuation of the brand, and now the fate of the company Tesla. Almost completely copied the design of the latest model electric car Model 3 will be reflected in the first Chinese electric car from the company Youxia.

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Moreover, the car uses “copied” technology. Even design elements like the letter E in the logo of the American brand, and taillights only accentuate this. The design of the cabin is made in a similar configuration with a large tablet in the center pane.

The Chinese have promised that the power plant will have a capacity of 476 HP and the reserve will be it is not 400 km, as in Tesla, and all 500 km.

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First sketches Youxia X appeared on the network in 2015, and only now has information about its appearance in serial form.

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