Chinese Luxury brand Hongqi will launch a car business segment

Chinese brand Hongqi (the name translates as “Red flag”) – “luxury” division of the company FAW for the production of limousines for the first persons of the state decided to focus on creating mass models. The first pictures of one of these machines – L3 appeared on the Internet.
It should be noted that Hongqi is not even Rolls-Royce, but rather an analogue of the Soviet ZIL. To acquire such a vehicle could only portalite China. Still, such a car is sold or presented only to the leaders of other countries. For example, Hongqi is in Belarus. Therefore, mass production of course, this is not. Probably the “budget” small model will make for very wealthy businessmen who also want to ride a “Red flag”, but they are still not allowed. They are even able to buy a Rolls Royce, but Hongqi no. Of course, for the right to ride on such a car they are willing to pay a lot of money. Well, why not help the “needy” to be uncovered.

And to better understand how to relate to China for the Hongqi, tell a story. At the motor show in Beijing Hongqi is also demonstrated, but to gawk at the cars closer together is a mere mortal, too, is not given. The car is behind the fence and under the guard of honour. A look at Hongqi elected and allowed only by special permission.

As a correspondent of our source tried to photograph the interior, as immediately guards came running and snatched the camera. But, our correspondent still managed to do. Here they are.

That such is the car – the Hongqi.New smallest model in the line of “red flag”, which prior to this scheme there was only a huge limousine L5, L7 and L9. While “treshka” will remain a luxury car with equipment and is expected to be able to compete in the Chinese market with BMW 3 Series, Audi A4 and Mercedes-Benz C-Class.

According to preliminary information, Hongqi L3 will be powered by a four-liter twin-turbo engine producing 375 horsepower.

On what will drive the officials? Chinese look

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